Tall King Headboard

Go big or go to bed, right?! After all, a tall king headboard comes with plenty of benefits, both from a comfort and decorative standpoint.

First of all, it makes it super cozy and comfy to sit up in bed when you’re reading or watching TV.

As for interior design, tall headboards seem to have a property that’s nothing short of magical, if you ask us: they make low ceilings look higher while allowing beds to stand out in high-ceilinged rooms.

Furthermore, they’re a handy choice if you’re looking to add texture and a decorative element to your big wall without hanging too many pictures or ornaments.

But what should yours look like? Here are ten dreamy ideas for your new tall headboard.

Monochrome upholstered tall king headboard

Monochrome upholstered tall king headboard

The most versatile choice is usually a monochrome design, whether simple (especially recommended if your bedroom already has many other decorative patterns or items) or tufted (to introduce a tasteful but noticeable element).

For the best results, choose a color that will match the rest of your palette while standing out against the wall.

With an eye catching print

With an eye catching print

If you’re not planning on adding any wall decor above your bed, then your tall king headboard can be the real star of the show!

To achieve a balanced look, consider complementing your new print design with monochrome bedding, but include at least one item (for example, some accent pillows) in its pattern’s color.

Contemporary tall king headboard

Contemporary tall king headboard

Contemporary bedrooms are some of the most popular, especially in urban apartments: if that’s yours too, look for a tall king headboard in a simple design with clean lines, streamlined shapes, and a neutral or bold monochrome finish.

While contemporary headboards shouldn’t be too decorative nor full of details, you can still add a creative twist that will give it an eye-catching vibe. For example, even though this headboard is entirely monochrome, its intricate texture creates an interesting pattern of shadows.

Tall headboard king in a panel design

Tall headboard king in a panel design

Were you lowkey hoping for a majestic result that will wow you and your partner every time you walk into the bedroom?

Then consider a tall king headboard relying on a wide panel design, perhaps one that frames it, just like this fancy wooden model with metal accents.

Open high back headboard king for smaller bedrooms

Open high back headboard king for smaller bedrooms

Have you already treated yourself to a king-size bed but then realized that your bedroom looks too small and cramped? While tall headboards work wonders in rooms with both low and high ceilings, they aren’t usually the wisest choice in narrow ones.

However, there’s a clever trick: choose an open design to obtain an airy and spacious feel.

Symmetrical tall king headboard

Symmetrical tall king headboard

Here’s another idea that’s both spacious and aesthetically pleasing: a tall king headboard with an open design that creates a decorative pattern or symmetrical shapes.

While this is one of the most attention-grabbing models from an interior design point of view, keep in mind that it might not be the most comfortable to sit up against, so we only recommend it if you hardly ever read or watch TV in bed.

Elegant high headboard king bed

Elegant high headboard king bed

To inspire a majestic sense of sophistication, you could consider a simple design with some harmonious lines and a dark wood finish.

The latter is mainly recommended in large rooms as it could actually end up making smaller ones look more crowded.

Shabby chic high headboard king bed

Shabby chic high headboard king bed

Remember when we advised against having a headboard in the same color as your wall? Well, shabby chic bedrooms are a popular exception.

This is because they tend to rely on a white overload, so a tall king headboard in that color and a distressed finish can easily work against white walls, too. Just be sure to prop up some pillows and cushions in a different hue against it!

However, we still think it’d look even better if you happen to have walls in a different pastel tone.

Solid wood tall headboard bed

Solid wood tall headboard bed

Nothing beats the combination of cozy and elegant that good old solid wood can inspire!

While this type of headboard can be a bit more of an investment, don’t forget that it will last you for a lifetime and reward you with a nostalgically grand look.

Extra tall headboards for king beds

Extra tall headboards for king beds

Most tall king headboards tend to range between 58 and 70”. Not enough for your ambitious vision? Then we bet you’ll be glad to hear that you can find extra tall king headboards too, much like this 84” bad boy.

To maintain a balanced result, though, avoid any kind of shelves or decorative elements above it.

Our advice Buying Guide

Headboards have a variety of uses – holding the parts of the bed together, creating storage, providing a buffer so you don’t bang your head on the wall, and decorative. A tall king headboard is the perfect companion for a king-sized bed, providing comfort or convenience or added value in the way of looks for your room.

What different headboard designs are there?

Padded Headboard

A padded headboard is nice for leaning against, piling up pillows and generally relaxing. A tall headboard means that your head isn’t leaning back against the wall instead of the padding. Not only does the padding provide a soft surface, it creates a little-added insulation – something that is handy in cold locations where the walls seem to perpetually radiate a chill.

Padded headboards often are decorated with upholstery buttons, not unlike an over-stuffed couch. The fabric comes in a choice of colors, or it can even be leather or faux leather. Some of them match the mattress design.

Storage Headboard

If you are a reader, a storage headboard is a must. It is the perfect place to stash your favorite book series, your e-reader, or the remote for a big screen tv. Your headboard is also a good place to store small personal items or a journal. The only drawback to a storage headboard is that it isn’t as comfortable to lean against as a padded headboard. Some storage headboards, however, have a solid area or a set of doors in the area where you are likely to want to place pillows or a bed chair.

Decorative Headboard

Not every tall king headboard is padded or set up for storage. Some are decorative. One classic type is wood headboards that match the supporting frame of the bed. Dark walnut and mahogany are two popular decorative wood headboard types. Iron scrollwork in a wood frame is another option, as is brass scrollwork. Such headboards are often accompanied by lamps on either side of the bed or with other bedside furnishings.

Print Padding and Shaped Headboards

While many headboards are simply a rectangular shape at the head of the bed some are shaped with graceful curves or slopes. The padding on headboards can be a cheerful print instead of a somber monochrome.

How to select the best headboard for your king bed?

Like all furniture selections, picking a headboard will have to do with your personal taste and habits. Do you like something to lean against? Do you like to have reading material on hand? How about a place to put the remote or to stash a couple of guilty pleasure snacks? Maybe you are a minimalist, and you would prefer a plain, wood headboard; or you like brass or scrollwork – that will affect your selection.

The one thing not mentioned is holding the bed together. When you are selecting a headboard, it is extremely important that the joints or slots that connect the headboard to the sideboards be secure and sturdy. Indeed, this might be the most important function of all.


Monaco wall panel large tall headboard double kingsize super king

Monaco wall panel large tall headboard double kingsize super king
This beautiful wall panel, available in charcoal or slate gray constitutes a modern proposition for a headboard. It will add class and style to contemporary bedrooms, making your rest even more pleasurable.

Anyriah Nailhead Upholstered Panel Headboard

Anyriah Nailhead Upholstered Panel Headboard
Upgrade your bedroom with this king headboard. Brass, nail-head trim in geometric pattern creates an alluring focal point that’s sure to turn heads. The headboard is tufted in foam and upholstered in premium beige fabric that guarantees optimum comfort. Mounting hardware is included for painless assembly.

Sanctuary Upholstered Panel Headboard

Sanctuary Upholstered Panel Headboard
This victorian-style headboard comes in a neutral cream color to complement any existing color scheme. It showcases a striking, elaborate carving that’s removable for when you desire a simpler look, and a distressed finish to give it an aged appearance. It is mounted to a bed frame.

Lucious Open-Frame Headboard

Lucious Open-Frame Headboard
This open-framed headboard lends an airy, modern vibe to each home. It’s compatible with an adjustable bed and designed to be attached to any standard bed frame. Its openwork design places it as a fitting addition to a small room, as it doesn't overwhelm it.

Sevenoaks Upholstered Panel Headboard

Sevenoaks Upholstered Panel Headboard
Transform the appearance of your bedroom with this long-lasting headboard. Channel tufting gives it a plush look, while velvet upholstery is super soft to touch and accentuates coziness. Its square, clean-lined silhouette oozes elegance, and makes it well-suited for modern and contemporary interior styles.

Extra wide king diamond tufted headboard

Extra wide king diamond tufted headboard
The headboard bed is not only nice, it also helps us to comfortably sit back while sitting, and also protects the cut from dirt. You can choose a quilted, white headboard tall king. Fabric is railroaded, also on king bed bench which complets the whole design.

Gloria King Panel Headboard

Gloria King Panel Headboard
Headboard featuring chocolate and zebrano finish and two lights, one on each side. The headboard is compatible with standard bed frames. Additionally, it was made with non-toxic laminated particleboard.


A truly royal bedroom that features a king size bed with an impressive, tufted headboard and a beige bedding set with a golden finish. Elegant chandeliers and large windows with beautiful curtains give the room a luxurious character.

Diamond tufted with double nailhead

Diamond tufted with double nailhead
Tall, white leather, dimond tufted headboard with doublle nailhead border that looks fantastic against dark, greyish wall. King size bed covered in white bedding set and lots of different colored cushions. I truly adore this bedroom!

Bedford King Wood Headboard

Bedford King Wood Headboard
Elegant large headboard for king beds. It's made of wood with an ebony-black finish both on a front and a back. It features 2 smaller side panels and 1 bigger in the middle as well as a moulding top. It should be dry wiped.

Tall king headboard

This modern double bed is a great example of contemporary design in household goods. Huge, upholstered, tufted headboard guarantees comfort and solidness. Available of various color and pattern variants.

Tall headboards

Tall Headboards

King size tall headboard

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Tufted tall upholstered headboards

Tufted Tall Upholstered Headboards

Tall padded headboard

19th C. French Carved Door Headboard

Tall twin headboard

Custom queen bed with extra tall diamond tufted headboard.

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High headboard in classic form. Construction is made of wood. It is compatible with standard bed. Neutral design for any bedroom according to taste and need.

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A stunning bedroom arrangement that features a king size bed with an impressive, vinyl headboard. There is a silver leather bench in front of the bed, which adds some elegance. The room is dominated by dark colors, but it still looks cozy.

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I love everything about this elegant bedroom especially the grand

I LOVE everything about this elegant bedroom, especially the grand, padded headboard and beautiful bedding.

Extra tall tufted headboard

The queen size bed with a perfect high headboard. The ivory color perfectly fits to the calm and restful bedroom stylization. The headboard is dedicated for the bookworms, who love read before falling asleep. It will be a great support for their back.

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Tall headboard king

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Silver upholstered bed with a tall tufted headboard

Silver upholstered bed with a tall tufted headboard

Tall queen headboard

Comfortable and stylish, it will enhance every bedroom with its prestigious look. This twin bed with tall, tufted headboard, button and tuck styling, and inviting microfiber fabric, is a statement in luxury for all who enjoy royalty leisure.

Tall king size bed

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The headboard is the easiest way to refresh the bedroom. This one is made of one panel and it fits perfectly to king size bed. For me, it looks romantic and classic. Perfect idea to create the restful zone.

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Tall tufted headboard king

Headboard in vintage style. Construction is made of wood. It is compatible with standard bed. Great solution for display photo frames or storing needed items.

Extra tall upholstered headboard

Beautifully curved sides of the headboard, reminding huge entrance door to your dream land. Tall, white, wooden frames make this queen bed looking like your fairytale bed. Nicely decorated with white bedding and cushions.

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