Wrought Iron Foyer Table

For your foyer perhaps you have been looking for the right table for a long time but just can't quite put your finger on which one you want. Maybe that's because you haven't been looking at the right place. For you we offer our collection of wrought iron foyer tables. They come in many colors for many styles of decorative ideas and we have one for you in this collection.

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Stratford Foyer Table

Stratford Foyer Table
The two main materials used to create this semi-round console table are strong metal and tempered glass. Together, they create a stylish Provencal foyer wrought iron grey table furniture full of metal ornaments.

Set of 2 steel fluted round barrels india

Set of 2 steel fluted round barrels india
This barrel-styled table is a great choice for users who prefer Indian decorations and functional elements. This set includes 2 round end tables with a silver finish. They are made of solid and good looking steel.

Wrought iron foyer table 1

Lovely scrollwork and durable wrought iron construction make this console table a stylish addition for vintage foyers. Made in a French design, the table holds a marble top, beautifully accentuating the whole interrior.

Wrought iron foyer table 3

Made from wrought iron, this foyer table enchants with its intricate character, combining ornate design with functionality. The curvy, adorned silhouette conceals quite a practical space for decorations or bits and pieces.

Wrought iron foyer table

Stylish console table for all kinds of interiors according to taste. It is mounted on iron base and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Classic form and elegant design.

Wrought iron foyer table 8

Made from solid and formable wrought iron, this console table delights with its intricate design, full of ornate and subtle accents. Juxtaposed with the wall, it will create a great spot to display your belongings.

Wrought iron entry table

Thanks to elaborate wrought iron console table and large lighted mirror in meticulously carved frame, flanked with two tall table lamps, this foyer oozes opulence. Dark wood tones furtherly accentuate the luxurious vibe.

Our advice Buying Guide

The easiest way to enhance your foyer or entryway's look is to add a wrought iron foyer table in the space. It is surprisingly inexpensive, and it can be used in any way you desire. You can use your foyer table to hold a stunning flower vase or fill a space that's empty in your entryway. There are even units that have added storage to organize shoes, hats, and coats. Whatever unit you plan on buying, its style is guaranteed to enhance a bland entryway's aesthetic appeal.

How much is a wrought iron foyer table?

A foyer table runs anywhere between a hundred dollars to a thousand. You can spend much more if your budget allows. When choosing a table, check the quality as you'd want your furniture to last a long time. But, the highest quality will cost you, so keep that in mind. As a consumer, you need to determine the right balance between value and cost that's specific to you.

How to determine the right size for a wrought iron foyer table?

There is no universal size for wrought iron foyer tables. When determining the right size, check how much space you can allocate for the piece. If you only have little wall space, then choose a short foyer table. For a longer and wider wall space, the bigger the table is, the better. the important thing you need to remember during the buying process is the dimensions of your new table. NEVER eyeball it, especially if you don't want to undergo a ton of fuss in ordering a new one and returning the table that you bought that's too small or big for the space that you have.

Most foyer tables are narrow and/or long. There are half-circle or rectangle in shape, but you will also find tables that can be used as centerpieces, which are typically round.

When you're deciding on a shape, visualize what would look best in the space that you have. If you'll be placing a table flat against a wall, then choose a long, rectangular foyer table. If you think your space can accommodate a round centerpiece, then go ahead and get that piece but make sure that it's in the right size. Your other choices in terms of shape are free-form, oval, and triangle.

What features to look for in a wrought iron foyer table?

There are straightforward tables, while some come with drawers and/or shelving. For a centerpiece foyer table, you'll only get the table itself without any additional features. You may think this is bad news, but don't worry as you'll be happy with how it'll look especially when you find a unit made of both wood and wrought iron. Common wrought iron foyer table features include shelves, drawers, magazine holder, compartment, drop-leaf, wheels, and seating.


Iron hall table

The slim design of this impressive console table base makes the living room or hallway look unique. The decorative metal base of wrought iron is durable and permanent, and the subtle decorations add to its lightness.

Iron wood console table 18

This gorgeous mirror and wrought iron console table will bring in a bit of the industrial or rustic appeal to the space. It will look good i.e. in the foyers of designer lofts.

789 console table acanthus wrought iron scroll accent hall entry


Wrought iron sofa table

This console table features a nice gate stylization with its iron construction. It includes attractive details finished in black color. It also offers a long hammered copper top that provides solidity and attractive appearance.

Wrought iron foyer table 1

If you simply can't help but go for a piece that stands out with pure style and utmost charm then this wrought iron hall table will become a surely well-fitting addition to your hallway and the charming roses will make it shine through with class and romantic elegance.

Continental foyer console table wrought iron semi circle wall desk

Continental Foyer console table, wrought iron semi-circle wall desk ...

Alexander Console Table | Base Only

Copper table top natural finish forged round wrought iron base


Wrought iron foyer table

Welcome to the French bistro on Paris street - where in the foyer you will see this incredible wrought iron foyer table full of loral zigzags, hand-made stylized on old one with neat wooden top of the table.

Pottery barn tanner console table

Hillsdale - Wrought Iron Console Table w Demilune Glass Top - $156.31

Wrought iron foyer table 2

This ornate hall or sofa table owes its charm to the wrought iron base. The material is pretty formable, offering great decoration possibilities. The openwork, mosaic construction will add a classic charm and elegance to the space.

Scrolled iron console table marble brown hall entry wrought scrollwork

Scrolled Iron CONSOLE TABLE Marble Brown Hall Entry Wrought Scrollwork ...

Wrought iron hallway table

wrought iron hallway table

Impact with a console table in the entryway have fun

impact with a console table in the entryway have fun

Wrought iron deep ocean boxwood hall sofa wall console table

Wrought Iron Deep Ocean Boxwood Hall Sofa Wall Console Table ...

Metal entry tables

Such a richly wrought iron foyer console table - suitable for the most elegant, loving Middle Ages or Baroque interiors. Spread over the length of the entire foyer, it consists of heavily carved individual rods with a triangular vault. We counted them 18.

Wrought iron foyer table 12

Karolina Cabinet #kirklands #glam+chic