End of Bed Storage Chest for Bedroom

An end of bed storage chest for bedroom is a great multifunctional piece.

As well as its obvious storage function, it’ll offer you additional seating space (which is always handy when getting ready!), result in a captivating visual flow, and allow you to make a decorative statement.

Before looking at different designs, keep these points in mind:

To maintain a balanced effect, your storage chest should be smaller than the actual bed frame. As a general rule, try leaving between six and eight inches on each sideYou want your new bench to stand out cohesively rather than to blend in with its background. That’s why, if you have a wooden frame, an upholstered bench would be a wiser idea, and vice versa. Think of colors, too: a storage bench in your bright accent hue would look great against a frame in a secondary or neutral color

Storage chest for bedroom with a nailhead trim

Storage chest for bedroom with a nailhead trim

While colors and designs can make a bold first impression, it’s the details that make all the difference.

Choosing an end of bed storage chest that showcases a decorative element (like a stylish nailhead trim) can help you maintain some cohesiveness while still making it stand out.

End of bed chest in leather upholstery

End of bed chest in leather upholstery

Leather always inspires a sense of sophistication, and your new storage chest is no exception.

If that’s the vibe that you’re hoping to create, you can’t go wrong with this material (unless you already have a leather frame: in that case, it could be a bit too much).

We mainly recommend leather storage benches if you have a wooden or fabric upholstered bed or if your bedding usually hides the bottom part of its frame.

Chest for end of bed with comfy top

Chest for end of bed with comfy top

Will you be using your end of bed storage chest for bedroom to get ready as well as to store blankets? Perhaps you’re already thinking of how handy it’ll be to place it next to a tall mirror or your vanity to work on your hair and makeup, too?

Then it’d make sense to choose a model with a comfy upholstered top. Tufted designs tend to be especially popular in this case.

Blanket chest bench in a neutral color

Blanket chest bench in a neutral color

Neutral colors are usually the safest choice when it comes to introducing a new element in a previously furnished room. In our case, they’d make even more sense if your frame or long bedding are already quite eye-catching.

Just don’t forget to take your existing palette into consideration, too.

End of bed storage chest in your accent hue

End of bed storage chest in your accent hue

At the same time, if your frame is already neutral, your new end of bed storage chest for bedroom is your chance to add some color: for example, by choosing your bright accent hue.

How about reinforcing it by adding a couple of cushions in the same shade?

End of bed trunk in a funky finish

End of bed trunk in a funky finish

While we’ve mostly looked at monochrome designs, don’t forget that there are lots of patterns and prints out there, too!

It’s certainly a bolder option for your new end of bed storage chest, which is why we only recommend it if you haven’t already got other different ones going on.

At the same time, it can also be a great opportunity to maintain an existing pattern consistent.

Chest for end of bed with bottom storage

Chest for end of bed with bottom storage

Most end of bed storage chests for bedroom involve a removable or liftable top that hides a compartment for your blankets, clothes, or whatever you wish to place in it.

However, if you could do with even more storage space, look for a lighter design with an open shelf at the bottom. This is a particularly handy spot for shoes and accessories, but you can easily use it for books or decorative items, too.

Elegant & cozy blanket chest

Elegant & cozy blanket chest

A timeless winning combination consists of fabric upholstery and wooden frames.

Not only does it give you two options to match your palette and existing finishes, but it immediately inspires a sense of cozy balance that can work wonders with several decors, from Scandinavian to traditional rooms.


Bed chest storage in a space saving design

Bed chest storage in a space saving design

Spoiler alert: not all end of bed storage chests for bedroom involve a rectangular design!

In fact, if your room already feels fairly small, it might not be a good idea in the first place.

Instead, look for a chest in a different shape, such as a semi-circular design that will help you maintain a breezy and airy visual flow.

$169.99 $215.99

Wooden end of bed storage chests

Wooden end of bed storage chests

Upholstered options tend to be the most popular designs when it comes to storage benches, but wood might easily be a more logical choice for you, and particularly if your bed frame already relies on fabric or leather.

Don’t forget that choosing a wooden model also makes it easier to match your existing furniture, reinforcing your room’s cohesiveness.

Our advice Buying Guide

Are you on the lookout for a bedroom storage chest that's both appealing and functional? There are homeowners who think there's no such thing that exists! We are here to tell you that you're in luck as there are actually a lot of options available when it comes to bedroom storage trunks or chests. Yes, that's right! You can finally get your hands on a fabulous room addition!

Bedroom storage chests are usually made of aluminum, leather, and wood. Traditionally, they're used for storage. However, people have seen how stunning they can look inside a room, so they're now being used to accentuate a room's look.

To help you find the right piece to add to your already stunning bedroom, here are the factors that you need to consider:

What are the best materials for end of bed storage chests?

  • Pine - Mainly found in the country, pine is a type of softwood that can easily be carved into any shape. This ability makes pine a great material to use in making furniture, especially bed storage chests. Additionally, the material can be stained and painted.
  • Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) - MDF is the combination of fibers of wood and resin. It's a man-made type of wood. The reason why manufacturers love using the material is because MDF is cheap, extremely strong, and lightweight. Although MDF is strong, people would say they aren't fond of the material as it can have an artificial appearance.
  • Wicker - Wicker is an attractive and strong material used in making bedroom storage chests. A chest that's made of wicker is recommended for a homeowner who prioritizes aesthetic appeal than durability and storage.
  • Mahogany - As you may already know, mahogany is a type of wood that's natural, extremely resistant, dense, and heavy. Mahogany can be very expensive, but it has attractive knot patterns along with a dark natural stain. A bedroom storage chest made of mahogany is used mostly as décor.
  • Leather - The material is obtained by tanning, then treating an animal's skin with chemicals. It's durable and it also comes in lots of varieties. A storage chest that's made of leather can last a long time as it's extremely durable. It also has its own appeal.

What are the fastening options for bedroom storage chests?

  • Hinged Lid - A hinged lid is securely attached to a bedroom storage chest in order to eliminate its chances of getting damaged or lost. A hinge is usually made of brass. Although it can offer myriads of benefits, the material is prone to rust and corrosion.
  • Loose Lid - A loose lid is the type of lid that can be completely detached from the trunk. A loose lid can easily be replaced when it's damaged. If you have no plans in getting a replacement soon, only get a storage chest with a hinged lid as loose lids tend to get damaged or lost, unlike their counterparts.
  • Leather Straps - These are for the storage chests that are made of wicker. Leather straps are pleasing to look at, but they can deteriorate and fade over time.

Now that you are aware of everything there is to know about bedroom storage chests, go ahead and look at your options online!


Large red mahogany hope chestcoffee

Large red mahogany hope chestcoffee
This vast and beautiful mahogany chest is a nice piece of furniture for the bedroom, dressing room or living room. The large interior will look good for storage, and the furniture itself can serve as a coffee pot or coffee table.

Large turquoise hope chestcoffee

Large turquoise hope chestcoffee
A large storage chest, that can be used as the garden, yard, bedroom, kids room and drawing room. Everything depends of your needs. The wooden construction and light blue color brings a fresh accent to any home.

Large provincial hope chestcoffee

Large provincial hope chestcoffee
This amazing coffee table sports a versatile look with its amazing design and can be easily treated as a piece for the end of your bed, letting you store your duvets and covers or simply invite your friends for a nice cup of coffee.

Turquoise hope chest toy box reclaimed

Turquoise hope chest toy box reclaimed
An old trunk such as this one can help you to transform your home into a cozy, country cottage. Crafted of dark wood planks with distressed finish and worn out metal hardware, the trunk has a lift-up lid that allows you to use a capacious compartment for storage.

Trunk for foot of bed

A contemporary take on a storage trunk made to be placed on the end of the bed in a bedroom. The trunk comes in perfectly if you lack a dedicated linen cabinet, as it has a plenty of space for beddings and clothes.

End of bed trunk

Looking for a storage chest for the end of your bed? Look at this little beauty. Upholstered with white, soft material that’s pleasant in touch. Wooden frame and trustworthy opening mechanism make it a durable and stylish at the same time.

End of bed storage chest

At bedfeet or under a window sill - this compact storage trunk (for toys or bedding) can fit well in numerous bedroom spots. Its flawless white finish can become a homogenous part of your Mediterranean styled bedroom.

End of bed storage benches ottomans and chests 2

End Of Bed Storage Benches, Ottomans and Chests

King size storage bench in bone genuine leather tufted ottoman

... King Size Storage Bench in Bone Genuine Leather, Tufted Ottoman - Bed

Storage Entryway Bench

Beautifully carved on the front and sides and sporting a small enough size of the structure to allow for the perfect fit for your interior this entryway bench comes with the extra storage possibilities under its comfortable seat.

Storage chests

Storage Chests

End of bed storage trunk

This bed end storage trunk constitutes a stylish and practical bedroom addition. Its white, wooden, cottage style finishing conceals a considerable storage space for your linens or clothes.

Chest end of bed

A classic appearance of this vintage chest works well with antique interior design, spicing it up with functionality and vintage elegance. Crafted of hardwood and finished in walnut, it has a lift-up lid with metal lock and two matching handles.

Carolina cottage camden blanket chest check price

Carolina Cottage Camden Blanket Chest CHECK PRICE!

Storage box for end of bed

It is a very elegant storage place, which could be placed in your bed end. Large and capacious. The luxurious velvet material covering this piece of furniture is stain resistant. A great finish are little walnut legs.

Chest at the end of a bed

This end of bed storage chest constitutes a great way to add style and refinement, as well as some practical storage space. Dark blue, button-tufted upholstery with nice, silver zapping creates a prestigious appeal.

Foot of bed storage

Improve you home decor with functionality and classic design, using this capacious storage bench. Its wood construction has a smooth seat, and three open compartments with neatly-woven baskets.

End of bed chest of drawers

would be so cool to have this in the cedar chest at the end of the bed

Foot chest bed

I'm totally jonesin' for the crate boxes at the end of the bed used as a bench.

Seat at end of bed called

It is a comfortable bench that also plays the role of a large storage area for books, towels and other items. It is a perfect bedroom equipment made of solid materials. It contains for storage sections for different groups of items.

Bedroom storage chest bench

Stylish box in neutral form. It is carefully made of wicker and closed by belt. It has convenient handles for easy carrying. Handy gadget for each home. Provides saving space in all kinds of interior.

Chest table

A beautiful blanket box that can be a real treat for your master bedroom decor. Crafted from durable hardwood and covered in distressed finish; the trunk has a lift-up lid and spacious storage compartment, and powder-coated metal reinforcements with a pair of matching handles.

End of bed storage trunk 10

Aesthetic traditional size-varied storage trunks made of wooden materials and pleather finished in white and metal hardware. Each trunk has 2 strap and buckle and 1 clasp closures, a convenient handle, a hinged lid, nailhead trims.

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