Victorian Bedroom Sets

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One of the easiest ways to instantly bring life to your bedroom is with a complete bedroom set. It completes the theme of your room and sets the mood. Victorian bedroom sets are particularly popular and will seemingly never go out of style because of how elegant and refined they are. Keep reading as we discuss the top Victorian bedroom sets to consider for your next bedroom remodel.

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Updated 13/05/2022
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Black Victorian Bedroom Set

Black Victorian Bedroom Set

Williston Forge

Constructed out of steel, this set’s matte black finish and Victorian details are beyond stylish! The design of the headboard and nightstands, as well as the simplistic curves of the bed, make it easy to match almost any kind of bedroom decor theme.

$230 $274

Designer Advice:

Because of the minimalist aesthetic of this bedroom set, small house plants such as succulents in a dainty pot could go a long way for decor. However, light-colored sheets with statement pillows can help bring back a bit of character. If you aim for a more lively look, using a natural patterned throw over the footing of the bed can help spice it up without cluttering.

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Birchwood Victorian Style Bedroom Set

Birchwood Victorian Style Bedroom Set

Astoria Grand

Modern traditional is a trend that would perfectly suit any house. With a classic dark brown finish and finely carved details, you can quickly turn your bedroom into a 5-star hotel with this Victorian style bedroom furniture.

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Antique Victorian Bedroom Furniture Set

Antique Victorian Bedroom Furniture Set

One Allium Way®

Live like royalty with this effortlessly clean and modern 4-piece bedroom set, complete with durable solid wood construction for years of classic style. With a slightly distressed paint and naturally grainy wood look, this set offers loads of storage space to keep your bedroom looking neat and clean.

$2859.99 $3299.99

Designer Advice:

This set pairs very well with shades of gray and beige and as such, we recommend sticking to light-colored sheets and bringing out the character with darker beige and gray pillows. A lightly patterned throw or extra blanket can help break the abundance of white and light colors. You may also consider adding a chunky bed lamp to your nightstands to help add to the look.

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Solid Wood and Faux Leather Victorian Bedroom Suite

Solid Wood and Faux Leather Victorian Bedroom Suite

Rosdorf Park

For a bit of sparkle, you can’t go wrong with this stylish upholstered bedroom set. The faux leather upholstery with a beautiful metallic shine helps pull together a more dramatic look. With beautiful floral patterns engraved into the headboard, dresser, chest, mirror, and nightstand, you can use this to incorporate a feminine touch into your bedroom. 

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Upholstered Natural Wood Bedroom Set

Upholstered Natural Wood Bedroom Set

Bloomsbury Market

Dark and bold, this bedroom set is an ideal statement piece for your bedroom or even the guest room. The intricate detail of each piece flows effortlessly onto the other without overpowering the overall elegance of the set. The set has a natural wood grain color variation with a hint of masculinity.

Designer Advice:

Due to the bold and dark theme of this bedroom set, dark linen and curtains can make the room look hard and dark. We recommend using lighter bed sheets and linen to create an effortless contrast between the light and dark of the room. Adding a darker statement piece here and there will also help bring together the sophisticated and bold look.

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Configurable Victorian Bedroom Furniture

Configurable Victorian Bedroom Furniture

Astoria Grand

If you are an antique fanatic, then this set is for you. The classically elegant design and finely detailed headboard, mirror, and nightstand can add detail to a room without making it look cluttered. And the hand-applied hints of gold gracefully complement the solid wood construction.

$9889.96 $14216

Designer Advice:

Due to the detailing on this set, adding too many style elements to it can make your bedroom appear busy and distracting to the eye. When choosing the linen and decor for your bedroom, consider more simplistic designs such as gold night lamps and ivory-colored bedding. Adding warm browns and pinks can also help settle the busy patterns. 

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Solid Wood and Brushed Velvet Bedroom Set

Solid Wood and Brushed Velvet Bedroom Set

Rosdorf Park

Embellished with crystals and put together with luxurious upholstery, this bedroom set is any dainty person’s dream. The more oversized and bulky design of the bed frame, mirror, dresser, nightstand, and chest blend beautifully with the finer details around the edges and bed frame posts.

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5 Piece Victorian Bedroom Set

5 Piece Victorian Bedroom Set

Rosdorf Park

If elegant and classically luxurious had to be furniture, this would be it. With ornamental features and a bone white finish, this set truly has the Victorian look nailed down. Elegant floral patterns flow over the foot and headboard giving it a fancy feel and theme.

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Victorian Bedroom Sets

Buying Guide

Unless you have relocated a couple of times, chances are you have only purchased furniture pieces for your bedroom once in your lifetime. As you’re now considering updating your personal sanctuary with a beautiful Victorian bedroom set, it’s just understandable how you may feel overwhelmed about the selection and buying process.

Don't worry as we’ll guide you through it and lead you to the best Victorian bedroom set that can make your bedroom extra special.

One of the important things you have to determine is whether light or warm color helps you sleep faster and better at night. Victorian bedroom sets come in different finishes from light and creamy to rich and bold. Match the color that eases you to your new bedroom furniture’s finish. Doing so will let you translate your character and personality into the entire bedroom apart from aiding you to take a good night’s rest.

Get the exact measurements of your bedroom as your room’s size will define the furniture pieces that can fit in the space. A smaller bedroom can make use of small furniture in making sure the space isn’t too crowded.

If you really have a space constraint, don’t fret as you can still address your needs, including storage-wise. Just consider a set that has a modern construction design. This means a Victorian style bed that comes complete with drawers and bookshelves. By having a multi-functional piece of furniture, you are able to make better use of each square footage.

The quality of a Victorian bedroom set is paramount as it will dictate its longevity. Choose a set that has been given a solid construction. Ask for the warranty of the workmanship and materials that comprise the bedroom set. You don’t want to be wasting your hard-earned money on poor quality.

If you’ll be ordering the bedroom set online, make sure that the manufacturer you buy from offers a good return policy to protect your investment.

Aftercare for Victorian living room furniture isn't always easy since antique furniture is fragile and sensitive. If you haven't bought antique furniture, there are cleaning products which you can use, but you should check with the supplier then these are safe for the exact furniture you have purchased. Many antique suppliers will be able to advise you on how to clean your new furniture, and may even have a complimentary aftercare kit that you can take home with you.

Best Ideas

Victorian bedroom set

A beautiful set of baroque bedroom furniture. It's stylish and impressive – black colour provides an elegant, fashionable look. If you're designing a luxurious bedroom, this furniture will be a great addition.

Victorian bedroom sets 2

Add comfort, style and beauty to your apartment with this Victorian queen size 4-piece bedroom set. It includes the bed, two nightstands and dresser with mirror. Everything is made of carved oak and chestnut with marble tops.

Victorian bedspreads

With such a magnificent Victorian bed you can bring some Rococo accents to your master bedroom. Crafted of durable rosewood, the bed is beautifully hand-carved, has a tall headboard and accommodates almost any type of mattress.

Victorian bed sets

It is a very rich style that exudes excess, but also romantic. If you dream of a woman's bedroom and a truly royal edition, pay attention to this wooden, heavily carved frame of the royal mahogany bed and the entire matching victorian bedroom set.

Victorian style bed

The Victorian style of this amazing bedroom set is a great way to have a luxurious interior. Beautiful and very decorative prints and unusual color scheme combine here with an incredibly stylish whole.

Victorian style quilts

This Victorian bedroom set enchants with the stunning combination of rich walnut bases and gentle marble tops. It comes probably from the 1870's, being a real bargain for any vintage enthusiasts.

Another feature of the victorian style is the large pieces

Another feature of the Victorian-style is the large pieces of ...

Victorian bedroom decorating ideas bedrooms room design wagen

Victorian bedroom decorating ideas bedrooms room design wagen

Victorian bedroom set oak victorian bedroom set antique victorian

... victorian bedroom set oak victorian bedroom set antique victorian

Victorian style bedroom furniture

Furnish your bedroom with the Victorian Baroque bedroom set which includes the black, amazing bed and nighstand. Everything in this room has the black or grey color, and it has sophisticated look!

Victorian bedroom furniture for sale

little girls bedroom sets – girls bedroom set victorian creamy white ...

Bedroom furniture sets fresh by

bedroom furniture sets Fresh by

Victorian style bedroom set model 8002

Victorian style bedroom set. Model 8002

White victorian bedroom

A bedroom masterpiece with stunning hand-carvings, walnut construction and distressed finish. Crafted in the 1800s, this Victorian bed features beautiful arches and finials, giving you a truly royal addition that will last you a lifetime.

Victorian style comforter sets

Royal luxury in your home? Now it's possible. The Victorian style, rich and decorative, can be perceived by some as slightly stuffy. But not with this iron, four-poster victorian curved bed with a pink fluffy bedroom set in french boudoir style.

Bed from bedroom set manufactured in louisville kentucky by the

Bed from bedroom set manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky by the J.W. Davis Co. and exhibited at the Philadelphia Centennial of 1876. In the Thomas Brennan house in Louisville

Victorian decorating style elegant it could be modernized a little

Victorian Decorating Style. Elegant. It could be modernized a little.

Product details manufacturer details product reviews

Product Details Manufacturer Details Product Reviews

Victorian bed canopy

This Victorian bedroom set enchants with its glamorous character, embodying well the elegance and class of distinguished chambers. Whimsical panels, adorned with moulding add a refined appeal to the space.

Victorian bedroom set 3

Victorian Bedroom Set

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Victorian bedroom vanity

Five-piece rosewood Renaissance Victorian bedroom suite, attributed to John Jelliff.

Furniturevictorian victorian exclusive eden bedroom set

Furniturevictorian Victorian Exclusive Eden Bedroom Set

Victorian bedroom olimpia

Victorian Bedroom Olimpia