Wrought Iron Headboards Queen

For a headboard that will last a very long time, you can't do better than wrought iron. It shows that you love quality, and don't feel the need to update your bedroom style on a very regular basis, because you are content with your current headboard. Plus, wrought iron, with its curls and points, is a very fetching way to showcase your bed area.

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Hillsdale furniture providence wrought iron headboard

Hillsdale furniture providence wrought iron headboard
This headboard will help you to refresh the style in bedroom. It is made of wrought iron, which is solid, durable and nicely finished. It brings the simplicity and solidity into any apartment.

Queen headboard ornate wrought iron brass accents queen size headboard

Queen headboard ornate wrought iron brass accents queen size headboard
A chic classic iron headboard with a 2-tone finish. Round posts with decorative fittings and an openwork arched panel of thin vertical rods with ornate knots are white. Top posts parts with ball finials and a bowed top rail have a brass finish.

Queen Bed Wrought Iron Headboard Footboard Master Bedroom Frame Antique Metal

Queen Bed Wrought Iron Headboard Footboard Master Bedroom Frame Antique Metal
Made of a wrought iron bed frame with Queen-style headbands, this is a perfect combination of elegance and beautiful looks. The whole of the eye-catching design impresses with the detail and finish in the Cooper.

Chesapeake Metal Headboard

Chesapeake Metal Headboard
The rustical bedroom has specific elements - often a wooden headboard is replaced with a metal custom headboard with rustic decorations in the form of smooth scrolls. The solid rod has a dark gray color and a large size.

Fashion bed group langley wrought iron headboard

Fashion bed group langley wrought iron headboard
Transform your master bedroom into an industrial chamber of style and comfort, with this lovely headboard. Designed of durable wrought iron, the headboard will be loyally serving you for years to come.

Queen Size Iron Bed Set Victorian Metal Antique Bronze Frame Bedroom Furniture

Queen Size Iron Bed Set Victorian Metal Antique Bronze Frame Bedroom Furniture
A real bargain for all antique fans - this queen size antique bed will enchant you with its style and solidness. It will smoothly withstand the test of time, offering unique comfort for years.

Dexter Metal Headboard

Dexter Metal Headboard
Attractive large traditional frame-mounted headboard crafted of black-coated steel. It is characterised by round posts with cap finials and a construction of crisscrossed vertical and horizonatl rods with oval joining knots.

Our advice Buying Guide

A queen bed is sometimes owned by couples, but is more often owned by a single person. Regardless of how many people are sleeping in the bed, one thing is for sure – you need to find a headboard to accompany your bed. If it wasn't included with the bed when you bought it, you might find that it's time to go shopping. Before you start thinking about spending money on a headboard, it's a good idea to explore some of the designs available for wrought iron headboards for queen beds.

What styles and designs of wrought iron headboards are there to choose from?

Hearts and spirals headboard

This is a common style that you will probably come across more than once. The wrought iron frame is decorated with hearts which are horizontally positioned all along the headboard. Underneath the hearts are swirls and spiral, adding to the curvy look and enhancing the beauty of the queen bed headboard.

Irregular curved wrought iron headboard

A very unique look for a queen headboard, this design will be a hit with anything going for a contemporary look. It will be difficult to find anybody you know who already has something which looks like this. At either end of your queen bed, there will be uneven vertical posts which are bendy and curved to resemble branches. Some variations of this design may even have small leaves and other embellishments which have been molded into the pattern.

Simple vertical wrought iron beams

Not everybody wants a headboard which is full of character and detail, and if you're looking out for something a bit more simple, this could be a good design for your room. RA rows of vertical wrought iron beams are lined up evenly, with slighter longer ones in the middle to accommodate the curved beam which arches over.

Twisted curved headboard

This is also a simple design, yet has more detail than the most simple and straightforward versions. The left and right hand sides are curved and slightly rounded to allow for a more detailed appearance, while the wrought iron beams are intertwined or cross over in certain areas which instantly gives an effect which consists of much more detail.

Four poster wrought iron headboard and frame

If you choose a frame for your bed which has four posters, you might not need to buy a separate headboard. Therefore, it is worth thinking about what exactly you want for your bed in the long term, since you could save some money in the short term by combining the frame and headboard. This design has a finish which is normally matte and either black or white. It is often available in more than one color to allow for optimum choice.

Upholstered headboard with wrought iron frame

You may decide that you want something a little softer and more comfortable to provide support to your queen bed. If this is the case, the upholstered headboard could be a good choice for you. The inner frame is made using wrought iron, giving it a huge amount of sturdiness. The upholstery allows you to comfortably sit up in your bed without worrying about any hard iron pieces.

Circular pattern wrought iron headboard

This takes the form of a wrought iron headboard which has several circle outlines in the middle of the headboard. It is a simple design, yet has a fair amount of detail included. Along the top, there are either circular or oval shapes which are smaller than the main ones in the center of the headboard. The sides may have small square shapes are further smaller circles.


Reversible Solid Wood Vintage White W

Reversible Solid Wood Vintage White W
Queen bed headboard made in a farmhouse style – made out of solid wood with a vintage, white coat of paint with some grey distressing, this one is sure to give any bedroom an old-fashioned look with a rustic detail.

Step One Wood Headboard

Step One Wood Headboard
It is a very nice and elegant headboard for the bed. It is made of wood in a subdued brown color. It is very simple and minimalist combat. It has one shelf on which you can put something, but it is definitely more decorative than useful.

Vintage french iron tole bed headboard queen size

Vintage french iron tole bed headboard queen size
Original headboard in the French style. It is completely made of iron and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Suitable for each queen sized bed. Elegant design for any bedroom.

Celine 5 Piece Mirrored And Upholstered Tufted Queen Size Bedroom Set

Celine 5 Piece Mirrored And Upholstered Tufted Queen Size Bedroom Set
This stylish bedroom set includes a large bed, two nightstands, one dresser and one mirror. Thanks to these elements, the product is comfortable, functional and very attractive, so it will meet the requirements of the most demanding users.

Wrought iron bed frame queen

Made of forged metal, this headboard for queen bed enchants with its richly adorned mosaic shape, full of ornate details. Ideal for distinguished, refined bedrooms to add some classic appeal.

Lillesand bed frame for sale

This simple metal headboard probably took its style inspiration from Victorian interiors. Dark bronze finish covers the iron construction. The headboard fits queen size bed. Nice for many different interior styles.

Queen size metal headboards

This wrought iron queen size headboard enchants with its smooth, ornate finishing, featuring slim rods, curved and matched in such a way, that it creates an intricate mosaic.

Wrought iron headboards 1

Antique style in the house. This headboard fits different kinds and sizes of beds. Its solid wrought iron construction includes black pipes and some decorative curves and castings in nice golden finish.

Wrought iron headboards

Designed in the 1900s, this wrought iron headboard includes fine scrollwork and zinc finish. It is suitable for queen size beds, and has a weathered wood top that adds even more vintage accents to the whole sturcture.

Wrought iron headboards 2

Very subtile decorated headboard in country style will cozy touch to your bedroom. Very old fashioned, made from iron will serve you for years and feast your eyes. This is perfect decoration for romantic girls.

Iron headboards queen

Iron Headboards Queen

Iron headboard

Thanks to this vintage headboard, you queen size bed will be drowning in old-fashion charm. Crafted of wrought iron, the headboard is beautified by lovely scrollwork, while the weathered finish gives it even a deeper rustic appearance.

White iron headboard

Unique bed frame consisting of decoratively curved wires. Construction is made of wrought iron. Stylish accent for any bedroom according to taste and need.

Wrought iron sleigh bed

This stunning iron bed in queen size will make for just the ideal choice for your master suite or even the guest bedroom, lending a vintage styled hand of charm and appeal beyond measure to complete the look of the decor.

Metal headboards queen size

This antique bed will enchant with its climatic, wrought iron frames. Ornamental, intricate design will enhance your bedroom with its intriguing character. It has the size of Headboard 64" High, Footboard 42" High

Wrought iron headboards

Truly gorgeous - this bed is a dream come true of just about everyone thanks to the stunning frame design of both the headboard and footboard in charming bronze finish, elevating any interior to the max.

Irons 4


Wrought iron headboards 3

A stunning classic openwork headboard for queen beds. It's entirely crafted of wrought iron with a beautiful finish in bronze and brass shades. It features impressive intricate scrolls and swirls, spiral knots and charming floral motifs.

Antique heavy duty painted white wrought iron queen king headboard

Antique Heavy Duty Painted White Wrought Iron Queen / King Headboard

Queen metal headboards

Woodland Wrought Iron Headboard craftsman-headboards

Queen iron headboard


Black wrought iron headboard

bed: love it! And I think it's about time I upgrade to a queen

Kirkwell Metal Headboard

Kirkwell Metal Headboard

Victorian style headboards

Comfortable and durable bed with a decorative and supportive headboard made of iron. It also includes a footboard with similar decorations. The headboard not only decorates bedroom indoors, but it also provides stability for a bed.

Wrought iron headboard 5

This ornamental headboard delights not only with its style, but also solidness. Made from solid, wrought iron, ensures durability for years. Its intricately crafted arch copes this wonderful project.

Metal queen headboard

Airy design with fancy iron swirls brings visual interest to bedroom without overwhelming the rest of the decor, so in these terms this wrought iron headboard for queen sized beds is a fine & stylish choice.

White wrought iron headboard queen 1

Queen size bed with durable wrought iron construction. Its neutral colors are simple and beautiful. The bed is large enough for two people. It provides comfortable, supported and ergonomic sleeping posture.

Wrought iron head boards

Bedroom inspired of clonial times from the Mediterranean.15th century-the time of trade between the states influenced the richness of textiles and carvings in homes.Wrought iron headboard in a rich floral patterns is a characteristic example of this times.

White metal queen headboard

Although metal is a hard and solid material, intricate metalwork introduces lightness to the interior with a romantic note from the south of Europe. Here a simple wrought iron headboard with simple rods and a slightly rounded back is presented in a simple form.

Wrought iron style metal bed frame queen headboard and footboard

... -Wrought-Iron-Style-Metal-Bed-Frame-Queen-Headboard-and-Footboard

White wrought iron bed

If you’re looking for a headboard to put up behind your bed in a traditional bedroom, take a look at this antique, Victorian painted headboard, made out of wrought-iron. Very distinct, classical appearance.

Four Sizes Headboard Wall Decal with Wrought Iron Style Dorm Bed Decor (Custom, Twin)

Wrought iron headboards 6

Such a unique, unusual headboard made out of wrought iron, with a very distinct, Victorian design. Perfect if you’re looking for a traditional, elegant feeling in your bedroom. I love the way it looks!

Deland Metal Headboard

Deland Metal Headboard

Atlantic Furniture R-1898 Urban Lifestyle Portland Headboard, Full, Espresso

This Full Size Headboard in Espresso Finish is as functional as it is durable. Designed of solid hardwood, the headboard is built to last, and suitable for most of modern types of beds. It is going to serve you well for many years.

Headboards iron beds and headboards full queen metal headboard

... >> Headboards >> Iron Beds and Headboards Full Queen Metal Headboard

Black metal headboard and footboard

Great design employing a "French Curve" on perimeter and interior scrolling. circa 1880's

Queen Size Black Finish Canopy Metal Bed Headboard and Footboard

Transform your bedroom into a royal chamber with this Queen Size Canopy Bed Headboard & Footboard in Black Finish. Each of these pieces offers a durable, metal frame that represents a perfect blend of functionality and modern looks.

Queen Size Villa Espresso Finish Leatherette Platform Bed Frame Set

Bed platform made of solid woods and veneer, features a stylish, curved headboard for comfort and support. Upholstered with leather for fantastic, modern look. Very solid and well made. Easy to assembly.

Winn Contemporary Style Espresso Finish Twin Size Leatherette Headboard

Stylish headboard features a bold leatherette padding and a classic espresso finish. Made of solid wood and veneer, will serve for years. Offers unprecedented simplicity and elegance in versatile, and resilient form.

Queen size iron headboard 2

An attractive traditional rustic queen bed frame made of iron with a glossy grey finish. Both a headboard and a footboard have round section frames, are filled with thin round vertical rods, and are adorned with widenings.

Caffrey wrought iron headboard size full queen

Caffrey Wrought Iron Headboard Size: Full / Queen

Coronet wrought iron headboard size

Coronet Wrought Iron Headboard Size