Dinette Sets For Small Spaces

Making a comfortable and stylish space to eat in a small kitchen can be challenging, but it’s far from impossible. When setting up an eating area in a small home, consider the footprint of the furniture and how much visual space it takes up, how versatile it is, and whether it offers extra features such as storage.

These ten dinette sets for small spaces are chic without compromising on practicality. From tables with in-built storage to coffee shop-style counter tables with stools, these pieces come in space-saving configurations with clever features that make the most of your space. 

Small Dinette Sets With Storage

Small Dinette Sets With Storage

Finding a dinette set that fits snuggly in a petite kitchen while offering storage ensures your dining space stays organized.

Open shelves make the piece feel less bulky and help the space feel larger. However, a built-in cupboard with a door means you can hide away any mess.

To maximize the space further, opt for a dinette set in a light color such as white. A simple yet classic style with clean lines made from wood adds warmth to every space, whether your decor is modern or traditional.

Country Kitchen Corner Nook Dinette Set

Country Kitchen Corner Nook Dinette Set

An L-shaped corner bench is a fantastic way to make the most of space as it provides maximum seating with a minimal footprint. Bench seating is ideal for big families who need to squeeze as many bodies around the table as possible. You can add extra seating with either matching or contrasting stools.

If storage space is an issue, select a set with useful storage in the bench seats. Add various throw cushions to make your wooden dinette set extra comfortable; switch the covers to change the room’s color scheme. 

Space Saving Dinette Set With Tuck In Chairs

Space Saving Dinette Set With Tuck In Chairs

When space is an issue, the smaller your table and chairs’ footprint, the better. A hideaway table and chairs that are cleverly designed to tuck in neatly is the perfect choice.

A round or oval table works well, as the chair’s curved back fits perfectly into the rounded table edge and is also comfortable and supportive for your back. 

When selecting your dinette set for small spaces with tuck-in chairs, consider one that also offers a handy storage solution, such as a metal wine rack just beneath the tabletop for storing bottles or baskets with linens, utensils, or condiments.


A Small Dinette Set That Makes a Statement

A Small Dinette Set That Makes a Statement

You may live in a small space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a big statement with your furniture. A small dinette set with a unique, contemporary design can set the tone for your room and become a focal point. 

Simple benches are a fantastic accompaniment to a striking table as it provides chic, space-saving seating without dominating the central feature. Keep the benches in the same color materials as the table for stylish simplicity. 

Overly intricate designs can overwhelm small spaces. Stick to modern, minimalist designs and light colors to exaggerate the sense of space and light.

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An Elegant Yet Relaxed Dinette Set

An Elegant Yet Relaxed Dinette Set

Furniture made for smaller spaces doesn’t need to sacrifice style for the sake of function and space-saving.

Choose a small kitchen set made from quality materials featuring elegant details such as a carved pedestal or a sculpted tripod base to elevate your decor without dominating the space. 

However, elegance and classic design doesn’t have to translate as a stuffy formality; opt for upholstered chairs with arms for comfortable seating and a relaxed vibe. Stick with light, neutral colors rather than dark heavy woods that absorb the light in a room.

Coffee Shop Style Dinette Set Against the Wall

Coffee Shop Style Dinette Set Against the Wall

Coffee shops offer great inspiration on maximizing your space because they are designed to seat many customers without feeling overcrowded. You may have noticed many coffee shops with high, narrow tables set against the wall; this style creates a relaxed space to eat and takes up minimum floor space.

A pair of cushioned high stools with a footrest are cool and comfortable and can easily be pushed under a counter-style table to reduce the set’s footprint when not in use. Keep the table and stools in one color for a chic touch.

Cube Style Dinette Set With Stools

Cube Style Dinette Set With Stools

A dining table with nesting chairs is always an excellent choice for small spaces as they take up much less physical space than chairs with backs. Put a contemporary twist on a traditional round stool by selecting a square-shaped design. 

In addition to looking stylish, square stools paired with a square table are space-saving. The stools can be neatly tucked under the table to create a tidy cube, taking up minimal floor space. Rather than choosing solid cube stools, opt for pieces with open legs as they look visually smaller in the space.


Picnic Bench Style Dinette Set

Picnic Bench Style Dinette Set

If you're looking for a unique dinette set for your home, consider going for a picnic bench-style table. A table with criss-cross legs like those found on a classic picnic bench can add a dynamic shape to your space while still appearing relaxed.

Wood is the ideal material for this kind of sturdy table, but to avoid looking like you brought your garden furniture inside, opt for solid colors such as dark mahogany or white as opposed to a stain. Pair your table with a padded bench or individual chairs upholstered with a sophisticated fabric. 

Dinette Set With Soft Chairs

Dinette Set With Soft Chairs

Pairing a sleek modern dinette table with fully-upholstered chairs is a fashionable trick interior designers use to make an attractive, cozy space that's also incredibly comfortable.

While these larger chairs are not the best for space-saving, their comfort means they are highly versatile. They’re ideal for reading, work, or eating breakfast; this kind of versatility is crucial for small-space living.

Opt for sumptuous velvet upholstery in rich jewel tones or delicate blush for a plush, sophisticated look and optimum comfort. For a more practical option, go for easy-to-wipe-down leather in warm browns.

Rustic Bench Dinette Sets

Rustic Bench Dinette Sets

Small kitchen dinette sets with benches are a good seating choice whenever space is an issue because you can typically fit more people around the table than with standard individual chairs. With that in mind, a bench made from solid tropical wood and contrasting industrial-style steel or iron is a wonderfully durable yet stylish option.

The rustic look never goes out of style and suits a relaxed family home. Natural wood is the best material to use to create the rustic style, but manufactured wood with a realistic-looking grain can look fantastic for a much more adorable price tag. 

Our advice Buying Guide

Tiny houses, small apartments, and downsizing personal accommodations have become popular in recent years. Keeping your living space small saves on heating and cooling costs, as well as helps you make a smaller footprint in the world. But fitting a full-sized dinette set into a tiny kitchen or dining area leaves little room for anything else. Specially designed dinette sets for small spaces can be the answer.

What are the best designs of dinette sets for small spaces?

  • Three-Legged Chairs and Matching Table. Square chairs hardly ever fit a round table, so three-legged chairs with their triangular shape are the perfect answer. When not in use, they fit neatly under the table, their wedge shapes fitting perfectly together.
  • Table with corner chairs - Who says that table legs must be at the corners? This uniquely designed table has its legs in the middle of each side, and the chair backs fit neatly around the corners of the square table top. They push in completely when not in use, the backs presenting an attractive wood grain surface.
  • Bistro table with two chairs. Elegant little table with two chairs, perfect for a breakfast corner or picture window. Another nice design for two.
  • Drop leaf island table with two backless stools. Perfect for the tiny kitchen that has no room for a large table or chairs, or to create an island where the cook can rest and have a cup of tea while waiting for water to boil or something to bake.
  • Standard, central leg drop-leaf table - While not as compact or innovative as some of the other examples, the drop leaf saves space when the full table top is not required.
  • Small round table with stackable chairs - Once the family is out the door, there’s no need to have four chairs taking up space. Colorful chairs of molded plastic mounted on a metal frame ease space consideration when table and chairs are not in use.
  • Built-in table with molded plastic seats - Give a space-age look to your built-in dining island with rolling stools that have molded plastic seats. You’ll be looking for the Wookie and the crazy space-age band with these sleek stool-type seats.

With creative, innovative designs, it’s not difficult to save space with dinette sets for small spaces. Some small dinette sets are truly unique, while others are simply diminutive copies of larger furnishings. They can come in wood, glass, plastic or metal and can mix and match with almost any décor. All you need to add is your unique take on how your kitchen or dining area should look.


Volmer 3 - Piece Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Volmer 3 - Piece Breakfast Nook Dining Set
A sleek dining set that takes up minimal space in your kitchen or dining nook, this is ideal for an urban or Scandanavian-style home. The dark, manufactured wood top and curved metallic black legs are available in 3 different color schemes. Measuring 31.5” x 21” x 29.5”, this table and chair combination will fit into even the most compact apartments.

Babbi 5 - Piece Counter Height Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Babbi 5 - Piece Counter Height Breakfast Nook Dining Set
This diverse and modern 5-piece set is perfect for a small dining nook in a contemporary home. With a table measuring 33.65” and counter height stools, you can easily incorporate this set into your kitchen design. Available in a light wooden or gray finish, this recycled product is crafted of manufactured wood and durable MDF.

3 Piece Dining Set

3 Piece Dining Set
A unique addition to the home that provides comfortable seating in a small space, this set appears to be a bookcase at first glance. It slides apart to reveal an oval brown, ebony table and barrel chairs with 2-tone cushions. This 3-piece set is perfect for a traditional home with historical elegance.

Paniz 3 Piece Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Paniz 3 Piece Breakfast Nook Dining Set
The ideal dining set for a small studio apartment or condo space, this modern 3-piece arrangement is crafted from manufactured wood with a brown finish and a black metal base. Angular and minimalistic, this easy to assemble furniture set has the versatility to be used as a desk or workspace when you don’t need it for dining.

Ethan home paradise merlot triangle shaped 4 piece dining set

Ethan home paradise merlot triangle shaped 4 piece dining set
This original set includes a table and three soft benches that are suitable for eating spaces. The solid Asian wood construction provides stability, solidity and resistance to damage caused by overweight.

Sheldon 4 Piece Dining Set

Sheldon 4 Piece Dining Set
Dining set that includes two chairs, one corner bench and one square table with natural wooden top. The bench and chairs include soft, padded seats and backrests for additional comfort. Black finish looks nice in any dining room.

5 Piece Dining Set

5 Piece Dining Set
If you have no idea what color would complement your dining room coloring palette best, choose white - it's always a well-fitting option. This quaint set is characterized by solid white finish and purely classic, unpretentious design.

Juniper Mink Brown Wood Round Cocktail Table And 4 Piece Stools Set

Juniper Mink Brown Wood Round Cocktail Table And 4 Piece Stools Set
This set includes original and stylish pieces of furniture that are able to create a dining area. The table and stools feature solid frames made of hardwood and attractive tops made of thick and solid glass.

Rwanda Black And Cherry 3 Piece Bistro Set

Rwanda Black And Cherry 3 Piece Bistro Set
It is an interesting dining and seating set suitable for use in the kitchen or a dining room. The table and two chairs look very stylish and are extra solid. Chairs have got backrests and the table is equipped with shelves suitable for the storage of wine bottles.

5 Piece Dining Set

5 Piece Dining Set
This Timeless 5-Piece Dining Set in Black & Cherry Finish is consisted of 1 round dining table, and 4 dining chairs. Each piece is designed of an intricate metal frame with beautifully scrolled accents.

Dublin 5 Piece Dining Set

Dublin 5 Piece Dining Set
Elegant traditional set for 4 persons. Wooden frames have a natural finish. A round table has a turned column with 4 S-curved feet. A chair features square front legs with curved tapered ends, a cushioned seat and a back with vertical curved slats.

Moon Valley 5 Piece Dining Set

Moon Valley 5 Piece Dining Set
Rustic dining set including 5 elements: a bench, a table and four chairs. Each element is smartly crafted of natural wooden logs and properly finished to prevent splintering. Wax layer gives a subtle sheen.

Ikea fusion table and chairs

IKEA Fusion Table and Chairs

Dinette sets for small spaces

Thanks to this space-saving, dining table with 4 matching chairs, you can place it even in a smaller kitchen. The 3-legged chairs have seats upholstered in black vinyl, and they can be completely hidden underneath the table. The table features a round top and tapered legs.

Small dinette table

We purchased this small dinette set for our dining room area, previously we had a big table that took up a lot of unnecessary space. It includes two chairs and small dining table with neutral colors.

Coaster 3pc Dinette Table and Chairs Set in Natural Finish

With this elegant, 3 piece dining set you can create a contemporary styled dining area. Round shaped table top has a drop down piece. All piece of set are made of solid wood in natural finish, and seats have padded cushions.

Small kitchen table and chairs

If you looking for something special for your apartment, we suggest you the 4-piece dining or kitchen set, which includes the rectangular table, two chairs and a bench. Everything is in espresso finish.

Dining tables for small spaces

Dining Tables for Small Spaces

Small dining set for 4

Contemporary setup for a compact and elegant dining room for small living spaces. The space-efficient set of furniture contains a counter height storage dinette and four matching chairs, all made out of painted oak wood.

Dinette sets for small spaces 2

This small size dining table with 4 chairs is, especially, great for smaller kitchens and dining rooms. Constructed of wood and painted in white, the table matches the stools that have seats upholstered in brown vinyl, and can be entirely hidden under the table.

NORDIC Furniture 5-Piece Dinette Set, White

Furnish your dinette with the Nordic Furniture 5-piece dining set, which has the white color and modern design. It is perfect for everyday meals with family. You need to have it.

Piece dining set bistro set pub set

Piece Dining Set - Bistro Set/Pub Set

Kitchen table for small apartment

If you don't have too much floor space to choose from in your dining room or kitchen but would still like a nice place to enjoy a meal then this set with a small pub table and two chairs, all in a two-tone cream and black finish will work wonders for your home.

Dorel Asia WM3669 Faux Marble Top Dining Table Set

A beautiful faux marble top dining table set with 4 metal chairs with microfiber fabric upholstery. The top comes in a stunning coloring and will look amazing in any dining area and the chairs offer plenty of comfort, while being extremely stable and durable.

Dinette tables for small spaces

Functional and playful kitchen set - you'll for sure appreciate it when your dining nook does not have much free place to spare. 4 triangluar chairs can be tucked under the round table. Mustard yellow paint finish provides an eye-drawing accent.

Simple dining set wooden round dining room table sets small

Simple Dining Set Wooden Round Dining Room Table Sets Small Kitchen

Small dining tables for small spaces

small dining tables for small spaces

Dinettes for small spaces

TIny spaces encourage to seek for practical, space saving solutions. This dinette set provides not only style, but also exquisite functionality. It includes a round wooden table, accompanied by 4 faux leather, nesting chairs.

Dinette tables for small spaces

These pieces of furniture are responsible for providing comfort and for decorating any kitchen. The table and chairs are not very large, so they are perfect for use in small kitchens and dining rooms.

Jackson Dropleaf Table Natural / White - No Chairs

This curious piece is crafted from quality solid woods, with no presswoods or veneers. The piece features a soft white finishing in the piece's frame and natural finish in the piece's tabletop. Chairs not included upon purchase.

Small dining set for 4 6

Small modern kitchen with a compact dining set and multicolor plates decoration installed on the wall above. The plates draw the eye even more as they're displayed on a neutral-colored wall, dark painted.

Small dining set

The drop leaf kitchen tables and chairs set are of small size, and that is great for smaller dining space. Fabricated from asian hardwood, the round dining table set is finished a clean oak color.

Dinettes for small spaces 35

This cottage dinette set comprises a small dining table with truncated edges along with 2 lovely designed chairs. The whole set enchants with its ornate design, represented i.e. by the curved chairs' backrest or annular shape of the table's legs.

T244 - Contemporary 5 Pcs Dinette Set w/ Faux Leather Chairs (2 Colors)

Five-piece dining set of four elegant white chairs and stunning square table with glass top. The table and chairs have chrome legs and the chairs are upholstered in faux leather. It's more of a dinette than dining set, and saves space.

Dinettes for small spaces 4

Corner kitchen bench designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood and fitted with removable pillows. Great solution for small spaces.

Round hideaway table

This nice outdoor dinette set invites to sit down and enjoy some blithe chat, but not exclusively: if you currently don't feel like sitting, you can scoot the chairs into the table to transform the piece into a buffet.

Winsome Mercer Double Drop Leaf Table with 2 Stools

Compact island table with two 2 stools, featuring space-saving design. Table features a double drop leaf extension for extra surface, two drawers for storage and two 21.4-inch stools. It will suit your budget and peronal preference.

Square Tile Top (3 Piece Set) White/Natural

This cottage styled set includes small table ant two side chairs. Every piece of this set is made of solid hardwood and engineered wood finished with veneers. Table has carved legs and seats have ladder backrests.

Kitchen tables for small spaces

A functional and space-saving solution for dining areas. The table includes a solid metal frame and a flat top in neutral colors. It is available with four plastic chairs based on durable metal frames.

Cocktail tables with stools 3

5 piece set consisting of cocktail table and 4 ottomans. It is mounted on metal base with chrome finish. Ottomans are covered with high quality leather. Perfect solution for small spaces.

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Homelegance 2556BK-3A 5-Piece Dining Set, Black

Small kitchen table sets

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this dinette set for small spaces in the home. It includes four stools and lovely round table, for you and your family.

Small kitchen tables and chairs

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Modern round 5 piece space saving dinette set white at

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Small dinette sets modern loccie better homes gardens ideas

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20 best collection of debby small space 3 piece dining

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Compact dining space arrangement with drop leaf dining

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OUR ADVICE Questions & Answers

Why should I choose a dinette set over ordinary dining room furniture?
Producers of dinette sets have three things in mind – aesthetics, space management and utility. This makes dinette sets absolute lifesavers for anyone with not enough space – if you couldn’t possibly fit ordinary dining furniture, dinette sets will work great – they are much more space efficient, and just as pretty!
What about the price?
Dinette sets for small spaces are usually much smaller than ordinary dining furniture, which means that there are far fewer materials used to produce them. This leads to generally lower prices.
I’d like to get myself a dinette set, but I’m worried about the quality. Are dinette sets stable?
Of course they are! Dinette sets are produced from quality materials, which ensures quality and durability. As producers care about the utility, they are usually easy to clean and maintain. A proper dinette set is just as long lasting as any other dining room furniture.
Would you suggest a dinette set for someone who values aesthetics?
Certainly. Dinette sets consist of a table and between 2 and 4 matching chairs, which are usually hidden underneath the table in a very gentle fashion. As it is crucial for small spaces to not be cluttered, such a set is not only a great addition on its own, but also helps to keep the room tidy and airy.
Which materials are the most popular in the case of dinette sets?
Anything you’d see fit for ordinary dining room furniture will work just as good for dinette sets. This means that wood, light metal constructions and even plastic ones are all a great choice.
I have a hard time deciding the color for my dinette set… could you help me with that?
Dinette sets should be unnoticeable and elegant. Especially in the case of smaller spaces, and dinette sets are designed for such, the best bet is to go for light, subtle colors, which won’t overwhelm the interior, and will allow you to keep the room airy and fresh.
What size is an average dinette set?
The tables are usually between 24 and 36 inches in diameter. Still, check the exact parameters before you make your purchase. Also, remember that you will need some extra space to accommodate the chairs and then some for the clearance. A standard square table is between 36 and 40 inches wide.