Wicker King Size Headboard


Finding the right King size headboard is all about several things but ultimately it boils down to style. Now, if you love the look of wicker and your style is simpler and more southern, then a wicker king size headboard might be exactly what you need. These will fit onto any headboard frame and are well made while coming in plenty of available colors. See collection for more.

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Our Picks

Wicker rattan headboards 3

complete wicker headboard selection in four (4) colors: white, natural ...

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Summer Hill Wood and Wicker Panel Headboard

Summer Hill Wood and Wicker Panel Headboard

This Panel Headboard can be a beautiful addition for your lovely bedroom. Designed of premium materials, the headboard features gorgeous looks that blend perfectly with contemporary interiors, ensuring years of quality usage.

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Key West Seagrass Headboard

Key West Seagrass Headboard

This rectangular shape headboard has a solid, wooden frame made of durable mahogany wood. Rest of it is made of natural sea grass, vowed in a braid pattern in natural finish. It can be easy mounted to a bed.

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Rattan headboards

Rattan headboard with unique swirl pattern. Wicker king size headboard by David Francis Furniture. Finished medium brown. Simple square form makes the swirl motif play the main role here. For Scandinavian bedroom style?

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King size victorian wicker headboard

King size victorian wicker headboard

Add a piece of true style with this Victorian wicker headboard that will work in your master suite and elevate the look of your king sized bed, making it more refined and charming with its decorative accents and carvings.

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Rattan headboards for king beds

Welcome into your Jamajca dream! You will have the best nights in this bed, with wicker king size headboard. Made of wicker, with incredible weaves, has a smooth, brown tropical trim. It was finished in capuccino stain.

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Marco Island Wood & Wicker Headboard

Marco Island Wood & Wicker Headboard

Chance your bedroom decor with this cottage style headboard in soft white finish. It has a durable frame made of hardwood and the rest of it is made of vowed wicker. It can be easy install to a bed frame.

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King wicker headboards for beds many helpful ideas for headboards

... ;king wicker headboards for beds. many helpful ideas for headboards

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Cancun Palm Wood and Wicker Headboard

Cancun Palm Wood and Wicker Headboard

Beautiful traditional headboard for large beds. It has a gently curved wooden frame with leather bindings and panels of woven rattan. There's a carved and framed palm tree motif in the centre. All parts and details have a brown finish.

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Wicker king size headboard

A lovely king size bed with an unusual wicker headboard that features a subtle, decorative edge. A simple bedding set in a primitive design and a warm combination of colors ideally matches. Combine the bed with other wicker pieces.

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Wicker King Size Headboard

Buying Guide

King size wicker headboards are known for their durability but aesthetics, fortunately, caught up with their brawn! Although a wicker headboard is used indoors, it’s made of a material that will never give you a headache. Even when you switch your heater on, it won’t fade. Wicker won’t crack or turn brittle in the cold as well. On top of all that, it doesn’t require any maintenance!

So, if you want your bedroom to truly be the place that’s fit for a king, and then opt for a king size wicker headboard. We’ll help you make the right selection; just keep on reading as we’ve listed buying tips below.

Headboards, for centuries, are used in insulating the occupants of beds from a cold, drafty bedroom wall. But, as wicker headboards are made available for purchase, headboards serve an additional function and that’s to offer aesthetic appeal. If you want to boost your room’s style, then get a wicker headboard with an intricate pattern.

There are also wicker headboards in king size that offer storage like hinged cabinets, small cubicles, or built-in shelves.

You may also use wicker headboards in defining your sleeping space within a studio apartment. If so, then choose a solid wicker headboard with a very high profile as it will serve as the room’s visual divider.

If you want a wicker headboard that is the most durable, then consider one that’s made of a synthetic material instead of natural abaca. However, you need to ensure that you know the synthetic material that’s used in making your new headboard as not all types of plastic perform alike. There are also those that are extremely toxic!

We suggest you shy away from wicker headboards made of PVC as the material isn’t just weak, it also emits toxic compounds when it decomposes.

Be green and opt for polyethylene (PE). A wicker fiber made of PE doesn’t destroy the planet and it’s also of very high quality. It resists cracking and fading for decades; it’s truly amazing!

The right headboard is in proportion not just to your bed but to the room as a whole. A spacious room with vaulted ceilings will appear magnificent with a massive, intricate wicker headboard. For a small space, it’s better to opt for a simple, low-profile wicker headboard that’s attached to a bedroom wall.

Before you even think about browsing through collections of king size headboards, you must know first if a king size wicker headboard is what your bedroom needs. If you think the new bedroom addition won’t make your room look and feel crowded, then you can go ahead and get one.

As you’re free to choose your headboard, make sure that it is in accordance with your heart’s desires in terms of color. You may want a wicker headboard to match your wall’s colors or to fill the room. When you make a selection, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. You're buying a detached headboard, which means you can easily renew your room’s look multiple times!

Best Ideas

Seagrass headboards

A charming classic headboard (or bedhead) for king beds. It has a metal frame featuring a high arched top and wonderful intricate scrolls, swirls, curls and whirls. It's entirely wrapped with wicker dyed in light blue.

Seagrass king headboard 1

#Seagrass #King #Headboard |

Whitstable rattan headboard

Whitstable Rattan Headboard

Wicker king size headboard 1

Original headboard for king-size beds. This wicker construction is durable and looks natural in any design. Headboard of this type is available in neutral white or brown color. It is a decorative and supportive element.

Home Styles Marco Island King/California King Headboard and Night Stand

Headboard and night stand set made from Intricate natural woven rattan panels. Headboard has stylish rattan edging and comes with Interior padding for additional comfort. Night stand is similar in style and material, has three large storage drawers.

Distressed white rattan king size vienne headboard

Distressed White Rattan King Size Vienne Headboard

Cane headboards king size

cheap wicker headboards 2

Seagrass headboard queen

Vintage Wicker Headboard KING SIZE

Wicker headboards king

Seagrass Headboard from

Seagrass king headboard

Fall in Love with Rattan and Wicker All Over Again #eatsleeplive

Home Styles Marco Island Queen/Full Headboard

This beautiful and functional decoration can be a great choice for contemporary and transitional bedroom decors. This Queen/Full Headboard is made of high quality materials that form a perfect blend of fully-detailed design and impeccable appearance.

King rattan headboard

arch king headboard pictured in WHITE and NATURAL stock #4962

Cancun Palm 4 PC Twin Bedroom Set in TC Antique Finish (Queen)

Seagrass King Headboard - Miramar

This headboard is made of seagrass and has got a tropical design. It has got a natural finish and it adds beauty to any bedroom. You will be impressed how amazing it looks in your bedroom.