Bamboo Bathroom Vanity


A bamboo bathroom vanity creates an organic aesthetic in any home. Bamboo has been a favorite for Scandi designers for many years. Not only is it light and fresh, but it also adds a gentle touch of nature. Sustainable and strong bamboo furniture is a wonderful addition to a home. It is simple to style and requires minimal maintenance. You can easily add a taste of Fiji to your bathroom. Enjoy the simple tones and texture to create a bathroom of your dreams.

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Our Picks

Lightweight Louvered Bamboo Vanity

Lightweight Louvered Bamboo Vanity

At 60cm high, this vanity is easily placed under a freestanding sink. Great for a smaller space, it is made from manufactured wood with a bamboo toned front and white sides. The slatted fronts allow you to easily display products and keep air flowing. It is complete with bamboo handles.

Designer Advice:

This is a very lightweight piece, which is simple and fresh. The white sides add modernity, and add light. You can add a rug near this piece to enhance its thin, small legs. If you want to style it further, you can add another bamboo rack nearby to display stylish bathroom items.  

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Tall, Solid Wood Vanity Unit

Tall, Solid Wood Vanity Unit

This freestanding, solid bamboo wood vanity is tall and great for storage. It has three shelves and a bottom cupboard. Each shelf and cupboard front has a louvered effect and is ideal for display or storage. It stands at 145cm high and has a rustic aesthetic.  

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Natural Bamboo Vanity With Open Storage

Natural Bamboo Vanity With Open Storage

With three shelves and a cupboard of the same height, this bamboo bathroom vanity is Scandi in design. It has three open shelves, for display or storage. It also has a tall cupboard with louvered doors. It stands at 87cm high and has a flat top space for decoration.

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Light Brown Mounted Bathroom Vanity

Light Brown Mounted Bathroom Vanity

At 66cm high, this cabinet has two cupboards and a small lower shelf. It is easily wall mounted and is complete with two internal shelves. It is crafted from solid wood with vertical metal handles. The cabinet is enclosed, so it’s ideal for storage.

Designer Advice:

Because this bamboo bathroom vanity is wall mounted, there is little to do with this piece. The small shelf can be used for practicality or design. We would recommend placing this on a plain white wall to bring out the bamboo tone. Add some little scented candles to the shelf or small cactus plants that will add charm. To enhance the farmhouse vibe, you could opt for lace bathroom curtains. 

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Bamboo Bathroom Vanity

Buying Guide

While most bathroom furniture is ceramic, chrome and plastic, some people want to think outside of the box and buy bamboo furniture for their bathrooms. This can add an entirely different look to the bathroom, while still looking clean and tidy. It's a good way to break away from the traditional white ceramic bathroom furniture that we see so often. Let's consider some of the most important things you should remember before buying bamboo bathroom furniture.

Here are the types of bamboo furniture that you will be able to buy for your bathroom:

  • Bathroom storage tower: A storage tower normally consists of two shelves and also two drawers hidden behind two cupboards. This gives you plenty of space for storing towels, cosmetics, toiletries and other things in your bathroom, and you will have a variety of storage solutions for extra flexibility.
  • Storage stand over the toilet: This is a very interesting piece of furniture since it cleverly allows you to create extra storage in an area that wouldn't otherwise be used. It is around 6 feet in height, and is narrow to allow easy positioning around the toilet. Four slim legs hold the item in place, while the storage area is located 3-4 feet up the stand and above the toilet.
  • Towel storage hamper: An item which looks beautiful made from bamboo, a towel storage hamper is a great piece of furniture to have in your bathroom. They are available as a single storage hamper or twice the size as a double hamper. The single version is around 1.5 feet in width, while the double version is 3-4 feet. The height of both hampers is normally the same – standing at around 2-3 feet depending on the supplier.

If you don't already know either which pieces of furniture you want for your bathroom, you should decide before you start shopping. Looking for furniture before you know what you need can give you inspiration, but it can also lead to impulse buying and acquiring furniture that you don't need or don't have the space for.

Using a damp cloth to wipe any dust or spillages from the furniture is the best idea initially, ensuring that you are only using water and there is no detergent.

There may be cleaning products made available to you when you purchase the furniture. If there a custom cleaning kit, it's a good idea to invest in this at the point of purchase. It ensures that you have the right specifications for the type of furniture that you have bought for your bathroom.

Best Ideas

Bamboo bathroom cabinet

A distinctive piece of furniture that is going to accentuate your contemporary bathroom. The whole chippendale cabinet is made of faux bamboo and covered in a red lacquer, featuring spacious storage drawers and a stylish faucet.

Bamboo vanity cabinets bathroom

Crafted from a high-quality Japenese bamboo, this bathroom furniture shows the newest trends in design, combining natural, wooden finishes with glossy white surfaces. Minimalistic, but also warm and cosy.

Bamboo bathroom cabinet

Bamboo Bathroom Cabinet

Bamboo 14" x 33.5" Bathroom Utility Floor Standing Cabinet

Bamboo 14" x 33.5" Bathroom Utility Floor Standing Cabinet

Aesthetic contemporary bathroom unit of natural-finished bamboo. A sleek rectilineal frame has low straight legs and recessed slatted side panels. It features rectangular white both a top and a shelf as well as a 1-shelf cabinet with a louvered door.

Bamboo bathroom wall cabinet

I love bathroom cabinets that look like attractive furniture- there's no reason they need to be merely utilitarian.

Bamboo bathroom furniture 3

Bamboo Bathroom Furniture

Bamboo 15" x 45" Bathroom Shelf

Bamboo 15" x 45" Bathroom Shelf

Pretty contemporary shelving unit matching bathrooms or kitchens. It's crafted of wooden materials with a brownish bamboo-looking finish. It has an all-open frame, 4 posts gently flared at both ends and 4 slatted shelves.

Bamboo bath furniture

Pictures - 20 Incredibly inspiring tropical bathroom ideas - San Diego interior decorating |

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Bamboo Bathroom Corner Tower

Bamboo Bathroom Corner Tower

A bathroom corner tower that can transform looks of any bathroom. It is constructed of solid bamboo wood with metal accents. Designed to fit in a corner. It features five shelves in general for extra soaps etc.

4 Tier Bathroom Rack Ladder Shelf Tower MDF / Bamboo Frame/ White

Leaning against a wall, this 4 tier bathroom ladder promotes floor space conserving. Naturally colored bamboo frame supports white tray MDF shelves dedicated for storing bathroom accessories and essentials.

Bamboo bathroom furniture 4

Are you searching for a organizer for your towels and bathroom accessories? We suggest you to choose this product, which has got the bamboo construction and six shelves. It fits to classic style in any bathroom.

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Bamboo bathroom shelves

The elegant bamboo hamper with liner. Some people hide the hampers in the wardrobes, but there is a waste of space. This one looks great as a solo-standing piece of furniture and plays also the decorational role.

Bamboo Storage Console Cabinet with Doors and Drawers in Natural

Bamboo cabinet is the way to beautiful original furnishings and natural interior. The cabinet is very prkatyczna and extremely handy. At the same time, it is a solution that will provide the decoration due to its remarkable and unusual beauty.

Bamboo furniture bamboo vanity bamboo bathroom cabinet bamboo 1

bamboo furniture, bamboo vanity, bamboo bathroom cabinet, bamboo ...

CreativeWare Eco Styles Spa Bench

This is a decorative and functional bench that has also got a storage function. It is made of solid bamboo material that is resistant to moisture and other factors. It is ideal for use in a bathroom or spa.

Altra furniture bamboo bathroom corner tower with 5 shelves

Altra Furniture Bamboo Bathroom Corner Tower with 5 Shelves

Bamboo bathroom furniture 2 1

bamboo bathroom furniture 2

Bamboo cabinet guide

Bamboo Cabinet Guide

Sheerwater bamboo vanity unit by sterling bamboo

Sheerwater Bamboo Vanity Unit by Sterling | Bamboo ...

Altra furniture cherry bamboo bathroom tall corner tower

Altra Furniture Cherry Bamboo Bathroom Tall Corner Tower ...