French Country Cabinets


These lovely, simple cabinets will transport you to a provincial farmhouse in the country, where life is hard but love abounds. With delicate arches and windows to see the contents within, you will enjoy looking upon these cabinets everytime you need to fetch a bowl or glass from them. They are all available in this collection. Take a look and see what we have.

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French 2 Drawer Chest

French 2 Drawer Chest

Chest with two drawers in a royal style. The rich decoration, details and artistic gouging give it its ancient character. At the same time the paint is chipped in places, giving the impression of hearth and home. It's solid and drawers are deep.

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French kitchen cupboards

The French countryside cabinet design in rustic aesthetics is exceptionally beautiful in the living room or other interiors. The whole has a glass door through which beautifully exposes the contents.

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French style china cabinet

Fairytale country kitchen like in the southern Provence. The play between cream and blue-sky fronts and the stone countertop are like music. Maybe it is not easy for cleaning, but this view will reward each effort.

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French country cabinets 8

Traditional French Kitchen: Style + Storage built-in cabinets were used to form a massive hutch that offers ample room for storage and display.

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Tamarind Country Coastal Cabinet

Tamarind Country Coastal Cabinet

It is a country coastal cabinet that has got a weathered madras blue and it adds style and beauty to any home. You will be impressed how great this product is. You need to have it.

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French country cabinets

The rustic style of the countryside makes this décor a romantic, harmonious climate that delights. Beautiful bright marble countertops, pastel green wooden paneling walls, and a practical kitchen island delight.

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Pinterest french country decorating pinterest french country decor such a

pinterest french country decorating | pinterest french country decor | such a stylish ... | DIY & Organizat ...

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Country french cabinets

Spacious and functional kitchen cabinets, made from solid wood, will make the kitchen full of light and comfy. Nice ornaments and interior light in glass cabinets will create delicate, romantic atmosphere during meals.

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French country storage cabinet

With this fine kitchen island you can easily improve your large contemporary kitchen. The cabinet is wood-made and splashed in greyish finish, offering a rectangular white granite top with built-in oval sink, utensil drawers with small pull-knobs, and capacious side cabinets.

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Floor cabinets with drawers 5

25 Home Plans with Dream Kitchen Designs French Country Home Plan 2459 - The Terrebonne | Featured in the Street of Dreams, the Terrebonne's kitchen offers both modern energy efficiency and rustic charm. I like the oversized island

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French Country Cabinets

Buying Guide

While the difference between French country and farmhouse style may be similar, there’s a significant variance between the two aesthetics. Their similarities come through in the rustic, classic charm they both provide, but the subtle features of each make them unique.

French country is a softer, more exquisite style than the traditional farmhouse look. French country cabinets in kitchens feature curved lines, ornate details, and softer colors with minimal contrast, evocative of the French countryside’s shades. There are also variations within the French country style, with some more inspired by Parisian features and others boasting a more casual Provençal influence.

Farmhouse style is much more casual and features clean-cut, straight lines with little detail. There is also a more pronounced contrast in farmhouse style, like pairing black and white finishes with rustic distressed or raw wood.

These days, farmhouse style typically refers to modern farmhouse style, a contemporary take on rustic features associated with rural American homes. French Country offers more of a historical aesthetic with European influences.

Need inspiration for your French country cabinets? While the most literal interpretation of ‘French country colors’ might be red, white, and blue per the country’s flag, the decor style of French country tends to manifest itself in light blues, grays, and creams. When in doubt, select a pastel, and don’t be afraid to go for distressed details—as French country is a type of vintage. You want to create the impression that each piece is a carefully chosen heirloom!

French country cabinets go well with soft and delicate wall colors. It is after all a vintage style that infuses primitive, rustic elements with elegant, chic style.

Good wall colors to complement French country cabinets include creams, grays, whites, light blues, light greens, light reds, sunny yellows and antique rose. However, you can always accent French country cabinets with darker colored walls such as wrought iron or hale navy.

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