Wicker Rattan Headboards

Do you love the look of Wicker and rattan? Do you have a lot of this in your bedroom space? Then perhaps it's time to invest in a Wicker rattan headboard for your bed. We have plenty of these headboards available in our collection for your viewing pleasure.

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Cambridge cane wicker rattan headboard

Cambridge cane wicker rattan headboard
Coming in Antique Pine, Natural or Tobacco, this wicker rattan headboard constitutes a perfect proposition for those, who want to give their bedrooms a more lightweight appeal.

One Regency Wicker Rattan Headboard Twin Mid Century Peacock Princess Vtg 38 W

One Regency Wicker Rattan Headboard Twin Mid Century Peacock Princess Vtg 38 W
With its intricate design, this fabulous wicker headboard registers the empire style. Crafted for a twin size bed, it measures 38" across and 48" tall. Maintained in impressive condition, despite the passing years.

Princess cane wicker rattan headboard

Princess cane wicker rattan headboard
Unique rattan wicker headboard, stylishly arched, with cane frame and carved accents. For twin size bed, perfect to get an instantaneous vintage bohemian look you probably miss in your bedroom or guest room.

Sephina Rattan Headboard

Sephina Rattan Headboard
This beautiful Headboard in White Finish is characterized by eco-friendly, rattan and hard wood construction. The headboard features a wingback design, and requires a frame to be mounted properly.

Adorable twin wicker rattan headboard

Adorable twin wicker rattan headboard
Beautiful with meticulous ornaments wicker rattan headboard to decorate your bed and make you feel as a queen. Made from wick is very soft and you will not hurt your head. It's design makes it perfect match to most room decors.

Rattan headboards

A vintage take on an elegant headboard for a bedroom, customized for king-sized beds. The headboard is made out of a wooden frame, crafted out of oak, with a rattan middle, all covered with a pastel coat of cream paint.

Wicker headboards queen

I love this wicker headboard! Perfect for any bed, very fresh, rustic design, bound to go perfectly with any traditional furniture. A unique style, clearly distinguishable among all the iron headboards.

Our advice Buying Guide

Wicker rattan headboards are beautiful and come in many designs. You might be thinking, “Isn’t that redundant? Aren’t wicker and rattan the same thing?”

What's the difference between wicker and rattan?

The answer is that wicker is the weaving process, rattan is the material. Wicker is a method of wetting natural materials so that they are pliable and can be woven easily. It makes use of many different materials, including willow, rush, hickory, and rattan. Rattan is a vine that grows up to one hundred feet long, and that has a strong central core. It is a favorite for weaving using the wicker method because of its central toughness and its pliable external parts. The combination, wicker rattan, creates strong, lightweight, beautiful items of all sorts.

What are the most beautiful designs of wicker rattan headboards?

Woven Arcs

Because it is woven, not cut in a straight line like milled lumber, wicker rattan is an excellent medium for producing round or half round designs. Pliable fibers are closely woven over an arched framed to create a tight over and under weave, then a pattern weave, and finally a panel of star-weave. It makes the perfect backdrop for a child’s or young girl’s bed but can also work well with patchwork design spreads.

The Rattan Loop

The rattan loop can be used to create a more sophisticated look, one that could be pleasing to a young man or a young woman who has outgrown the simplicity of childhood. The cut ends of the fibers are attached at the base, then spread in a fan from the central part of it, and the looped ends are attached to an arched frame. The dark wood works well against a lighter color of wall such as white, cream or even soft beige. Below the line of the mattress, the headboard is supported by a trestle made of the strong rattan fibers.

Simple Checkerboard Basket Weave

This bold weave with its dark color would make an excellent backdrop for a colorful or white spread. The headboard frame is rectangular, and the weave is a very simple over and under pattern. It would go well with a spread showing a hunting scene, outdoor farm tractors, or a quiet pattern of dark brown and lighter tones.

Regal White Wicker

Available for a double bed or for a single, this charming headboard will graciously frame any sort of bedspread but will do very well at displaying dark or bright colors. The ridged wicker weave is simple enough not to draw a lot of attention to itself, while still lending texture to the décor. It is an excellent choice for a master bedroom or, in a smaller size, for any child’s room.

Open Work Rattan

Not all wicker rattan headboards have complex weaving. Some headboards take advantage of rattan’s strong central core and rely on tying pieces of it together to form geometric designs. The openwork headboard still lends support to pillows and other parts of the bed. An excellent choice for a child’s room or for an adult’s room, the neutral tone of the headboard makes it easy to dress up or down.


Wicker rattan headboards 3

complete wicker headboard selection in four (4) colors: white, natural ...

Wicker rattan headboards

A real bargain for all fans of ethnic applied arts. This Bali-made wicker rattan headboard delights with its ornamental shape and attention to details. Its universality make it an ideal addition to any kind of traditional bedrooms.

Wicker rattan headboards

Rattan makes a beautiful, breathable headboard and footboard. It can have a simple weaving, such as this set, or it can be more ornate. The woven rattan is bound by a more solid edge, such as the white edging here.

French rattan headboard

A wide selection of wicker rattan heaboards of various designs, from simple ones, through grid design to meticulous lacelike work. Varied colors are available too, from pure white, through cream and tan, to caramel brown.

Queen rattan headboard

Simple and elegant headboard design. The base of the two supports of the headboard are made from mahogany trees which makes them very strong and durable. The rattan is then woven between the frame to give a very plain and ancient headboard design.

Cane headboards

A stunning wicker headboard in king size that sports the vibrant, orange finish and makes for a fine addition to your master suite, adding ample character and glamour to it, while ensuring warmth as well.

White rattan headboard

Charming vintage retro cane bedhead - peacock style, mint wicker

Wicker rattan headboards

Bali Headboard (rattan/wicker) $219.00-$279.00

Rattan headboard

Antique French stylization in the house. This rattan headboard is finished in neutral white color. Its frame features some decorative carvings that increase overall aesthetics of a bed and the whole bedroom.

Seagrass headboard wicker paradise

Seagrass Headboard | Wicker Paradise

Peacock cane bedhead

Woven rattan and wicker headboard with pinecone finials and fluted columns. Product: HeadboardConstruction Material: ...

Rattan bed headboard

A wicker headboard that was painted in a light green color. You can use it as a decorative screen in your garden. Just grow some plants that will beautifully ramp along it and you will get a nice decoration and you will block the unwanted sights.

Ruschmeyers in montauk a quaint 19 room hotel channeling a

Ruschmeyer's in Montauk. A quaint 19 room hotel channeling a midcentury nautical vibe.

Wicker rattan headboards 3

EXACTLY what I was looking for! Victorian Hanging Headboard from Fran's Wicker - good price too!

King Seagrass Headboard, Multi-tone Brown

This stylish headboard is characterized by a multi-tone brown finish, and wrapped in beautifully woven seagrass. With such a lovely piece your bed is going to swim in the pool of elegance and sophistication.

Rattan headboard case queen wicker headboard case

Rattan headboard case ... queen wicker headboard case

Wicker rattan headboards 5

Love this 'sticker' wallpaper, the headboard, the colors - everything about this.

Ebay wicker

L or N future headboard. Seahorse Heaboard #serenaandlily

Wicker rattan headboards 1

1960s This is a fabulous peacock wicker rattan twin headboard. It is in perfect condition with no cracks or breakage in the wicker which is very rare

French style cane headboards

Stylishly finished in gold, this rattan bed will be a perfect glamorous accent in any bedroom. Its intricately curved design shall appeal to those, who like shabby chic or empire interiors.

Wicker rattan headboards 2

Pair of Vintage Rattan Wicker Twin Headboards ON SALE Cottage Prairie ...

Vintage 60s wicker headboard twin size

Vintage 60's Wicker Headboard Twin size

Victorian Queen Wicker Headboard

A charming antique style headboard for large beds. It's made of quality white resin wicker. It features an arched top as well as decorative beads and diamonds patterns. It has to be screwed to a frame.

Wicker rattan headboards 7

Wicker Headboard Detail Natural

Polynesian Twin Headboard in Antique Finish (Queen)

Polinesian style headboard for twin/queen size bed, with antiquated dark brown finish. The piece is made in a traditional way of rattan and bamboo. It brings the air of tropical island to your bedroom!

Adorable twin wicker rattan headboard 1

Adorable twin wicker rattan headboard

Vintage wicker queen headboard shabby beach white

Vintage Wicker Queen Headboard, Shabby Beach White

2 vintage woven wicker rattan twin headboards peacock sunshine headboard

2 Vintage Woven Wicker Rattan Twin Headboards Peacock Sunshine Headboard Twin Bed Beachy Wicker Chinoiserie Boho Bohemian Eclectic MCM

Regency White Wicker Queen Size Headboard

Wicker rattan headboards 1

Radana Rattan Bed -

Victorian Twin Wicker Headboard

This admirable Victorian wicker headboard restraint is a perfect combination of beautiful design, functionality and eye-catching white tint. The whole is presented in a very stylish and captivating detail.

Our new favorite project by ashley g char bea a

Our new favorite project by Ashley G: Char-Bea, a colorful collection of bedding, rugs and curtains being sold at Urban Outfitters!

Wicker rattan headboards

Cabecero de ratán en azul para cama doble de DOWN THAT LITTLE LANDE ...

Ebay bed headboards

Vintage Headboards Pair Wicker Rattan by A by avintagerevolution

Wicker rattan headboards

Stylish headboard finished with openwork pattern. It is completely made of wicker. Suitable for each standard bed. Adds freshness and elegance to any bedroom.

Wicker rattan headboards 4

Jeffan Peacock Rattan Twin Headboard

Wicker full bed headboard pier one new vintage 1980s romantic

Wicker Full Bed Headboard Pier One NEW Vintage 1980s Romantic, Victorian, Never Used - MAKE OFFER - EleanorasAttic

Peacock wicker headboard

Red Wicker Headboard Girls Room. #red #wicker #headboard pinned by

Wicker rattan headboards 2

Vintage Wicker / Rattan Dollhouse Furniture: Bed, Headboard & Two Shelves

Woven headboard and pillows

Woven headboard and pillows

Bought a similar headboard like this today wicker blog

#Bought a similar #headboard like this today!... | Wicker Blog

Vintage twinsize wicker headboard

Vintage TwinSize Wicker Headboard

Vintage rattan peacock headboards white wicker by northerngate 1

Vintage Rattan Peacock Headboards White Wicker by NorthernGate