Wrought Iron King Size Headboards

Beautiful, functional, and not just at the head, but also the foot of the bed, these wrought iron additions to your bed will give it a rustic, but classy look. Curls and points drawn from the twisted iron, your bed has never looked so inviting as it will after you install your very own wrought iron king size headboard system. Plenty of options in the collection.

Best Products

Hillsdale Furniture Chesapeake Metal Bed Chesapeake Bed

Hillsdale Furniture Chesapeake Metal Bed Chesapeake Bed
Feel like a king! With this wrought iron king size bed it's super easy! Check out its huge headboard! We love the bedding style - you actually have a feeling like you're in the castle. Nice wooden floor and beautiful night lamp.

Sanford Metal Headboard

Sanford Metal Headboard
Elegant vintage style frame-mounted headboard made of black-coated iron. It features round posts with ball finials, an arched top rail, an interior arched rail and a lower horizonatl rail joined by knots with vertical rods.

Tribecca Home Giselle Antique Dark Bronze Graceful Lines Victorian Iron Metal King Size Bed

Tribecca Home Giselle Antique Dark Bronze Graceful Lines Victorian Iron Metal King Size Bed
An elegant and classy king size bed made of wrought iron with a solid headboard and footboard. It features a timeless and universal design so it will easily adapt to almost any style. A dark frame of the bed looks good on a light wall.

Oscar wrought iron inspired timber

Oscar wrought iron inspired timber
Wrought iron inspired my modern style design. Check out this beautiful, wide double size headboard on this fantastic kind size bed! We love the white and black accent of the headboard and the bedding.

Hartford Metal Headboard

Hartford Metal Headboard
It is a metal headboard that is a perfect addition to any bedroom. It has got a solid construction, contemporary design and it fits to any style and décor. It is a nicely finished and high quality product.

Doral Wood + Metal Headboard

Doral Wood + Metal Headboard
It is a Doral wood and metal headboard that is perfect for your elegant bedroom. It has got a classic design so it fits to many beds and bedrooms. It has got a walnut finish. You will be impressed how stylish this headboard is.

Sophia wrought iron inspired timber

Sophia wrought iron inspired timber
Choose a headboard to match your personal style and design of your bedroom.Wrought iron king size headboards-is inspired by Arabic influences,which means its richness in form - but not exaggerated.The prism was taken from a line of ornaments used in Byzantium.

Our advice Buying Guide

How wide should a headboard be for a king size bed?

A standard king size mattress is 76” W x 80” L. A headboard should naturally protrude past the edge of the mattress to make it the widest part of the bed frame. A good rule is that your headboard should be roughly 3” wider than the mattress of your bed. A standard headboard width for a king size bed is 80”, which is 4” wider than a standard king mattress. Going with these standard sizes means your headboard extends 2” wider than the mattress on either side of the bed.

While a headboard should never really be narrower than your mattress for structural support reasons, you can choose to get a custom headboard that is much wider than 80” for your king size bed if you have the space in your bedroom. An oversize headboard can act as a focal point in your home if you select an interesting headboard design that complements your bedroom decor.

Wrought iron king size headboards are ideal for traditional or Shabby chic style bedrooms, while diamond button-tufted headboards are an excellent choice for Hollywood Regency or mid-century modern spaces.

You can also use larger headboards for additional storage if you choose one that has shelving built-in, which can be useful, especially if you don’t have bedside tables.

Is a wrought iron headboard comfortable?

Wrought iron king size headboards are an elegant statement piece for your bedroom. Wrought iron headboards are not only beautifully stylish, but they also offer comfort and durability. These headboards create a visually pleasing backdrop for your pillows and comforter without jutting into your headspace because of their intricate design patterns.

Wrought iron is smooth and cool to the touch, meaning that your head can rest gently against the headboard comfortably. Instead of one solid piece, wrought iron headboards have openings in their design. This is beneficial for sleepers who move around at night and do not want to hit their hands on a completely solid headboard.


White iron king size headboard b6148

White iron king size headboard b6148
Headboard consisting of decorative curved wires. It is compatible with standard bed. Adds freshness and elegance to each bedroom.

Iron king headboard only

Barnwood beds: Reclaimed Teak Wood Hill Country Bed in King Size

Wrought iron king headboard

A beautiful Victorian iron bed gives your bedroom a beautiful, continental look. Available in both queen and king sizes and custom finishes. Feel like you’re sleeping in the bedroom of Queen Victoria herself!

Metal headboards for king size beds

Heavy wrought iron king size bed. With headboard and matching footboard. Iron design with strong bars and bold lines juxtaposed against delicate metalwork. Casual design hinting at retro inspirations. Smoothly curved lines make the whole less rough.

Wrought iron king size headboards

This solid, wrought iron bed embodies the best features of the antique style. Ornamental, inimitable design combined with massive construction make the impression of something majestic.

See the small card with the code on it the

See the small card with the code on it? The seller printed that out ...

Ornate king size beds

1037BCKR Bonaire California King Size Bed

Wesley allen iron beds 5

Wesley Allen Iron Beds

Metal headboard king

A fine, queen size wrought iron headboard and footboard with gold finish. The rounded shapes will give your bedroom a unique, renaissance look with this astounding baroque-stylized set.

King size metal beds and headboards

Designed from wrought iron, this magnificent headboard delights with its solid finish and beautiful, intricate design, with lots of glamorous curves and volutes. It will work out well in all elegant bedroom decors.

White metal headboard king

Victorian style for a grandiose, king-size bed with a headboard and footboard made out of wrought iron. The metal frame of the bed has a shiny, polished finish and is fitted with numerous decorative elements.

Marksburg Metal Headboard

Marksburg Metal Headboard

Wrought iron king bed

An elegant king size bed that features a solid and durable construction made of wrought iron in a classy, hammered brown color. The universal design will suit traditional or contemporary decors and various bedding sets.

Wrought iron headboard king

Elegant headboard in Rococo style. It is made of wrought iron and finished with openwork pattern.

Wrought iron headboard king 6

Beautifully ornamented iron headboard delights with its intricate shape and design. With all its quirkiness and swirls, it will fit into classical interiors, adding a new character. Wrought iron construction stands for sustainability.

Metal headboards king size bed

Wrought iron headboards are included in the classic as well as in the ...

Hillsdale Furniture 1039BQR Mercer Bed Set with Rails, Queen, Antique Brown

This bed will not only be a practical piece of furniture in your house, but also its magnificent decoration. The head restraint and the opposite end of the beds are in fact extremely elegant and beautiful and make the bed looks amazing. Decorative metalwork simply breathtaking.

Laurel this beautiful king size bed with headboard panel of

Laurel, this beautiful king size bed with headboard panel of artistic ...

Wrought iron bed king size

Wesley Allen Iron Hillsboro Bed Available In Twin, Double, Queen And King Sizes

Classic wood and wrought iron king size poster bed headboard

Classic-Wood-and-Wrought-Iron-King-Size-Poster-Bed-Headboard-Footboard ...

Wrought iron king size bed

A solid queen size bed that blends modern and traditional styles. The headboard and footboard feature a simple structure made of wrought iron with a rustic touch. It perfectly combines with a traditional bedside table and light floors.

Wrought iron headboard king 2

Metal headboard that suits king-size beds. This wrought iron element features slightly S-shaped slats located in vertical direction. The headboard is not only solid, but it also makes bed more attractive.

Iron king size beds bed frames bedroom furniture frame metal

... Iron King Size Beds Bed Frames Bedroom Furniture Frame Metal Headboard

Neoclassic Metal Headboard

Neoclassic Metal Headboard

Wrought iron king single bed

Campaign Bed with wrought iron finish, hand forged from thick, solid iron bars, the finish is achieved in layers and has a unique luminosity. #ironbed #CharlesPRogers #beds

Metal headboards king

Wought iron can be a stunning decorative material for your king size bed and headboards. Together with stately oak and hand-forged patterns of leaves makes the whole visualisation of good taste. Artisian-craftsmanship comes with natural black color.

Samani wrought iron canopy bed

Samani Wrought Iron Canopy Bed

Wrought iron headboard king 1

Wrought iron headboard in black, for contemporary bedroom where a slight drop of romantic vibe is supposed to be introduced. For king size beds and not only. These swirls are hand forged, could you believe that?

Coaster Fine Furniture 300171q Metal Bed Headboard and Footboard, Queen, Gold Finish

This headboard and footboard is worthy of kings and queens - the brushed gold finish adds an antique look and the elegant curved crowns with swirling floral motifs look simply exquisite, making it a must-have piece in your bedroom.

King comforters cal king wrought iron headboard is cal king

... king comforters cal king wrought iron headboard is cal king wrought

100used wrought iron headboard queen size from pier1 in mastic

100used wrought iron headboard, queen size, from Pier1 in Mastic, New ...

Metal headboard king size

Delighting with the unique antique wrought iron gold silhouettes, these twin sized headboards with scrolling floral details measure 38.5 inches across 61 inches tall. A glamorous proposition for those, who like the lush and prestigious empire style.

Headboards iron beds and headboards queen wood with metal headboard

Headboards >> Iron Beds and Headboards Queen Wood with Metal Headboard ...

Metal king headboard only

Elegantly romantic and reminiscent of the antique wrought iron classics, the Caffrey Bed is stylish without becoming overwhelming. The Caffrey's dusty bronze finish accents the arching linear design that whimsically adorns both the headboard and footboard

King size wrought iron headboard

#autocollants #decalques #wallstickers #decals Tête de lit en fer forgé / Wrought Iron Headboard. Disponible dans les dimensions Queen et King. Also available in Queen & King size.

Iron king size beds

A King sized headboard made from a wrought iron rail (from The Vintage Dormer)

Metal headboard and footboard king

Geometric, open-concept design of this wrought iron bed looks at home in an updated bedroom permeated with high end contemporary style. Right angles, squares and rectangles constitute the unique form of this king bed headboard.

Wrought iron king size bed frame

Lucinda Headboard

Iron king size bed

Reminiscent of the romantic, wrought-iron classics, the Baremore Bed will add an antique ambience to any bedroom. The Baremore's weathered dark brown finish makes it a neutral fit for a variety of design aesthetics. Available in queen and king size, or ju

Iron headboards king size

King Size:Price: 1,600 Dhs. - USD $435Queen Size: Price: 1,600 Dhs ...

Fifty Shades Bed-King

Wrought iron beds king size

#autocollants #decalques #wallstickers #decals Tête de lit en fer forgé / Wrought Iron Headboard. $39.95. Disponible dans les dimensions Queen et King. Also available in Queen & King size.

Iron headboard king

Stylish headboard finished with openwork pattern. It is completely made of wrought iron. Classic form and elegant design.