Folding Dining Chairs

Folding dining chairs are a game-changing solution in homes or patios where space is a bit of a concern.

While you might be picturing the most basic plastic models, don’t worry: nowadays, folding chairs are available in a wide variety of styles, so you can easily find a set that matches your decor.

For example, you could look for a model in one of the three main colors of your dining room/patio or in a similar style as your dining table.

We also recommend measuring the height of your other chairs so that you can be sure to choose some folding ones that are the right size for your table when sitting down.

As for designs and materials, here are ten charming ideas.

Wooden folding dining chairs

Wooden folding dining chairs

If you’re after some folding dining chairs that look just like traditional ones, easy: stick to familiar wood.

Even better, maintain a cohesive feel by choosing the same finish that’s already present in that room, whether through the actual table or your other pieces of furniture.


Luxury folding dining chairs

Luxury folding dining chairs

Would you even be able to tell that these chairs are foldable if you hadn’t found them in this article? We bet your guests wouldn’t!

Often relying on a slightly different mechanism than most folding patio chairs, some of these models look even sturdier and more elegant. For example, you could choose a set with some comfy padding.

$83 $355

Bistro fold up dining chairs

Bistro fold up dining chairs

One of the most iconic styles of folding dining chairs, this design is a great pick if you’re striving for a casual but curated feel, especially on your patio or garden.

It will immediately turn it into the outside of a French bistro, rewarding you with a special al fresco experience. 

$85 $252.87

Decorative folding dining chairs

Decorative folding dining chairs

Did you choose a particularly ornate interior style, such as French country or Hollywood regency?

Then the material that will give you the most decorative possibilities when it comes to folding dining chairs is definitely metal. Just look at this intricate backrest!

Patio foldable dining chairs

Patio foldable dining chairs

Unless they’re going to be sheltered underneath a roof, the most important thing about folding dining chairs for your patio or garden is weather resistance. That’s why it’d also be wise to avoid models with cushions.

Instead, save yourself a headache by opting for wrought iron chairs, rattan, or wooden models that have been coated or treated to withstand the weather. 

Rattan dining folding chairs

Rattan dining folding chairs

While wooden chairs are a more obvious choice if you’re looking to maintain a cozy indoor vibe on your patio, rattan designs will reinforce a casual and spontaneous approach.

They’re also more lightweight, so it’ll be easier to rearrange them and bring them out whenever you have a few more guests around for dinner.

$67.5 $269.99

Contemporary folding dining chairs

Contemporary folding dining chairs

Your new folding dining chairs can be the perfect opportunity to showcase your decorative flair and make a statement. Instead of the most traditional styles, how about experimenting with something new?

Monochrome designs and symmetrical lines with maybe one unusual element are particularly popular for contemporary interiors.

$174.99 $229.5

Upholstered folding dining chairs

Upholstered folding dining chairs

Folding dining chairs with fabric upholstery have two main perks: they guarantee a comfortable experience throughout the entire meal, add to your room’s traditional cozy vibes, and make it even easier to match your decor.

From patterns to colors, you can use the upholstery side of things to actively complement it.

$63 $178

Folding dining chairs set of 4 in a monochrome design

Folding dining chairs set of 4 in a monochrome design

Monochrome sets of 4 are usually the most versatile option for folding dining chairs, even for couples: you can always keep two by your table and only bring out the rest when you have guests around, without compromising on a cohesive result.

Plus, a monochrome design in a color that stands out against your table will work with most decor styles.  

Set of 10 folding dining chairs

Set of 10 folding dining chairs

If you’re torn between two numbers, we recommend going for the larger option. After all, folding dining chairs work out much cheaper when you purchase them as a set, and you never know when you’re going to need a few extra ones for guests or parties.

Because most models become super flat when folded, you can just store them in your garage or even against the wall if you have a fairly large patio.

$33 $329.99

Our advice Buying Guide

Not every single one of us lives in a big house. As a matter of fact, most of us reside in medium or small-sized homes where it's impossible to fit a large-sized furniture. More often than not, the dining room doesn't allow for regular sized table and chairs. But, don't fret as there's reason for you to smile! These days, furniture makers are producing tons of folding dining chairs.

Since you're buying furniture, you need to take a look at a few things like the ones we'll discuss below.

How much space do you need to allow for folding dining chairs?

You need to identify how much space you can allow for folding chairs when they're opened and used. If you only want a single chair, then its size doesn't matter as foldable chairs are easy to store and they often come in very small sizes. But, if you want to surround your dining table with folding seating options, then you need to have a good idea of how much space you can work with. If you'll be storing them as you would most likely do when they are not in use, then make sure you have the dimensions of your storage room.

How many folding chairs do you need?

Will you be buying foldable chairs for a large event? If so, then you need to have the right number of chairs. This requires you to determine the number of people who'll be needing seats. Also, make sure you set a budget for extra chairs as there might be guests that'll turn up unexpectedly. When you purchase foldable chairs in bulk, you need to remember that some may come damaged, so take that into consideration. Always remember that it's better to have extra seating than lack chairs.

What style of folding dining chairs should you choose?

When you are selecting between different styles, err towards contrasting styles rather than "matching" chairs and tables that barely match. If you're an expert at interior design, then you can rely on your own judgment. Otherwise, we suggest you contrast the design of your chairs to your table's style.

Mixing metals is definitely a big no-no. Combine black with brass or stainless steel instead. You can also use timber to match or contrast different styles like black-stained oak with oak or maple with walnut.

How to pick comfortable folding dining chairs?

Upholstered chairs are far more comfortable compared to those that are hard and bare. If you want to enhance the comfort of your chairs, then consider a material that's flexible like plywood or molded plastic as upholstery will soften or mold to a user's body. Some metals and solid timber may also provide comfort depending on how a chair's structure is shaped.

When checking the quality of foldable dining chairs, you can turn to product reviews instead of the claims of manufacturers. You would want chairs that users are content of using. Foldable seating solutions come with warranties and guarantees to ensure users are fully satisfied with their purchase.

Now that you know everything there is to consider when buying foldable dining chairs, you can move on to the last and exciting step which is shopping!


Schoolhouse Side Chair (Set of 2)

Schoolhouse Side Chair (Set of 2)
This amazing side chair is not only extraordinary functional, but also very stylish! It's very easy to store it and use wherever you want. You will also enjoy its elegant, unique style and perfect comfort.

Side Chair (Set of 2)

Side Chair (Set of 2)
This awesome chair is not only functional item, but also very stylish! If you like functional and simple solutions, this amazing chair would perfectly fulfill all of your expectations. Check it out and enjoy the great comfort and design.

Stacia Side Chair

Stacia Side Chair
Enjoy the aesthetic of a classic dining chair with the convenience of fold-up portability. A 19” seat height allows diners to sit comfortably with a maximum capacity of 225 lbs. The seat features upholstered padding with a polyurethane filling, so you can also rest easy knowing this chair backing is rust-resistant and toxin-free.

Shaker Upholstered Dining Chair

Shaker Upholstered Dining Chair
This chair features a rubberwood frame with a ladder back and blends in beautifully with all permanent dining chairs. This folding seat is well padded with polyester and has an astonishing weight capacity of 400 lbs., so you can rest assured these chairs are durable and long-lasting. For peace of mind, a 5-year warranty is included.

Durango Upholstered Dining Chair

Durango Upholstered Dining Chair
This beautiful folding chair is a great addition to your dining set that can be easily stowed away when not in use. The seat height is 18.25,” and it’s capable of holding up to 250 lbs. Linen upholstered seats with a unique pattern are perfect for a boho aesthetic.

Clarke Vinyl X Upholstered Solid Wood Back Side Chair Espresso

Clarke Vinyl X Upholstered Solid Wood Back Side Chair Espresso
These high-quality dining chairs look as elegant as the rest of your dining set but can be folded down for storage. Crafted from solid wood and black vinyl upholstery, these will suit any modern dining room. These chairs are easy to clean and warm the space with a beautiful espresso finish.

Arts and Crafts Chair (Set of 2)

Arts and Crafts Chair (Set of 2)
It is a set of two chairs that are the perfect part of equipment for dining room. The chairs are folding. They may be an additional piece of equipment that we use when guests come. This is a very practical solution.

Queen Anne Side Chair (Set of 2)

Queen Anne Side Chair (Set of 2)
This stylish Set of 2 Side Chairs in White & Cherry Finish is characterized by a sturdy wood frame, and comfy seats upholstered in polyester/polyester blend. Each chair provides 225 lbs of weight capacity and can be cleaned with a dry cloth

Folding dining chairs

A comfortable set of dining chairs, you can easily take wherever you will go. Each of those cuties is foldable, lightweight and easy to store, featuring a natural wood frame with criss-crossed legs and sturdy stretchers, holding an upholstered in patterned fabric seat and back.

Medium oak contemporary folding chair set of two 1

Medium Oak Contemporary Folding Chair - Set of Two

Flash Furniture HA-MC320AF-GRY-GG Hercules Series Premium Curved Triple Braced and Quad Hinged Gray Fabric Upholstered Metal Folding Chair

Are you dreaming of an unusual comfort and simple, stylish design in your house? Then, check out this amazing and practical folding chair! It's gonna bring you an intriguing look and an awesome functionality.

Schoolhouse Wood Folding Chair with Upholstered Seat (Set of 2) Finish: Fruitwood

This is a very attractive and solid chair that has got a folding frame for a space-saving storage and enhanced handling. The frame is made of wood with an attractive fruitwood finish. The chair matches any contemporary decor.

Terai folding chair anthropologie christie calhoun this desk chair instead

Terai Folding Chair #anthropologie @Christie Calhoun This desk chair instead? I LOVE IT

Folding dining room chairs ikea

Folding Dining Room Chairs Ikea

Padded folding dining chairs

Dining Chair Metro Folding

Folding dining chair beech 2 recode stylish dining chairs

Folding Dining Chair - Beech (2) (Recode) Stylish Dining Chairs ...

Folding Chair - Set of 2 (Fruitwood) (See Text)

It is a set that includes two folding chairs with warm fruitwood finish. They fit to classic and traditional dining room and kitchen. They add comfort and style to any home. You need to have this set.

Decor seating dining chairs mission folding chair set of 2

... > Decor > Seating > Dining Chairs > Mission Folding Chair - Set of 2

Foldable dining table and chairs

calligaris olivia folding dining chair

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Folding dining table chairs inside

Folding Dining Table Chairs Inside

DC America SEC990, Sequoia Folding Arm Chair, Hardwood with Natural Finish

This is an armchair that has got a very solid hardwood construction with a natural finish. It is a folding chair that assures a space-saving storage. The sitting space includes arms and a backrest that assures support.

Meco 4-Pack Deluxe Fabric Padded Folding Chair, Chicory Lace Frame and Motif Fabric Seat and Back

This type of product is a high quality chair that features a folding construction. It has got a durable and comfortable padded seat. The frame is made of tubular steel, so the product is resistant to damage, large weight and wear.

Yi Hai Folding Chair High Quality Thick Padded,new Style,metal,black,set of One

A touch of comfort and modern style. This is a special folding chair that has got a durable metal frame that features a folding function for enhanced handling and storage. This chair has got a soft padded seat and a comfortable backrest.