Tufted Headboard With Wood Frame

Making a comeback, headboards are a way to accent your bed with a fashionable aesthetic addition. And if you are weary of hitting your head on the wall, then one of the tufted headboards with wood frame is your salvation from the likely conclusion you are destined to receive. They are easy to install and come in all bed sizes. Find yours in this collection of tufted headboards.

Best Products

Tilden headboard

Tilden headboard
This bedroom element of furniture is a headboard with decorative button tufting. Its gray color looks nice in any design. It also includes a durable wooden frame in brown color. It provides luxurious finish to any bedroom.

Renovated colonial with european flair contemporary bedroom dc metro

Renovated colonial with european flair contemporary bedroom dc metro
Now you can put some style and sophistication into your king size bed by choosing this fashionable headboard. It's well-padded, and upholstered in a nice-to-touch beige fabric, with a hardwood frame and diamond button-tufting.

Mercedes Wood Headboard

Mercedes Wood Headboard
This beautifully made headrest is a perfect culmination of your bedroom. Effectively quilted has a lovely buttons, which give an unforgettable character. Reshape the interior in a simple and unconventional way.

Sarajevo grey linen tufted platform bed

Sarajevo grey linen tufted platform bed
A beautiful bed that adds the style into each bedroom. It is supported on a wooden platform and its upholstery is filled with extra soft polyurethane foam. The grey colour matches any composition and style.

Rennes company monroe king bed in baroque

Rennes company monroe king bed in baroque
A king size bed in a Baroque style is perfect for elegant bedrooms. The bed has button-tufted upholstery in neutral, beige colors. The frame and turned bun feet are made of high quality, solid wood.

Inspire q bellevista button tufted square king upholstered headboard

Inspire q bellevista button tufted square king upholstered headboard
This headboard was created for use with king-size beds. It has got a square top and simple construction that looks stylish in any decor. The poplar wood frame improves the level of solidity and durability.

Sophie beige fabric tufted king size platform bed

Sophie beige fabric tufted king size platform bed
This set will modernize any bedroom. It includes a headboard, footboard, a set of rails and platform slats. The sleeping space is filled with polyurethane foam that is solid and soft so the level of comfort is very high.

Our advice Buying Guide

Tufted headboards with wooden frames aren’t just durable, but they also excel at giving bedrooms an element of sophistication and elegance. Covered with soft fabrics like velvet, linen, and microfiber, they’re heavily padded to offer a room luxurious detailing. If the pad is made of premium quality, then a tufted headboard will definitely be comfortable and convenient for you to lean against as you read your favorite book before taking a good night’s rest.

If you’re thinking of giving your bedroom a statement piece, then keep on reading as we’ll help you pick the headboard that is guaranteed to complete your bedroom’s interior design.

How to install a tufted headboard with wood framing?

Tufted headboards with wooden framing offer different installation options. Some require mounting to a wall, while others have to be mounted onto your bed frame. The last option is freestanding, which requires no installation at all!

  • Wall-Mounted - The wall-mounted type requires you to drill into a flat surface, but it’s sure to be compatible with all types of bed frames. The process of mounting this type of headboard is pretty simple. All you need is a stud finder, level, drill, and, of course, a trusty old tape measure.
  • Bed Frame-Mounted - Once a bed frame-mounted headboard is screwed into place properly, you will be able to have a bed set up that’s stand-alone and all-in-one. As you are purchasing the headboard separately from the bed, you must first check if your bed’s frame has the compatible brackets with the headboard that you’ll be getting. If it does not, then you need to use adapter plates in order to secure and align the bolts properly. As you may have realized, this option is tricky and it requires 2-3 people to get the parts lined up properly.
  • Freestanding - The last but definitely not the least is the freestanding type. It comes without any pre-drilled holes or attachment hardware. It is always sold separately as well, and it can be 2 or 3-dimensional. This option gives the most flexibility as it can be mounted to a wall, to a bed frame or you can let it stand on its legs, resting between a wall and your bed without the need for mounting just like storage headboards and bookcases.

How to pick the right size tufted headboard?

Your mattress’s size will dictate the appropriate size for your headboard. Lots of headboards are purposely made to extend wider than mattresses. If your room is rather small, then you definitely need to get the exact dimensions so as not to overwhelm the space. If you have the luxury of space, then your only concern will be if the headboard you’ve chosen fits your budget or not.

As for the height, headboards come in various lengths, so pick the one that's best for your bedroom. The height of the headboard has an impact on the statement that it will make. If you want an impressive, bold headboard that can anchor the room, choose one that’s tall. What usually looks good is a headboard that is wider than the bed as it creates some sense of balance in a room.


Diy tufted bed frame

Stylish and very spectacularly made tufted king size headboard with wooden frame captivates. The bed bench perfectly fits into the bed, bringing functionality and unique style to the decor of the bedroom.

Tufted headboard with wood frame 1

Now you can truly enhance your master bedroom with this phenomenal headboard for queen and king size beds. The headboard comes with an espresso wood frame, tall design, white leather upholstery and stylish button-tufting.

Tufted headboard with wood frame

This upholstered headboard with a wood frame fantastically fits in with the contemporary trends. You can use them as a finishing to your bed, but also in your kitchen or dining room, serving as a back rest.

Tufted headboard with wood frame

The beautifully tufted headboard with wood frame is a stylish way to decorate a bedroom beautifully. Tasteful color combinations captivate and bring to mind the unique atmosphere. Button decorations delight.

Tufted headboard with wood frame 11

Vintage look for an old-fashioned bed headboard made out of distressed, white-washed oak wood. The center of the headboard is fitted with upholstered padding made out of cotton fabric with a tufted pattern.

Tufted headboard in light shade framed by dark wood 34

tufted headboard in light shade framed by dark wood 34 Gorgeous Tufted ...

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Candelabra home wood tufted headboard queen traditional headboards 1

Candelabra Home Wood Tufted Headboard Queen traditional-headboards

Tufted headboard with frame

Elegant headboard mounted on wooden frame. It is upholstered with fabric and finished with decorative quilting. It is compatible with standard bed. Adds freshness to each bedroom.

Leather and wood headboard

This stylish king size bed owes its classy appeal to the white leather headboard, button-tufted to add even more refinement. It corresponds perfectly well to the equally stylish dark wooden framing.

Upholstered headboard with wood frame making wood headboards

... Upholstered Headboard With Wood Frame making wood headboards

Red cherry wood vaneer finish frame and cream soft tufted

Red Cherry Wood Vaneer Finish Frame And Cream Soft Tufted Headboard ...

Tufted headboard with wood frame 7

Designer Bed in Wenge, White Leather.

Tufted headboard with wood frame 1

Tufted Headboard Tutorial

Dorel living wood with tufted fabric headboard the dark mahogany

Dorel Living Wood with Tufted Fabric Headboard - The dark mahogany finish of the sturdy wood frame complements the luxurious beige fabric insert. The insert boasts exquisite diamond-shaped button tufting and individually set antique black nai

Wood tufted headboard

Bring a little bit warmth and coziness to your spaces, while still keeping their debonair character. The combination of tufted headboard with wood frames gives a classy composition that will enchant all visitors.