Small Breakfast Nooks

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Breakfast nooks are a cozy place to kick-start your day. It’s a more informal and easy-going alternative to eating your cereal and drinking orange juice at the dining table. It also doubles as an excellent location for a casual lunch or hosting a friend for coffee. If your home has modest square footage, these picks for the eight best small breakfast nooks seat up to four people, perfect for tucking into smaller spaces.

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Updated 27/05/2022
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Pine Solid Wood Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Pine Solid Wood Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Gracie Oaks

What we like: The modern upholstery

What we don’t like: Having a bench instead of chairs makes this set less adaptable

Not so great for: Rooms with warm color palettes

Perfect for: A chic, contemporary feel

This small breakfast nook takes the traditional shape of a high-back wooden farmhouse bench and table and gives it a twist with its sleek white paint job and contemporary upholstery.

This solid pine wood breakfast nook comprises a table and two benches and requires full assembly. It features a small shelf in the corner, ideal for displaying a potted plant or scented candle.


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Solid Wood Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Solid Wood Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Alcott Hill®

What we like: The elegantly carved table legs

What we don’t like: The round tabletop is less space-efficient

Not so great for: Using as a combination dining area/home office

Perfect for: Hosting afternoon tea

If you want to add some turn-of-the-century charm to your breakfast experience, look no further than this dainty round top pedestal table. Perfect for a small kitchen nook, this solid wooden three piece seats two comfortably.

Its glossy dark wood finish and the visual appeal of its carved legs bring a touch of class to your kitchen. Also included are two high-backed upholstered chairs. The chairs feature zig-zag springs that prevent sagging for long-lasting comfort, and the anti-slip pads at the bottom of the chair legs and table prevent scratches to your floors. 


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Counter Height Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Counter Height Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse®

What we like: The eye-catching K-shaped support beams

What we don’t like: Can only be sat at on one side

Not so great for: Face-to-face dining or family meals

Perfect for: Fitting neatly against a wall

This small breakfast nook table in soft gray or beige seats two side-by-side. Its compact design means that you can easily find space for it against one of your walls. Standing at a height of 36”, with a tabletop space of 54”x 24”, it is also suitable for working or studying at.

Pair this model with a stripped back industrial interior for maximum impact.

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4 Person Dining Table Set

4 Person Dining Table Set

17 Stories

What we like: The extra storage shelf underneath the bench

What we don’t like: The asymmetry of a bench and chairs

Not so great for: Color options; only available in black

Perfect for: Storing napkins and tableware

This smart suite of breakfast nook furniture combines style with practicality. The generous rectangular table has plenty of space to accommodate four diners. The set offers several seating options, including two walnut-colored wooden chairs and an ingeniously designed bench with incorporated storage.

This is an excellent choice if you need a breakfast nook idea for a small space. The bench can fit neatly underneath the table when not in use to increase your floor space.

$173.99 $209.99

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4 Person Breakfast Nook Dining Set

4 Person Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Wade Logan®

What we like: The chic modern floating tabletop

What we don’t like: Booth-only seating

Not so great for: Keeping clean due to the white paintwork

Perfect for: A young professional couple

This avant-garde breakfast nook dining set will be a conversation starter with all your guests. The combination of white faux leather and chrome tabletop and stainless steel accents add a bold modern touch to your breakfast space without compromising on comfort or practicality.

This small breakfast nook dining set packs a big punch in terms of aesthetics with its asymmetrical support column and floating tabletop.

$1880 $4049.6

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Black Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Black Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Winston Porter

What we like: The latticed metalwork

What we don’t like: PVC tabletop is not the most resilient

Not so great for: Placing heavy-duty kitchen appliances, such as a blender or coffee maker on

Perfect for: A chic brunch setting

This gorgeous 3-piece breakfast nook is perfect for a small space in the corner of your kitchen or a studio apartment. This set includes a small dining table, a comfortable corner bench, and a roomy exterior bench.

The PVC countertop comes in a gorgeous mottled black and beige pattern reminiscent of natural stone. Upgrade your space with this dainty addition to your kitchen furniture. 

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Breakfast Nook Dining Set With Stools

Breakfast Nook Dining Set With Stools

What we like: The inbuilt shelf and cabinet

What we don’t like: The stools don’t offer any back support

Not so great for: Storing neatly; the stools don’t tuck under the tabletop

Perfect for: A quick mid-morning coffee break

This fun alternative to a traditional set of breakfast nook furniture replaces fixed benches with a set of tall stools, lending this model a level of flexibility that makes it perfect for a breakfast nook in a small space. Each stool is a comfortable 24” high, with a crossbar for resting feet and a padded upholstered surface. The accompanying table boasts two built-in shelves and built-in cabinet space.

Place this set near a sunny window and enjoy a relaxing coffee break with everything you need within arm’s reach.

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Small Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Small Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Orren Ellis

What we like: The mid-century silhouette

What we don’t like: Only available in gray

Not so great for: Traditional or farmhouse kitchens

Perfect for: Creating a retro ambiance or for a modern Scandi-style home

When it comes to breakfast nook ideas for a small kitchen, there’s no need to look any further than this handsome model, which emulates a mid-century retro feel without being kitsch. The L-shaped diamond-quilted backbenches, supported by tapered metal legs, make for a comfortable seating experience, while the 39.5” x 39.5” square tabletop provides all the space a family of four needs to have breakfast together.

$2000 $3176.8

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Small Breakfast Nooks

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Morning is often a busy time, and for families where nearly everyone goes off to work or school and is gone for most of the day, the evening isn’t much of a slow-down. A breakfast nook can help keep the morning meal contained in the same place as meal prep. But a small kitchen might not have a lot of space for a breakfast nook.

It all depends on the number of people you want to seat comfortably at once. Generally speaking, you need a space at least 22 inches wide by 15 inches deep for each place setting.

The idea is to arrange a breakfast nook without interfering with the necessary paths for meal prep. Here are some ideas:

  • Small Drop-Leaf Table and Push-in Chairs

A small drop-leaf table with a pair of matching chairs that push in under it can provide a place to seat a couple youngsters or two adults for a fast meal before heading out the door. With the kitchen triangle close at hand, it is scarcely any trouble at all to rinse tableware so that it will be easy to clean at the end of the day – or even before heading out.

  • An oval table and barrel chair set with storage

If you love a good book with your morning tea, this is the table set for you! When it is not in use, this table looks like a wrap-around bookshelf. But it is really an oval table with a storage cupboard hidden under it, flanked by two barrel chairs that could easily also have little storage drawers under the seats. It is the perfect place to hide that steamy novel or to keep track of your great-grandmother’s hand sewn book of special recipes. Bold, beautiful and just a little bit sneaky, this table and barrel chair set will be the perfect complement to your morning tea and crumpets.

  • Gate Leg Table with Matching Stools

No time, no space, no problem. A cute little gate leg table provides a hiding place for two stools, and the gate leg drop leaf adds enough space that you can set out both the honey bear and the sugar bowl, as well as your plate of pancakes and favorite morning drink. When breakfast is done, the leaf can go down and the stools can be stashed under the table, making it a spare bit of counter space.

Some kitchens are so tiny there isn’t room for a table. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t plan for a good breakfast. Dedicate a little counter space to a toaster, a drip percolator, and a pair of cold cereal dispensers. If it’s close to the refrigerator, so much the better because your milk and juice will be handy. Add a stool or two, and you are good to go.

Breakfast is said to be one of the most important meals of the day because it fuels you up for the hours ahead. But it can also be the meal where the dishes are left to set for eight to ten hours, making it one of the messiest meals of the day. Add a small microwave to hour breakfast mini-bar, and keep frozen breakfast burritos on hand to gain some morning protein and cut down on cleanup.

Best Ideas

Breakfast nooks for small kitchens 1

This L-shaped banquette bench is a nice option for when you might not have too much floor space in your interior, since it will fit easily into your kitchen nook, creating some more room for convenient eating.

Small breakfast nook

I just love the way this kitchen is set up. What a creative idea to put storage shelves hidden in the benches, which themselves give the room a very unique, restaurant-like look. Very vintage and traditional.

Breakfast banquette

LOVE this little dining nook! It would be the perfect size for me, and I would actually sit down for a meal...

Breakfast nooks for small kitchens

If you kitchen has not enough place for the standard table and chairs, you can try to arrange the little breakfast nook. The bench could have the storage place hidden inside for rarely used pots and crockery.

Small kitchen bench seating

This looks like our corner in our kitchen/dining room. Great way to utilize every nook and cranny. Id love this!

Dining table with drawer

The dining table with drawers makes your kitchen so lovely and cosy. It can perfectly work as a kitchen nook in every small dining room. Drawers enable to store a huge amount of your things, which makes it even more suitable for small houses.

Breakfast nooks for small kitchens


Small kitchen table solutions

Kitchen Nook...I so want a nook like this in my dream home..for breakfast and just light meals..small family times!!

Ashley dining room table 5

7 Genius Ways to Design a Small Space - Dining Corner

L shaped banquette bench

This amazing booth will serve your interior perfectly, since it will allow you to save plenty of space normally used for a table. It sports a design incredibly suitable for a small kitchen and will make your family more comfortable.

Small kitchen booth

... Built in sitting area for small eat in kitchen ... | kitchen spa perfect for the new kitchen

Breakfast tables for two

How to build a romantic seat for two: Build your own retro dining nook for a cosy corner. Sure you could cuddle on the lounge with a box of chocolates, but to get really intimate, how about enjoying breakfast, or a lovely meal and a glass of wine, in this

Dining table with 10 chairs

5 Things We Learned From the 2013 Small Cool Kitchens Contest | The Kitchn

White corner bookshelf

This breakfast nook is bright and cozy! Love the vintage feel and the contrasting light and dark tones. Perfect for that morning energizer.

Dining tables with drawers

A beautiful kitchen arrangement, which is a combination of white and black. It features a white dining table with chairs and a fixed bench with black leather seats. The bench and the kitchen shelves are the same design.

Kitchen counter on wheels

Great idea - use a dresser on casters as both a small island and a table for a banquette seat. Lighting - Kitchen Design Tips From HGTV Stars on HGTV

Small space breakfast nook ideas

Kitchen Addition: Breakfast Nook, Part 5 – A Tufted Bench

Breakfast nook if your short on space this is the

Breakfast Nook: if your short on space this is the way to go to make the most of your living area: Adding a leaf table will expand seating with a bench seat and or chairs on the other side when needed for additional guests:-)

Breakfast nook for sale

This is a breakfast nook set with a table, bench and L-shaped booth. These products have got hardwood frames with a white, painted finish and they feature beveled edges. They are durable and their weight capacity is 250 pounds.

Counter height narrow table

Scandinavian stylization in the house. This small breakfast nook set consists of a table with round marble top its frame and frames of two chairs are made of lightweight but durable wood. Each chair provides back support.

Perfect for a breakfast nook

Perfect for a breakfast nook!

Corner hutches for dining room

Kitchen nook in flat in Göteborg in Sweden. the house was originally built in the early 1900's in order to provide housing for retired sea captains and sailors.

I am a huge fan of the banquet the bailey

I am a huge fan of the banquet! The Bailey boys love ours! I say go big when it comes to kitchen seating...I have had 20 people sitting at mine! This one is a bit small.

20 tiny breakfast nooks for two with space saving goodness

20 Tiny Breakfast Nooks for Two with Space-Saving Goodness