Pulaski Bedroom Sets


The perfect way to treat yourself to feeling like true royalty, a Pulaski bedroom will have you sleeping like a King or Queen in no time. Pair with an opulent comforter set in royal blues or deep purples to complete the look. The collection has been arranged before you, for your viewing pleasure Your Majesty.

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Pulaski furniture edwardian mans chest set 242 series

Pulaski furniture edwardian mans chest set 242 series

The beautiful combination of stylish bedroom furniture makes the interior stylish and elegant. Effective decorations, countersinks, drawers will prove to be suitable for storage. The whole is a unique element of interior decoration.

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Discontinued pulaski bedroom sets

Beautiful, luxurious Pulaski bedroom set that’s perfect for traditional, rich mansions. But you don’t have to have a house like that – you can make just your bedroom like that!

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Need something new for new home

Need something new for new home!

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Pulaski edwardian

With this Pulaski Bedroom Set you will have truly magnificent additions for your master bedroom. Consisted of 1 poster bed, 1 vanity with mirror and 1 dresser, the set is made of solid wood and beautifully hand-carved.

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Pulaski bedroom sets 1

A truly breathtaking bedroom set, consisted of 1 king size bed, 1 dresser with mirror, 1 chest of drawers and 1 nightstand. All is crafted of solid wood in distressed finish and adorned with metal accents.

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Pulaski bedroom

pulaski bedroom

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Pulaski edwardian nightstand

This amazing bedroom set offers a design packed with sophisticated charm and utmost appeal and will make for just the perfect option for when you need a baroque styled master suite with charming details and beautiful carvings.

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Pulaski furnishing montrose bedroom set

Pulaski Furnishing Montrose Bedroom Set

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Pulaski edwardian bedroom

Master Bedroom Sets Store - Dealer Locator

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Pulaski edwardian poster bed

Pulaski Edwardian Poster Bed

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Pulaski Bedroom Sets

Buying Guide

Bedroom sets offer you the opportunity to buy all bedroom furniture in one go. People love uniformity. You don’t want to buy a separate bed and spend months looking for a nightstand that matches it. Buying Pulaski bedroom sets all at once solves this. Pulaski designs are quite famous but even then, as you contemplate the idea of buying them, there are a few things to keep in mind.

There are three major types of Pulaski bedroom sets in the market. These designs are created to match the needs of different people.

  • Basic Bedroom Sets - The basic bedroom sets will include about four pieces. There will be a bed, one headboard, a dresser, and a nightstand. Basic sets are cheaper too and perhaps the most popular in the market.
  • Expanded Bedroom Sets - The expanded sets will include all the four items in the basic set but with additional features. The set may have an additional bench, mirrors, or an armoire. You may also get a second nightstand, lamps and sometimes seven beddings.
  • Customizable Bedroom Sets - The custom designs are for people who want more freedom to choose the sets they want. The customizable sets will come with a bed only and the rest can be chosen from a variety of options.

Pulaski bedroom sets are classy no doubt but they too offer several styles to choose from. You can go for the traditional style that features medium to dark toned woods with an upscale and stately feel or choose modern designs that feature glass, clean lines or stark white finishes. But that’s not all. You can also try out cottage or country sets. They feature additional ornate curving and other breathtaking rustic features.

The bed is the most important piece in any set. In light of this, you need to do everything you can to go for the right size. There are five types of bed sizes you can go for. The biggest one is the California king size. It measures 72 by 84 inches and is ideal for a bigger bedroom. The King size is also not far off from the California king in terms of size. However, if you have issues with space perhaps a Twin size bed measuring 39 by 75 inches can work. Other sizes include the Twin XL that measures 54 by 75 inches and the Queen bed that measures 60 by 80 inches.

Buying high-quality Pulaski bedroom sets shouldn’t be a painful experience. With the many options in the market, you can easily find something that works for you.

Best Ideas

Pulaski joliette bedroom vanity set

Pulaski Joliette Bedroom Vanity Set

Adagio Sleigh Customizable Bedroom Set

Adagio Sleigh Customizable Bedroom Set

Edwardian poster bedroom set details 3

Edwardian Poster Bedroom Set Details

Vera Customizable Bedroom Set

Vera Customizable Bedroom Set

This amazing bedroom set offers a customizable design that will allow you to choose the perfect pieces for your interior, while keeping your setting decorated to utmost perfection and fully functional.

Madera Sleigh Customizable Bedroom Set

Madera Sleigh Customizable Bedroom Set

Attractive set of black-finished wood. A queen bed's headboard and an arched mirror's top feature scrollwork. All pieces have curved aprons. A 3-drawer stand, 6-drawer dresser and a 5-drawer chest have marble-like tops and metal knobs or handles.

Edwardian bedroom furniture

The exteremely traditional bedroom with the dark wooden furniture. Even if this style is still elegant, but it reminiscent something from the past age. From my point of view the simplicity could be much more elegant.

Marilyn collection bedroom set

Thanks to this Pulaski bedroom set you will experience the best feeling of comfort and taste. It features the king size bed, dresser with mirror and nightstand. Every piece is finished by the walnut.

Pulaski bedroom sets 8

Pulaski Bedroom Set I <3 Pulaski!!

Discontinued bedroom sets

Very well known and reputable company Pulaski offers a wonderful chest of drawers,with a non-standard because of narrow,pulling up shape.Ideally fit in the corner of the bedroom.Richly decorated,made of dark cherry wood.7 drawers,increasing its bulk downwards.

Pulaski bedroom sets 7

Pulaski Wellington Manor Panel bedroom set is one of the most popular bedroom sets, designed for lovers of the baroque and bedroom in the style of Queen Elizabeth II or her predecessor Viktoria. Made of mahogany wood and richly decorated with brown texture.

Bedroom set by pulaski furniture dc product code sku pf

... bedroom set by pulaski furniture dc product code sku pf tr 6601 set dc

Mirror 2 nightstands pulaski furniture bedroom sets 694160 set 0

... Mirror, 2 Nightstands) - Pulaski Furniture | Bedroom Sets 694160-Set/0

Discontinued pulaski bedroom furniture

Exquisite combination of the finest bedding - pulaski bedroom set-made of silk,in bright colors.They look great on a styled,16th century bed with quilted, white base trim and headrest.Hand-carved gray wood finish is also a base of chair and chest of drawers.

Pulaski bedroom

The unique bedroom set of furniture is a perfect combination of exceptional styling, functionality, and elegance. The whole made in wood with beautiful details in gilding impresses. Beautiful bed, vanity with mirror and other sensational makeup.