Orthopedic Chairs

In this wild and fully functional collection of orthopedic chairs, you will feel like whatever you need may be, at least you can sit in style. In stand-alone and sturdy options, and some more eclectic offerings, you will feel very comfortable in these orthopedic chairs. Take a long look at the collection of orthopedic chairs and pick one out for yourself.

Best Products

Vintage retro mid century parker knoll

Vintage retro mid century parker knoll
This mid-century chair brings retro accents and orthopedic benefits to any home decor. Includes a hardwood frame with tapered legs and shapely armrests, along with a supportive high wing back and a softly-padded seat cushion - both upholstered in a green fabric.

Outdoor Cottage Paris Bistro Side Chair (Set of 2)

Outdoor Cottage Paris Bistro Side Chair (Set of 2)
It is a set of two chairs that are perfect for a terrace or patio. Chairs are made of a special braided line, which makes them extremely comfortable and very nice look. Chairs are the perfect addition to equipment outside the house.

Sophia Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion

Sophia Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion
Gorgeous modern bar stool made of durable metal in chrome finish to offer solid and comfortable support. Features comfortable set with padding in leatherette upholstery, adjustable frame, and supportive footrest.

'Secret Garden Chair' by David Lloyd Glover Painting Print on Canvas

'Secret Garden Chair' by David Lloyd Glover Painting Print on Canvas
A gorgeous piece for hanging in your home or office. This Painting Print on Canvas is called "Secret Garden Chair", decorated in floral and botanical themes. The painting uses a gallery wrap method so the canvas could be properly wrapped around wooden frame.

Orthopedic chairs for home

Stylish seat which can be used as a tall armchair or low bar stool. It has elegant frame made of mahogany wood. Seat is covered with blue synthetic leather and back with delicate, patterned cloth in the same color.

Orthopaedic chairs dorothy arthritic chair

Orthopaedic Chairs - Dorothy Arthritic Chair

Chair orthopedic

It is not only very elegant thanks to the leather upholstery - but also orthopedically adapted. It is an orthopaedic wing chair with medium and high risk, available in any width. It has an adjustable height and in addition a beautiful dark brown design.

Our advice Buying Guide

Orthopedic furniture is designed to help relieve stress on the skeletal structure, to encourage good posture, and even to encourage increased productivity. They range from cushions that can be added to a standard desk chair to automated reclining chairs that can include assistance with sitting and standing. There are even orthopedic dog couches for your canine best friend – yes, that really is a thing. Orthopedic dog couches or beds for the old dog that has been your faithful companion, but now is becoming afflicted with the aches and pains of age.

What are the different types of orthopedic chairs?

Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling chairs encourage putting more of one’s weight on shins and thighs, with less on buttocks. They also encourage correct posture. Reviewers say that these chairs take a little getting used to as you will be using more of your core muscles in this position, but that they are great for relieving stress and lower back pain. Because you will not have back support, they tend to help fend off the urge to become so relaxed that you are sleeping at your desk.


If you need to get the weight off your lower parts completely, a recliner can help you transfer it to your back. This is an especially good position for someone who needs to place feet at or above heart level for a good portion of the day. Some of the motorized orthopedic recliners are set up to assist the user with getting into and out of the chair, placing minimal strain on the lower back because the chair will gently sit down with your or stand you back up on your feet. Some of them come with a desk unit that has a handle that can act as a cane for stability.

Gravity chairs, or bungee chairs as they are sometimes called, are also a good choice for lower back pain relief. The chair design does most of the work of getting up or down, and – when reclined – they can boost heels above head.


If you simply need to get the weight off your coccyx, a cushion could be the answer. Sometimes referred to as a “donut” because the earliest models were a pillow with a hole in the middle, these cushions can be a relief for the pain caused by sitting for extended lengths of time. They support hips and thighs while allowing the central area to be free from pressure.

Orthopedic Chairs for Human’s Best Friend

While dogs do not have the burden of walking upright, they can become arthritic and some of the larger breeds are prone to hip dysplasia. Getting up off a surface – no matter how comfortable – can become a problem, as can finding a comfortable resting position. An orthopedic dog couch is high enough off the floor to keep it free from drafts and to allow your friend to get down, rather than up when he or she wants to move. A soft, rollback can give a place to rest a chin.

If you and your canine best friend are having trouble with seating, there are orthopedic choices available for you both.


Orthopaedic chairs 1

High orthopedic chair with the ergonomic seat is a perfect solution for the office. The whole structure is based on a chrome base has wheels and a comfortable leather upholstery.The backrest and comfortable seat allow convenient use.

Orthopedic chairs 1

Orthopedic office chair mounted on wheels for easy movement. Plastic base has height adjustment function. Seat and back is covered with soft material. Great solution for office, teenager's room and other interior as needed.

Office chair with coccyx cut out

Sophisticated and elegant design for a relaxing orthopedic armchair with reclining back and a built-in footstool to ensure comfort. The chair is made in a special shape to help people with orthopedic problems.

Orthopedic chairs for the home

Elegant design for a contemporary orthopedic armchair made out of oak wood with a dark-brown colour and a shiny, polished finish. The armchair is fitted with a faux leather upholstery in a dark colour, providing a matching detail.

Heavy duty high back orthopaedic chair

Heavy Duty High Back Orthopaedic Chair

All Season Super Support Cushion

It is a cushion that is perfect as a super support for your back. It fits perfectly to most chairs and wheelchairs. This product is easy to care for and machine washable. You need to have it.

Worlds best eronomic workstation

World's Best Eronomic Workstation

2750 series hip chair

2750 Series Hip Chair

Best orthopedic office using a yoga ball chair

Best Orthopedic Office Using A Yoga Ball Chair

Pc 085 electric recline transitional perfect chair recliner and manual

PC-085 Electric Recline Transitional Perfect Chair Recliner and Manual PC-8 Perfect Zero Gravity Chair by Human Touch - Zero Gravity Classic II ergonomic orthopedic recliner chair. The zero gravity position cradles your back and elevates your legs above y

Orthopedic chairs

This excellent low backrest form is ideal for people who suffer from back pain. Orthopedic shapes allow for respite. The whole, made of superior materials, enhances the comfort of sitting and working.

My orthopedic office chair my back loves me daily

My Orthopedic Office chair. My back loves me daily.

Emely queen ann orthopaedic chair

Emely Queen Ann Orthopaedic Chair

This is perfect for orthopedic nurse

This is perfect for Orthopedic Nurse

Portland orthopaedic chair

Portland Orthopaedic chair

Comfort series orthopedic chair

Comfort Series Orthopedic Chair

Orthopaedic chairs for the home

This orthopedic high seat chair is an extra wide example of the back supportive serie. Its high wingback silhouette not only looks glamorous, but also helps to maintain the right position and therefore brings a relief in your back pains.

Ortho chair

If we spend a lot of time sitting, comfortable chair - profiled to our needs is essential. It can be metallic, with high gloss finish, which is also characterized by black, comfortable cover. Classic design of orthopeadic chair will fit into every studio.

Fabric orthopaedic chair

Fabric Orthopaedic Chair

Orthopaedic chairs 2


View product maerdy orthopaedic chair

View Product (Maerdy Orthopaedic Chair)

Queen bedframe and deals bevelled edging cart for including

Queen bedframe and deals bevelled edging cart for including

Orthopaedic high back chair

A modern office chair having orthopaedic features and an entirely black finish. It has a 5-arm castered base, a short height adjustable column and T-like arms of nylon. Its convex seat and wide contoured back are covered in quality breathable fabric.

Orthopaedic chair

This office chair combines modern, square-shaped design, functionality and pro-healthy properties. Featuring eco leather seat with mesh siding for breathability and comfort. Adjusted to the needs of your backbone.

Naturawell Orthopedic Comfort Seat Cushion

If your work requires a lot of sitting on a daily basis or you experience problems with your back, you should get this wonderful orthopedic seat cushion. It will keep you upright and it will provide support for your spine.

Orthopedic armchairs

Black bonded orthopaedic chair

Paris themed chairs

Original and unique chair that features a very attractive luggage theme. Its cushioned seat and backrest are button tufted for enhanced attractiveness and style. Blue and white finish looks very interesting in any home design.

Office chair testimonials drum throne testimonials

Office Chair Testimonials Drum Throne Testimonials

Lloyds loom wicker furniture

This distressed Lloyd Loom chair obviously needs some refreshing. After applying new finish and some repairs to the wicker weave cover, it would probably shine like new and still be decorative, emphasizing the homey aspect of any interior.

Paris chair 19

Accent chairs mounted on wooden frame. It is upholstered with soft fabric and finished with interesting pattern. Stylish addition for any interior according to taste and need.

Paris chair 35

The memory of the Parisian bourgeoisie and the French splendor are evident in the simple brown leather armchair. Paris chair is made of worn leather and it makes a difference in the whole interior. A reading chair is maintained in deep brown color.

Hqdefault jpg 4


Louis xv armchair

Finished in Coronelli blue, this distinguished set of chairs embodies the style and glamour of the Louis XV. Their intricate, curved framing emphasizes the ornate character.

Marius Bar Chair

It is a contemporary set that includes four bar chairs. They are available in three color options to choose: grey, rustic wood and black. They are perfect for your modern dining area.

Amelie French White Linen Tufted Accent Chair

This is a very original, comfortable and solid piece of furniture created for people who love decorative chairs. It has got a neutral white sitting space and a backrest with button tufting. The frame is made of solid oak wood.

Orthopaedic chairs for sale

A practical office chair which is a must-have for people with spine problems. It's an orthopaedic chair, whose main function is to provide a neck and lumbar support. It comes in a nice, deep blue color.

Lloyd loom chair 5

An extraordinary chair that is characterized by shapely legs and a tall backrest. The seat has an unusual red upholstery in white curls. The chair will suit a classy interior, giving it a welcoming character.

Lloyd Flanders Wicker Dining Chair

This rustic, cottage styled dining chair is a functional and good looking piece of furniture. Its frame is vowed, made of wicker and has a high back and curved armrest. Thick cushion is covered with soft. beige fabric.

Lloyd loom chair 4

Lloyd Loom chairs constitute a good example of a rustic, cottage style. If you find yourself a fan of the rustic vibe, then this one shall definitely appear in your dining or living room. A solid construction, which would prove its value for years.

Stylish Elegantly Curved Metal Cafe/Dining Chairs Set of Two (Black)

This Set of 2 Metal Dining Chairs in Black Finish can be a nice addition for dining rooms, kitchens, and restaurants. Designed of sturdy metal, each chair includes a beautifully streamlined design, slightly curved front legs, and durable usage for many years.

Orthopaedic chairs for the home

Great looking office chair which will help you to accomplish the most healthy posture during your work. Two bars provide adjust the backseat, made from cooling leather, and the sit made from soft material.

Orthopaedic office chair

Perfect and healthy chair just for your office. Designed and developed to provide you maximum comfort and support. With V rated flexible polyurethane back foam will adjust to shape of your body removing musculoskeletal tension.

Renwick 24hr orthopaedic posture chair black

Renwick 24hr Orthopaedic posture chair Black