Teak Directors Chairs


Directors chairs are a fun and clever piece for any home; They are all made of teak and are very sturdy and the seats and backs are composed of high-quality materials, capable of supporting plenty of weight. If you are looking for an interesting addition for your home, take a look at this interesting collection of teak directors chairs.

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Our Picks

Teak directors chairs 1

Made of teak wood, the director's chair is a stylish element of interior design. The foldable design looks impressive in combination with the soft cushion of the seat. The whole is kept in a cheerful color for the eyes.

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Directors Chair

Directors Chair

Director's chair, which is very comfortable and at the same time stable. Stabilization is thanks to very solid and smart design with wood. In contrast, convenience, is becouse soft and comfortable material that was used.

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Teak Directors Chair Pair - Sunbrella fabric

Trying to find the nicely finished and high quality directors chairs? We found something special for you. This pair is covered by the sunbrella fabric and made of teak wood with solid brass finish.

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Outdoor Folding Chairs Wooden Frames Hardwood Chairs Fabric Seats Patio Set Of 2

Outdoor Folding Chairs Wooden Frames Hardwood Chairs Fabric Seats Patio Set Of 2

If you’re looking for a comfortable piece of furniture for your porch or patio, take a look at this elegant folding chair made out of rosewood with a dark linen seat and back. Just remember to hide it whenever it rains!

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Outdoor directors chairs canvas

Representing the characteristic director's chair, this Barlow Tyrie Safari natural folding chair is a lightweight construction, designed to be easy in transport and assembly.

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Director's Chair

Director's Chair

Very nice and interesting director's chair, which is very convenient. The frame is made of wood, which makes the chair is very stable. And backrest and seat are made of a cozy material which gives comfort.

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Outdoor directors chair

With its durable Teak wood construction reinforced by criss-crossed stretchers, the director's chair can be easily folded for transport or storage. The seat and back is made of quality white canvas, allowing you to seat comfortably while yelling "Cut!"

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Luxury directors chair

Classic side-folding chairs having straight thin angular legs, side stretchers and flat arms of teak wood with a natural finish. Seat supports and X-crossed foldable stretchers are of metal. Sling seats and backrests are of durable dark fabric.

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Directors chairs 7

directors chairs

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Eco outdoor ida dining armchair in outdoor linen col malt

Eco Outdoor Ida dining armchair in Outdoor Linen col. Malt. Outdoor furniture | Patio furniture | Outdoor dining | Teak outdoor | Outdoor design | Outdoor style | Outdoor luxury | Designer outdoor furniture | Outdoor design inspiration | Pool side furnitu

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Teak Directors Chairs

Buying Guide

You don't need to actually be directing a movie to buy one of these chairs for your home. The timeless design works well alongside tripod lamps, a comfortable chaise lounge, and other items of furniture which resemble the style of the 1940s and 50s. Let's have a look at some of the various designs of teak directors chair that you may come across and consider purchasing.

Simple traditional directors chair

The bright classic teak wood is what essentially makes the furniture into the timeless design it is today. A simple and traditional directors chair might be the perfect choice for many homes, and it's certainly one of the most authentic designs you will find. The simple fold-away design is convenient and comfortable, and the sturdy fabric is positioned horizontally along the back and also on the seat. The fabric is often seen in a cream color or dark black, but you will also find brown, green and blue fabrics.

Wider padded design

Without straying too far from the most authentic teak director chair design, the wider and more padded style is more comfortable and could be a good option for you to consider. A wider chair allows for more comfort, and even just an extra 4-6 inches of space can make an improvement. The cushion is also 4-5 times thicker than the standard director's chair cushion, making this design a more luxurious and comfortable experience.

High directors chair

A directors chair at bar stool height is ideal if you're buying for your home and you have a high table. They are also a good option if you often work at a high desk or need to be sat in a higher position for another reason. The higher design of chair is available in a standard width and also the wider and more padded design mentioned above. The main difference is that there is an extra 1-2 feet of height on the frame of the chair to achieve the higher style.

Beach style teak directors chair

A chair in this style doesn't have to be used exclusively inside the home or in a studio. There are some designs which are ideal for taking to the beach and relaxing in the sun. A coarser fabric may be used to prevent damage from sand and water while sitting outdoors. The teak frame is easy to fold down, carry and put away in your car.

Wooden seat

If the fabric and casual style of the traditional director's chair just isn't quite suitable for you, why not have a look at the chair which is wooden throughout? Rather than just the frame being constructed from teak wood, the seat and back of the chair is teak also. This can provide a more sturdy base, and many people find it a more comfortable alternative. Often, there are patterned or plain white/brown cushions on the chair to avoid aches and pains from the hardwood.

Best Ideas

Wide directors chair

Directors chairs with durable oak wood construction. Their solid leather sitting spaces are finished in attractive, neutral color and their folding design makes storage and transportation much easier.

Director chair garden sets

A portable director's chair that you can easily store thanks to its foldable construction. It's made of sturdy Teak wood and elastic material, giving you a durable piece, reinforced with X-shaped stretchers and stainless steel hardware.

Teak directors chairs 4

Bring a bit of coastal-inspired magic into your front porch with this relaxing square armchair. The piece is designed using teak and comes in a distressed wooden finish. The chair also features a light gray polyester seat and backrest for an incredible balance of color.

Director chair garden sets

Resembling with its design the "director's chair", this wooden folding chair distinguishes itself with solid finishing. Natural teak wood combined with Sunbrella fabrics will bring warmth and coziness to your spaces.

Teak directors chairs 8

Sitting on such a teak director's chair, regardless of their profession or age, it may feel like a professional filmmaker for a moment. In this case, it has a minimalist form of teak light wood and a light fabric.

Telescope Casual World Famous Dining Height Director Chair, Red with Varnish Frame

It is a casual folding dining height director chair with red finish and varnish frame. It adds style, comfort and beauty to any home. It is great for indoor and outdoor use. You need to have it.

Teak directors chairs 9

LB1894 Raffles Directors Chair

Teak directors chairs 3

Go for this sublime and beautifully styled director's chair that comes with the folding structure and offers the all-wood making of the sturdy frame that goes perfectly with the material on back and seat.

Teak directors chairs 6

Though directors chairs represent the classic example of furniture design versions, a foldable teak chair of this type can draw attention as well, e.g. with a bold deep red fabric used for sling seat, as pictured.

Teak directors chairs

This Sundance outdoor folding director's chair features the lightweight construction, solid teak wood frame, padded armrests and brushed stainless steel details. It will be a comfy addition to any porch or yard.

Wooden directors chairs australia

A modernized version of classic teak directors chairs by designer Paolo Golinelli. Natural teak base sports brushed stainless steel hinges. Next to sling seat, the sloping sides and straight, medium-height back are wrapped entirely with white fabric.

Outdoor director chair

Combining the characteristic bright teak wood and canvas resulted in creating this fantastic directors chair. Simplistic, yet solid design, referring to the Scandinavian furniture.

Outdoor directors chairs

Folding director's chair with white weather-resistant mesh seat and natural teak frame. It allows you enjoy flexibility of use and mobility of a lightweight foldable outdoor chair paired with high level of comfort.

Quality directors chairs

A beautiful set of two hardwood director’s chairs with cotton seats and backs. Great additions if you want to bring a retro, vintage vibe into your home, sure to spice up any living room with their unique appearance.