Driftwood Console Tables


There’s something striking about using driftwood for furniture. Not only does this style catch our eyes, but its natural beauty also reminds us of beaches and wind-swept outdoor spaces. With the trend of using natural materials like jute, ceramic, bamboo and cork, a driftwood console table fits right in. Faux materials are out, and natural and sustainable materials are front and center. These types of tables also hit another hot trend note as they are ultimately eco-friendly and let you do your part to mitigate climate change.

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Driftwood console table

61.jpg | Michael Andrew Photographer - one of our favorite console tables, recycled Balinese teak at

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Driftwood console table

Unique, sophisticated approach to a rustic sofa table made out of solid juniper wood with a base crafted out of salvaged barn wood, all covered in varnish to preserve the wood from rotting and give it a shiny polish.

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Driftwood Console Table

Driftwood Console Table

Console table with gray finish and wooden construction. Additionally, it has three small storage drawers on the top and bottom shelf. This solution provides a lot of open and closed storage space for smaller items.

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How cool would this be with the wood faux painted

How cool would this be with the wood faux painted to look like driftwood? Also fabulous just as stripped natural wood too.

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Driftwood sofa table

Original and with a breeze of natural appeal - this entryway piece is a fine statement of style with its driftwood structure, ensuring that you won't find two looking exactly the same and would be able to accent your interior to perfection.

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Driftwood console table 8

Driftwood Console Table.

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Driftwood side table 2

This beautiful example of driftwood console table constitutes an ideal addition for your patio or veranda. A magnificent combination and craft skills, designed by Steven Gambrel, will enchant both the enthusiasts of modern and rustic styles.

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Driftwood console table 12

Functional sculpture: "Deadwood Table," $2,100 on Etsy.... I can make-shift this from finds around the lake.... great driftwood hunt happening

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Driftwood console tables 1

Wendy Schwartz Design - Malachite wallpaper in an entryway

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Teak wood console table glass top nautical beach cottage driftwood

Teak Wood Console Table Glass Top Nautical Beach Cottage Driftwood

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Driftwood Console Tables

Buying Guide

Console tables can be used either to store your general items or display your favorite ornaments. They can also be used, as the name suggests, to set up a gaming console, providing there is a top shelf and a lower one for storage of any equipment. A driftwood console table can have a soft effect, which is ideal for country homes and cottages. It is also perfect for homes which have a natural and unfinished look about them since there are so many different styles of driftwood table to choose from. Here we'll consider some of the most popular styles, as well as helping you with some useful guidance for buying.

With driftwood, there isn't much of an option to start experimenting with plenty of different colors, but there are still choices to be made. Driftwood console tables aren't available in just one set shade of wood, which means you'll need to think about what you like and what will suit your home.

A popular type of driftwood is the natural and unfinished look. This comes in many varieties, but most commonly is in between light and dark, making it perhaps one of the most natural looks to achieve in your home.

Light driftwood is also popular since it isn't too stark and doesn't draw too much attention in your home. Depending on what else you have in the room, this could be a good thing or a bad thing but is definitely worth taking into consideration as you explore different types of driftwood.

Finally, in terms of shades and colors, a darker driftwood is perfect for rooms where you have some dark furniture already. You can balance it out using a table lamp, for example, or by displaying brighter items on the console table.

Initially, you might think it's an easy choice picking out a driftwood console table, but it may not be long before you realize just how much choice there really is. While this means you can take the time finding something that suits you, it also means your shopping journey could be a little bit longer than you anticipated. Here are some popular styles that you might like to consider and push to the front of your queue.

  • Criss-cross table legs: A style that you love can make the whole room more appealing and comfortable for you to spend time in. A modern and edgy look is the criss-cross leg design, which involves the two (or four) legs being fitted diagonally to create the effect.
  • L-shape: Another modern take on the driftwood console table, this design is shaped like an L, as the name would indicate. Some people like to buy two L-shaped console tables to create a rectangular shape with extra shelving.
  • Three shelves: If you think you're going to need that little extra bit of storage in the room, why not consider a driftwood console table with three shelves? These tables are often slightly higher (by around 6-10 inches) than other console tables, but the extra storage could really be useful depending on the items you have.

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