Bamboo Headboards


Bamboo is not only beautiful, but is fully sustainable, and antimicrobial too. Bamboo is very much in style for all of these reasons and can fit into any style and decor. Feel good about choosing from our collection below.

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Our Picks

Palm Bay Wood Headboard

Palm Bay Wood Headboard

It is a palm bay wood headboard that has got a solid construction and is hand crafted. It adds style, beauty and elegance to any bedroom. You will be impressed how amazing this headboard is.

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Coastal Chic Wicker Headboard

Coastal Chic Wicker Headboard

Bring more chicness to your bedroom décor with this beautiful Headboard in Antique Tortoise Finish. This headboard is eco-friendly, designed of rattan and bamboo, and suitable for any standard bed frame.

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Palm Bay Wood Headboard

Palm Bay Wood Headboard

It is a palm bay wood headboard that has got a solid construction and is hand crafted. It adds style, beauty and elegance to any bedroom. You will be impressed how amazing this headboard is.

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Curtain Rod

Curtain Rod

The bamboo headboard is an excellent combination of untypical design and functionality. The whole will give a note of exotics to the entire interior, and the bedroom will make you a sense of coziness.

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Bamboo headboards 9

Looking absolutely gorgeous, this bamboo headboard will help you create a unique, tropical or Caribbean climate. Handmade, comprising dozens of bamboo sticks, it is available in different sizes.

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Bamboo headboard 50

If you are looking for something attractive and original to your bedroom you should consider this fancy looking bamboo headboards. Made of high-quality selected pieces of bamboo it looks really fantastic and brings to you pleasant mood.

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Boho headboard

Stylish headboard made of bamboo. It is compatible with standard bed. Modern accent in oriental style for each bedroom according to taste.

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Bamboo headboard 8

It gives good back support and protects the wall from dirt. It can be fastened even at the old couch - it will give it a more fashionable and attractive look. Bamboo wooden headboard has an orient chic, but you can give it any color, like this honey shade.

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Bamboo headboards

Characterized by sturdy bamboo construction, this headboard is built to last and brings captivating accents to any master bedroom. It's quite tall, and stable, allowing you to easily rest your head against it.

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Bamboo headboards 2

Replace a traditional headboard with bamboo roll shade. This idea is not only style-boosting, but also budget-friendly. It suits many bedroom styles, and it accentuates natural elements in the rest of the furniture.

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Bamboo Headboards

Buying Guide

Achieving a natural look and style of décor in the bedroom can be difficult. There are several challenges which may arise when furnishing your bedroom, including a lack of styles and designs which you like. If bamboo headboards have taken your fancy and you're ready to shop around to see what's available, let's look at the various designs and which ones might be suitable for you.

Four poster headboard

Large four poster beds are always expensive when it comes to buying accessories and other items for them. However, they can look spectacular when they are kitted out, and a bamboo headboard can look perfect when matched with your four poster bed. Around 80-100 bamboo canes are positioned horizontally to create a large bamboo headboard which extends all the way to the top of the bed posts. The sturdy bamboo canes are resistant to wear and tear, so you can rest easy at night without worrying about changing your headboard.

Vertical bamboo headboard

Another popular design you will come across is the vertical bamboo style. This is created using around 50 thin bamboo canes which are fixed together and made into one large bamboo piece. You'll see this design in other varieties too, for example, there may be headboards which have fewer yet thicker bamboo canes. The number of canes will also alter depending on whether you are buying for a single bed, double bed, kingsize bed etc.

Black bamboo

If you're not a huge fan of the natural wooden bamboo look but you do like the bamboo style, there are other colors for you to consider. The most popular color aside from the brown wood style is black. This is achieved by varnishing and then painting the wooden bamboo canes with suitable black paint. The bamboo canes may be positioned within a metal or wooden frame (also painted black to match) in order to provide more support to the headboard.

Square bamboo design

When larger and thicker bamboo pieces come into play, there are other styles which you may come across. For example, double bed headboard made from bamboo may often have designs such as squares or rectangular gaps. There may be 'L-shaped' pieces too which have been fitted together in order to create other styles and shapes. Thick bamboo pieces joined together to make square or rectangular shapes may become the frame for photographs, mirrors or other accessories in your bedroom.

Diagonal bamboo pieces

We've considered the designs which are horizontal and also those which are vertical, but what about the diagonal designs? These are created by grouping several bamboo sticks together and affixing them diagonally facing the left, then another group containing the same amount of sticks facing diagonally to the right. Two different colors of bamboo sticks may be used, for example, natural wood paired with a color from your home décor. This creates a pretty diamond effect which is very modern and looks stylish and impressive in the bedroom.

Best Ideas

Tropical headboards

Bamboo bedroom set. Includes bed frame (tall headboard and lower footboard, both with decorous globe finials), bamboo dresser with four wide drawers and white top, and a picture frame that leans against the wall.

Bamboo headboards 1

Embodying perfectly well the sunny, Hawaiian climate, this bamboo headboard for a queen size bed measures 59" long and 43" high. Made by Dixie Furniture Co around the 1950's, embodying a cool, vintage vibe.

Bamboo bed head

This amazing bamboo headboard offers the design made from flooring and is trimmed in oak for some perfect contrast, giving it a more refined and elegant look, while you can actually complete your bedroom decor.

Bamboo headboard 6

The unique bamboo headboard, which make a perfect impression in each bedroom. Even if bamboo is not the most durable material, this piece of furniture was prepared with the special kind of resin, which makes it longlasting.

Bamboo headboard with wooden wall

Bamboo Headboard With wooden Wall

How a modern head board makes a focal point in

How a modern head board makes a focal point in a bedroom

Bamboo bed design

A built-to-last and nice to look at; this fashionable headboard is characterized by durable Bamboo construction. Bathed in a black finish, the headboard is made of numerous bamboo sticks that are embedded in a powder-coated metal frame.

Bed made of bamboo

In feng shui, bamboo is associated with positive energy, vitality, and health. Here from a distance, it looks like a gold metal hoop - but it is finished with a noble bamboo varnish that creates this elegant bamboo headboard.

Bamboo headboard 28

Bamboo headboard

How to make bamboo bed

The impressive combination of bamboo construction and functionality in this eye-catching headboard is a great way to decorate the interior. Impressive backlight allows achieving a very atmospheric effect in the interior.

Ann vintage king queen headboard faux bamboo rattan bed hollywood

ANN Vintage King Queen Headboard Faux Bamboo Rattan Bed Hollywood ...

Grass headboard

Turquoise, green, and red tropical bedroom. Love the bright colors!

Beach headboards

The bamboo headboard will refresh and change the decor in the kids room or bedroom. It reminds me of the sunny,. happy days. It is suitable with classic, tropical and nautical style.

Bamboo headboards 11

The fishnet woven bamboo headboard for a single bed. Light and beautiful. This kind of thing should be handmade, because only the human could prepare this specimen precisely. An ideal part of Hawaian style bedroom.