Console Table With Marble Top


Marble is an attractive way to top a table. And if you want a new console table for your home, a console table with a marble top is a very nice way to accentuate your home with taste and style. You can even pair it with other marble already in your home, like the countertops in your kitchen, for a feeling of continuity. See collection for more.

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Our Picks

Italian console table marble top

Italian console table marble top

In ancient years before World War II, such works of applied art were praised in Italy as a table with gold floristic sculpting and a marble, clear top in grey shades. A unique example of console table with marble top has slim marble stripped feet.

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Console Table Marble Top

Console Table Marble Top

There are many interesting accents of this console table: the end of its legs, under the marble top - and the marble charcoal gray veined top itself, under which the drawer is hidden. Finishes of wooden legs, symbolizing paw feet.

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Pair of narrow painted console tables marble tops

Pair of narrow painted console tables marble tops

This console table features an attractive design with simple lines and some decorations on its legs. Its marble top is durable and finished in neutral colors. Four legs provide good level of stability.

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Regency style console table marble top

Regency style console table marble top

Extremely fashionable and captivating, this console table features a beautiful, oval top made of black marble with white accents. It is supported by turned front legs and an X-shaped back. Also includes 1 open shelf at the bottom.

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Console table marble top

Console table marble top

Richly decorated console table with marble top. It is mounted on wooden base and finished with carefully crafted carvings. Elegant form and high quality.

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Marble top console table

The French style of this enchanting console table with marble top is a perfect combination of fun and unique look. The whole of the beautiful colors impresses with the details and brings to the room a unique atmosphere.

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Console table with marble top 10

This is a finely detailed console table with a white marble top. The table sits on four curved legs with wavy patterns engraved on each leg. There's a bold floral carving that hangs directly under the marble top. The excellent detailing on this piece makes it a great aesthetic addition to your living space.

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Gilt console table marble top

This 19th century inspired console table drips in opulence. Elaborate metal base with loads of swirls and adornments supports the marble top which is no less luxurious. The finest piece of furnishing from France.

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Console table with marble top

Delicate brass legs support this marble semi-circular tabletop to create a memorable hall table. The bracing surround just beneath the marble top is a fine filigree. The tops of the legs are ornamented with formal faces, including detailed neckcloths.

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1stdibs industrial marble top metal console table

1stdibs | Industrial Marble Top Metal Console Table

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Console Table With Marble Top

Buying Guide

A console table with marble top is a timeless piece that transcends trends. Depending on how you style it, this type of table could easily feel like a farmhouse addition, a modern, minimalist talking point, or even a mid-century modern throwback to streamlined design.

If you’re wanting to style your marble-topped table in a modern way, make sure that you match the color of the marble to the colors in your home for a sense of cohesion. It would be a good idea, also, to refrain from cluttering the marble top; let it speak for itself with an air of graceful, peaceful modern minimalism.

Thanks to the versatility of modern-day furniture, your console table can be placed absolutely anywhere in the home, as long as it serves a purpose. While most people choose to keep their console tables with marble tops in their entryway and living rooms, more home decorators are finding interesting uses for their console tables.

So a slim, sleek console table may be used in the bathroom and creates a perfect space for a vase of flowers to freshen up the room. Feel free to use it as a bar cart in your dining area or a focal point in your living room when paired with a glam mirror above it and compatible table lamps. This option is recommended if your living room has a broad or empty wall and you want to fill it up.

A versatile console table may also serve as a space-saving and casual desk in rooms with limited space. If you find that a traditional vanity is too bulky, why not use a console table instead. It's the ideal substitute for holding make-up and accessories.

Best Ideas

Console table with marble top 5

A stunning antique console table featuring unusual supports in the form of big greyhounds! They're sitting on a thick U-shaped base. A rectangularish top of grey marble and 2 drawers rest on dogs' heads. A mirrored back panel has fluted side edges.

Iron console table with marble top

Spencer console table with an antique appearance. The top is made of marble and has a dominant semi-circle shape. Beneath the marble top is a floral design that spans around the perimeter of the marble top. The table sits on four narrow legs.

Marble console table

Simple lines and attractive design are the most important features of this console table. Its solid and stylish antique bronze frame provides support to a rectangular marble top finished in neutral white color.

Wrought iron console table with marble top 1

Marble tops add enormous elegance. Especially with late 19th century console table with scroll acanthus feet and cabriole legs. It has French origin. Who knows if this table was not in possession of Napoleon descendants? Marble has a caramel tint.

Marble top console tables 7

Marble top console table that’s perfect for a luxurious, grand mansion. Highly-detailed, richly finished piece of art, no doubt about that. If you want to get yourself something that will hold the attention of your guests, this console table is perfect.

Gilt console table marble top 1

Cast Iron Console Table with Marble Top |

Marble top console tables

A table fixed to a wall with its marble top supported by consoles or front legs broadly : a table designed to fit against a wall. That is a console table, with wooden base, painted in dark brown. It was made by the owner, who didn't spent more than 20 dolars.

Marble top console tables 8

Marble is one of the most luxurious materials you can use to design your house, no doubt about that. Just take a look at this marble top console table – doesn’t it look just rich? Highly-detailed, it will become the focal point of your entryway.

Italian console table marble top 2

Italian Console Table Marble Top

Design Toscano AE2060 The Dordogne Marble Topped Console Table

Console table with marble top 7

Gorgeous 18th century console table with intricately carved, gilded base and marble top. The finest example of German Rococo design. If I could afford a similar historic piece I'd be the happiest person on Earth!

Marble console table 7

With the rococo design straight from the 18th century this console will instantly become the most admired and worshipped piece in your interior, due to its stunning marble top and the gold, intricately carved base.

Madison Console Table

Madison Console Table

Marble top console

Gorgeous look for an antique, regency console table with a marble top and a sophisticated backdrop. The golden coloring of the ornate frame nicely complements the wooden base and gives the piece an exquisite detail.