Wrought Iron And Glass Coffee Tables

Equal parts rustic, rugged, and modern, wrought iron and glass coffee tables will go well connect contemporary home that caters to more industrial setting. They accent a decorative style that exudes machismo as well as class. And the tempered glass tabletop will support most things you'll put on the coffee table. Take a look at this collection and see what we have.

Best Products

Iron and Glass Coffee Table with Clock

Iron and Glass Coffee Table with Clock
If you want to add a quirky feel to your living room, this iron clock coffee table will definitely do the trick. The subtle and elegant dark gray finish combined with the durable metal construction of this coffee table makes it a bargain. As one of the more unique coffee tables on the market, this one is certainly worth the price.

Brown Metal Rectangular Coffee Table

Brown Metal Rectangular Coffee Table
Simple but sophisticated nonetheless, this rectangular coffee table is the perfect addition to your living room no matter what your décor is like. The sturdy iron frame means that you can count on this rustic throwback piece to last a very long time. This table screams elegance, and it’s a very popular model to say the least.

Round Silver Glass and Metal Coffee Table

Round Silver Glass and Metal Coffee Table
A modern design with a silver finish and glass surface make this coffee table a truly beautiful piece that you should really have in your home. If you want to bring your home décor to life, this table is certainly worth taking a closer look at. The simple and clean design are just two of the things that many people love about this coffee table.

Brown Metal and Glass Coffee Table with Clock

Brown Metal and Glass Coffee Table with Clock
The antique charm of this metal and glass clock table can breathe new life into anyone’s living room area. If you want to change things up in your home by adding an interesting time piece and coffee table simultaneously, this is one of the best options you have. This table is an incredible combination of durability and whimsy for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Black Iron and Glass Circular Coffee Table

Black Iron and Glass Circular Coffee Table
The rugged versatility of this iron and glass coffee table makes it perfect for those who have a rustic décor at home. This table’s sturdiness is only surpassed by its intricate and unique design. If you want to add some beauty to your garden, this is one table that you should consider buying. The drum design of this table makes it something special indeed.

Gold Colored Metal and Tempered Glass Coffee Table

Gold Colored Metal and Tempered Glass Coffee Table
The shimmering gold finish and elegant glass tiers of this coffee table will no doubt make an excellent addition to your living room. There is a lower shelf on this table for keeping books and other items. This table has a uniquely sophisticated design that will add a big dose of class to the interior of your home.

Small Round Metal Coffee Table with Gold Finish

Small Round Metal Coffee Table with Gold Finish
The elegance and nuance of this small round coffee table makes it a wonderful piece of furniture to have for your living room. The hexagonal-shaped bottom adds a unique twist that your guests are bound to take notice of. This is a great modern coffee table that will provide you with a convenient place to keep drinks, books and all kinds of other items.

Our advice Buying Guide

You would be surprised to learn just how much of an impact your coffee table has in your living room. Not only can it impact the overall look of that room, but it can also impact the feel and vibe that room gives off.

If you have been in the market recently for a coffee table, you have probably noticed that there are tons of different designs, makes, and manufacturers available. You can choose anything from a wrought iron coffee table to a more traditional glass coffee table. There really is something out there to suit everyone’s tastes and styles.

That being said, these tables aren’t cheap and you want to make sure you make the right decision the first time around, so what exactly do you need to look for when shopping for a wrought iron or glass coffee table?

How to style with a tinted glass coffee table?

Some coffee tables now come available with the option of tinted glass. While this is a very neat addition, it might not suit your living room’s design. Tinted glass coffee tables go extremely well with dark, earthy colors like black or brown. This type of table really can give off a 1980s feeling and add more of a retro vibe to the living space.

How to pick the right size coffee table?

A good rule of thumb is to go with a table that is about half the size of your couch. For instance, if your couch is 48 to 44 inches wide, a 22 to a 30-inch coffee table should be sufficient for your needs. You don’t want a table that is too small, as it will make the living room look awkward and won’t provide many functions. However, you don’t want one that is too large either, because it will take up too much room and dwarf all the surroundings.

What are the most popular shapes of wrought iron and glass coffee tables?

You will also notice that these coffee tables come in a variety of different shapes. You can choose everything from a square-shaped table to a rectangle table. More homeowners are opting for the square sized table, but these tables can be somewhat bulky, so just make sure you have the extra room. In tighter areas, your best options really might by the round or rectangle designs. You just want to make sure that you have two to three feet between the table and the furniture so that people can maneuver around the area with ease.


Troy Coffee Table

Troy Coffee Table
This is a coffee table that is perfect for decorative in the French interior. The legs are made with a stylized metalwork. Table top is a combination of glass and wooden frame. The table is practical, but also very decorative.

Amelia Coffee Table

Amelia Coffee Table
This stylish coffee table is a combination of metal construction, wood and a beautiful glass tabletop. Perfectly suited for different types of interiors giving them an amazing character. Interesting design and functionality are its advantages.

Medley Coffee Table

Medley Coffee Table
This perfect coffee table is gonna match every kind of space, no matter if you're a fan of traditional or modern solutions. Check it out and enjoy the unique design in your living room together with comfort and style!

Atomic style round white coffee table

Atomic style round white coffee table
The modern design of this stylish coffee table is based on wrought iron bases. The whole is phenomenal, and it is an excellent element of every living room layout. The combination of white round table top with a dark base captivates.

Narnia Iron / Glass Cocktail Table

Narnia Iron / Glass Cocktail Table
This made a solid iron frame and finished with subtle delicate glass top cocktail table is the perfect choice for a stylish and elegant interior. Beautifully decorated with gilding is very posh and sophisticated.

Griffin metal wood slab coffee table

Griffin metal wood slab coffee table
It is an interesting piece of furniture that can play the role of a coffee table. It has got a top made of reclaimed wood and the whole construction stands on solid legs. This product fits well in different room stylizations.

Black iron coffee table

Constructed of transucent glass for the top and sturdy wrought iron for the base, this rectangular table is definitely something more than a mere surface to put your coffee cup on it. Abounding with swirls and leaves motifs, its silvery base draws glances.

Wrought iron end tables with glass tops

Made of the wrought iron coffee table with glass top is a beautiful combination that is perfect for a stylish interior. Impressive form and decorative details captivate and bring to the decor an interesting character.

Wrought iron coffee table

With this cocktail table your living room is going to shine like never before. The whole frame is manufactured from wrought iron for sturdiness and easy cleaning. The top is of oval shape, made of clear glass, and embedded in the frame. There's also an open shelf for displaying decorations.

Iron coffee table 1

Contemporary coffee table having a frame of brass-finished wrought iron. Thin double legs with curved bottom ends and top ball finials are joined with 2 pairs of 2-tier bowed in stretchers. A rectangular top of clear tempered glass has cut corners.

Wrought iron coffee table with glass top

could mark make this? rectangular wrought iron coffee table in antique gold

Wrought iron round coffee table

Sparkling with vintage beauty and intricate silhouette, this coffee table has a large round top crafted of premium metal in distressed copper finish. The top is supported by a branchy frame, designed of wrought iron for maximum durability and stability.

Glass wrought iron coffee table

Oh my god, it is the most incredible coffee table I have ever seen! Table has wrought iron frame with sculptural floral and leaves pattern and kickstand in the fancy shape. Simple desktop is covered with glass.

Herndon merry wrought iron and glass coffee table 1

Herndon & Merry Wrought Iron and Glass Coffee Table

Wrought iron cocktail table

Stylish coffee table mounted on wrought iron base with antique finish. Round top is made of clear glass. Modern and elegant addition to each home.

Details about glass and wrought iron coffee table

Details about Glass and Wrought Iron Coffee Table

3 Pc. Beveled Glass And Copper Bronze Metal Frame Coffee Table & 2 End Tables Occasional Table Set

Dramatically arched legs and thin criss-cross bottom stretchers, copmbined with tempered glass top, give this table a stunning modern look that is an effortless style statement! Simple, yet striking design is a real embellishment of a living room decor.

Wood and wrought iron coffee table 1

Wood And Wrought Iron Coffee Table

Rod iron coffee tables

TANNER NESTING COFFEE TABLE Coffee Table: 44" w x 20" d x 18" h Nesting Tables (2): 19.5" w x 16" d x 16" h Table frame is crafted of wrought iron. Tempered glass for safety. Set of three.

Round glass top coffee table wrought iron

Wrought iron base supports round glass top with polished edge. Swirly base design makes a statement and introduces an aura of romance to its space. Use this brilliant table as a centerpiece in a front room.

Wrought iron and glass end tables

Modern design for a rectangular coffee table with a modern touch, made out of wrought iron frame. The top of the table is made out of glass and perfectly fits the frame, giving the table an elegant and classy finish.

Zuku trading coffee table with glass and wrought iron

Zuku Trading Coffee Table with Glass and Wrought Iron

Round iron table

Looking for a coffee table that would spruce up your ambiance? Well you need to consider this one, that is made of wrought iron and glass, and has the rod finish and round top.

Glass and wrought iron coffee table

Glass and Wrought Iron Coffee Table

French 1940s wrought iron glass top coffee table image 2

French 1940's Wrought Iron Glass Top Coffee Table image 2

Wrought iron cocktail tables 33

A beautiful cocktail table that sports the durable and exquisitly elegant wrought iron structure and comes with the stunning finish in dark tones to ensure a perfect blend with the rest of your interior decor.

Grey wrought iron bevel glass coffee table

Grey Wrought Iron/Bevel Glass Coffee Table

Wrought iron coffee table base

A classic design that looks very attractive in any interior design. Its hand forged wrought iron frame supports a solid, sturdy copper top in round shape. It is also available with glass, marble or wooden tops.

Round wrought iron coffee table

This round cocktail table has got the frame, which is made of the wrought iron, and has casters. The wooden top and shelf underneath, looks fab with the classic style around.

Wrought iron legs

Vintage inspired chic furniture, love!

Metal and glass coffee table 6

With the unique design and look and the sublime structure this river coffee table is a nice option for any modern-styled household, especially thanks to its charming glass inlay on the wooden top surface.

Metal and glass coffee table 2

Metal, wooden and glass construction of this coffee table is solid and very stylish. Rectangular wooden top provides space for snacks and drinks. Lower shelf is made of tempered glass and solid frame is made of metal tubes.

Wrought iron cocktail tables 7

Being always a fancy focal point of the living room, cocktail tables delight with style and design. This wrought iron and glass construction does it perfectly as well. Based on curved legs, with characteristic swirls, proves to be a solid and ornate piece of furniture.

Wrought iron coffee tables for sale

A beautiful antique style coffee table having a base of wrought iron with accents in gold. It has curved triple legs with scrolls on ends and an openwork apron composed of semi-ovals. A clear glass top has a wide frame of marble in light beige hues.

Wrought iron cocktail tables 26

This 26" round pedestal end table is designed to delight. An exquisite example of class and style, embodying the best features of antique elegance. Combination of marble and wrought iron will provide solidness and quality for years.

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