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Leather and wood headboards are a wonderful way to complete your bedding set. They're just rustic enough to please a male decorative sensibility but toned enough to allow a woman to appreciate the style and intricacy. They really do cater to every sense. And they're made of the best materials. With hand tooled leather and high-quality wood, you will love these.

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Updated 24/09/2023
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Minimalist Panel Headboard with Reversible Cushions

Minimalist Panel Headboard with Reversible Cushions

Latitude Run®

Perfect For: Those seeking a versatile and contemporary bedroom centerpiece

What We Like: Inventive optional reversible cushions

Daringly minimalist yet highly comfortable, this panel headboard offers a rich and relaxed feel with its honey brown finish over replicated wood grain. Its standout feature is the optional reversible cushions, enabling you to choose between faux leather or gray fabric to complement your bedroom design. With a contemporary vibe that promises longevity, this headboard is destined to become a classic piece in your home.


Designer Advice:

Pair this panel headboard with neutral-toned bedding and add some colorful throw pillows or a textured blanket for visual interest and a touch of warmth.

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Upholstered Headboard Bed with Vertical Channeling

Upholstered Headboard Bed with Vertical Channeling

Barclay Butera

Perfect For: Enhancing the elegance and comfort of your bedroom

What We Like: The customizable fabric options

Elevate the style and sophistication of your bedroom with this luxurious upholstered headboard bed, featuring distinct padded vertical channeling. The headboard is available in various fabric choices to suit your personal aesthetic. To ensure proper support, make sure to add the deluxe metal frame 001-750. Alternatively, for a complete bed solution, pair it with 931-153FBSR footboard and side rails.


Designer Advice:

Coordinate the chosen fabric with your existing bedroom color scheme, and complement it with plush, decorative pillows and a cozy throw blanket for an inviting sleep space.

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Tufted Sleigh Headboard with Turned Feet

Tufted Sleigh Headboard with Turned Feet

Lark Manor™

Perfect For: Adding a touch of timeless elegance to your bedroom

What We Like: The luxurious look at a remarkable value

Surrender to the allure of this graceful tufted sleigh headboard, featuring exquisite traditional details and turned feet. This exceptional bedroom centerpiece is designed to bring a touch of luxury and sophistication to your space without breaking the bank. The sleigh headboard is KD (knocked down) for easy handling and assembly, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.


Designer Advice:

Pair this headboard with a deep-toned wooden bed frame and plush, neutral-colored bedding to create a cozy and classic sleeping haven that exudes warmth and comfort.

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Faux Leather Slip-Covered Headboard

Faux Leather Slip-Covered Headboard

Darby Home Co

Perfect For: Enhancing bedroom comfort with a sleek touch

What We Like: Sturdy wood frame with cozy padding

The faux leather slip-covered headboard boasts a solid wood frame, providing durability and stability while the extra padding ensures maximum comfort. Its sleek faux leather cover adds a luxurious touch to any bedroom, effortlessly elevating the overall ambiance. The headboard is not only cozy but also visually appealing, making it a perfect addition to modern, contemporary, or minimalist bedroom designs.


Designer Advice:

Pair this headboard with a matching faux leather-upholstered bed frame and crisp, white linens for a clean, sophisticated look. Accessorize with metallic accents and plush throw pillows for added texture and warmth.

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Rustic Sleigh Headboard with Upholstery

Rustic Sleigh Headboard with Upholstery

Lark Manor™

Perfect For: Classic, farmhouse, and cottage-inspired bedrooms

What We Like: Distressed finish and nailhead trim details

Combining modern flair with rustic charm, this wooden sleigh headboard features a warm brown finish, adding a sense of well-worn comfort to your bedroom. The beige upholstery gives it an approachable, understated appeal, while the nailhead trim enhances its decorative style. Designed to mount on a compatible bed frame (sold separately), this headboard is a versatile choice for various interior styles.


Designer Advice:

Pair this headboard with crisp white bedding and some cozy farmhouse-style throw pillows to create a soothing, comfortable retreat that invites relaxation.

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Handcrafted Queen Leather Headboard with Nailhead Detailing

Handcrafted Queen Leather Headboard with Nailhead Detailing

Vanguard Furniture

Perfect For: Enhancing the elegance of a master or guest bedroom

What We Like: High-quality, hand-applied finishes

Vanguard Furniture's handcrafted queen leather headboard adds a touch of sophistication to your bedroom. Made with maple and featuring rich nailhead detailing, each piece is truly unique due to the artisans' hand-applied finishing techniques. The stunning Hillary Hank queen headboard not only showcases the natural character of the furniture, but it also provides a timeless addition to any bedroom — making it a lasting investment.


Designer Advice:

Pair this beautiful queen headboard with crisp white bedding for a classic and refined look, or opt for jewel-toned linens to create a luxurious, warm ambiance in your bedroom.

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Leather Queen Headboard with Nail Head Detailing

Leather Queen Headboard with Nail Head Detailing

Vanguard Furniture

Perfect For: Bringing elegance and character to a bedroom

What We Like: Unique hand-applied finishes

Vanguard Furniture's leather queen headboard is delicately crafted with nail head detailing and a maple construction, offering both style and durability. Each piece has a one-of-a-kind finish, applied by hand to enhance the natural character of the furniture. This ensures that every headboard is genuinely unique and adds a personalized touch to your bedroom. The leather adds sophistication, making it the perfect centerpiece for a luxurious sleeping environment.


Designer Advice:

Pair this headboard with a comfortable queen-size mattress and neutral-colored bedding to create an inviting and stylish bedroom sanctuary. Don't forget to accentuate it with matching leather decor for a cohesive look.

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Upholstered Panel Headboard with Optional Legs

Upholstered Panel Headboard with Optional Legs

Red Barrel Studio®

Perfect For: Guest rooms or master suites in traditional-style homes

What We Like: Versatile design with mesa espresso cowhide leather

This upholstered panel headboard gives your space a touch of approachable traditional style. Made in the United States from solid pine and manufactured wood, it features a clean-cut rectangular silhouette draped in mesa espresso cowhide leather with stylish contrast stitching and antiqued brown nailhead trim. The optional legs let you attach the headboard to a standard metal bed frame or mount it on the wall for a modern twist, making it perfect for various room settings.


Designer Advice:

Pair this headboard with neutral-colored bedding and cozy throw pillows for a warm and inviting bed-and-breakfast ambiance in your guest room or master suite.

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Unique Chic Opulent Headboard

Unique Chic Opulent Headboard

My Chic Nest

Perfect For: Adding a statement piece to traditional, modern, or eclectic bedrooms

What We Like: Timeless lines with a dramatic shape

Amalie's unique and chic opulent headboard captivates attention with its distinctive shape and timeless lines. This versatile piece flawlessly complements traditional, modern, or eclectic bedroom styles. Light assembly is required as the legs come separately and must be drilled to the underside of the headboard, which then attaches to the bed frame. Transform any bedroom space into an elegant sanctuary with this striking headboard.


Designer Advice:

Pair the headboard with luxurious bedding in rich, deep tones to truly showcase its opulence, and consider adding bedside tables with metallic accents for added sophistication.

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Sleek Glass Corner Desk with Shelves

Sleek Glass Corner Desk with Shelves


Perfect For: Home offices and study areas with minimal space

What We Like: Compact design with multiple storage options

This sleek glass corner desk instantly adds a touch of modern elegance to any workspace. Designed to fit comfortably in tight spaces, it features a tempered glass work surface and two sturdy metal-frame shelves for accommodating books, documents, or decorative items. The desk's L-shaped design helps maximize your room corner potential without compromising on style or functionality.


Designer Advice:

Pair it with a comfortable ergonomic chair and use a desk lamp for task lighting to create a productive and stylish work environment in your small office space.

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Elegant and Bold Wood and Leather Headboard

Elegant and Bold Wood and Leather Headboard

Available in Queen and California King sizes, this elegant and bold headboard can make a statement in any bedroom. Made from a combination of solid wood paneling with genuine leather upholstery, this large headboard can make the perfect addition to your bedroom.

Designer Advice:

Measuring almost 57 inches high, we love to see this large and bold headboard in any room with a matching dark wood bedroom set or dark mahogany decor. The wood and leather pad is almost five inches thick giving you a sturdy and durable addition to your bed set.

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Stylish Rustic Wooden Bed with Leather Headboard

Stylish Rustic Wooden Bed with Leather Headboard

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse®

Bringing some farmhouse charm to your bedroom, this country style headboard is made from solid wood with purposeful distressing to give it a rustic and aged look. The genuine leather is mounted to the frame in a crossed single-tuft design to give a bit of depth to the overall appearance.

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Impressive King Size Wood and Leather Headboard

Impressive King Size Wood and Leather Headboard

Astoria Grand

Standing almost 69 inches tall, this impressive sleigh-style headboard is available in both Queen and King sizes. Made from a combination of solid and manufactured wood, along with stylish faux leather, you can’t go wrong with this incredible headboard in your bedroom.

$919.99 $1029.99

Designer Advice:

The decorative scrolled design at the top of this sleigh-style headboard and the eye-catching silver filigree accents on each of the bed posts are a stunning touch that helps bring out the depth of color in the wood and faux leather. 

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Grand and Stunning Wood and Leather Bed Headboard

Grand and Stunning Wood and Leather Bed Headboard

Canora Grey

Made from manufactured laminate wood in cherry coloration, this stunning headboard can be found in both Queen and King sizes. The thick foam padding is covered in faux leather in a rich deep mahogany color that helps bring out accents of each brass stud along the edges.

$439.99 $1079.99

Designer Advice:

We love the natural wood grains and natural imperfections you can see in this laminate cherry wood. Whether you are looking for a versatile headboard for a Queen sized bed or want something to blend in with the rest of your King sized bed set, we know you’ll love this grand headboard.

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Eye Catching Wood Leather Headboard

Eye Catching Wood Leather Headboard

Winston Porter

For a simple yet elegant combination, this mature and simplistic headboard is a great option. Made from solid wood and faux leather, this headboard stands just over 48 inches tall and gives you a stunning yet simply elegant headboard for both Queen and King sized beds.

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Leather And Wood Headboard

Buying Guide

In the past, headboards were necessary in homes that were poorly insulated or not insulated at all. They were made of wood and built to create space between the wall and the bed so that the cold air would sank to the floor rather than onto the sleeper.

Today, our bedrooms are comfortably heated, even toasty, but, along the way, the headboard became an ordinary part of the bedroom suite. It adds greatly to the overall décor and keeps our pillows propped up when we read or watch television in bed.

A headboard is an important element in the well-appointed bedroom and could influence other design decisions, so choose carefully. We have here a "primer" on headboards to help you make an informed decision.


This is your basic headboard. It is flat and rectangular and so-named because it features panels of wood. But not all of the time these days. Panel headboards now come in every style, from minimalist to ornate, and every material. No matter what your décor, you will find a suitable panel headboard. It's one of the easiest ways to upgrade and update your plain bedroom and give a bit of a boutique-hotel vibe.


The wingback headboard gives a fresh, feminine look to any bedroom décor. You can easily update a bedroom without doing major renovations. The headboard has two panels (wings) that jut out on either side of the bed's headspace. Most wingbacks are upholstered, and tufted upholstery has become a hallmark of this style of headboard.

Slat (Mission Style)

Also called Mission Style, the slat headboard has vertical or horizontal slats made of wood, metal or natural fibers. A simple outer frame may be curved or have flat sides. There are countless versions, including French country, rustic, traditional, contemporary, Shaker and coastal.


An open-frame headboard brings a casual elegance to the bedroom. It has a simple outer frame, same as the slat headboard, but the inner bars or slats are elaborately intricate. Usually the open-frame is made of metal, but when fashioned from natural fibers, it has a definite coastal vibe. When made of wood with a design of geometric shapes, it works well in contemporary décor. It also makes a fun transition headboard when toddler Johnny grows into his "big boy" bed.

If your bed is in front of a recessed window, the open-frame will not obstruct the outdoor view.


The sleigh headboard is definitely elegant, with a gentle backward slope such as a horse-drawn sleigh has. May be simple or elaborate. Simple for a farmhouse décor; elaborate for traditional European, such as French Provincial. Upholstered sleigh headboards provide extra comfort when you read in bed. Faux leather sleighs are ideal for modern decors. Carvings at the top of the sleigh, particularly open carvings with metal accents, "punch up" a rustic décor.

The size of your room must be factored into the size of the headboard. If you have a large room, especially one with a high ceiling, you can go as large as you wish. If you have a small room, a large headboard would overwhelm the room.


  • Make sure you have the exact measurements of your bed when you shop. If it is too narrow by only a few inches (centimeters), it will be noticeably "off." Think of back in the day when a boy wore slacks just a few inches too short. Yes, your headboard will look that "dorky." If it is a few inches too wide, it will not be a problem. The standard width is 0 - 3 inches (0 to 7.6 centimeters) wider than the bed frame.
  • There are situations where the headboard is ultra chic when extra wide: if it extends beyond your bedside tables, if it is twice as wide as a standard one; if the headboard spans the whole wall. Lucky you if you can manage that last one. It can be absolutely stunning. But tread carefully.


  • Standard height ranges from 14 inches (35.5 centimeters) above the top of the mattress to 48 inches (122 centimeters) or more.
  • The wider the bed, the taller the headboard, but the headboard is never taller than the bed is long.
  • If you're tall, a taller headboard with be more comfortable when you read or watch TV.
  • Taller headboards add drama to the bedroom.

You do not need to be a carpenter to make your own headboard. In fact, you can do it even if you have never made anything before. Not only is it immensely satisfying, but you will also have a headboard like no other - one that reflects your style and personality. It is also a budget-friendly way to go.

  • Use reclaimed materials, such as old wooden doors, paneled room dividers, dismantled fences,  or antique fireplace mantels.
  • Wrap a piece of plywood with polyester batting then cover in any fabric you like, such as a wildlife scene, tropical flowers or Cubist art.  
  • Get a piece of wallpaper with a design you love and the size of the headboard you want. Paste it to the wall behind your bed, then frame it with decorative crown molding.
  • Put up a large piece of art or large wall accents.

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