Round Chest Of Drawers


There is no reason your dresser should have to be rectangular or square, Why not round? Presenting our collection of gorgeous, hand-crafted, round chest-of-drawers. Now you can have an eclectic and elegant chest-of-drawers in your home and bask in the knowledge that no one you know even knows these lovely pieces exist. See collection for more.

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Round dresser

Two cabinets with six drawers in different sizes. Every cabinets has shape of cylinder and it is made of beech wood. It is not only very useful (to storage daily necessities), but very decorative too.

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Round chest drawers

Round chest drawers

If you're looking for a truly original piece that will surely both help you elevate the look of your interior and provide you with ample space to organize your belongings then this amazing, round chest of drawers is surely the right way to go.

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Round chest of drawers 21

Attractive modern drawer chests featuring height-varied cylindrical frames of wooden materials finished in mid browns. They have a bit moulding tops and full bases. They're equipped with drawers with recessed edge pulls.

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Tate contemporary white high gloss tallboy chest of drawers

Tate Contemporary White High Gloss Tallboy Chest Of Drawers

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Vintage grey dresserchest of

Vintage grey dresserchest of

Serpentine gray was hand-painted and used with intentional streaks on a grey chest of drawers in the French style, carved gently. A lot of trinkets accumulate over time, which are difficult to organize. This will allow 4 drawers and two smaller ones.

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Round chest

This is a very innovative design for a set of drawers which helps you to manage space wherever you put it. Constructed from European beechwood, it gives an additional aesthetic value as well as functional storage use to your bedroom or bathroom. The drawers have a central frame and each of them rotates about when opened.

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Revere 4 Drawer Chest

Revere 4 Drawer Chest

This drawer chest will be appreciated by any individual who values clean design and functionality. The chest offers three spacious drawers and three smaller ones. Chamfered feet and white finish enhance its aesthetic looks.

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Round chest of drawers

Round chest in elegant style. It consists of 6 drawers arranged vertically. It is made of wood with cherry finish. Perfect for storing clothes and others needed items. Tasteful addition to each room according to taste.

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Round chest of drawers 5

This round set of drawers won’t only help save space in your bedroom or living room but will also brighten the interior outlook of the room. The drawer has a frame in the middle which the drawers slide in and out from.

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Zoom sheesham half round chest of drawers sideboard

Zoom Sheesham Half Round Chest of Drawers / Sideboard

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Round Chest Of Drawers

Buying Guide

A round chest of drawers is useful for storing personal items such as jewelry but can also be turned into a linen and towel storage area. At the same time, you can keep your bathroom products organized if you’re planning on placing your chest of drawers in the bathroom. Of course, these multifunctional pieces of furniture are also perfect for storing clothes, socks, accessories, and other items you’d usually put in a regular drawer.

If you want your round chest of drawers to make a statement in your living room but don’t know what to put in it, gather your coffee and tea supplies and turn it into a coffee bar. Additionally, you can use the drawers to store party supplies and everyday items such as keys, pens, and tools.

The most important thing to remember when matching a round chest of drawers is the material. If you purchase your round drawers specifically of the same wood or metal as other pieces of furniture in your room, they’ll look like a set regardless of shape.

If you’re unable to source the exact same material, look for other ways to make them look cohesive: swapping out custom hardware, for example. Alternatively, you can always embrace the eclectic vintage look as your style, which can make it more fun to look for unique pieces such as these types of drawers.

When purchasing a round chest of drawers, pay special attention to ones that are made of 100% hardwood. These drawers will be slightly more expensive, but they will retain their value well and will not break down over time.

The main material of your round drawer set should be hardwood such as oak, elm, or mahogany. For the sliding mechanisms for each drawer, you’re looking for metal (aluminum or stainless) runners, not plastic.

Best Ideas

Vintage Chest Of Drawers

Vintage Chest Of Drawers

A highly-decorative piece of furniture for contemporary homes spiced up with vintage accents. This classic chest includes beautifully hand-carved turned posts and legs, with 3 small and 4 large drawers - all equipped with crystal pull knobs.

Royal rajasthan 5 drawer round chest solid sheesham wood this

Royal Rajasthan 5 Drawer Round Chest.Solid Sheesham wood.This beautiful Sheesham cylinder chest softens the more traditional lines of a drawer unit by setting everything

Go modern novamobili around tall chest of drawers jpg


Round chest of drawers 9

Corrugated Cardboard Furniture! Super neat!

Coaster 900363 Round Cabinet, Dark Walnut

This is a traditional styled cabinet features three drawers and flat top, so will work great as a nightstand or end table. It was crafted from a solid and durable hardwood and finished in warm brown walnut finish.

Mandor cylindrical chest of 4 drawers

Mandor cylindrical chest of 4 drawers

Jali sheesham round chest three drawer

Jali Sheesham Round Chest (Three Drawer)

Round chest of drawers 2

Half-Round Chest of Drawers

Revere 6 Drawer Dresser

Revere 6 Drawer Dresser

It is a very elegant and beautiful chest of drawers, which also meets practical function. The dresser is white. It has several drawers of different sizes. This way it allows you to carefully organize your things.

Grey chest of drawers 1

A fabulous chest of drawers that, thanks to its compact size, allows you to save space. Decorated with yellow and white laminated pattern, the chest is made of Oak wood, offering 4 drawers with modern cut-outs for handles.

Round chest of drawers 3

An innovative design for drawers to help conserve space and the top of the drawer can also be used as a table. Made from solid Indian rosewood, the drawer is definitely going to stand the test of time and will raise the aesthetic value of wherever it’s placed.

Round drawers

Mushroom Drawer Coffee Table @ Ruby Living Here is a coffee table that provides additional storage (a toy chest perhaps!) Absence of sharp corners is also more child friendly.

Round chest of drawers 26

Round tall chest of drawers Universo by Santarossa <3

Round chest of drawers 1

FHS, UK Half Round Chest of Drawers