Breakfast Nook Set


There is something about having a seperate area for breakfast, that is exclusive to all other meals. It is, after, all the most important meal of the day. So, lets celebrate it by installing a breakfast nook set in your kitchen or dining space. And if you feel it is too extravagant, use it for all your meals. It is ultimately a table and chairs with benches. Use it how you want.

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Our Picks

Breakfast nook set 2

The dark wood floor, coupled with the white decor, makes the room feel...classic.

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Breakfast nook set

Elegant setup for a stylish dining room furnished with a square dining table made out of dark walnut wood with an additional shelf on the bottom and a wine rack built-in underneath, nicely matching the leather seating.

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Easton Breakfast Nook, 3PCS SET, BROWN

Combining functionality with modern elegance, this breakfast nook set offers pure comfort and bold styling. Set includes a corner unit, a short section and a long section crafted of Eucalyptus wood and bonded leather upholstery with diamond tufting.

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Breakfast nook set 8

Breakfast Nook Set - Foter

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Layton Espresso 6-Piece Breakfast Nook Set

6-piece breakfast set in espresso finish, with black faux leather padding. The frames are made of solid wood. Square top table will seat six people comfortably. It has an undertop shelf for storage. 2 side chairs, 1 corner bench, and 2 side benches come in a set.

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Black breakfast nook set

Plain and Simple Tucked away in the corner, this small dining area is plain and simple in the best way. Set against a white backdrop, a che...

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Breakfast nook set 14

Featuring transparent acrylic chairs, this breakfast nook creates an eclectic appeal, which will embellish any refined kitchen space. Along with a window bench, the chairs surround a sleek, pedestal table, ideal for 2 to 4 people.

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Sunny Designs 0222AC Savannah Breakfast Nook Set w/ Side Bench

This set includes pieces of furniture used to create breakfast nooks. A table has got a solid top and benches feature soft padded seats. The corner bench is also equipped with padded backrest for enhanced comfort and support.

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Greendale Home Fashions 4-Piece Nook Cushion Set, Applegate Plaid , Navy Blue

Cottage style kitchen nook set consisting of four pieces, with free-standing bench and others creating a corner bench. All seats are cushioned and covered with checkered cotton fabric in white and blue.

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Sunny Designs Santa Fe Breakfast Nook Set with Side Bench

This intriguing and practical nook set with side bench is gonna totally amaze every fan of original and stylish solutions. Check it out now and enjoy an extraordinary design in your kitchen or dining room!

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Breakfast Nook Set

Buying Guide

A breakfast nook set comes with a table (typically smaller than a traditional dining table) and some seating. The latter can consist of:

  • A bench, especially one with a backrest: this is the most classic type of breakfast nook set, particularly when it’s placed in a corner
  • Stools or chairs: a more space-saving option for smaller households
  • A combination of the two

The go-to choice for people with small kitchens is fixed tables. Fixed breakfast nook tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can easily find a set that fits your space and style. You can go for a rectangular dinette table if you usually sit down with your family during breakfast or pick a round one for a more welcoming and intimate dining experience.

If you need more table space than what you currently have, you may want to choose an expandable table such as a folding table, a butterfly leaf table, or an extension table. These kinds of tables can especially come in handy during dinner parties and family gatherings.

That said, not everyone’s kitchen is spacious enough to accommodate an expandable table. In this case, a wall-mounted breakfast nook table will be your best bet. In terms of chair designs, there are plenty to choose from. Whether you choose Windsor-style chairs, ladder back chairs, or solid ones, you can always create a cozy and interesting nook by mixing your chairs with benches.

Breakfast nook sets are available in a variety of styles to choose from. Everything from Mid-century and eclectic to traditional and rustic and everything in between is available. Ultimately, it all boils down to the look and feel you're going for.

Mid-century set styles often give the corner space a comfy and calming feeling, while traditional and rustic breakfast nooks make the space feel homey and welcoming. If you have a modern interior, you'll want to opt for a contemporary or modern breakfast nook set to give the space a stylish, functional, and casual ambiance. A minimalist breakfast nook set will give your space a cool edge without sacrificing comfort.

Today’s hectic households and active families require comfortable spaces to grab a quick breakfast or gather for an evening meal. Dinettes and breakfast nooks provide the ideal spot for daily dining or family gatherings.

Ideal for small kitchens or tiny apartments, dinettes, and breakfast nooks are small kitchen tables or kitchen table/chair sets. These versatile pieces come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and styles to fit your space and taste.

You’ll discover a world of possibilities when shopping for dinettes and breakfast nooks. To help you find your perfect table or set, we’ve created this handy buying guide to get you started. The terms dinettes and breakfast nooks are often interchangeably used, so we use both below.

Dinette tables fit in small spaces and typically sit between two to six people. Regular dining tables come in a wide range of sizes and seating capacity for 4 to 12 people.

There are several choices in dinette types to suit any space. Fortunately, any size space can be accommodated by the dinette types below to create the perfect dining spot.

  • Fixed Dinette Tables in Standard Shapes

These are typical dinette tables with a fixed four-leg, pedestal, or trestle style base. The top does not extend or fold down. You’ll find these dinette tables in smaller sizes and in common shapes of round, oval, square, or rectangular.

  • Extension Tables

With its ability to expand outwards and accommodate more guests, an extension table allows for both casual dining and entertaining. Depending upon your space, expanding dinettes come in square and rectangular styles and expand to different lengths. For this type of table, you’ll want to have extra chairs tucked away to use when entertaining additional diners.

  • Folding or Drop-Leaf Tables

These handy dinette tables come in wall-mounted and free-standing designs to accommodate different size spaces. These tables fold up when not in use and fold down for dining. Wall mounted tables are great to use in the tiniest of kitchens or efficiency apartments. The drop-leaf tables require a bit more space to operate and come with a single drop leaf or two drop leaves on either side of the table. They come in round, square, and rectangular styles.

The dimensions of your space should be used to determine the size of your dinette table or dinette set you will need. A general rule of thumb suggests leaving at least 36 inches between the table’s edge and the wall or other furniture. This allows enough room to walk around the chairs and those seated around you.

Many exciting material and finish options are available for dinettes and breakfast nooks. From wood to glass, you’re sure to find something to suit your décor style and tastes from the most common choices below:

  • Wood Dinettes & Breakfast Nooks

A classic choice for the dining room, you’ll want to consider other wood elements in your kitchen to either provide high contrast or match the wood of the table. Dark wood dinettes with a fine grain such as cherry and mahogany tend to be more traditional and formal, while rough-hewn woods with a natural finish lend themselves to a rustic or industrial vibe. Sitting in between the two options above are medium to light woods such as oak or maple with a transitional aesthetic that tends to be more casual.

  • Glass & Metal Dinettes & Breakfast Nooks

The dynamic duo of glass and metal makes for a contemporary or modern style dinette ideal for today’s new homes and apartments. The glass top allows light to flow in and through the room, making it appear larger. The metal base can be found finished in polished chrome or stainless steel for a sophisticated look or raw metal or steel for a more industrial vibe. Glass tops come in several colors including clear, smoke, frosted, or black.

If your kitchen dining space happens to be in a corner, bench seating can be added against the wall to create an L-shape. A bench with a high back makes cozy seating, while a backless version is suitable for smaller corners. If using bench seating, a square table will need to be used to accommodate diners adequately.

If your kitchen dining space happens to be in a corner, bench seating can be added against the wall to create an L-shape. A bench with a high back makes cozy seating, while a backless version is suitable for smaller corners. If using bench seating, a square table will need to be used to accommodate diners adequately.

When it comes to choosing from all the dinettes and breakfast nooks out there, remembering a few simple guidelines and relying on the tips above will help you select the perfect dinette for you and your kitchen.

  • Dinettes are made to seat 2 to 6 people.
  • Be sure to allow 36 inches from the table to the wall to allow for ease of movement.
  • Bench seating can be used to create an L-shape corner nook ideal for smaller kitchens.
  • The terms dinette and breakfast nook are used interchangeably.
  • Dinettes are sold as an individual table or a set with matching chairs.
  • Choose a wall mounted fold down table for tiny kitchens or studio apartments.
  • Select an extension table if you plan to entertain as it will expand to give you more dining surface.
  • A dark wood with fine grain makes for a more formal dinette style.
  • Lighter woods are used for casual style breakfast nooks.

Best Ideas

Foristell 3 Piece Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Foristell 3 Piece Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Made from sturdy manufactured wood, this modern breakfast nook set is designed to deliver a casual restful ambiance in your kitchen. The set features one large table, a dining bench, and a corner side chair. The entire set comes with an excellent white finish for that beautiful transitional look. To make the most out of the design, combine it with a darker neutral area rug or an equally neutral wallpaper background. But even on its own, it is a very beautiful piece of furniture.

Kuzma 3 Piece Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Kuzma 3 Piece Breakfast Nook Dining Set

This quality breakfast nook dining set is the picture of minimalist design and excellent functionality. Its compact build ensures it can be placed even in smaller places, including a small studio or apartment. The set is constructed from a sturdy metal frame with the tabletop and benchtops finished up with wood. The black industrial finish on the metal combines perfectly with the espresso finishing on the wood to create that incredibly beautiful look.

Padstow 3 Piece Solid Wood Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Padstow 3 Piece Solid Wood Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Featuring a two-tone finish and excellent classic appeal, this breakfast nook set is made from solid wood for excellent durability. The set features two benches and one table. The tabletops come with a classic pecan finish while the rest of the piece gets a modern more sophisticated white hue. The second bench also features u shaped design, enough to seat up to five people. There are also several hidden storage units on the bench that you can use anytime.

Artin 5 Piece Dining Set

Artin 5 Piece Dining Set

This five-piece breakfast dining set is designed to deliver class and elegance into any space. The set comes with an incredibly beautiful two-tone finish including a breathtaking buttermilk appeal and the more sophisticated cherry finish. The table is designed from manufactured wood and features a modern pedestal base as well. The four chairs, on the other hand, have curved legs and a high back for extra comfort for everyone in your household.

Desouza 3 Piece Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Desouza 3 Piece Breakfast Nook Dining Set

This beautiful nook dining set achieves two crucial things. First, it provides a lot of seating area and secondly, it brings a lot of aesthetic appeal into your home. The set comes with one large table and two benches, one of which features a U-shaped design with a high back. The table, on the other hand, is made from sturdy manufactured wood and strikes the perfect rectangular silhouette that will transform your kitchen with immense class.

Balfor 6 Piece Extendable Solid Wood Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Balfor 6 Piece Extendable Solid Wood Breakfast Nook Dining Set

This beautiful breakfast dining set is designed for large families that love to gather around and enjoy each other’s company. The set features a large table, four chairs, and one large bench. It should be enough to sit more than five people at any given time. The set is constructed from beautiful mahogany-finished rubberwood, designed to offer that beautiful casual appeal in your kitchen or dining area.

Balfor 5 Piece Extendable Solid Wood Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Balfor 5 Piece Extendable Solid Wood Breakfast Nook Dining Set

This traditional dining set is made from high-quality rubberwood and features a dark brown wood grain finish that will add a balance of texture into your home. The set has one large table and a total of four nicely curved high back chairs. The table also has an additional butterfly leaf that can be used to extend tabletop space if needed. Combine the set with a bold accent carpet for the best results.

Paniz 3 Piece Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Paniz 3 Piece Breakfast Nook Dining Set

This modern breakfast nook set features a minimalist design that will blend into any décor scheme in your home. The set comes with an espresso finished tabletop, sitting on a sturdy metal frame for amazing contrast. The unit features one table and two stools. Although the set will require some assembly, it is easy to set up even for people with minimal handyman skills. The nook is mostly casual and playful but be sure to combine it with greenery for the best décor value.

3 Piece Breakfast Nook Dinning Set

3 Piece Breakfast Nook Dinning Set

Lillard 3 Piece Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Lillard 3 Piece Breakfast Nook Dining Set

In case you are looking for a breakfast set that offers quality seating and additional storage, then this is the set for you. First, it comes with a farmhouse-inspired table design and two stools. On one side of the table, you get three additional shelves for extra storage. The table is relatively large though which can be a downside for smaller spaces. Nonetheless, its natural wood grain tabletop sitting on a sturdy metal frame should provide enough décor value for any home.

Breakfast nook set 12

Now that's a slick booth! I'd change the pillows and upholstery color, but the design is awesome.

Chelsea Cushion Set - Brown PVC *Nook NOT included*

Are you dreaming of an extraordinary comfort and intriguing design in your kitchen? Then, this amazing, stylish and functional cushion set is gonna perfectly fulfill all of your expectations and needs.

Home Life Tyler 4 Piece Counter Height Table Bench Set Dining Dinette 150244 Black & Cognac

An exquisite 4-piece counter height table bench set will add elegance and warmth to any dining area or breakfast nook. The color of the finish is rich and dark and the gently sloping seats provide the needed comfort for the user.

Breakfast 3 Piece Dining Table Set

Breakfast 3 Piece Dining Table Set

It is a great breakfast set that includes one table and two stools. They have got a wood construction, marble laminate top, elegant white finish and classic look. This set is perfect for your everyday meals.