Dining Room Chairs With Casters

Whether you host often or your dining room is a multipurpose space, having dining room chairs with casters that are easy and effortless to move when needed can make a huge difference in your life. (It can also make a huge difference to your floors—no more unsightly scratches in your hardwood!)

For flexible dining spaces that can adapt to the events on your calendar and your home projects, look no further than dining chairs on wheels. These smart, stylish options can help you transform your room, rearrange seating, clean without obstructions, and more!

If you’re worried that a dining chair with wheels might look unsightly, we’ve got news for you. These pieces of furniture are widely available with subtle wheels that will blend in with your preferred aesthetic.

Want to see what we mean? Here are 15 kitchen table chairs with wheels to choose from...

Set of 2 kitchen chairs with casters

Set of 2 kitchen chairs with casters

It’s rare that you only need one kitchen or dining room chair. Yet, somehow, it can also be hard to find matching sets of specific pieces like these.

Worry no more—you can find high-quality wheeled kitchen chairs in sets of 2, 4, and more. Even better, when you buy a set, you’re usually going to save money per chair. 

$525 $1914

Upholstered, wooden dining chairs on rollers

Upholstered, wooden dining chairs on rollers

Traditional chairs, just on wheels: that’s the best of both worlds, right?

There’s a whole market of vintage, comfortable, hardwood chairs that have simply been upgraded with a smooth set of casters. These are an excellent choice if you’re looking for versatility in your home…but without losing the antique vibe you’ve worked hard to establish. 


Kitchen table chairs with wheels

Kitchen table chairs with wheels

Maybe practical minimalism is more your thing. Look for a modern, simple set of hardwood chairs!

These types of wheeled chairs come with a variety of paint washes, and their clean straight lines mean that they can mesh with any type of decor. They’re also great for DIY projects—you can think of them as a blank canvas that you can upgrade in any way you want! 

$219.99 $299.99

Leather dining chair on casters

Leather dining chair on casters

Who said rolling chairs had to be utilitarian? With easy-to-clean faux leather upholstery, these dining chairs are easy-to-clean for any drips or spills that may happen around your table.

We like leather chair backs that have a vent at the base, too—this helps add visual interest to your space, as well as comfort on even the hottest of summer days. 

$155.99 $170

Rolling dining chairs with mid century modern flair

Rolling dining chairs with mid century modern flair

When you want a chair with casters that also looks like a vintage hand-me-down, this type is your best bet.

With soft, supple upholstery material that’s stitched into interesting textures and patterns, this type of chair will look high-end but remain very simple to use. 


Wheeled dining chairs with arms

Wheeled dining chairs with arms

If you’ve found your side chairs—the ones that go along the long sides of a rectangular dining table—you might wonder what to put at the ends of your table.

Wonder no more. With armchairs that have casters on their legs, you can easily select a comfortable, statement-making chair for the ends of your table that can allow you to enjoy meals or work at your table in style. 

Slim, low profile kitchen chairs on wheels

Slim, low profile kitchen chairs on wheels

Want to make sure that your chairs take up as little space as possible?

Wheeled chairs don’t have to have a large footprint. In fact, it’s possible to make a large style statement with a tiny amount of space.

Enter a kitchen or dining room chair with no arms and a tall but slim back. These types of chairs look great but won’t clutter up your home! 

$111.99 $169.99

Eames caster dining chairs

Eames caster dining chairs

Want to recreate the classic Eames-style chair around your dining table? Whether you want white or black upholstery, no matter which type of wood finish you want, there’s an Eames-style chair for you.

This artistic style of chair looks great with modern and minimalistic aesthetics, perfect if you’re looking for the easy use of a wheeled chair but don’t want your home to feel clunky or over cluttered.

Mixed material kitchen chairs with rollers

Mixed material kitchen chairs with rollers

Mixed materials, neutral, natural tones, and wooden accents on upholstered pieces: If you want to add a lot of visual interest to your space without making your home look too busy, these mixed-material chairs are the way to go.

Just make sure that the largest block of color or material on your chosen caster chair is also represented in your dining room, just so there’s a visual connection. This will help your room look thought-out and cohesive—always a plus. 

$248.04 $300

Wingback velvet chairs with casters

Wingback velvet chairs with casters

We’ve saved the most extravagant for last! Wheeled chairs don’t have to be merely utilitarian.

With these velvet, upholstered, embroidered and tufted chairs, your home can look and feel lush and luxurious while you still enjoy all of the versatile benefits of easy-to-move chairs.

(As a bonus, these types of chairs tend to provide more lumbar support than a more simple chair, too—a win for your back and your aesthetic!) 


Fabric covered sculptural wheeled dining chairs

Fabric covered sculptural wheeled dining chairs

Upholstered doesn’t have to mean simply vintage. If you’re looking for a soft fabric look but don’t want inches of plush, select a leather-and-fabric-covered chair that’s comfortable and still has a simple, timeless silhouette. 

Dining chair on casters with streamlined armrests

Dining chair on casters with streamlined armrests

Whether you’re using your dining table for work, food, or play, you need support to last you through decadent meals and exquisite conversation.

Armrests don’t have to be huge, either—we’re seeing lots of simpler armrest options that make it easy to relax at the table while still ensuring everyone has adequate elbow room. 

Plush victorian style dining chairs on wheels

Plush victorian style dining chairs on wheels

Maybe you are looking for that traditional round-backed chair appeal!

Select a dark wood chair with neutral, plush upholstery to add an instant dash of sophistication and antique vibes to your space. 

Statement club dining room chair with wheels

Statement club dining room chair with wheels

Got room for a luxurious, stately dining space? Interested in having a place that you and your guests can lounge in lush splendor?

A club chair evokes classy bars from decades gone by—and offers a seating experience so comfortable you’ll never want to get up. 

Half back modern kitchen rolling chair

Half back modern kitchen rolling chair

On the other hand, maybe something a little more streamlined is in order. Select a chair with a half-back to ensure that you’re enjoying spine support, but your chairs don’t stand in the way of the clean lines of your room. 

Our advice Buying Guide

Dining room chairs with casters are among the latest additions to sophisticated homes and kitchens where there's an opportunity to rearrange interior décor and furniture based on convenience. In this article, you'll know why you need dining chairs on wheels and how to select the best ones that cater to your needs and wants. Let's start!

What are the benefits of dining room chairs with casters?

  • For those who love cooking but suffer from back and/or knee pain often, dining chairs on wheels will offer you the help you are in need of! They are great as they allow you to move between your kitchen and your living room without having to suffer from anything.
  • Not a lot of people understand the use of dining room chairs with casters. But, when they work from home and have the need to oscillate between the office and the kitchen constantly, that's when they realize the fact that these chairs actually offer great convenience! If you need to move from one room to the other, we suggest you try having a set of dining room chairs with casters as they are the only things you'll need to maneuver seamlessly and to conserve your energy for more important things.
  • Dining room chairs with casters are available at affordable prices which means you won't have to break the bank just to finally enjoy all the benefits they offer! Even with cheap sets, you can expect them to be robust enough to withstand constant rough usage.

How do I get the best dining room chairs with casters?

  • Consider chrome-based chairs. For starters, you have to think about the base that you'll be going with when choosing dining room chairs with casters. You should choose a set that has been made out of durable materials. The reason why we recommend the purchase of chrome-based dining chairs is because metal looks more attractive in a kitchen. More importantly, it is the one material that will be able to withstand the test of time.
  • Choose the models that are easy to maintain. When shopping for dining room chairs with casters, you would want the ones that are easy to maintain. A kitchen often gets messy, and you wouldn't want the upholstery materials of your chairs to be the reason why you'd spend even more unnecessary time in the kitchen. If you find the materials that only require minimum cleaning effort like wood, metal, and leather, then you've found for yourself what most homeowners consider as gems.
  • Never compromise quality for low rates. This one is pretty obvious. With any product or service that you purchase or avail, you get what you pay for. Don't worry as high-quality dining room chairs with casters are guaranteed to last a long time – even up to 50 years! That means you can treat them as an investment. In the long haul, you'll save yourself thousands of dollars because you won't have to purchase sets of chairs again and again.


Mid-Back Dining Caster Chair with Arms

Mid-Back Dining Caster Chair with Arms
It is a very interesting chair that can perform a variety of functions. It is very convenient and comfortable. It has a soft seat and backrest. For this, the legs attached has wheels for easy transport.

Carmel Caster Dining Chair

Carmel Caster Dining Chair
This kind of chair is a high quality piece of furniture with solid and reliable caster wheels for enhanced mobility. This chair features a very solid wooden construction, strong arms and a supportive backrest.

Dark brown vinyl upholstered caster chair

Dark brown vinyl upholstered caster chair
This piece of furniture is a stylish and comfortable chair that has got a solid wooden construction. This chair has got rolling casters and it features a padded, comfortable seat with a supportive backrest.

Coaster Home Furnishings 100952 Casual Game Chair, Oak

Create an inviting nook for your friends with the Coaster Home Furnishings casual game chair. It features the oak finish, coasters and swivel mechanism, for enhanced comfort of use.

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Casual Dining Cushion Swivel and Tilt Rolling Caster Chair

A stunning casual dining cushion swivel and tilt chair with casters for easier mobility and the charming two-tone finish of the honey frame and the beige upholstery of the seat and back that is both durable and soft.

Antigua Swivel-Tilt Caster Dining Set Gaming Table Set - Assembled and Cushions Made in USA Model 3100

A great solution for gaming rooms, this compact-size dining set offers a lovely round table, and 4 swivel-tilt chairs with mobile casters. Each chairs features comfy cushions, ergonomic arms, and a well-balanced base. The table includes a clear glass top, and a neatly designed wooden base.

Hillsdale grand bay 5 piece round dining room chairs with

Hillsdale Grand Bay 5 Piece Round Dining Room Chairs With Casters Sets ...

HomCom Modern Faux Leather Swivel Accent Tub Chair w/ Wheels - Black

This piece of furniture is a tub chair that has got a very soft and comfortable seat cushion supported by a curved backrest with arms. Its rolling casters allow for mobility and the product size is 24.5"W x 22"D x 12.

5pc 3-in-1 Game Dining Table & Chairs Set Oak Finish

Classic game table design, complemented decently by four drafting chairs, allows to create a stylish setting for gaming and enjoying friends gathering. Oak finish with beige padding matches the style.

Dining room chairs with casters 6

Dining chairs mounted on wheels for easy movement. Base is made of metal. It is upholstered with durable material and reinforced with solid seams. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Casual Dining Cushion Swivel and Tilt Rolling Caster Chair

This kind of chair is a very comfortable, original and attractive piece of furniture. It has got a base with rolling casters. The seat is ergonomic and it is equipped with a soft cushion, solid backrest and supportive arms.

Dining chairs with wheels

Freely drafting dining chairs define a dining area that meets the most demanding modern expectations! These practical armchairs on wheels are wrapped up in banana yellow vinyl, easy to wipe clean when stained.

Dining room chairs with casters 9

I've no idea if this dining set is more contemporary or modern (in 50s or 60s way) but it's undoubtedly stylish. Four armchairs on rolling casters-equipped bases surround the round table with tempered glass top.

Dining room chairs with casters and arms sweeten your house

... Dining Room Chairs With Casters And Arms Sweeten Your House

Dining chairs with wheels 23

Comfortable dining chairs with wheels for enhanced movement. These elements of dining room design include metal frames in neutral gray finish. Their light green leather seats are paired with solid backrests and supportive arms.

Dining chair casters with new style design pictures photos and

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Tournament Chair w Casters (Brown)

Tournament chair with traditional design, casters for better mobility and multi-step rich cherry finish. Seat of the chair is 18 inch high and the chair has durable and strong construction. It's a great addition to all interiors furnished in classic style.

Brookside 5 Piece Round Dining Set With Oval Back Caster Chairs

This set includes solid, attractive and very comfortable dining chairs. Each product of this type has got a metal frame with a brown powder coated finish. The chair size is 26 in. W x 26 in. D x 38 in. H.

Dining room chairs with casters 10

Attractive, comfortable and ergonomic dining chairs with swivel seats and casters for enhanced mobility. These chairs include cushioned seats and backs covered with light brown leather. Durable arms improve support and comfort.

Dining room chairs with casters

I do not understand why the dining room set should be on casters. The oldschool vinyl cover on office style chairs and the lackluster shade of wood. No,it is definitely not my favourite one, even if it plays its functional role well.

Gs cl106f04c classic oak dining chair with casters

GS-CL106F04C - Classic Oak Dining Chair with Casters

Gs ch106f04c casual home dining chair with casters

GS-CH106F04C - Casual Home Dining Chair with Casters

Ac furniture 4473 arm chair with casters by ac furniture

AC Furniture 4473 Arm Chair with Casters by AC Furniture. $357.99. Traditional wood-framed arm chair Casters on front legs for easy mobility Upholstered seat and back Optional Scotchguard™ Protection Several Wood Finishes Available Fabric and Vinyl Uphols

Wood topped dining room table with round backed caster chairs

Wood Topped Dining Room Table with round-backed caster chairs

Grove point upholstered dining arm chair with casters

Grove Point Upholstered Dining Arm Chair with Casters

Dining chairs with wheels 1

Vintage design for the 50s, retro dining room swivel chair on wheels with an aluminum frame made with a chromed finish. The top of the chair is made out of black faux leather and perfectly fits office rooms as well.

Hillsdale Pompei Caster Dining Chair - Set of 2 - & Slate Mosaic

The set includes 2 unique dining chairs. These beautiful chair have amazing slate finish and an eye-catching mosaic trim on the back. Metal frame ensures longevity and durability for many years. Perfect choice for your dining room or kitchen.

Commercial dining chairs with casters dinette sets dining room furniture

Commercial Dining Chairs with Casters | Dinette Sets: Dining Room Furniture, Dinettes

Captiva rattan dining chair rattan displays its wonderful style capabilities

Captiva Rattan Dining Chair - Rattan displays its wonderful style capabilities with Captiva dining chairs. Steamed and bent cane provides exceptionally sturdy framing that blends a casual seating design with modern accents. Arching stretchers reinforce ci

Nassau Game Chair

To lend a traditional feel to your gain room while maintaining modern functionality, take a closer look at this game chair. It moves freely around on rolling casters, but its design was inspired by traditional findings.

Euro Style Axel Low Back Office Chair, White/Aluminum

It is a low back office chair that is very elegant and has got a easy to clean leather upholstery, adjustable height and swivel function. This chair is available in two color options to choose: gray with aluminum and white with aluminum.

Dining chairs with wheels

Mid-century composition of contemporary furniture, with a modern dining table with aluminum, chromed legs and a smooth, walnut surface on the top which nicely fits in with the retro, yellow dining chairs on wheels.

Safavieh Carlin Tufted Chair

Tufted chair merging traditional vibe with contemporary convenience. Front legs are turned for style, but they are also equipped with casters - this feature makes the chair more mobile. Chocolate brown base contrasts with ivory body padding.

Hillsdale Warrington Caster Game Chair

This kind of chair is a very convenient piece of furniture that has got a height and tilt regulation for personalized seating. The frame is made of durable wood with an attractive cherry finish and its size is 26W x 25.5D x 37H inches.

Acme 71150 Keile Oak & Antique Black Finish Dining Table Set

The rectangular table, two caster arm chairs and four side chairs are a perfect addition to your dining room. They have got a black finish and classic design. You need to have it.

Set of 2 Pompei Caster Dining Chairs

A very interesting piece of furniture that has got a functional and decorative role. It is a dining chair that has got a durable metal frame. Its seat has got a soft cushion and it is supported by arms and backrest.

Brookside Round Dining Table with Oval Fossil Accent Caster Chairs by Hillsdale Furniture

Powell Jefferson Castered Dining Set, 5-Piece

It is a 5-piece dining set that includes dining table and four arm chairs with casters. They have got a chocolate bronze crackle finish and soft tan fabric upholstery. This set is perfect for your everyday meals.

Boss Captain's Chair In Black Vinyl

This astonishing captain's chair has a comfortable, padded seat and backrest upholstered with black vinyl and finished with decorative nails. Solid frame has a beautiful, mahogany finish and sturdy, hardwood construction.

Pastel BZ-164-DN-031 Bozano Office Chair, Orange

This type of product is a high quality office chair that has got a durable frame. It features a soft orange seat and a supportive backrest. The product is also equipped with a very convenient height regulation.

Leick Upholstered Arm Office Chair, Deep Brown

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