Wrought Iron Kitchen Sets


For an attractive alternative to the traditional wood or steel dining set, we present wrought iron kitchen sets for dining. A round table with 4 chairs, all supported by wrought iron supports, enhance your dining space with a sturdy classical elegance. Unique swirls and many upholstery choices will give you plenty of choices in which wrought iron kitchen set you want to add to your home.

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Our Picks

Wrought iron kitchen chairs

Elegant dining set consisting of round table with glass top and 4 chairs. Base is made of wrought iron and finished with stylish pattern. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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Wrought iron kitchen sets

With this beautiful set you are getting a splash of impeccable elegance for your contemporary dining room. Consisted of 1 round table and 4 matching chairs, the set comes with a wrought iron construction with cherry wood accents, beautiful scrollwork, and chenille-wrapped seats.

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Home kitchen furniture kitchen dining room furniture table chair sets

home kitchen furniture kitchen dining room furniture table chair sets

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Wrought iron kitchen sets 9

Elegant dinette set. Nice combination of making materials: there's wrought iron for bases, wood for table top, echoed by matching wooden inserts incorporated in chairs' backs. Curved, wavy form adds some romance to the sleek attitude.

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Iron kitchen decor

A classy kitchen set featuring black iron frames with rich scrolls. A table has C-shaped legs, an X-stretcher, a unique round top of fire treated copper. A chair has a tall back with X-like scrolls, a wide top rail, a seat covered in brown leather.

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Wrought iron kitchen sets

... about Round Table Set Kitchen Cushioned Chairs, Furniture Wrought Iron

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Wrought iron kitchen sets

The beautiful wrought iron construction and the nice combination of soft and comfortable chairs make the whole unit extremely comfortable. The mix of chairs with round glass table top is elegant and very stylish.

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Glass top wrought iron dining table

Elegant bistro set made of wrought iron. It consists of round table with glass top and 4 chairs finished with openwork pattern on the back. Seats are covered with soft fabric. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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Bronze Finish Scroll Back Adjustable Metal Swivel Counter Height Bar Stools Set Of 2

Bronze Finish Scroll Back Adjustable Metal Swivel Counter Height Bar Stools Set Of 2

Solid and interesting stools for use in kitchen or bar. The adjustable seat height is an advantage that makes this product accessible for children. It can be well-matched with brown stylization and colour of kitchen, bar or dining room.

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Dinner al fresco 2 piece delaware buffet caddy set

Dinner al fresco 2 piece delaware buffet caddy set

Buffet set with kitchen utensil caddy, set on a fancy wrought iron base which keeps the drying kitchenware away from the counter top. Four holders for cutlery are provided. The entire rack sports black finish.

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Wrought Iron Kitchen Sets

Buying Guide

A wrought iron kitchen set will match several different design styles, including classic and modern settings. While originally considered suitable only for outdoor furniture, its uniquely designed chairs and tables can add a touch of classic elegance to indoor kitchens.

If you have a minimal kitchen, look for wrought iron tables and chairs with straight, clean lines rather than ornate scrollwork. This will match up more evenly with the natural wood and stone elements in the space.

Some wrought iron furniture is intricately designed, which can spruce up a kitchen with a rustic farmhouse style. For an industrial-style kitchen, opt for a kitchen set that combines wrought iron frames with a dark wood tabletop and chair seats.

Overall, the use of wrought iron kitchen sets isn’t limited to any one particular style. Its various designs and sizes can be made to fit within almost any decor style.

Wrought iron is one of the most durable and malleable metals around, making it an excellent choice for a kitchen set. However, it can also be very heavy—and tends to perform better outdoors, unless you’re going for a very medieval look for your indoor dining room.

Your wrought iron kitchen set will last through rain or shine and be able to support lots of weight for an extended period of use. If you plan to use it outside, consider giving it a rust-resistant treatment to extend its durability through moisture.

Wrought iron is relatively rust-proof. Many pieces of furniture made from this material, including wrought iron kitchen sets, are finished with powder coating that protects them from corrosion or rust. However, just because wrought iron is rust-proof compared to other metals, it doesn’t mean it should be neglected and left to the elements.

To avoid rusting and general corrosion, you should regularly maintain your wrought iron furniture. To do this, fill a bucket with dish soap and water. Use a small nylon scrubbing brush, dip it in your soapy solution, and scrub each part of your wrought iron kitchen set. For ultimate maintenance, get into the tight crevices and curves, ensuring you scrub every part of your appliance. Rinse your kitchen set with water and gently pat dry.

Best Ideas

Wrought iron dinette sets

Counter top display rack, cast from iron, with unobtrusive flat wooden shelves - just fine to display one's fav ceramic kitchen set, or store jars with seasonings. Like its adorable rustic style intonation.

Wrought iron dining sets 2

Wrought Iron Dining Sets

Wrought iron kitchen sets 2

home kitchen furniture kitchen dining room furniture table chair sets

Wrought iron kitchen sets

The intriguing and attractive wrought iron kitchen set is a perfect combination of style and functionality. The whole creates a comfortable shelf for kitchen utensils, towels, and linen and looks great.

Rose Garden Dining Table

Rose Garden Dining Table

Cast iron pub tables for sale

Consisted of 1 pub table and 2 matching barstools, the whole set is supported by an elegantly curved, wrought iron frame with stretchers. The wood top is round, and finished in walnut, while the barstools are padded, and upholstered in a top matching leather.

Buy chintaly imports wrought iron side chair on sale online

Buy Chintaly Imports Wrought Iron Side Chair on sale online

Wrought iron kitchen sets

Fancy wrought iron bistro set. Plain white top & seats contrasted with black metal frames abundant in scrolls elements. Quaint form hints at traditional style, tongue in cheek though = perfect wrought iron kitchen set

Wrought iron dining table 6

Wrought Iron Dining Table

Wrought iron kitchen decor

With this adorable set your country cottage home will be drowning in beautiful scrollwork and gracefully weathered appearance. Consisted of 1 clear glass round table and 2 cushioned chairs, the set features a durable metal frame in a distressed off-white finish.

Oak and wrought iron dining table

Interesting rustic style kitchen shelves made of rectangular wooden planks with a nice natural finish. Each shelf features 2 showy wall mounts of black wrought iron with eye-catching impressive scrolls and swirls.

Iron kitchen table and chairs

Chic patio set with frames of thin black-finished iron rods. A table has bowed legs with scrolls, a ring stretcher, a round top of stone in a light tone with a scroll pattern. Chairs have bowed legs, stretchers, backs and arms with rich scrolls.

Wrought iron kitchen sets

Longaberger basket w/wrought iron wall organizer

Tuscan wrought iron metal 3 tier wall shelf or wall

Tuscan Wrought Iron Metal 3 Tier Wall Shelf or Wall Planter