Cherry Cabinets


Just like oak, people genuinely love to see cherry in furniture. And as far as cabinetry is concerned, even more so. Our collection of cherry cabinets is made of the best cherry by master cabinet makers and are very easy to install for yourself or a contractor you hire. These are beautiful and have plenty of storage space. Take a look in this collection and see what we mean.

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Kitchen floor ideas with cherry cabinets

Make sure that your bathroom is beautiful and stylish and still ensures more than enough space for your utmost comfort. With this design you will never again have to worry about style as well, since it sports the charming, cherry cabinets that blend perfectly with the blue glass sink.

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Cherry cabinets 14

light gray kitchen/living room walls? I think this could brighten the space up and doesn't appear to clash with my cabinets... =)

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Media Room

Media Room

Perfectly matching classic refined kitchen decors, this set of wooden furniture provide traditional charm and warmth, It comprises a set of kitchen cabinets and counters along with a kitchen island. Dark wood corresponds smoothly to bright marble.

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Paint colors for kitchens with cherry cabinets

Wow, that is such an amazing design for a kitchen. I love the combination of traditional, dark wood cabinets and shelves with the smooth, granite surface and modern appliances. Simply wonderful!

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Cherry cabinets 26

Cherry Cabinet Kitchen Remodel | Northern Home Improvement

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Cherry cabinets

Kitchen cabinets made of wood with cherry finish. Great solution for storing spices, food, tableware, pots and more. Elegant design for each home

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Cherry cabinets 1

#Kitchen of the Day: Dark cherry cabinets, matching refrigerator panels, a decorative wood hood, and a simple tile backsplash. Kitchen # 3 in Traditional Dark Cherry Kitchens

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Kitchen paint colors with cherry cabinets

All dark, with cherry cabinets, tobacco brown bar stools padding and white streaked black marble top applied on the counter island, this kitchen is undoubtedly a stunner. Give a try to such a classic elegance style!

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Cherry cabinets with light granite

Traditional Kitchen Photos Cherry Cabinets

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Small cherry cabinet 2

Cherry wood cabinets / Black white hexagon tiles / Hicks pendant / Marble backsplash / Granite countertops / Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray / Kitchen design {Apple a Day Beauty}

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Cherry Cabinets

Buying Guide

One of the most dominant features in kitchen and bathroom remodels is the cabinetry. One of the first things you'll discover when beginning your search is the overwhelming variety including hardwoods, lacquered finishes, veneers, and the plethora of configurations, sizes, and styles. For those who have already narrowed their decision to cherry cabinets, we're going to concentrate further on helping you better focus your buying and decorating choices.

Many cabinets are available including two main types, frameless and face-frame. Under most circumstances, manufacturers carry one or the other. While frameless cabinetry is gaining popularity, the majority of American manufacturers carry face-frame cherry cabinets.

  • Frameless cabinetry: this European-style cabinetry is constructed of panels with finishes on both sides, has a contemporary build, and typically has a solid back and base.
  • Face-frame cabinetry: these cabinets, as the name implies, are constructed from 1/2 or 3/4 inch plywood along the edges with a frame masking consisting of 1-by-2 hardwood.

It's critical for consumers to inspect their cabinets before buying carefully. Pay special attention to the following elements:

  • Drawers: Dovetail joinery indicates excellent construction, look for high-quality ball-bearing extensions, and the quality of the inner surfaces.
  • Hinges: In addition to being adjustable, the cabinet door hinges should also be hidden.
  • Door: Look at the fit, it's workmanship, the edge banding, and how far the door swings open.

While handmade cabinets are the highest quality cabinets available, stock cabinetry is remaining consistent regarding their high-quality standards. Some manufacturers are making updates to their factory floors to include equipment and machinery that's superior to what small cabinetry shops are offering.

The majority of manufacturers carry stock options for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. When looking at kitchen cherry kitchen cabinets, you'll find wall units ranging from 9 to 48 inches with sizes changing in 3-inch increments. Generally, upper cabinets have heights running between 12 and 24 inches for utilization over sinks and stoves and between 30 and 42 inches for over the counter area. For those who are looking to match tall cabinetry, these measure between 84 to 96 inches tall. Manufacturers plan these measurements for a standard 8-foot ceiling.

Once you have selected the best cherry cabinetry for your space, it's time to style the rest of the room. When using cherry, you'll be showcasing its distinctive wood grain, so it's best to use hardwood floors that will contrast them instead of matching. Therefore, using a maple or oak floor that's stained in a lighter color is optimal and will prevent the room from looking overwhelming. Next is selecting the hardware for your drawers and doors. One of the most significant challenges many homeowners face is deciding if they should use pulls or knobs. The only rule of thumb when making these selections is that, if the door is large, it's best to use a pull. Otherwise, it's your preference based on the room's decor and theme.

Best Ideas

Kitchen wall colors with cherry cabinets 1

Black or stainless steel cabinets, dark cherry cabinets, tile or hard wood floors!!

Cherry cabinets 17

red country kitchen ideas | ... kitchen here:

Small cherry cabinet

Matching cherry wood with beige, marble created a wonderful combination, which will enhance every elegant kitchen. This set of cherry cabinet characterizes with high-quality finishing and attention to details, visible i.e. in naturally resembled wood grains.

Cherry cabinets 27

#Kitchen of the Day: Dark cherry cabinets, matching refrigerator panels, a decorative wood hood, and a simple tile backsplash. Kitchen # 3 in Traditional Dark Cherry Kitchens

Cherry kitchens pictures

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