Heavy Duty Trunks

When you're ready to move but you don't want to lug around a bunch of cardboard boxes that are only good for one use, perhaps a series of heavy-duty trunks is a more useful way to go. They are waterproof and will easily store all of your items without fear that they might be destroyed. Use them again and again, and they will be one of your most attractive investments. Take a look at our extensive collection and see if we have heavy-duty trucks you could use.

Best Products

42 Gallon Heavy Duty Storage Trunk with Wheels (Set of 2)

42 Gallon Heavy Duty Storage Trunk with Wheels (Set of 2)
IF you looking for solid and great trunks for your tools, you need to choose this set. It includes two storage trunks with wheels and they have got a black finish. You will be impressed how cool they are.

Garrison Oversize Trunk

Garrison Oversize Trunk
It is an oversize trunk that has got two black handles, black tacked binding, durable rolling wheels and black colored hardware. If you looking for a solid and great trunk, you need to choose this one.

Medium Steel Trunk

Medium Steel Trunk
It is a medium steel trunk that has got hardwood veneer construction, rustic style, heavy duty nickel plated hardware, leather handles and many amazing color options to choose. It is a very good choice.

Small Steel Trunk

Small Steel Trunk
Attractive traditional trunk having a wooden body finished in white and nickel plated hardware of stainless steel. It features steel cornerpieces, fittings, rivets and locks of a hinged lid. Side handles are of dark leather.

Small Steel Trunk

Small Steel Trunk
It is a small steel trunk that has got hardwood veneer construction, rustic style, heavy duty nickel plated hardware, leather handles and many amazing color options to choose. It is a very good choice.

Artisans Domestic Heirloom Steamer Trunk

Artisans Domestic Heirloom Steamer Trunk
It is an artisans domestic heirloom steamer trunk that is available in six finishes: black, blue, navy, pink, red and white. If you looking for a perfect and solid trunk, you need to choose this one.

Heavy duty storage containers with wheels

A heavy duty trunk for all, who perform heavy duty jobs. Ideal to store your hammer, screwdrivers or drills. Solid, durable finish and clever, safe locking will make it a proposition for years.

Our advice Buying Guide

Most trunks or chests that are available online are either leaky or flimsy. However, if you know where to look, you’ll be able to find heavy duty trunks that can survive several drop tests without cracking. Most of them even stay dry even when they’re sprayed with or submerged in water.

If overall durability is important to you, then you’re in the right place as what we have below is a guide on how to choose heavy duty trunks. Check it out!

What are the best materials for heavy duty trunks?

The material that makes up a trunk will determine whether it is light- or heavy-duty. Steel is the perfect material for heavy duty trunks but it’s heavy and high in price. For portable trunks, common materials used by manufacturers are plastic and aluminum because they're lightweight. They are, however, not the best in terms of ruggedness, but you would still be able to find a high-grade material that’s lightweight like carbon fiber or thick aluminum. Both materials are strong and solid, making them some of your best options.

Truth to speak, heavy duty trunks take quite a ton of mistreatment. There will be times when you throw heavy items inside the trunk without any care nor regard. If you have a trunk that’s portable, you’ll drop it down as soon as you arrive at a specific location instead of laying the trunk down with care. How heavy duty trunks respond to hits and misuse will vary from one unit to another.

How to evaluate the build quality of heavy duty trunks?

In terms of build quality, there are aspects you have to assess like the following:

  • Joints - When inspecting a heavy duty trunk, check how the joints are like. Can you determine the technique used in the trunk’s joinery? The common technique manufacturers make use of is welding joints in connecting different parts of a heavy duty trunk. Check how many weld joints are present. More joints translate to a sturdier product.
  • Handle Joints - Check the handles as well as most heavy duty trunks come with frail handles which snap after a couple of uses. Personally, we want bolted handles as they don’t snap out, unlike riveted handles which weaken after every carry.
  • Reinforcements - To makes heavy duty trunks even sturdier, several reinforcements are made by manufacturers. Look out for corner posts, double walls, and c-channels. They help in keeping jointed parts attached to each other.

What security features do heavy duty trunks come with?

  • Latches - Latches are basic locking systems for heavy duty trunks. They make it easy to access anything that is stored inside the trunk, but they don’t deter other people from opening the chest.
  • Padlock - A padlock can securely lock items inside your heavy duty trunk. The only ones who can access a padlocked trunk are those who have the keys to it.
  • Key Locks - Advanced heavy duty trunks come with quality key locks, so there is no need to purchase a padlock. The key locks are often built-in. The most common types of key locks are the traditional and the cylinder. Cylinder locks are pick-proof, but they are expensive. Traditional locks may be cheaper, but they can be picked.


Heavy duty storage trunk

This heavy-duty resistant trunk will be the most useful thing during work. This solid compartment will be perfect for storage your tools. Due to little wheels and convenient handle, you can give this trunk everywhere.

Storage trunk with wheels and handle

This heavy duty water resistant rolling storage trunk will soon become your favourite working companion. Ideal to store your set of tools and vehicles, it is equipped with a handle along with wheels, which makes it pretty mobile.

IRIS 42.25 Gallon Storage Trunk with Wheels, SIA-1000H (Black/Red)

Extremely sturdy and functional heavy duty store-it-all storage trunk with wheels and pull handle for easy mobility. Features locking capability to secure contents with padlock or zip tie. It is BPA free, acid free, PVC free and lignin free.

J. Terence Thompson 2820-1B 32-1/2-by15-3/4-by-13-3/4-Inch Storage Trunk

Cool though simple rectangular storage trunk made of resistant black moulded plastic. It has a hinged lid closed with 2 latches, a handle on a side and profiled walls for greater durability. It can be stacked and is accepted by airlines.

Heavy duty water resistant rolling storage trunk slent ref twr641

Heavy Duty Water Resistant Rolling Storage Trunk (slent ref:TWR641)

Plastic trunk with wheels

Heavy-duty 160-liter storage trunk designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The piece is constructed from industrial grade plastic and features a sturdy and practical design that allows it to act as a bench as well. It also has two caster wheels on one side and a sturdy pull on the other for easy portability.

Homebrew finds great deal plano xxl heavy duty wheeled storage

Homebrew Finds: Great Deal: Plano XXL Heavy Duty, Wheeled Storage Box - $21.90 (Save $18.17)

Plastic storage trunk with wheels

Large road case / touring wardrobe. On wheels, with 6 drawers and a rod to hang clothes on. Heavy duty trunk with metal joinery and hardware. Colored red, with black and chrome detailing. Practical, mobile and good looking.

Heavy duty plastic road trunk flight case 3

Heavy Duty Plastic Road Trunk Flight Case

1000x1000 jpg 560


Plano molding storage box 1819 xxl heavy duty wheeled gear


Product new heavy duty plano military storage trunk olive drab

... Product New Heavy Duty Plano Military Storage Trunk, Olive Drab

Heavy duty plastic road trunk flight case 2

Heavy Duty Plastic Road Trunk Flight Case

Heavy duty storage trunk

Heavy Duty Storage Trunk

Heavy duty plastic road trunk flight case 4

Heavy Duty Plastic Road Trunk Flight Case

Details about heavy duty road trunk flight case wheeled cable

Details about Heavy Duty Road Trunk Flight Case Wheeled Cable Trunk ...

Photo 1 heavy duty rolling lockable storage trunk

Photo 1: Heavy Duty Rolling Lockable Storage Trunk

Photo 1 heavy duty hinged plastic storage trunk

Photo 1: Heavy Duty Hinged Plastic Storage Trunk

Black Steel Cube Trunk with Wheels

This cube trunk features sophisticated feel. It has steel over wood frame riveted exterior construction, heavy duty nickel plated steel hardware and tight fitting steel tongue in grove closure and lockable hasp.

Heavy duty trunks 1

With this impressive heavy duty trunk you are getting a capacious, funcional, and beautiful piece that lasts a lifetime. Designed of quality materials and reinforced by steel hardware, the trunk features a hinged lid and a working key lock.

Plastic trunks

44" Heavy Duty 3/8" Ply Standard High ATA Cable Trunks w/Wheels

Seward Classic 31 in. Oversize Locker in Blue

This functional trunk with paper lining is characterized by sturdy wooden construction and heavy gauge vinyl covering. The trunk is also decorated with nickel rivet bindings, and features an open push button key lock with 2 keys, and leather handles.

Oak trunks

A magnificent trunk that will keepyour precious treasures well-hidden and properly secured. Designed using a steam bending wood method, the trunk oozes with antique accents, crafted of sawn white oak and equipped with a supple ostrich leather top.

Custom heavy duty wilson double upright shoe wardrobe trunk

Custom Heavy Duty Wilson Double Upright Shoe & Wardrobe Trunk

IRIS Weathertight Heavy Duty Storage Trunk SIA-760D (Green)

Heavy duty storage trunk that has a durable, rugged construction with weathertight seal that blocks out moisture and insects, and two sturdy metal "cam over" latches. It is perfect for outdoor transportation.

Steel trunks 14

The set of three steel trunks. The wrought steel fitting prop up the case. The interior is cushioned with the delicate material, what guarantees the security of the things inside. It could be used to store the musical instruments.

Heavy duty trunks

Interestingly finished heavy duty trunk is a great combination of stylish design and functionality. The attached wheels on the base are robust and exceptionally practical. Ideal place to store documents and more.

Artisans Domestic Ultimate Airline and Travel Trunk Size: Large

Extremely solid airline and travel trunk crafted of lightweight, yet extremely durable components - high impact fiberglass composite exterior with steel handles and foam padded grips. Comes also with Tight fitting heavy gauge polymer tongue and groove lid.

Cube Trunk Color: Blue, Style: With Cedar Lining and Tray

This cube trunk features sophisticated look. It has steel over wood frame riveted exterior construction, heavy duty nickel plated steel hardware and tight fitting steel tongue in grove closure and lockable hasp.

428 huge all wood restored antique flat top trunk w

428 HUGE All Wood Restored Antique Flat Top Trunk w Working Lock & Key, Leather Trim, Heavy Duty Hardware Polished to a Dark Silvery Patina

Black Steel Cube Trunk

Rhino Naked Storage Trunk

High-quality naked storage trunk which you can decorate in your own style. The entire frame and interior is constructed of natural 3/8" Baltic Birch hardwood plywood with no paper or plastic lining anywhere.

Unfinished cedar cube trunk style without wheels by stanley 136

Unfinished Cedar Cube Trunk Style: Without Wheels by Stanley. $136.49. SCUCC Style: Without Wheels Features: -Heavy duty nickel plated hardware.-Tight fitting tongue in grove enclosure.-Heavy duty attractive Leather carrying handle.-Timeless design and qu

Heavy duty trunk organizer with cooler 1

Heavy-Duty Trunk Organizer with Cooler

Rhino Zebra Trunk (7 Sizes, 3 Colors)

Playful and adorable, with huge storage capacity - a fun accessory that adds to a decor and ambiance functionality. This trunk has funky zebra pattern (available in a couple of colours) and it is outfitted with metal hardware.

Heavy duty 3 8 plywood extra high cable trunk44 3

Heavy Duty 3/8" Plywood Extra High Cable Trunk44-3/4" x 22-1/4" x 25 ...

Classic Blue Trunk Size: 30" x 16" x 12.25"

This classy trunk is a distinguishing design element and highly functional storage option. It features durable wooden construction, heavy gauge vinyl covering, two leather handles, heavy duty nickel hardware and decorative name plate.

Steel trunks 3

Just take a look at this wonderful, breathtaking steel trunk with a very vintage appearance and a weathered coat of paint. A great addition if you’re looking for an antique piece to bring a unique vibe to your home.

Mercury Luggage Wheeled Storage Locker, Black, 31" oversized!

31 inch wide storage box featuring locker and classic black finish. Additionally, it has a pair of casters for better mobility and strong, as well as durable, construction, which ensures durability of the box.

Rhino Armor Dorm Trunk 35" x 17" x 17" (8 Colors)

This piece of furniture is a high quality trunk that plays a decorative and storage role in the house. It has got a rectangular shape and it is made of very solid materials, so it assures high level of protection of stored items.

Biltmore Trunk 32" Locker Camp Storage Trunk with Tray

It is a beautiful storage trunk that adds style and beauty to any room in your home. It has got a plywood construction, key lock and tray. It can be used as a bench, table and a place to rest your laptop.

190 litre heavy duty storage trunk with wheels strata

190 Litre Heavy Duty Storage Trunk with Wheels | Strata ...

Heavy duty rolling trunks

Heavy Duty Rolling Trunks