Waterproof Outdoor Storage Bench

If you have a patio or outdoor pool, a storage bench can add to your outdoor seating area while allowing you to store everything from gardening tools and pool toys to firewood. However, you’ll need a waterproof storage bench if you want to keep your stored items dry in the rain and snow. Here are 10 of the best waterproof storage benches to enhance your outdoor entertaining area.

Solana Plastic Storage Bench

Solana Plastic Storage Bench

What we like: 551 lb. weight capacity — can seat up to three adults

What we don’t: Does not include seat cushions

This waterproof bench is made from polypropylene with a wood-like texture, which provides excellent weather resistance compared to natural wood. Despite its synthetic construction, this storage bench has a charming appearance that complements various dècor styles, from modern farmhouse to Scandi. The UV-protected resin finish won’t fade in direct sunlight and protects the contents against moisture. 

Featuring a weight capacity of 551 lbs., this storage bench is strong and sturdy. For added security, you can use an off-the-shelf padlock to lock the lid in place. It’s also easy to clean, so you can keep your patio attractive and inviting throughout the year. 

With 70 gallons of storage space concealed under the seat, this storage bench can keep your beach towels, pool toys, and outdoor cushions organized and dry. 


Keter Novel 90 Gallons Gallon Water Resistant Resin Lockable Deck Box

Keter Novel 90 Gallons Gallon Water Resistant Resin Lockable Deck Box

What we like: Generous 90-gallon storage capacity

What we don’t like: Not as stylish as some would like

This waterproof deck storage bench is highly versatile and allows you to store your BBQ, sports equipment, and outdoor cushions in a convenient and unobtrusive black and gray box. 

This storage bench is made from durable and waterproof polypropylene. It is resistant to impact and won’t rust, peel, or fade in the sun. Though primarily a storage box, you can add a colorful bench cushion to the top, transforming it into a piece of patio furniture for additional guest seating when entertaining. 

The storage bench also features strong interior supports to control the lid, preventing it from overextending. The lid is compatible with standard padlocks, so you don’t have to worry about security. 


Eliya Wooden Storage Bench

Eliya Wooden Storage Bench

What we like: Fir wooden construction

What we don’t like: Comparatively limited storage capacity

If you’re looking for a waterproof outdoor storage bench made from wood rather than plastic, this model is an excellent choice. The solid wood frame results in a highly stylish and durable storage bench. With a more classic look, this storage bench is sure to complement wooden decks and patio furniture beautifully. 

A brace supports the lid, so it won’t close forcefully, and with flexible hinges, you can easily access the contents. Decorative and functional, the storage bench also serves as a charming patio seat. However, you’ll need to purchase an additional seat cushion to improve comfort. 

Storage capacity is somewhat limited at 16.5 gallons but can still provide enough room for smaller sports equipment, gardening tools, or small pool toys. 

Keter 30 Gallons Gallon in Brown

Keter 30 Gallons Gallon in Brown

What we like: Inexpensive and compact design

What we don’t like: Only seats one person

This 7.81 lb. box offers 30 gallons of storage capacity for your garden, pool, or patio if you need outdoor waterproof storage in a lightweight, compact package. Moderately spacious, this deck box is made from waterproof and UV-protected resin material. 

This deck box can also substitute as a seat, supporting up to 220 lb. on its top surface. However, the narrow 22.75” W dimensions only make it suitable for a single person. The flat-topped design is sufficiently versatile to serve as a coffee table. 

Best of all, however, is that this outdoor storage box is affordably priced for the budget-conscious homeowner. This deck box is also simple to assemble, requiring no tools, and easy to maintain. 


Keter 37 Gallons Gallon Water Resistant Resin Deck Box

Keter 37 Gallons Gallon Water Resistant Resin Deck Box

What we like: Versatile — can serve as seating, a table, and a storage bench

What we don’t like: Round shape is challenging to assemble

This resin deck box has a circular, almost barrel-like design and features a wood-like texture — seamlessly complementing your home’s outdoor décor. If you need to store outdoor equipment, provide comfortable seating, or need another table, this deck box can fulfill all three roles. As a seating option, it can support up to 308 lb.

This deck box can hold up to 37 gallons, which is convenient for storing towels, blankets, or pillows for your patio or pool. The durable waterproof polypropylene construction protects the stored contents against rain, snow, and sleet.

At 15.5 lb., this deck box is lightweight and, featuring two side handles, is convenient to move and store as needed.

However, some users found the unusual design challenging to assemble, despite the modular snap-together construction. 

YITAHOME 120 Gallons Gallon Water Resistant Resin Lockable Deck Box

YITAHOME 120 Gallons Gallon Water Resistant Resin Lockable Deck Box

What we like: 120-gallon storage capacity

What we don’t like: Assembly may be difficult for some

Perfect for your porch and providing abundant storage space for outdoor seat cushions and kids’ sports gear, this waterproof outdoor storage bench features poly-resin construction that won't fade or rust. 

The lid opens easily on two supports, so it will stay open while you load it, closing easily afterward without slamming. The lid’s interior ridges improve airflow to prevent your stored items from developing mold or mildew. For increased portability, the deck box also includes side handles. 

$202.22 $279.99

Rustic State 84 Gallons Gallon Water Resistant Resin Lockable Deck Box with Wheels

Rustic State 84 Gallons Gallon Water Resistant Resin Lockable Deck Box with Wheels

What we like: Wheels and side handles provide portability

What we don’t like: Not suitable for seating

Black and rustic, this deck box can fit a wide variety of aesthetics, from modern minimalist to farmhouse. Including wheels and convenient side handles, this watertight outdoor storage bench is highly portable, allowing you to relocate as needed. Made from durable and waterproof resin material, this deck box will remain functional and weather-resistant for years. 

With 84 gallons of storage capacity, you have enough space to store patio furniture cushions and gardening tools. Compact and lightweight, you can also store this deck box in your garage.

Though unsuitable for extra seating, the box features a removable plug at the bottom, allowing you to fill it with ice and use it as an oversized cooler at large backyard cookouts.  

Porch & Den Modoc Faux Leather Padded Foldable Storage Bench

Porch & Den Modoc Faux Leather Padded Foldable Storage Bench

What we like: Waterproof faux-leather padded exterior is both stylish and comfortable

What we don’t like: Only suitable for covered outdoor areas

For a more luxurious appearance and feel, this affordably priced storage bench is suitable for both the inside and outside of your home and features a padded faux leather exterior.

The smooth surface, covered in waterproof PVC leather, is easy to clean and comfortable. With a maximum weight capacity of 660 lb., this is one of the strongest storage benches available, making it ideal as a seating option. Its lightweight construction also allows you to move and reconfigure your outdoor entertaining area with ease.

Keter Eastwood Plastic 150 gallon Storage Deck Box

Keter Eastwood Plastic 150 gallon Storage Deck Box

What we like: Hydraulic pistons for convenient opening and closing

What we don’t like: May be too big for some outdoor areas

Made from polypropylene resin with a wood-like texture, this storage deck box is completely resistant to the elements. Its waterproof construction ensures that everything you store in it remains dry.

While waterproof, this storage deck box is also vented, preventing mold and mildew from accumulating from wet equipment stored inside the 150-gallon interior. The storage bench has two hydraulic pistons, so it’s easy to open and quiet to close.

Sand & Stable™ Amagansett 78,87 Gallons Gallon Water Resistant Acacia Solid Wood Deck Box

Sand & Stable™ Amagansett 78,87 Gallons Gallon Water Resistant Acacia Solid Wood Deck Box

What we like: Excellent durability, including pest-resistance

What we don’t like: Not designed for permanent seating

Stylish and functional, this waterproof patio storage bench is made from solid acacia wood, resisting water and UV radiation. This bench features louvered paneling which is an attractive addition to any outdoor décor, complementing coastal and farmhouse aesthetics. 

The acacia wood contains natural oils that make it resistant to pests like termites. However, the wood will need periodic resealing, as the linseed oil finish may fade in direct sunlight. The storage bench includes two pressurized supports for convenience to keep the lid open for loading and unloading. 

Our advice Buying Guide

Summer is nearly here, which means that it is time to start thinking about how you will accommodate all your guests in your garden. You can always buy multiple chairs and hope that you will have enough space for every friend that visits you. But, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a multi-functional bench you can use all-year round?

When it comes to your garden, only the best outdoor waterproof storage bench will do. So, without further ado, let’s find out how you can buy one without feeling overwhelmed with options.

Why do I need a storage bench?

An outdoor waterproof storage bench can solve many issues. Firstly, you will never have to worry about storage again. For example, if you love taking care of your plants, then you probably have a variety of gardening equipment. So, where can you store it? Easy. Inside the bench.

These types of benches come with ample storage space which you can use for just about anything. And, since they are also used as a regular bench, once you close it, no one will ever know what you’re hiding inside.

And secondly, when it comes to your seating area, there is never enough space. Therefore, by using a multi-functional bench, you can solve two problems in one go. You will have where to sit in the summer, and whenever you need something you’ve hidden inside the bench, it will be within arm’s reach.

How do I choose the right storage bench?

Here's a reference list that will be useful while picking the best storage bench for your home. Things to consider include:

  • Size. Take a look at your garden or patio and determine its size. Before buying a storage bench, it’s best to take certain precautions before the package arrives. Therefore, measure the space where you want to place it and see if you accommodate it.
  • Material. You can pick from a variety of materials - wicker, wood, plastic resin and many more. However, the style of your garden will determine the material. So, take the exterior decor into account and try to figure out what would look best.
  • Comfort. You’re going to use this bench for storage - but it has to feel good as well. Comfort should be a priority, so make sure to try each of the potential benches. Sit a while in them and scooch from side to side a few times. That way, you’ll see if it’s comfortable and stable enough to support at least two adults.
  • Durability. It’s needless to say that you want your storage bench to last. That means that the material has to be sturdy and the bench has to be waterproof. Anything less and you will have to replace it soon.
  • Cleaning. Most outdoor waterproof storage benches are easy to clean. However, it would be wise to ask how to maintain them. With proper maintenance, these benches can last you a very long time - and isn’t that what makes a product the best financial investment?

Buying an outdoor waterproof storage bench doesn’t have to be tricky. With just a few tips and tricks, you can easily find one that's tailored to your needs.


Natural Cedar Woood Outdoor Storage Bench

Natural Cedar Woood Outdoor Storage Bench
Searching for a simpler piece to put in your backyard where you can store all of those garden utilities and children’s toys? Well then – take a look at this premium quality outdoor storage bench, which is also suitable for indoor uses. The bench is a perfect mixture of appealing design and a durable, carefully crafted construction which is sure to last a lot of time when cared for properly.

Unfinished Acacia Wood Garden Bench

Unfinished Acacia Wood Garden Bench
If you are looking for a natural piece of furniture that will fit in with the tranquil theme of your yard garden, you might be interested in this outdoor bench with an embedded storage compartment underneath the seat. This one is made out of solid acacia wood and has an unfinished look, which gives it an austere vibe but can also come in painted for those who prefer a more finished appearance.

Solid Wood All Weather Resin Storage Bench

Solid Wood All Weather Resin Storage Bench
There is no need to give up elegance when looking for functionality, and this storage bench is the perfect example of such a case. This one is a great solution for some extra storage in the backyard, made in a modern look and crafted out of durable plastic which actually resembles real solid wood in its appearance. Such a simplistic yet classy piece of furniture is bound to make a valuable addition to any garden.

Wicker Storage Bench For Outdoor Areas

Wicker Storage Bench For Outdoor Areas
A practical and elegant outdoor storage bench made to be compact and space-efficient with its sizable storage compartment and a well-made structure which makes the whole piece thin and easy to fit anywhere. The frame of the piece is made out of wicker material, which gives the bench a traditional vibe, and the lid has built-in hinges which make accessing the storage easy and quick.

Resin WIcker Storage Bench With Back

Resin WIcker Storage Bench With Back
This one is the perfect combination of outdoor and indoor seating solutions, making for a versatile piece which can be used anywhere around the house. The storage bench is made out of resin wicker, which gives it both a traditional look and a modern twinge. The seat of the bench is exceptionally wide and large, making room for easily up to three people to relax on top of it at the same time.

UV Resistant Outdoor Storage Bench

UV Resistant Outdoor Storage Bench
A small and cozy solution for an outdoor conversational and relaxation spot. The UV resistant technology with which this bench was crafted makes it a perfect choice for outdoor furniture, to be used under heavy sun. It also serves as an additional storage unit.

Rectangular Meranti Wood Planter Bench

Rectangular Meranti Wood Planter Bench
Unique design for a simple yet fashionable outdoor seating solution, great for a backyard patio or a garden around the estate. This outdoor bench is made out of Malaysian dark red meranti wood, which is carefully treated with teak oil, making the whole piece sturdy and able to endure both water and weather. The bench also provides an additional function – it has two sizable planter boxes on each side for flower and trees.

Del-Amo Teak Storage Bench

Del-Amo Teak Storage Bench
It is a storage bench that is perfect for storing your favorite items. It is made of teak wood and has got a classic and contemporary style. It is a perfect addition to indoor and outdoor area.

Keter Eden Outdoor Garden Bench Seat Lockable Storage Box Chest Waterproof

Keter Eden Outdoor Garden Bench Seat Lockable Storage Box Chest Waterproof
This solid wooden bench finished in white color features a durable sitting space with a lockable storage compartment. Its solid arms are supported by a durable backrest with vertical slats. This bench is resistant to weather factors.

Wing Wicker Storage Bench

Wing Wicker Storage Bench
It is a storage bench that is perfect for storing your favorite items. It is made of wicker and has got a multibrown color and contemporary style. It is a perfect addition to indoor and outdoor area.

Wicker patio storage deck box

Wicker patio storage deck box
Modern and contemporary approach to a spacious and compact wicker patio storage deck box with a large compartment hidden under the top, which can also act as a handy and unique bench for a garden.

Resin Patio Storage Bench

Resin Patio Storage Bench
It is a combination of two-in-one thing. On the one hand we have a very interesting bench on which you can sit while spending time in the garden. On the other hand, riseing cover of the bench revealing a hollow interior which can be arranged. So this is also a storage compartment.

Patio Chic™ Storage Bench

Patio Chic™ Storage Bench
Functional storage bench made of weather resistant plastic to provide durable seating and ample storage space under the lid. Features rattan pattern design offering simple, modern looks while retaining versatility.

50 Gallon Resin Deck Storage Bench

50 Gallon Resin Deck Storage Bench
It is a fantastic storage box that is a perfect addition for indoor and outdoor use. IT is great for storing toys, tools and other items. It has got a contemporary design and it fits to any style and décor.

30 Gallon Deck Storage Box

30 Gallon Deck Storage Box
Large box made of durable polypropylene. Opening flap offers storage compartment. It is resistant to mildew and harmful conditions. It has much the highest ratings from customers. Designed for outdoor use.

Addison Synthetic Wicker Garden Bench

Addison Synthetic Wicker Garden Bench
This Garden Bench in Antique Grey Finish features a galvanized steel frame wrapped in beautifully woven synthetic wicker. The bench is resistant to mildew, fade, water, and weather conditions, also including a comfy seat cushion and stable steel legs.

Outdoor storage bench furniture design ideas outdoor storage bench 1

... Outdoor Storage Bench Furniture Design Ideas > Outdoor Storage Bench

Balcony storage bench

If you need something simple for your outdoor area, you may want to try this wooden plank bench. Entirely constructed of exterior plywood and a few dozen screws, this bench provides a good resistance to water, and can withstand long years of usage.

Outdoor storage box waterproof

An unique patio bench with storage is an excellent idea, especially for storing tools and for spending lovely time with friends. It looks classic and it creates the inviting place to seat.

Outdoor storage bench seat

The new solution for outdoor seats: a seating box with the waterproof cushion box inside. It's a smart and clever idea for your porch or patio and it save some space for more garden furnishings.

Outdoor waterproof storage bench

This capacious trunk made of scrap wood is waterproof and mobile, and it can serve you as a coffee table, a storage compartment, or a comfy bench. The lid operates on a durable hinge, and the bottom is equipped with caster wheels.

Garden storage benches

Garden Storage Benches

Waterproof outdoor storage

A multi-functional element of an outdoor decor. This bench provides sitting space on its solid top supported by arms and backrest with vertical slats. It also provides a storage compartment under its seat.

Outdoor waterproof storage bench 1

Create the fantastic benches with storage spaces and add them to your porch or patio. The natural wooden finish is excellent for any outdoor space. It's a great idea for conversations with friends.

Outdoor storage bench waterproof

A functional outdoor element that provides comfortable sitting space (without backrest). This bench also features a spacious storage compartment under its seat. Its durable frame features a neutral white color.

Outdoor waterproof storage bench

A simple, solid and attractive backyard stylization. It includes a solid backless bench with a storage compartment under the top. This interesting stylization also includes planters with attractive plants.

To outdoor benches with storage wooden storage benches outdoor outdoor

to outdoor benches with storage wooden storage benches outdoor outdoor ...

Home ikea gift card privacy policy sitemap contact terms of

Home IKEA Gift Card Privacy Policy Sitemap Contact Terms of Service ...

Porch storage bench

Neat Outdoor Storage Box is a very practical device that you can use to keep comfortably any stuff you need. It is an excellent choice for people who enjoy spending time in house gardens or anywhere outside.

Outdoor waterproof storage

Multi-functional chest, which can be used to storage things (especially bedding, towels or frippery) or bench. It is decorated of slim-line white cover. It will play its role the best in corridor or balcony.

Outdoor wicker storage bench 2

Outdoor wicker storage bench with a longitudinal form, very spacious and in dark color is an interesting alternative to traditional wicker bright furniture. This time it represents a delicate geometric pattern in the dark elegant shades of pomegranate or violet.

Resin wicker storage bench 1

Storage bench designed for outdoor use. It is covered with wicker and fitted with capacious compartment for storing needed stuff. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Ikea outdoor storage

custom patio bench with storage

Outdoor storage seat

Also intrigued by the three sided fire pit - Like the seating on all 3 sides. Love the bench idea, particularly if it has waterproof storage for cushions, pillows, etc

Take a load off with garden furniture

Take a Load Off With Garden Furniture

Outdoor wood storage bench

An element of furniture that is resistant to different weather conditions. This storage trunk provides a space for coffee or snacks and it also includes a storage compartment for cushions. This weather-resistant rattan construction is also very aesthetic.

Outdoor wicker storage bench

An aesthetic contemporary movable storage bench for outdoor use. It has a rectangular frame of metal tubes. It's entirely wrapped in quality weatherproof resin wicker in greys. It has a hinged seat, a fiberglass lined interior, 4 metal casters.

Outdoor storage benches


Outdoor storage bench ikea

24" Cedar Storage Bench + Chest . $144.95. Bench doubles as storage!. Shipped in broken down form and require some simple assembly. 24" L x 18" W x 18" D. The bench is not waterproof but can handle the weather and are suitable for outdoors. Chest is ideal

Outdoor storage benches 1

... outdoor storage benches can provide the perfect solution to storage

Deck box plans

A possible idea is to have lattice underneath the corrugated clear roofing to separate the direct light.

Suncast wicker storage seat

Weather-resistant resin wicker box, doubles as tall bench or console / outdoor sofa table. Either side features a cut-out handle. Finished espresso brown. Plenty of storage nside. Outdoor furniture piece.

How to build an outdoor storage bench

How to Build an Outdoor Storage Bench.

Regal looking comfy seat cum storage bench 500x500

regal looking comfy seat cum storage bench 500x500

Waterproof cushion storage

Suncast 22-Gallon Deck Box, for storage on the porch

Phoenix Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench

Designed from quality materials, this Power Pro Olympic Bench in Black Finish offers only the best benefits from exercising. Features a heavy-duty 3-inch steel frame, built-in squat rack in the rear, leg lift, lat tower, and preacher curl attachments.

Outdoor storage bench waterproof home furniture design

Outdoor Storage Bench Waterproof - Home Furniture Design

Outdoor waterproof storage bench with seating great home

Outdoor Waterproof Storage Bench with Seating – Great Home ...

Outsunny wooden 47 in outdoor storage bench with

Outsunny Wooden 47 in. Outdoor Storage Bench with ...

Keter iceni eden plastic garden storage bench box dark