Kitchen Islands On Casters

Sometimes it's easier to clean a space, if there is nothing in it. But your kitchen island is heavy and hard to move. With kitchen islands on casters, simply roll away the island, clean underneath, then roll it back. This is also a great addition to a kitchen where more space in certain areas is needed. Just move the island to compensate. And lockable casters keep it in place.

Best Products

Troche Kitchen Island

Troche Kitchen Island
An ideal kitchen cart for small spaces, the compact island offers style and mobility. A 60” x 20” countertop provides a functional workspace in a gorgeous natural wood grain that varies between products. Versatile and chic, you can use this to add cooking space to your kitchen or wheel it out to the living room as a bar cart.

Metro Mobile Kitchen Island with Solid Walnut Top

Metro Mobile Kitchen Island with Solid Walnut Top
Perfect for serving and preparing food, the solid walnut top makes this kitchen island a showstopper. The 36” x 20” workspace allows you plenty of room for cooking and food preparation, but the added mobility of the caster wheels mean you can easily move this cart out of the way to increase the floor space in your kitchen.

Jordao Kitchen Island Set

Jordao Kitchen Island Set
Use this multifunctional piece as a kitchen island for cooking or additional seating. Providing 29.53” x 26.38” of extra counter space, this solid wood island can be extended using the drop-down leaf. Two square bar stools that store easily under the cart make fantastic additional seating when you’re entertaining. Two drawers provide ample space for storing utensils and other small items.

Adelbert 2 Drawer Kitchen Island

Adelbert 2 Drawer Kitchen Island
This stunning solid fir wood piece can be used as a portable kitchen island or a stylish bar cart. With locking caster wheels, it’s easy to transport from one room to the next and provides two sturdy black cast-iron shelves for storage. A distressed look means this unit is great for a rustic farmhouse, and no two pieces have identical wood grain.

Berkley Kitchen Island with Stainless Steel Top

Berkley Kitchen Island with Stainless Steel Top
It is a kitchen island that is available in two colors: espresso and white. It has got a stainless steel top, two drawers and three storage cabinets with shelf. You will be impressed how cool this island is.

Hamilton Fixed Reclaimed Wood Marble Top Kitchen Table Large

Hamilton Fixed Reclaimed Wood Marble Top Kitchen Table Large
A buffet table with a solid and attractve marble top brings the simple style into the kitchen or a living room. It is made of pine wood an its mobility is enhanced thanks to its wheels. A wax finish protects the wood from damage.

Industrial Rustic Hardwood 6 Drawer Bedroom Jewelry Vanity Dresser Cart On Wheel

Industrial Rustic Hardwood 6 Drawer Bedroom Jewelry Vanity Dresser Cart On Wheel
A beautiful example of upcycling. This homemade project presents a wooden dresser on wheels. Made from an old kitchen cart, with 6 drawers, will add functionality to your bedroom. Has the size of: 60" L X 16" D X 36" H.

Our advice Buying Guide

In the past few decades kitchens have transformed from drab and boring, to stylish, ergonomic and warm spaces that club functionality with aesthetics. Be it fixtures, appliances, cabinets or accessories, everything is about maximizing space utilization without compromising on design.

Yet, some choices continue to be stuck in the past, dominated more by tradition than by practicality and creativity. An in-built kitchen island is one such addition.

Don’t get us wrong. If you have a spacious open kitchen, there’s no better choice than an in-built island. But if you live in an apartment or have limited space in your kitchen, a kitchen island on casters is a much better choice.

It’s versatile and cost effective. It gives you an extra work surface, more room for storage and can even serve as a cart when you entertain. If you are shopping for one, then here are some of the basic things to keep in mind.

How to measure for kitchen islands on casters?

The idea is to pick a kitchen island on casters that fits into your kitchen. Anything oversized will severely limit movement. Not to mention that it will be more of an eyesore than a focal point.

Measure your kitchen and base your selection around it. The standard size of premade kitchen carts is 36” (L) and 20” (W). You always have the option to create a bespoke one tailored to your preferences.

While storage spaces like drawers and shelves seem appealing, you need to factor in the extra room needed to open them and move around.

How to select the kitchen island top?

The surface of your kitchen island on casters should be in sync with its intended use.

  • If it’s going to be used primarily as a workspace for preparing food, then a heavy duty, thick surface like a butcher’s block might be a good option. However, these require timely maintenance and frequent sealing to prevent warping.
  • A wood top is elegant and can double up as a dining surface. The only caveat is that you cannot use it directly to chop meat or food.
  • If you have a modern kitchen, then stainless steel is an excellent choice. It is heat, rust and stain resistant. You’d still need to use a chopping board for cutting food though.

What storage options do you have with kitchen islands?

  • Open-tiered shelves are one of the easiest ways to store your knick-knacks and get easy access to them from all directions. But they can be a magnet for dust. And if you are not that great an organizer, another excuse for ungainly clutter.
  • Cupboards keep the clutter out of sight and prevent dust and dirt from accumulating.
  • If you love entertaining, you can look for kitchen islands that have an integrated caddy to keep your bottles safe.

What kitchen island design should you choose?

There’s no dearth of mobile kitchen island designs and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Your eventual choice is a personalized decision. But if you are stuck for ideas, then go with one that blends in with the rest of the décor in terms of color and finish.

You can go traditional, with wood work and detailing or go contemporary with industrial design elements infused into them.

A drop leaf design can be particularly useful for serving and tasks like rolling dough.

Kitchen islands on casters are a snazzy addition that can liven up your kitchen space in no time. Consider these factors to narrow down on one that fits your requirements.



Kitchen island with a lot of drawers and open shelves in various sizes for storing needed stuff. Base is made of wood and fitted with stone top. Traditional form and functional design for each home.

Kitchen island on wheels with seating

A retro stylised island for small kitchens. Its base has a pale green finish. A rectangular wooden drop-leaf top is painted in light brown. The island has a 1-shelf sliding door cabinet and 2 drawers with nickel pulls, 2 towel racks, locked casters.

Wheels for kitchen island

Contemporary setup for a spacious kitchen with an industrial element. The kitchen island is made out of stainless steel with a galvanized finish and a slight coat of patina, which combines nicely with the smooth wooden top.

Kitchen islands on casters 1

Kitchen island in industrial style. Metal base is mounted on wheels and fitted with open shelf. Rectangular top is made of wood. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Kitchen islands on casters

This unique island kitchen is the perfect solution for any home. Beautiful woodwork, extremely solid construction, numerous shelves and drawers, large countertop and fine details create an incredibly functional whole.

Industrial style kitchen island

Durable wooden kitchen island with caster wheels for enhanced mobility. It includes a simple rectangular top and a lower shelf. Five storage drawers assure additional, practical storage space for different accessories.

Kitchen islands on casters

Industrial kitchen cart with three acacia wood tiers - that's enough space to store dinnerware and pottery. The metal frame offers side bars to hang towels and lockable caster wheels that define its mobility.

Expedit kitchen island

Unique, modern set of furniture intended to dining room or kitchen. It is composed of four bar stools with seats covered with dark leather and kitchen island with marble desktop, which can be used as a dining table. Due to wheels it is movable.

Kitchen table with wheels

... kitchen islands on wheels The Benefits Of Small Kitchen Islands On

Kitchen island casters

Nobody likes to look at the wall while preparing meals. Thanks to the white classic wooden kitchen island on casters, cooking, washing and preparing food will become more comfortable. Especially when it is enriched with a granite gray table top.

Bar on casters

Kitchen island mounted on wooden frame and fitted with wheels. It has open shelf and a lot of drawers in various sizes for storing pots, dinnerware and others kitchen accessories. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Kitchen island on wheels uk

Kitchen island mounted on metal base and fitted with wheels for easy movement. Wooden top has large usable surface. Includes open shelf for storing pots, dinnerware, tableware and others kitchen accessories.

Kitchen island on casters

Kitchen Island On Casters

Kitchen islands with wheels

A splendid piece for making your serving area much more functional. This kitchen island uses wooden construction with a weathered finish, 8 storage drawers and 1 rustic tabletop, while resting on working caster wheels for easy mobility.

Belmont white kitchen island

Belmont White Kitchen Island

Free standing kitchen islands with seating

Thanks to this functional kitchen island you can take your cooking skills to another level. Crafted of wood and covered in a white finish, the island has a wide top, 1 open shelf, and strong legs equipped with caster wheels for easy motion.

Kitchen islands and tables on wheels remodelista

Kitchen Islands and Tables on Wheels: Remodelista

Kitchen island casters

In the picture I can see nine examples of casters for kitchen islands. These wheels are made of different materials and they are supported by durable metal frames in very attractive gold, metal, black and other types of finish.

Industrial kitchen islands

A splendid piece for making your serving area much more functional. This kitchen island uses wooden construction with a white finish and a rustic tabletop, while resting on working caster wheels for easy mobility.

Kitchen island casters 10

Durable and practical kitchen island with additional extension on caster wheels. Solid wooden frame features a rectangular marble top in neutral white finish. Its green wooden frame includes practical and spacious storage drawers.

Kitchen island with casters

Straight from the vintage vault of functional furniture, this lovely island can be a great booster for your kitchen. Constructed of sturdy wood and covered in black and cherry, it features beautifully turned legs, 1 open shelf, 1 widened top, and caster wheels for easy motion.

Kitchen ca rts serving trolleys

Kitchen Ca rts & Serving Trolleys

Kitchen island casters 1

An aesthetic traditional kitchen island of wooden materials in white but a marble-style top in greys and browns. It features fluted corner posts, ornate undertop brackets, a full base. Two drawers and a 2-door shelved cabinet have mushroom pulls.

Kitchen island with wheels

Craftsmanship of this kitchen island is able to improve any room in your house, and at the same time grant you with a movable and functional piece. Island has a large, thick wooden top and one 2-door cabinet with enough space for storage. It moves on caster wheels that don't mark floors.

Hide kitchen island casters 1

hide kitchen island casters

Kitchen island made of reclaimed oak with steel base and

Kitchen Island made of reclaimed oak with steel base and casters

White kitchen island on wheels

Wide plank floors, beadboard ceilings, and high gloss black trim. Don't care for the wood used on the island though

Locking casters for kitchen island

IKEA Expedit hack—clever cleverness. Put it up on big thick legs. Add a hanging file drawer on the open part to make it more of a work bench.

Island with wheels

Now I want an island in my kitchen. put it on casters so I can roll it as a serving cart and out of the way.

Island on wheels

Kitchen island mounted on wheels for easy movement. Base is made of wood and fitted with steel top. Includes 2 open shelves for storing pots, tableware and more. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Expedit wheels

Rollaway island for the patio/garden :)

Home Styles Home Styles Napa Kitchen Cart

Capacious kitchen cart on four lockable rolling casters that make the piece very mobile. Thanks to multiple shelves hidden behind cabinet doors you may store all the kitchenware and accessories. The cart has drawers too.

Kitchen islands on wheels 13 astonishing stenstorp kitchen island

kitchen islands on wheels: 13 Astonishing Stenstorp Kitchen Island ...

Retro kitchen island

Love this idea of a kitchen island on wheels, move it out of the way, or put it where you want/ need it.

Free standing kitchen island ikea

This small, yet nice looking center island is a proposition from IKEA. Its Vika Hyttan stainless steel countertop and Vika Byske legs correspond perfectly well with the black plywood.

Kitchen island on wheels

With this mobile cutting table you will be able to put your skills to the test, anywhere around your house. The piece is assembled of plywood, offers several open storage compartments, a wide top, and functional caster wheels.

Love the white kitchen but with color infused i also

Love the white kitchen, but with color infused. I also love the island with the table on wheels so you can use it elsewhere if/when needed

Kitchen island on casters

A good choice for making your kitchen more functional and country-looking. The kitchen island is made of wood, including 2 open shelves, 1 wooden plank top, and 4 straight legs. Each shelf is characterized by a slatted design.

Kitchen bench on wheels

Make the island look like a piece of furniture (moveable if necessary - maybe not with granite) so can be used as a buffet for the kitchen table. Round the edges since people will be walking around it. Only have chairs on one side?

Exquisite kitchen island on casters in beautiful blue and white

Exquisite kitchen island on casters in beautiful blue and white with ...

Reclaimed wood industrial kitchen island on casters bar galvanized pipe

Reclaimed wood industrial kitchen Island on casters, bar, galvanized pipe, grey cedar box, fir top, metal latch

Kitchen cart with cutting board 1

Boost counterspace with an island on casters. During cleanup or while entertaining, just roll it out of the way! More storage inspiration: