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In this wild and fully functional collection of orthopedic chairs, you will feel like whatever you need may be, at least you can sit in style. In stand-alone and sturdy options, and some more eclectic offerings, you will feel very comfortable in these orthopedic chairs. Take a long look at the collection of orthopedic chairs and pick one out for yourself.

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Updated 09/09/2021
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Billups Ergonomic Mesh Desk Chair
Billups Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair
Billups Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair
Billups Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair
Customer Photo
Billups Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair
Customer Photo
Billups Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair
Customer Photo

Billups Ergonomic Mesh Desk Chair

Ebern Designs

Leather chairs are fine, but if you sit for hours on end, they can get a little sweaty. Mesh on the other hand is breathable and gives plenty of airflow to your back and rib area. You will have no sweaty stains and strange wrinkles on your shirt or suit jacket when you sit on one of these tasteful mesh backed chairs.

This model is adjustable three ways, and even allows you to raise the back two full inches. It comes in 10 colors, many of them vibrant, and offers lumbar support, which you will feel right away as your back strain melts away. And if that wasn’t enough, it features a tilt-lock mechanism so you don’t lean back too far.

What we like:

●  10 colors

●  Lumber support

●  Three adjustment modes

●  Full 360-degree swivel

What we don’t like:

●  Armrests cheaply made

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Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair

The first thing we all look for in an office chair is the adjustability and the back support. This chair features lumbar support that cradles your back perfectly, adhering to your natural curve. But the second thing people look for is neck support, and in that, this chair is amazing. It has a headrest that doubles as a supportive neck cradle.

The padded seat is thick and soft, filled with memory foam, and the armrests are made of hardened plastic and are completely adjustable. The back is mesh to keep you from sweating through your shirt, and it has the traditional 360 degree of swivel. All of this set on five large castors for ease of movement.

What we like:

●  Adjustable armrests

●  Headrest/neck support

●  Thick padded seat

What we don’t like:

●  Only in black

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Aloura Ergonomic Task Chair

Aloura Ergonomic Task Chair

A high-back desk chair, this model features a curved design that allows it to conform to your body. The back is all mesh and composed of three individual pieces. The headrest is ready to cradle your head and neck, the upper back will support your shoulders, and the lower back is perfect for keeping your lumber area relaxed with just the right tension.

The padded seat is not too soft, but just right for keeping the blood flow to your legs on course, with a dip at the front to natural conform to your hips and thighs. It comes with two hardened plastic armrests that are easily adjustable. And to round it all out, the base and piston shaft are polished steel for a very modern look

What we like:

●  Three-piece back

●  Adjustable headrest and armrests

●  Polished steel base

What we don’t like:

●  Recline feature unsafe

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Pu Leather Office Chair

Pu Leather Office Chair

17 Stories

Just because it is ergonomic, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. This leather option for your ergonomic office chair is all about style and class. It is the best of both worlds, carrying a vintage appearance with some very modern features. Two of those features being a very soft lumbar support and tilting back option.

The armrests are steel with padded top to match the leather of the chair body, it has a tilt lock to prevent accidents, and the seat is extra-padded. One of its most useful features if you are more than the average person is a weight capacity of 400 lbs. This is more than most other ergonomic options.

What we like:

●  Support 400 lbs.

●  Quality leather

●  Tilt lock

●  Back tilt

What we don’t like:

●  To narrow for larger users

●  Unstable when bending

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Polyurethane Task Chair
Ergonomic Polyurethane Task Chair
Ergonomic Polyurethane Task Chair
Ergonomic Polyurethane Task Chair
Customer Photo
Ergonomic Polyurethane Task Chair
Customer Photo
Ergonomic Polyurethane Task Chair
Customer Photo

Polyurethane Task Chair

Inbox Zero

For something a little different, this ergonomic chair has all the features you love, with an additional sturdiness and overall dexterity you will appreciate over a long period of use. The seat is overstuffed for comfort, while the back, complete with lumbar support, is mesh, breathable, and cool over time.

It is lower to the ground giving it additional stability, and the base is wide with five hardened castors. Behind the mesh lower backing you will find adjustable lumbar support hands, and below a tilt lock mechanism. Feel free to lean back in this chair without fear of toppling. And it is lighter than most steel models.

What we like:

●  Sturdy design

●  Lighter than steel

●  Adjustable lumber support

●  Comes in black and white

What we don’t like:

● Cheap seat cushion

$144.99 $239.99

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Orthopedic Chairs

Buying Guide

Orthopedic furniture is designed to help relieve stress on the skeletal structure, to encourage good posture, and even to encourage increased productivity. They range from cushions that can be added to a standard desk chair to automated reclining chairs that can include assistance with sitting and standing. There are even orthopedic dog couches for your canine best friend – yes, that really is a thing. Orthopedic dog couches or beds for the old dog that has been your faithful companion, but now is becoming afflicted with the aches and pains of age.

Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling chairs encourage putting more of one’s weight on shins and thighs, with less on buttocks. They also encourage correct posture. Reviewers say that these chairs take a little getting used to as you will be using more of your core muscles in this position, but that they are great for relieving stress and lower back pain. Because you will not have back support, they tend to help fend off the urge to become so relaxed that you are sleeping at your desk.


If you need to get the weight off your lower parts completely, a recliner can help you transfer it to your back. This is an especially good position for someone who needs to place feet at or above heart level for a good portion of the day. Some of the motorized orthopedic recliners are set up to assist the user with getting into and out of the chair, placing minimal strain on the lower back because the chair will gently sit down with your or stand you back up on your feet. Some of them come with a desk unit that has a handle that can act as a cane for stability.

Gravity chairs, or bungee chairs as they are sometimes called, are also a good choice for lower back pain relief. The chair design does most of the work of getting up or down, and – when reclined – they can boost heels above head.


If you simply need to get the weight off your coccyx, a cushion could be the answer. Sometimes referred to as a “donut” because the earliest models were a pillow with a hole in the middle, these cushions can be a relief for the pain caused by sitting for extended lengths of time. They support hips and thighs while allowing the central area to be free from pressure.

Orthopedic Chairs for Human’s Best Friend

While dogs do not have the burden of walking upright, they can become arthritic and some of the larger breeds are prone to hip dysplasia. Getting up off a surface – no matter how comfortable – can become a problem, as can finding a comfortable resting position. An orthopedic dog couch is high enough off the floor to keep it free from drafts and to allow your friend to get down, rather than up when he or she wants to move. A soft, rollback can give a place to rest a chin.

If you and your canine best friend are having trouble with seating, there are orthopedic choices available for you both.

Does a day in the office feel like torture because you have to deal with neck pain or sciatic pain thanks to your desk job? Have you tried exploring standing desks and office chairs, but all to no avail? Well, if this is you right now, take a deep breath and relax because a kneeling chair could be the best reply to those pains that reduce your work efficiency.

Kneeling chairs help to put your entire back at ease because and to maintain a natural curve in your lower back - to remove the pressure. In this article, you'll learn more about the different types, what to consider before you buy one, and frequently asked questions that'll make your quest easy.

In reality, you can't just go for any kneeling chair that appeals to you. It has to give you the required ease you need while you work. So, we outlined the major types of kneeling chairs to provide you with a head start:

Kneeler Chair with Back Support

This kneeling chair comes with a backrest as an optional accessory or built-in mechanism. It's quite useful for people that intend to spend a lot of time in their kneeling chair - but take short breaks to maintain the default upright position. This model is perfect for those that have a medical condition.

Double Knee Pad Chairs

The double knee pad chair looks like a rocker with separate pads for each knee. With its design, your hips, thighs, and legs will be at an optimal angle with minimal effort because it forces your thigh to open up. The only snag about this chair is that it restricts your thigh angles. But, if you don't mind, you can put a foot on the knee pad to change things up from time to time.

Sit-Stand Kneeling Chair

It's a combination of a kneeling chair and standing leaning chair. So, it allows an entire range of posture like kneeling, standing, and sitting. You can even get a lot of health benefits from this chair if you use it properly.

X-frame Kneeling Chair

As the name suggests, the chair has an x-frame that enhances structural stability. It usually comes with wheels to improve mobility. It's a perfect go-to if you want a simple kneeling chair that's cost-effective and easily adjustable.

Single Knee Pad Chair

The single knee pad chair comes with one-piece knee support that's thickly padded to support your knees. The design is perfect for people that like to adjust their sitting posture continually. An advantage of using this type of kneeling chair is that it allows for varied thigh angles as you sit, from closed to open.

Saddle Kneeling Chair

This kneeling chair comes with a saddle-shaped seat pad. The curved seat design helps to improve the posture in the cervical and lumbopelvic region. In other words, you'll have reduced neck and back pain with this chair. Thanks to its divided saddle seat, it works well for men who want to reduce perineal pressure.

Rocking Kneeling Chair

The rocking kneeling chair comes with a forward sloping seat and curved frame. The design allows gentle rocking - especially when you lean backward. Since the chair introduces constant movements as you sit, it will help to reduce back pain. The snag with this chair is that it isn't height adjustable - so, not everyone can benefit from the furniture.

A backrest seems like the best way to maintain a good posture while you work. But, with kneeling chairs, this feature isn't necessary because it puts you in the perfect position without the backrest.

If you feel that you'll need to lean back occasionally, you can go for a kneeling chair with backrest - especially if you have a medical condition. But if you don't, we suggest that you take regular breaks from sitting on any chair.

This way, your postural muscles will rest. In other words, if you need to stretch or lean back, stand up instead.

When you go hunting for an excellent kneeling chair, you have to consider the following factors:

  • Balancing Ability

When it comes to balancing on a kneeling chair, we have two basic styles: rockers and coasters. It's always best to consider one that rocks. A rocking kneeling chair doesn't stop at engaging your core. It also helps you stretch out your lower back.

There's more.

The rocking chair helps keep your mind quiet and focused throughout the day. No doubt, you can't customize its height and angles, but it adds motion to your workday. When you go shopping, you'll notice that some models appear to rock, but the bottoms are flat.

This model isn't the ideal rocking chair because it doesn't give you the freedom to move. So, it's best to buy the proper rocking kneeling chair - which is the model that looks like it's supporting itself with its legs alongside knee pads that serve as stoppers and weight bearers.

If you prefer a more static option while you work, the coaster kneeling chair is the way to go. Plus, it moves across the floor with ease compared to the rocker option.

  • Knee Pad Angle

The knee pad angle is one of the most important features you should look for in a kneeling chair.


It's because the whole idea behind creating a kneeling chair was to offer you a different option of sitting. Ideally, a kneeling chair should allow you to open up your hips and adjust your posture from your lumbar spine up.

What's the logic behind the chair?

The logic behind this furniture is that when you tilt your pelvis forward and open your hips from your front body, you're allowing your lower spine to curve in naturally. This posture helps to eliminate the C-shape that forms when we sit in a regular chair.

It's essential to avoid kneeling chairs that have kneeling pads without angles. Instead, you should consider going for kneeling chairs that have seats between 120^o^ and 130^o^ compared to the flat 90^o^ of regular chairs.

  • Distance Between Seat and Knee Pad

If you'll be the only person making use of the kneeling chair, it's crucial to get one relative to your body size. For instance, if you get a non-adjustable chair and your height is about 6"4" - the purpose is defeated.

The reason is that the non-adjustable chairs usually have enough wiggle room for people between 5"2"-6"2". In this case, you have to go for a kneeling chair that will allow for both seat angle and height adjustment - to avoid back and sciatic issues in the future.

When is it ideal to use kneeling chairs?

It's ideal to use a kneeling chair when you have short-term tasks that require forward reach.

What's the best way to use a kneeling chair?

You should start by sitting in your kneeling chair before you proceed to the kneeling position. This method takes the bulk of your weight to your bottom - while the knee pad supports your shins and knees.

Are kneeling stools easy to assemble?

The kneeling stools come with fewer parts compared to the traditional office chair. And it takes under thirty minutes to assemble the furniture fully.

Is the kneeling chair good for the hips?

Yes, it is. A kneeling chair helps your hips slide forward. When this happens, your weight gets evenly distributed. Consequently, your neck, back, and shoulders align - which means there'll be less stress on your lower back and no spinal compression.

How does the kneeling chair help sciatica?

The kneeling chair helps with sciatica by supporting your upper body on your buttocks. It also takes some support from the lower part of your leg - which increases the surface area in contact with the chair. That way, it reduces pressure on your back legs as you sit and relieves the strain on your sciatic nerve.

Are kneeling chairs terrible for the knees?

Since kneeling chairs confine your legs to one position, it tends to slow circulation to your legs and increase pressure under your kneecaps. So, it could be terrible for your knees if you're particularly tall or you sit for a long time.

Are kneeling chairs a good idea if you experience coccyx pain?

The kneeling chair helps you tilt your pelvis forward, but it puts some pressure on your coccyx. The good news: some kneeling chair options come with a coccyx relief cut out section, which reduces the pressure on your coccyx.

Can you get shin pain from using a kneeling chair?

Well, shin pain is possible - especially when you're not used to a kneeling chair. A rule of thumb is to start slow at first - maybe 20 minutes, and increase it over time when you're more comfortable. Your old chair should be close by as well to switch with ease for comfort.

Kneeling chairs are great for relieving you from a great deal of back pain. But there're certain precautions you should take: approach it patiently, use it short-term, and ensure that everything you need is within your reach before you sit.

Best Ideas

Orthopedic chairs for home

Stylish seat which can be used as a tall armchair or low bar stool. It has elegant frame made of mahogany wood. Seat is covered with blue synthetic leather and back with delicate, patterned cloth in the same color.

Fabric orthopaedic chair

Fabric Orthopaedic Chair

Vintage retro mid century parker knoll

Vintage retro mid century parker knoll

This mid-century chair brings retro accents and orthopedic benefits to any home decor. Includes a hardwood frame with tapered legs and shapely armrests, along with a supportive high wing back and a softly-padded seat cushion - both upholstered in a green fabric.

Orthopaedic chairs dorothy arthritic chair

Orthopaedic Chairs - Dorothy Arthritic Chair

Orthopaedic chairs 1

High orthopedic chair with the ergonomic seat is a perfect solution for the office. The whole structure is based on a chrome base has wheels and a comfortable leather upholstery.The backrest and comfortable seat allow convenient use.

Orthopedic armchairs

Black bonded orthopaedic chair

Pc 085 electric recline transitional perfect chair recliner and manual

PC-085 Electric Recline Transitional Perfect Chair Recliner and Manual PC-8 Perfect Zero Gravity Chair by Human Touch - Zero Gravity Classic II ergonomic orthopedic recliner chair. The zero gravity position cradles your back and elevates your legs above y

Wolfson Height Adjustable Kneeling Chair

Wolfson Height Adjustable Kneeling Chair

Reduce the strain in your lower back with this gorgeous wood and fabric kneeling chair. Available in black, gray, or navy upholstery, the wooden frame is lightly stained to fit a bright and airy modern home office.

The seat height is adjustable from 24” to 20”, and the chair base features dual caster wheels so you can move it around the room with ease.

Tseng Mid-Back Kneeling Chair

Tseng Mid-Back Kneeling Chair

If you spend long hours at the office, this chair is the perfect choice for you to protect your spine from strain. This ultra-comfortable kneeling chair has an endless variety of adjustment settings to give you the best position and posture support.

The adjustment settings range from a normal sitting position to a standing position to alleviate pressure on your back, while armrests prevent fatigue in the arms and shoulders.

Woodlake Kneeling Chair

Woodlake Kneeling Chair

A padded saddle-style seat offers a unique solution to lower back pain. This chair is designed to make it easy to stand up from a kneeling position with elongated angled knee rests. The seat is 16” wide and curved to contour to your body for a comfortable fit.

This chair will help to correct a slouched posture and take the strain off your back. The metal frame gives added durability to this chair, while the modern design and organic lines make this both a functional and stylish addition to your home office.

$169.99 $603

Tryon Kneeling Chair

Tryon Kneeling Chair

Sleek and sporty, this is the ideal sit to stand chair for any modern office setting and lets you keep moving throughout the day. The gray foam provides maximum comfort for daily use, while the metal frame helps to provide stability and security.

The chair back has a width of 17,” and you can adjust the position of the seat, kneepad, and headrest easily. Tall users can also enjoy the ergonomic benefits of this kneeling stool with the included seat extension.


Woolbright Mobile Mid-Back Height Adjustable Kneeling Chair with Dual Wheel

Woolbright Mobile Mid-Back Height Adjustable Kneeling Chair with Dual Wheel

This one-piece knee rest chair has a curved backrest and a cushioned seat for added support.

The sturdy metal frame gives the chair a professional appearance ideal for your office space; the open mesh back is breathable to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your workday. This 28 lb. lightweight chair frame features caster wheels that roll well over any low-level carpet as well as hardwood and tile floors for easy maneuverability.

Mid-Back Height Adjustable Kneeling Chair with Dual Wheel

Mid-Back Height Adjustable Kneeling Chair with Dual Wheel

With the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality, this kneeling chair is the best choice for your home office. Thick padded cushions cover the back, seat, and knee rest and the chair uses a lever to adjust the height between 28” to 32”.

The knee rest can be removed to create a standard desk chair that allows you to use this as conventional seating during a client meeting. Or keep the knee rest installed permanently to ensure your posture is always protected.

Height Adjustable Kneeling Chair with Dual Wheel

Height Adjustable Kneeling Chair with Dual Wheel

Combining classic elegance with modern ergonomic design, this kneeling chair is an excellent fit for people of any height. As an office chair, it could help save your back after long office hours. It can also be used in place of a kitchen chair for people who suffer from chronic back pain.

The wooden frame comes in mahogany or espresso stain, and the padded memory foam is covered in black fabric. While the seat does not fold, the compact 17” high design makes it the right choice for small office spaces.

$169.99 $706

Mid-Back Height Adjustable Kneeling Chair with Dual Wheel

Mid-Back Height Adjustable Kneeling Chair with Dual Wheel

Give the gift of pain relief to an employee with back pain with this stylish and ergonomic kneeling chair. With the appearance of a standard office chair, it also features a one-piece knee rest to change your position and alleviate pressure on your lower back.

The height-adjustable features make it a great choice for people who are taller or shorter than average. A black plastic frame holds the polyester cushions in place, and mesh material covers the back of the chair to provide added air circulation for better comfort.

Woolard Mid-Back Height Adjustable Kneeling Chair

Woolard Mid-Back Height Adjustable Kneeling Chair

Reduce fatigue and back pain with this lightweight kneeling chair. The fully adjustable seating and back allow you to achieve the most comfortable seating position possible to boost your productivity.

The seat height ranges from 20.75” to 25” making it an excellent fit for any desk. The wheels roll smoothly over surfaces, while the swivel feature allows you to work in a corner desk comfortably.

Wasson Height Adjustable Kneeling Chair

Wasson Height Adjustable Kneeling Chair

Perfectly balancing your weight between your lower body and knees, this kneeling chair is the best solution to promote good spinal health during those long days at work.

Black twill upholstery on foam-padded cushions is soft and breathable, as well as being easy to spot clean. The pedestal style base can support up to 250 lbs., while the tough steel frame ensures that you will get years of ergonomic enjoyment from this chair.

Heavy duty high back orthopaedic chair

Heavy Duty High Back Orthopaedic Chair

Ortho chair

If we spend a lot of time sitting, comfortable chair - profiled to our needs is essential. It can be metallic, with high gloss finish, which is also characterized by black, comfortable cover. Classic design of orthopeadic chair will fit into every studio.

Worlds best eronomic workstation

World's Best Eronomic Workstation

Outdoor Cottage Paris Bistro Side Chair (Set of 2)

Outdoor Cottage Paris Bistro Side Chair (Set of 2)

It is a set of two chairs that are perfect for a terrace or patio. Chairs are made of a special braided line, which makes them extremely comfortable and very nice look. Chairs are the perfect addition to equipment outside the house.

Chair orthopedic

It is not only very elegant thanks to the leather upholstery - but also orthopedically adapted. It is an orthopaedic wing chair with medium and high risk, available in any width. It has an adjustable height and in addition a beautiful dark brown design.

2750 series hip chair

2750 Series Hip Chair

Best orthopedic office using a yoga ball chair

Best Orthopedic Office Using A Yoga Ball Chair