Coca Cola Furniture


For all you fans of the nation's favorite soda, we give you Coca Cola themed furniture. It's delicious, it helps settle an upset stomach, and now, it can be a home decor decision that will make you smile whenever you enter the area. All of these pieces have been certified by Coke, and will give your home an added flair. For your Coca Cola themed furniture, see collection.

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Our Picks

Coca Cola Craftsman Built Designer Coke Unique 1938 Westinghouse Sofa Couch

Coca Cola Craftsman Built Designer Coke Unique 1938 Westinghouse Sofa Couch

Beautiful color and attractive look of this game room sofas with coca cola motif is a perfect combination that impresses. The whole is reliable and durable, and impressive finishing makes the interior is attractive.

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Coca cola furniture 1

A great set for game rooms, teenagers' rooms, and bachelor pads. Consisted of 1 sofa and 2 matching arm chairs, the set boasts of red and white Coca-Cola upholstery, with seats, sides and backs ribbed for extra comfort.

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Vitro, CCRTC, Coca-Cola Dinette Furniture Set with 24"x42" Rectangle Table and 4 Bullseye Chair Set, Red & White

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Vintage coca cola coke trash can mid

Vintage coca cola coke trash can mid

An authentic vintage (1950's) metal dustbin with a cylindrical cream-painted casing featuring a red stylised "Drink Coca-Cola" print. It has a silvery-finished base, a dome top with a silvery push-operated swing door, a metal insert.

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Coca cola table

A great choice for enhancing your game room or bachelor pad with old-fashioned Coca-Cola furniture. This vintage dresser has a top with hand-painted chessboard, and 5 storage drawers - each embellished with a weathered logo.

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Distressed coca cola table made of

Distressed coca cola table made of

Solid wood construction in this simple bench with a coca cola finish makes the interior design more attractive. Simple design with attractive finishes creates a whole interesting ideal for various interiors.

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Coca cola shipping crate table 5 cent

Coca cola shipping crate table 5 cent

The simple soapbox table made of the old wooden box. It is really simple and consumer really the small amount of space. Perfect solution for the space limited interiors. If you are retro design fan - it is totally for you!

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Coca cola coca cola high back pub set furniture diner

Coca Cola Coca-Cola High Back Pub Set Furniture Diner Resataurant Kitchen Booths Tables Chairs Bar Stools

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Coca cola table and chairs 2

Coca Cola Table and Chairs

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Up cycled repurposed coca cola crate end

Up cycled repurposed coca cola crate end

This is an awesome idea for a small side table that would amaze anyone and bring you lot of compliments from your guests. Especially if you enjoy drinking coke you'll love it. Its small size makes it very convenient and matching any room.

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Coca Cola Furniture

Buying Guide

The Coca-Cola brand and logo have been around since the 1880s, and now people across the globe drink the popular beverage. The product is so well known that fans of it want their furniture emblazoned with its logo.

The font that is commonly found on Coca Cola furniture is based on script developed by Platt Rogers Spencer, a 19th-century American teacher. His cursive system of penmanship was widely used in schools from about 1850 to 1925.

Some historians credit either company head Asa Chandler or Frank Robinson, his bookkeeper, with coming up with the logo in cursive script about 1887. This style and its subsequent manifestations were so popular that when the company charged to a block style in 1965, the public outcry was great. Within a few years, the company went back to a font that looked more like previous ones.

People choose Coca Cola furniture because it:

  • Stirs nostalgia in them
  • Offers functionality
  • Makes a bold and interesting decorating statement

Coca Cola sofas

How about a sofa that looks like a cutout view of an insulated picnic cooler? The seating area is white and the “frame” is bright red with “Coca Cola” written on the side. A nice choice for a family room. A set with a three-seat sofa and two matching armchairs is available. The brand logo in white is on these backrests of this set that has the glossiness of furniture covered in plastic slipcovers. Though casual, it still has a sophisticated look.

Coca Cola dressers

For a room that is a game room, contains found art or has a ramshackle look, try a dresser with five drawers with a distressed finish. Each drawer contains the name of a soft drink brand, among them Coca Cola, Pepsi and RC Cola. With this piece, add to your decor and add to your storage space too.

Coca Cola tables and chairs

A set with a round white table and four red chairs might have a place in a breakfast nook. The chairs have chrome legs and vinyl upholstery. A nightstand has a face with four windows framed in white and sides that are made from crates bearing the Coca Cola logo.

Coca Cola dining benches

For those people who like going to diners or remember them fondly, they can choose a comfortable bench upholstered in red and white leather. It comes with a rectangular white table that is stabilized by a chrome pole set on crisscross feet. Work with Coca Cola as an inspiration by acquiring a desk with eight drawers that are Coca Cola crates. When finished working, eat or drink on a branded picnic table. It’s red with two attached benches.

Best Ideas

Coca cola furniture 8

A real bargain for all vintage fans and coca cola lovers. This awesome set of furniture is made from old Coca Cola coolers, which looking i.e. at the chair seems to be a pretty clever idea.

Coca cola table and chairs

A great set to bring some retro accents into your home, with those striking red Coca-Cola pieces of furniture. Consisted of 1 sofa and 2 matching arm chairs, the set is upholstered in a durably vinyl, has removable cushions, and tapered wood legs with brass caps.

Coca cola furniture 7

A proposition, which shall enchant not only the Coca Cola fans, but basically all, who like vintage design. This fabulous Coca-Coca island will be a gorgeous addition to any rustic or retro dining rooms.

Coca cola original country wall shelf

Coca cola original country wall shelf

If you are looking for a fancy idea of creating awesome looking shelves for your local or home you would love it for sure. This is an example of how to re-use things to create something that would look great and be very handy.

A general store display to use for organizing goodbye house

A General Store Display to use for organizing. goodbye, house. Hello, Home! Homemaking, Interior Design Blog, Staging, DIY

Antique coca cola cooler repurposed into a kitchen island or

Antique Coca-Cola Cooler repurposed into a kitchen island or bar or a man cave!

3020 coca cola ice cream parlor set w two chairs

3020: Coca-Cola Ice Cream Parlor Set w/Two Chairs

Coca cola furniture 3

The accented table in this edition takes on a whole new meaning - because this accent is the most popular logo in the world - Coca-Cola. Raw wood also creates a monumental chest, which is an opened table top painted in Coca-Cola colors.

Coca cola furniture for sale

Vintage Coco-Cola crate and old table base up-cycled into a pool cue rack.

Coca cola victor c 31

Coca-Cola Victor C-31

50er cola kuhlschrank

50er Cola Kühlschrank

About red metal coca cola cocacola coke glass bistro table


Coca cola trash can

Four juicy red Coca Cola chairs with sheen vinyl upholstery make a flawless match for a round chrome table. Such nostalgic dining setting for four provides instantaneous 1950s style in a kitchen nook.

Coca cola furniture 18

Improve your kitchen, bar, or restaurant by using this elegant Coca Cola set, consisted of 1 stylish bench and 1 retro table. The bench is padded, upholstered in a red and white leather, and has an espresso-finished flat base. The table rests on a chrome pole with 4 flat legs for stability.