Drop Leaf Kitchen Island

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If you want to maximize your kitchen space, a drop leaf kitchen island is the perfect solution. You can place your island against a wall or in the center of your kitchen – either way, the drop leaf feature will be a great addition. You can use it to seat extra guests or make more room when you’re prepping dinner. Whatever your plans, we’ve picked out a few of our favorite drop leaf kitchen islands you’re guaranteed to love. 

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Updated 12/04/2023
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Light Brown Drop Leaf Kitchen Island

Light Brown Drop Leaf Kitchen Island

Made from solid rubberwood and manufactured wood, this island has a butcher-block countertop for any aspiring chefs. Also including a handy tea towel rack, two drawers and four doors give you all the storage you’ll need. The caster wheels lock, too.

Designer Advice:

The versatile light brown color of this island would look good in a modern or more traditionally designed kitchen. We recommend placing it against a spare wall to make the most of the pull-out space. As it pulls out to the side and not the back, you can ensure you’re not blocking the rest of the kitchen.

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Farmhouse Drop Leaf Island for Kitchen

Farmhouse Drop Leaf Island for Kitchen

Gracie Oaks

Available in a generous nineteen finishes, including yellow wood and aquamarine, this island is made of solid wood. It features two wide interior shelves. Plus, a door covers one half of the island to hide clutter. No assembly is required.

$1499.99 $1409.99

Designer Advice:

The door included with this island is both functional and a gorgeous nod to farmhouse style décor. You can make the most of this door feature by placing larger items such as serving dishes in the concealed side. Then, organize your dishes neatly and display them proudly in the open part for a down-to-earth country kitchen look.

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Contemporary Drop Leaf Kitchen Island

Contemporary Drop Leaf Kitchen Island

Red Barrel Studio®

Featuring a hydraulic hinge, metal handles, and a magnetic door catch, this island is impressively up-to-date. A double door storage cabinet and three drawers give you a place to store utensils and other crockery. Two of the five wheels lock in place.

Designer Advice:

The contemporary look of this island is chic and on-trend. Whether you choose black, gray, or white, the clean lines and integrated modern features will impress guests instantly. We think it would look best on tiled floor – just make sure to put rubber protectors underneath the wheels if you’re worried about scratches. 

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Multi Cupboard Kitchen Island with Drop Leaf

Multi Cupboard Kitchen Island with Drop Leaf

Lark Manor™

Clean-lined, this island has a contrasting light brown wood top. You can choose from either a black or off-white base. Constructed from solid wood, there are several differently sized shelves behind doors as well as two drawers. Wheels are included.

$329.99 $419.99

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Kitchen Island with Large Drop Leaf

Kitchen Island with Large Drop Leaf

Incorporating seating space, a prep area, and storage in one, this island has it all. Crafted from reclaimed wood with a natural finish, it has three drawers and two shelves. Moreover, you can choose from a steel, concrete, or wood tabletop.

Designer Advice:

This island is best for integrating a kitchen and dining room in one. It may be expensively priced, but it does offer a lot of useful functions, including a decently sized dining table. It would be best suited for a wide-open space, as it measures 102 inches wide when fully extended. 

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Best For Storage
Kitchen Island With Drop Leaf and Wheels

Kitchen Island With Drop Leaf and Wheels

Latitude Run®

Perfect For: Compact areas

What We Like: Stain-resistant

This sleek and stylish kitchen island with folding leaf, crafted from durable MDF, is a charming addition to your kitchen. Its beautiful black body with a cream countertop enhances your interiors. It also comes with sturdy locking caster wheels for easy portability.

$197.99 $189.99

Designer Advice:

The drop leaf design of this kitchen island offers more countertop space for when you need to prepare meals or enjoy dinner with your family. You can also fold it down when not in use to save space. The kitchen island also has a cabinet, a drawer, and adjustable shelves for extra storage. Its removable racks provide easy access to jars and towels.

What Users Say:

Well built and easily assembled. It is a handy addition to our kitchen.

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Wide Drop Leaf Kitchen Island

Wide Drop Leaf Kitchen Island

August Grove®

This kitchen island measures an impressive 71.5 inches wide. Available in either white or off-white, the top comes in black or gray. It is crafted from solid poplar and birch wood with oak veneers. Nine open shelves offer storage space.

$1500 $1530

Designer Advice:

Due to the generous size of this island, we recommend it for larger kitchen spaces. This is because it may make a narrower kitchen look even smaller. You could also get creative and use your island in your dining room. Due to its many features, it can function as a bar, serving cart, and general chatting space in one.

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Best For Small Kitchens
Rolling Kitchen Island With Folding Leaf and Cart Handles

Rolling Kitchen Island With Folding Leaf and Cart Handles

Millwood Pines

Perfect For: Vintage and farmhouse decor

What We Like: Removable locking wheels that roll smoothly and noiselessly for easy mobility

What We Don’t Like: Needs assembly

This brown rolling kitchen island with drop leaf is high on function and style, making it a great decor piece for your kitchen. Its elegant yet versatile and compact design offers a smart storage solution for homes that need space-saving furniture.

$212.99 $239.99

Designer Advice:

This sturdy MDF, water-resistant kitchen island has a wood grain design that creates a rustic look. It has a cabinet, a cubby, a drawer, adjustable shelves, racks, towel bars, and hooks that help you neatly store a lot of kitchen staples. You can open its drop leaf top for cooking and eating meals and close it when not in use. 

What Users Say:

This cart is just what we needed. The color matches everything else in the kitchen and is great for storing extra kitchen items out of the way. Having the doors on the front is a nice addition to keep things out of sight.

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Traditional Leaf Kitchen Island

Traditional Leaf Kitchen Island

Birch Lane™

Beautifully designed, the rustic cherry finish of this island is sophisticated and elegant. Crafted completely from solid wood, it features antique brass pulls for vintage flair. It also has four storage drawers and a cabinet. No wheels are included.

$880 $970

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Best Budget
Wooden Rolling Kitchen Island With Drop Leaf

Wooden Rolling Kitchen Island With Drop Leaf


Perfect For: Traditional, cottage, and contemporary interiors

What We Like: Affordable price

If you need a practical and elegant kitchen island with storage, go for this decorative kitchen island with drop leaf. It is small and compact yet has cabinets, adjustable shelves, drawers, and a towel bar.

Designer Advice:

Made of solid and sturdy pine and MDF, this kitchen island has a foldable drop leaf. This increases its usable area for chores and eating dinner- and saves space. Its pastel green body and solid wood finish make it look luxurious and elegant. It also has 360-degree caster wheels.

What Users Say:

I have a smaller kitchen and needed some extra counter space to prep on, and this was perfect. It holds my cookbooks below and has space for my pots and pans. I also think this would be perfect as a microwave stand.

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Small Kitchen Island with Leaf

Small Kitchen Island with Leaf

Darby Home Co

Ideal for studio apartments, this island will store kitchen essentials in its neatly tucked away shelves and cabinets. Made from solid and engineered wood, it comes in cottage oak, off-white, or navy blue. The top is mid-brown with all options.

$800 $960

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Drop Leaf Kitchen Island

Buying Guide

Kitchen islands and carts may be a mainstay of the home today, but it wasn't always that way. Long ago when Victorian kitchens were dark, dingy rooms relegated to the basement, finding an island in the center of the room was rare.

Walk into any kitchen today, on the other hand, and you be surprised not to see an island. This trend started in the 1950s when homes began to increasingly feature open floor plans. Now, whether it's used simply as an additional countertop, an eating area with stools or chairs, or more space for storage, a kitchen island is a must-have.

Here's how to choose kitchen islands and carts for your home...

Size and Shape

Because kitchens are busy, fast-paced environments, the most important thing to keep in mind here is foot traffic. Generally speaking, you'll want between three and four feet of walking space between your island and all other furniture and walls.

If you plan to use the island for seating, factor in the added space a seated person would take up. Concerning adequate countertop space for each seat, you'll want to allow about two feet of width-space per person.

Shapes of kitchen islands and carts vary though you'll find most are rectangular or square. The main decision in shape will concern height. Generally speaking, the height should match that of the rest of your countertops. On the other hand, you might like one side of the island higher or lower than countertop height to accommodate seating on the other side of a workspace.


Kitchen carts don't have to be connected to the floor and may even have wheels, but that doesn't mean they're all portable. If you'd like to be able to roll your cart into the dining area or elsewhere, however, this can be a useful feature for smaller kitchen carts. Rolling butcher blocks and teacarts, for example, are often used in this capacity.

Functional Features

Keep your needs in mind. What are your top activities in the kitchen besides cooking? Do you need a large area to roll out dough and decorate cakes and cookies? Would your kids be doing their homework there? Will the space be used for eating meals or party buffets?

Certainly, any additional work space is always going to be a plus, but you should also decide whether you'd like to use your island for anything besides countertop space. For example, it's common for an island to house a sink, chopping block, or a range and/or oven.


One of the main advantages of a kitchen island or cart is the added storage it provides.

  • Open shelving or shelving behind glass doors can make the perfect place to store decorative items. Whether these items are also functional in your kitchen is optional.
  • If you plan to store functional but unattractive items within your island (think toasters, blenders, and other appliances), consider opting for storage with drawers and/or cupboard doors so that you can close away these items and have a cleaner look.

Worktop Material

  • If your budget permits, maintain decor consistency by choosing the same worktop material as the rest of your countertops.
  • Alternatively, some homeowners opt to cover their entire island with butcher's block wood (usually teak, walnut, birch, or hard maple).
  • If you're using a separate island cart or furniture piece, you can either leave the top as-is or have a piece of marble or granite installed on top.
  • No matter what you choose, it's a good idea to seal whatever material you have on your island as it will inevitably be dirtied during food prep.


Lastly, consider how much you're willing to spend. Keep in mind that built-in kitchen islands will be more expensive than separate pieces, such as tables or carts. The smaller your kitchen island, the less you'll have to spend as well.

If your budget is really tight, think about purchasing a piece of furniture such a sideboard, desk, or dresser and repurposing it as your island. You can even select something second-hand. Just be sure that the back of the piece is as presentable as the front. If the back is unfinished, you might add paint, tiles, or paneling.

A kitchen cart is a multi-purpose addition to your home that can help create extra surface space wherever you need it. Kitchen carts with locking castor wheels are portable and can be transferred to different parts of the kitchen when necessary.

A kitchen cart can act as a makeshift island for your kitchen, creating another space for preparing meals. A kitchen cart with a drop leaf can also act as a pop up breakfast bar, conveniently creating extra seating during meals but still capable of folding down out of the way when you don't need it.

You can also have a large kitchen cart double as a dining table. In a multi-purpose room where you frequently host parties and sit-down dinners, you can save space by having a drop leaf kitchen cart that acts as a bar or buffet table when guests are mingling. Then, when you want to sit down to eat with a few friends, you can simply put the leaves up and add some chairs.

Some kitchen carts are designed to sit up against the wall and act as a bar cart to put out your best glassware and drinks on display. A kitchen cart with shelving underneath is a useful storage tool for keeping your less frequently used china or glasses safe and accessible.

Choose a kitchen cart size that fits within the room’s dimensions, allowing for 3’ to 4’ of open space on either side for walkways. A standard-size kitchen cart is roughly 36” tall and 20” deep. However, the cart you choose will depend on your kitchen’s actual size and where you plan to position it.

For smaller kitchen spaces, start with a minimum of 4’ long and somewhere around 2’ deep. This should allow for walking space around the kitchen cart, so you don’t interfere with traffic coming in and out of the kitchen.

Choose a drop leaf option for increased versatility. With these kitchen cart drop leaf options, the size of the cart remains small but can extend usable surface area when needed. Drop leaf kitchen carts are also ideal for use as temporary islands if you have limited counter space. Keep the leaves down when they aren’t in use to preserve space in your kitchen.

Your existing interior decor style will determine the style of kitchen cart with drop leaf that you should get. That said, traditional-style carts are characterized by medium to dark finishes with intricate detail and classical accents.

Modern kitchen carts come with geometric silhouettes, impartial palettes, and polished planes, making them an ideal focal point yet practical, as well. Contemporary kitchen carts have a more streamlined design, include geometric contours, and may have tempered or arched lines.

This style contains the most texture, hues, finishes, and ultimately visual appeal. So the style of kitchen cart you choose should look and feel cohesive in your existing kitchen.

Items that you use most often should be easily accessible and well organized on your kitchen cart. Whether you have kitchen carts with drawers or rolling top pieces only, treat the top surface as your prepping space and keep it clear.

If the top surface is made of butcher block or another suitable material, you still need to keep a few silicone or plastic chopping mats available here for protection. Place a knife block on the cart to cradle your favorite knives and make them easy to access. If the cart is large enough, add a small crock of your favorite prepping utensils as well.

For carts with shelves or drawers, place commonly used items, prep utensils, and bowls in the second drawer or shelf. The lower shelves are ideal for storing small appliances such as food processors, immersion blenders, and the like.

The best place to put a kitchen cart with drawers is within reaching distance from your kitchen workspace. This allows you to easily access the items stored in the drawers as you need them.

The most common position for a cart with storage and countertop space is in the center of your kitchen as a free-standing island, but you can also place it beneath windows as a plant stand, in a study as a record stand or writing desk, or the living room as a bar cart.

Drawers are useful for holding smaller, frequently used items. Depending on how deep they are, kitchen carts with drawers are versatile, adapting for use in playrooms, craft rooms, or sewing corners.

1. Is a kitchen island a good idea?

  • Kitchen islands are a good idea for any kitchen and especially those that otherwise have limited counter space. They're also useful as a place for added seating and storage. Socially, they often end up as a common place for friends and family to gather while dinner is being prepped or as a place for having your morning coffee or an evening drink.

2. Should I put a sink in my kitchen island?

  • Putting a sink in your kitchen island can be beneficial for several reasons. First, it can make the sink more accessible if there are many people in the kitchen. Next, if you're doing dishes or consistently using the sink in some other capacity, it's easier to socialize or keep an eye on the kids in the next room at the same time when the sink is in the island. Just remember that plumbing will need to be installed there, which will increase your price point significantly.

3. Are kitchen islands still popular?

  • Yes! In fact, the majority of new kitchen builds and remodels feature islands. Kitchen islands and carts are considerably more popular than their most common counterpart: the kitchen peninsula.

  • Choose an island size that allows for at least two to three feet of foot traffic space between all nearby furniture and walls.
  • If your budget is tight, opt for a table, sideboard, teacart, or rolling butcher block that can double as an island.
  • Keep your needs in mind concerning functionality. Kitchen islands can be used for food prep, seating, added counter space, more storage, and many other things.
  • In terms of storage, choose open shelves for displaying items, or hide appliances behind doors.
  • Match your kitchen island worktop to the rest of your countertops, or choose another food-prep-friendly work surface such as butcher block wood.
  • When your budget permits, have your island built in with optional plumbing for a sink. Otherwise, buy a kitchen cart or separate furniture island to save money.

Best Ideas

Mainstays Kitchen Island Cart Multiple Finishes

Mainstays Kitchen Island Cart Multiple Finishes

Mobile kitchen island cart with space saving design. It offers a small working top and practical compartment. It also includes a drawer. Its top is extendable thanks to its functional drop leaf construction.

Kitchen cart with drop leaf

Utilitarian kitchen cart with drop leaf and wheels. Light colored wood top sits on contrasting espresso base, which offers some drawers, double door cabinet and a towel rack. Rolling casters provide mobility, and are lockable.

Microwave carts at big lots

A beautiful, modern kitchen island for all of your storage needs. So many drawers and compartments, you’ll never run out of place to store your kitchen utensils! Even has a towel rack on its side and a neat side spice shelf!

Mobile kitchen island trash bin w 3 shelf pantry

Mobile Kitchen Island Trash Bin w 3 Shelf Pantry -

Kitchen island on wheels with seating

A retro stylised island for small kitchens. Its base has a pale green finish. A rectangular wooden drop-leaf top is painted in light brown. The island has a 1-shelf sliding door cabinet and 2 drawers with nickel pulls, 2 towel racks, locked casters.

Drop leaf kitchen carts

Kitchen cart with drop leaf extension

Kitchen cart drop leaf

A smart idea for a small kitchen. It's a functional cart which you can easily move around your kitchen and it has a drop leaf, which you unfold only when you need it. Plus, it has an elegant and classy design.

Kitchen cart drop leaf

An elegant castered kitchen cart having 2 door cabinets on sides and 4 size-varied drawers in the centre. It's of wooden materials in white but a top with a drop-leaf is finished in warm browns. Towel bars and decorative pulls are of black metal.

Kitchen Island with Butcher Block Top

Kitchen Island with Butcher Block Top

Elegant kitchen islands sporting modern chic with no cost to utility: the island has lockable rolling casters and a wide extendable top that withstands the rigours of heavy daily use. The piece has a drawer, a cabinet and a towel rack.

Mid Century Modern Red Formica Chrome Drop Leaf Serving Storage Cart Table

Mid Century Modern Red Formica Chrome Drop Leaf Serving Storage Cart Table

This mid century kitchen cart enchants with its lovely red painting. It features drop leaf sides and rolling wheels, ensuring considerable functionality. It has the size of 29" tall x 24 1/2" long.

Gilchrist Kitchen Island Set

Gilchrist Kitchen Island Set

This elegant island set provides generous storage while serving as an interesting breakfast bar. The combination of solid wood white base and dark manufactured MDF chip membrane board creates a classically warm rustic vibe. This freestanding piece comes with two matching black iron stools that fit neatly underneath the generous overhang of the beveled detailing on the antique counter-top.

$699.99 $1131

Red finish kitchen cart with drop leaf

Red Finish Kitchen Cart With Drop Leaf

Haller Kitchen Cart

Haller Kitchen Cart

Create portable functionality in your kitchen with this compact multi-surface cart. You can use it for a mobile workspace in case you want to chop the onions on your terrace during a sunny morning. It features two shelves and one drawer for keeping all the necessary kitchen wares handy. The 360-degrees casters allow smooth sailing and they can also be locked in place for safety and stability.

Kitchen cart drop leaf 2

Kitchen Carts Two-Tone Kitchen Island with Drop Leaves



When you have the tiny kitchen, there is no place for full-sized island. The cart drop leaf could be a solution, which gives you the additional preparing space when you need and hide it when the job is done.

Kitchen cart drop leaf 4

Catskill Craftsmen Drop Leaf Cabinet Cart | Shopping - Great Deals on Catskill Craftsman Kitchen Carts

Kitchen island with wheels and drop leaf

The elegant white kitchen island with the wooden countertop. The back could be folded any time, what gives you additional free space when your kitchen is small and dinky. This kind of furniture could be used also in the summer kitchen or in the patio.

Kitchen island drop leaf table

Kitchen cart for residential and commercial premises. It is made of wood in two shades. Includes drop leaf top, cabinet with double doors and 2 drawers. Functional addition for any kitchen as needed.

John Boos Cucina Elegante Edge Grain Maple and Stainless Steel Chef's Cart with 2 Drop Leaves

A clever serving cart with a natural wood tabletop. The two lower shelves are lightly perforated. A drawer immediately under the tabletop is the perfect place for flatware and other small items. Large wheels make it easy to move the table.

Kitchen island cart with drop leaf

Now you can expand your kitchen storage and workspace easily with this charming kitchen cart. It offers a special design with beautiful moldings and a drop leaf bamboo top to matching its amazing looks.

Island with drop leaves contemporary kitchen islands and kitchen carts

... Island with Drop Leaves contemporary-kitchen-islands-and-kitchen-carts

Leaf carts

breakfast bar | Kitchen Design | KITCHEN CART DROP LEAF BREAKFAST BAR

Rolling Kitchen Island Cart with Cabinets

Rolling Kitchen Island Cart with Cabinets


Catskill The Empire Kitchen Island

The designer of this kitchen island married modern classics with a dash of mission style. Four wheel casters and side trays on glides enhance the functionality of this piece. Natural finish is what your kitchen needs.