Wood Headboards For King Size Beds

The difference between a regular king size bed and a great king-size bed is all in one word: headboard. These wood headboards for king-size beds are the addition to your bed you have been waiting for. Why should you have to put your pillow against a wall, when a gorgeous wood headboard is available and waiting for you to pick it out. Look for your next wood headboard in our collection.

Best Products

Solid walnut headboard

Solid walnut headboard
The headboard for your king-size bed doesn't have to be expensive! Why not do it yourself? The owner of this headboard surely managed to keep it a budget solution for a truly luxurious bed. Made from solid wood, we're sure it will last centuries to come.

King size headboard for jackie

King size headboard for jackie
Furnish your bedroom with the traditional, wooden headboard, which is made of panels and fits to king size bed. If you are a fan of wooden accents, you have to choose this product.

Headboards made from distressed old

Headboards made from distressed old
Splash your master bedroom with rustic accents and country appearance, thanks to this weathered wood headboard. It's suitable for king size beds and has a slightly widened top that you can use for displaying decorations.

Queen custom made bed all sizes

Queen custom made bed all sizes
A perfect headboard for creating a king size bed. King size beds do not have to cost a fortune! All you have to do is make one yourself, with the use of ready materials like this headboard. Solid, quality wood ensures stability and comfort.

Kallisto Wood Headboard

Kallisto Wood Headboard
It is very interesting and inventive headboard to the bed. It is made of wood and has a very interesting laid out cupboards and shelves. As a result, it can sort out the pop stuff or just hide a book which is read before bedtime.

Barn wood full headboard created to your

Barn wood full headboard created to your
A simple contemporary headboard for large beds. It's hand-crafted of reclaimed barn planks and posts in browns with a natural finish. It has straight angular legs and a full panel with a vertically slatted pattern.

Bedford King Wood Headboard

Bedford King Wood Headboard
Elegant large headboard for king beds. It's made of wood with an ebony-black finish both on a front and a back. It features 2 smaller side panels and 1 bigger in the middle as well as a moulding top. It should be dry wiped.

Our advice Buying Guide

King size beds are large and sturdy. To be in step with these characteristics, the headboards on them need to make a bold statement. Solid wood headboards for king size beds do just this by shouting strength and staying power.

You won’t find a delicate filigree-metal-style among them. Instead, even the ones constructed of simple planks project a forceful image. The planks, sometimes in a vertical arrangement, could be the color of either light oak or chocolate brown.

What are the purposes of wooden headboards?

Though the focus here is on how wood headboards enhance the decor of your bedroom, remember that their other purposes are to:

  • Protect the wall from dirt and damage
  • Provide a place for pillows to rest on

Some wood headboards for king size beds serve dual needs. Take, for example, one that has an extra-wide top for displaying mementos, framed photos, and other items. Another piece has a canopy platform for hanging curtains or drapes.

Time for a historical note. Wealthy ancient Egyptians used headboards as a sign of their wealth. Ancient Greeks and Romans used them as protection from cool air.

What are the different styles of wood headboards for king size beds?

Some wood headboards for king size beds are made of pallet boards placed vertically and painted in several colors. If you have an unconventional decorating style or personality, perhaps this is for you. Another possibility is one made of wood boards so tall that it looks like paneling above your bed.

A fresh look in painted white board combines the elements of siding with louvered windows. It would suit an avant-garde artist’s abode or a home that’s eclectically furnished.

Do you like the homey and simple look of the bedrooms of some hard-working farmers past and present? There are headboards in the rustic style to choose from.

If you want a wood headboard similar to the ones that European royalty used, consider an elaborate one in mahogany-colored wood. It’s curved, with carved open woodwork that does not convey fragility. Rather, it allows the boldness of the piece to dissipate.

How to build a DIY headboard for a king-size bed?

Wood headboards for king size beds are available for four-poster beds and platform beds. If you want to have the satisfaction of building your own, you can do so with some of them. For a platform bed, one of these projects uses discarded wood boards. Pull out all the stops by making six drawers to go with it.

A related project for a bed that uses slats or rails employs discarded wood boards too. It requires arranging dark- and light-colored boards in a diagonal or chevron pattern.


Sonoma King Wood Headboard

Sonoma King Wood Headboard
Sturdy and stylish King Size Headboard in Black Finish provides laminated composite wood construction with MDF tops. Functional and durable, the headboard offers a variety of open storage compartments.

Pallet wood headboard

Pallet wood headboard
There is a milion ideas how reuse the old pallets in the home's stylization. For sure the pallets could be used as a headboard for the kingsize bed. I would rather repaint it in white, because now it look a little bit worn-out.

Reclaimed wood furnituresolid wood

Reclaimed wood furnituresolid wood
Sturdy rustic headboards and footboards for king beds. They're crafted of solid wood with a whitewashed finish. They have thick posts with flat finials, simple top and bottom rails and full panels of vertically arranged planks.

Maison King Wood Headboard

Maison King Wood Headboard
Decoratively rounded headboard made of wood. It is filled with foam and upholstered linen. Decorative quilting on the whole surface gives an elegant effect. Application for residential and commercial use.

King size headboard ideas

If you want to make your bedroom to emanate with country accents, this king size bed will be a nice way to do that. Includes sturdy wood construction, a canopy platform, and a wooden plank headboard in a distressed finish.

King size wood headboard and footboard

Headboard for king size

King size headboards 9

This DIY instruction will help you make a king size headboard for a platform bed out of some unnecessary wooden boards. Further part of the instruction allows you to learn how to make six drawers in addition.

Diy headboard ideas for king beds

If you like the raw, rustic ambiance, created by log furniture, this wooden king size bed shall appeal to you. Designed to bring out the natural beauty of wood, it will fit into rustic or mountain lodge interiors.

Simple platform bed 11

Ready to decorate a rustic bedroom, this wooden furniture set comprises a nicely sanded king size platform, a headboard of analogical size and a pair of nightstands. All finished in an off-white, rustic wood.

Reclaimed wood headboard king

This headboard represents a rustic style and it looks perfectly with king-size beds. It is made of solid mahogany wood with a cherry finish. The product is 52 inches high x 82 inches wide x 4.25 inches deep.

Wood king size headboards 12

Farmhouse stylization in bedroom decor. This wooden headboard is suitable for king size beds. It is connected with a strong frame made of the same wood. Strong and stylish construction matches different types of beds.

Wood headboards for king size beds 2

Boards - $5.50 at HomeDepot. Just stain and then screw into the wall. YES!!!!!!!!! this is my favorite.

Headboards diy for king size beds

Just finished this headboard using reclaimed wood. Can do custom orders for any size bedframe. This would also make a great pseudo-fence for a loft or apartment patio. listing at

King size bed building plans

Ideas For Old Wooden Doors | Headboards Made From Old Doors Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and ...

King headboards 4

This 90-year-old headboard door is a unique detail that will transform your bedroom. The beautiful old wood in the raw finish is glamorous and very stylish, and the interior gets a rustic feel for it.

How to make a king size headboard

This unique headboard is a simple design with floating boards composed in an impressive whole. Beautiful finish in warm chocolate brown is elegant and very stylish, giving the interior some nice character.

Wooden king size headboard 2

Another creative DIY design, a handmade bed headboard made from repurposed old planks coated in paint. Nice way to save money on furniture and bound to give your bedroom a really unique, rustic look.

Moms fancy farmhouse bed

Mom’s Fancy Farmhouse Bed

Diy king headboard

A stark rectangular headboard for large platform beds. It's handmade of length and width-varied horizontal planks of reclaimed wood (from pallets!) with a natural stained finish. It has a flat top and has to be screwed to a bed frame.

A perfect combination of reclaimed industrial style live edge cedar

A perfect combination of reclaimed & industrial style. Live edge cedar headboard. We just finished this piece for a client in Austin. We can design to your size and wood preferences. Prices range between $900-3000 depending on size and type of wood s

How to build king size bed frame

With such a wood headboard for king size bed, the barren bedroom is transformed into a very fashionable arrangement. All thanks to a wooden panel made of raw poplar wood - which is fantastic, flat on a high headrest for an ordinary bed.

Have to repin best friend rick made this for his

Have to repin best friend Rick made this for his home and its spectacular! Well done guy!

Headboards made out of pallets

A DIY project, which shows how easily you can create a headboard for your bed on your own. Perfect for a king size bed, this headboard will add a cool, rustic vibe to any bedroom.

How to build a king size headboard

A great proposition for all those, who want to achieve a cosy, rustic decor in their bedrooms. This enchanting headboard is a DIY project, made entirely from pallets. It fits well all king size beds.

King size wood headboard

Wooden headboard that is paired with a king size bed. Its upper area includes some curves and corners for more aesthetic appearance. This durable headboard is based on vertical slats for a better support.

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Reclaimed wood king headboard

I was wondering how to refresh my bedroom without spending too much money. I decide to change the headboard. This one is wooden and is excellent for king size bed.

King headboard ideas

Platform bed made of wood with antique finish. Base has drawers for storing beddings, clothes and other needed items. High headboard consists of vertically arranged strips.

King size knotty pine headboard

King size knotty pine headboard

Here is our completed reclaimed wood headboard

Here is our completed Reclaimed Wood Headboard.

Lafayette Wood Headboard

Lafayette Wood Headboard

How to make your own king size headboard

Reclaimed Wood Headboard Panel for King Bed (82.5" X 37.5") made of Recycled, Rustic Barn Wood. Wallmounted. Your Choice of Accent Colors

White wooden headboards for king size beds 2

White Wooden Headboards For King Size Beds

Diy headboard king size

I love this site! She has so many great DIY projects. This is a replica of a PB Teen bed. For a Full/Queen the materials should be $70! Cannot wait to make this in a King this fall!

King size bed frame plans

The gorgeous headboard allows you to change the décor of your bedroom. Made of solid wood with beautiful leather, quilted upholstery, the headboard is an exceptionally elegant solution. Ideal for contemporary interiors.

Rustic oak bed with custom headboard and footboard

Rustic Oak Bed with Custom Headboard and Footboard

Wooden headboards for king size beds 6

The large headboard can change everything in the bedroom. This one has got the traditional style, wooden construction, dark brown finish and it's suitable with the king size bed.

Wooden king size headboard 5

King size headboard in classic form. It is completely made of wood. Adds freshness and modernity to each bedroom.

Bookshelf bed

I like to keep my favourite books within hand's reach in my bedroom, so this headboard and bookcase combination suits my taste flawlessly. Dark wood is a versatile material that fits many styles, and here it's brightened with some orange bedding accents.

Headboard made from old door for king or queen size

Headboard Made from Old Door for King or Queen Size Bed image by FriscoShabbyChic - Photobucket by Vintage Headboards

Wooden headboards for king size beds 5

A fantastic solution for the classic wooden headboard and king size bed frame - is to add quilted upholstery to it. Dark cherry wood perfectly blends with the gray quilted leather fabric.In addition, the bed includes built-in elegant drawers.

King reclaimed wood headboard and footbaord

King Reclaimed Wood Headboard and Footbaord