Wicker Headboards

Another in a long series of headboard options, and wicker options, we give you our collection of wicker headboards. They can be stained or painted to fit a new decor and the headboards are large enough to fit any size bed. Take a look at this collection for details.

Best Products

Key West Seagrass Headboard

Key West Seagrass Headboard
This rectangular shape headboard has a solid, wooden frame made of durable mahogany wood. Rest of it is made of natural sea grass, vowed in a braid pattern in natural finish. It can be easy mounted to a bed.

Summer Hill Wood and Wicker Panel Headboard

Summer Hill Wood and Wicker Panel Headboard
This Panel Headboard can be a beautiful addition for your lovely bedroom. Designed of premium materials, the headboard features gorgeous looks that blend perfectly with contemporary interiors, ensuring years of quality usage.

Marco Island Wicker Headboard

Marco Island Wicker Headboard
Are you a fan of intriguing design and original solutions? Then, check out this amazing and stylish headboard! You will fall in love with this unique look and you'll get addicted to the new style of your bedroom.

Seagrass Headboard

Seagrass Headboard
This bed is a very original solution for people who would like to have a comfortable and unique pieces of furniture in their bedrooms. It is made of solid hardwood covered with a handwoven natural wicker.

White wicker headboard twin

This rattan headboard will help you create a warm, cosy bedroom decor, known from the best French cottage designs. FInished with a rattan mesh, it is stylish and elegant.

White Wicker Full Size Headboard Regency

Ideal to add some charming, royal character to your bedroom, this white wicker headboard is designed for full size beds. It combines wooden base with a wicker top, all finished in white, adding a soft touch to the room.

Wicker headboards 1

The wicker headboard, especially like this one, is a fantastic option to romantic and classic interiors. The white color and floral motif creates the beautiful accent piece.

Our advice Buying Guide

Whether you’re remodeling your bedroom or simply looking for a way to enhance the room’s aesthetics, choosing a headboard can be confusing. Getting the wrong one will ruin the room’s overall look or the one you’re trying to achieve. The headboard may not fit within your space’s confines as well.

Conversely, picking out the right headboard will significantly improve your room’s look as well as functionality. Consider getting a wicker headboard as it won't just recreate the serenity and feel of the tropics within your room, but it will also make the buying process a lot simpler. Here are more tips that will ensure you choose the right piece for the most private space within your house, your bedroom:

What types of wicker are there?

Wicker can be natural or synthetic. Here's a comprehensive list of the things you need to know about each type:

  • Natural Wicker - Natural wicker makes use of plant-based materials like bamboo, willow, rattan, and reed. Natural wicker is resistant to abuses and it's lightweight as it's made of plant fibers. It's not just durable; it also sports a look that can easily blend with any interior decor. The only downside to headboards made of natural wicker is they must not be added in bedrooms with high humidity as moisture and water decreases their lifespan.
  • Synthetic Resin Wicker - Synthetic resin wicker headboards are made of different types of resins from cheap plastic to HDPE. A headboard made of synthetic materials is more durable to one that’s plant-based. You'd be glad to know that it also is less expensive compared to natural wicker!

How to select the right size wicker headboard?

The size of your headboard must match your bed’s size in order to achieve a pleasing look. For instance, if you have a king-sized bed, it’s best if you opt for a headboard that’s king-sized or bigger. For a smaller bed, you’ll be able to get away with something small as well.

Remember to factor in proportion when you’re making a choice. A wider bed will require a taller headboard in order to look right. This also means that if your room is massive, you would need a larger headboard. On the other hand, a room that’s tight on space will only look cluttered and appear much smaller with a huge headboard so the basic or standard headboard makes more sense.

How to style with wicker headboards?

The right wicker headboard is an incredible way of adding interest to a room. So, choose one with intricate patterns and curvy shapes if you want an accent for the space. Make sure that the decorative details complement or match the bedroom’s overall style.

You can opt for a dark colored headboard is you’re after a way of sparking interest and depth to your room. It's great in making the headboard the room’s focal point. If you opt for a light-colored wicker headboard, it is great if you require one that has a subdued look. It will also tie into a room’s minimalistic feel.

Recognize the style of the room before you choose your new headboard so you can create a bedroom with a cohesive look. Remember: your headboard must complement your bedroom’s style instead of competing with it.


Rattan headboards twin beds

The pair of wicker headboard could be used in the guest room in the modern cottage. I dream about organizing such a lovely bedroom in my beach house. The wicker perfectly composes with the seagrass and the bamboo elements.

Twin wicker headboard white

This wicker headboard constitutes an ideal proposition for rustic or cottage-like bedroom decors. It will bring in warmth and cosiness to the space. Designed for king and queen size beds.

Victorian Twin Wicker Headboard

This admirable Victorian wicker headboard restraint is a perfect combination of beautiful design, functionality and eye-catching white tint. The whole is presented in a very stylish and captivating detail.

Diamond Wicker Full Size Headboard

Lovely wicker headboard will add to your bedroom a bit of rustic, Bohemian vibe. This carefully designed construction distinguishes itself by the multiplicity of little-intertwined knots, which create the impression of a naturally-made masterpiece.

Wicker rattan headboards 3

complete wicker headboard selection in four (4) colors: white, natural ...

Click image for larger view of victoria rattan bed head

Click image for larger view of VICTORIA RATTAN Bed Head

Sweetheart Headboard

This is a very stylish and durable piece of equipment created for a bedroom use. It is a headboard made of metal. It features a heart pattern and other decorative elements. The size of this headboard is 54"L x 48"H.

Elana king Size Wicker Headboard

It is a beautiful headboard that is perfect to refresh your bedroom. It is made of wicker and has got a metal frame. It fits perfectly to classic, romantic style and décor. It is a fantastic choice.

Wicker headboard full

This wicker headboard, bringing in warmth and cosiness, constitutes a proposition for all shabby chic or cottage styles' lovers. It corresponds well to the lace bedding, all in white.

Rattan headboards

Go for a truly beautiful and stylish piece like this DIY headboard. It will make for a nice compliment for your master suite and will surely allow you for a more convenient and comfortable sleep.

Wicker Full Headboard - Elana

Wicker bed frame

A bed with a headboard acquires a unique aura and protects the meticulously painted wall from dirt. This is a wicker headboard that fits perfectly into a queen size bed in a rustic atmosphere. In addition, it has a solid wooden frame in a dark espresso.

Rattan bed headboard

The bedrooms can be changed in 5 min adding a characteristic headboard. In this case, the picture offers 2 wicker headboards woven from strong wicker, with a slightly ridge-like back - in white or in natural burned brown.

Victorian Queen Wicker Headboard

A charming antique style headboard for large beds. It's made of quality white resin wicker. It features an arched top as well as decorative beads and diamonds patterns. It has to be screwed to a frame.

Wicker headboard full size

wicker rattan headboards

Plymouth rattan bed headboard

Plymouth rattan bed headboard.

King wicker headboards for beds many helpful ideas for headboards

... ;king wicker headboards for beds. many helpful ideas for headboards

Cheap wicker headboards 1

cheap wicker headboards 1

Pottery barn wicker headboard


Wicker head

Wicker Headboards With Classic Design

Wicker headboard queen

Wicker headboards are stylish and comfortable, and at the same time they aren't hard to replace. Take a look at these highly-detailed, gorgeous headboards. Black colour makes them elegant and suitable for any style.

Wicker headboards

Add a unique riff to your bedroom with these fancy swirly peacock wicker headboards available in a rich range of vivid colors, such as fuchsia pink or tangerine orange. They look especially striking juxtaposed against white wall.

French rattan headboard

French Rattan headboard

Headboards wicker rattan indoor


Wicker rattan headboards 1

Wicker Queen Headboard - Soho

Wicker bed headboard makeover to gray washed look

wicker bed headboard makeover to gray washed look

Moonbeam Double Headboard (Yellow)

This is a double headboard that assures stability and high aesthetic level of a bed. It has got an attractive yellow color and many interesting decorative elements. The size of this headboard is 54"L x 53"H.

Color blocked vintage wicker headboard love

Color Blocked Vintage Wicker Headboard (love!)

Queen Abaca Headboard Natural

A headboard created for use with queen size beds. This product is made of very solid materials that are resistant to wear or damage. It has got a natural look that improves aesthetics of different interior stylizations.

Coastal bedroom textures seagrass headboard

Coastal bedroom, textures, seagrass headboard

1950s rattan headboard

1950s Rattan Headboard

Rattan headboard queen

I actually used to have a white headboard like this in my youth, never appreciated it until now

Rattan twin bed headboards

Featured exhibitor: The Family Love Tree | photography Derek Swalwell, artist Jacqui Stockdale

Seagrass Full Headboard - Miramar

This Miramar full headboard is just the right combination of elegance and seagrass delight. Finished in warm and charming wicker, it measures 54 Inches Wide by 56 Inches High.

Sumba Queen Size Headboard w Wicker Accents

It is a beautiful headboard that has got a queen size, MDF construction with wicker accents and modern design. It is a perfect addition to your contemporary bedroom. It adds style and beauty to any home.

Queen Rattan Headboard

If you looking for a headboard, to refresh your bedroom, you need to choose this one. It has got a tropical design and rattan construction that fits to many styles and decors. You need to have it.

Wicker headboard

This beautiful headboard is a stylish combination of beautiful ornaments and steel construction. The whole is presented in a very stylish way, introducing into the bedroom a unique effect of the romantic place.

Elana Queen Wicker Headboard

This piece of equipment is a product that brings a touch of natural style into the bedroom. It is a headboard that has got a durable frame covered with wicker. It is able to decorate different indoors thanks to its neutral white color.

Polynesian Twin Headboard in Antique Finish (Queen)

Polinesian style headboard for twin/queen size bed, with antiquated dark brown finish. The piece is made in a traditional way of rattan and bamboo. It brings the air of tropical island to your bedroom!

A perfect way to start the week

A perfect way to start the week.............

Color blocked vintage wicker headboard

Color Blocked Vintage Wicker Headboard

Wicker headboards 2

Improve your queen size bed with this fashionable headboard, beautifully woven of durable wicker and accentuated by a distressed finish. Throw a couple of matching stools, and your decor will be glowing with elegance.

Intricate headboard love wish neil would be ok with having

Intricate Headboard....Love wish Neil would be ok with having this lol