Modern Tv Tray Tables

Gone are the days of the boring old tray tables your parents used while watching their shows over dinner. These modern versions are larger, more sturdy, and infinitely more stylish. They don't clutter the space when stored and can be used easily for many things beyond eating in front of the TV. If you want a new and improved tray table, see our collection.

Best Products

White End Table Small Wood Tv Tray Sofa Couch Side Living Room Furniture

White End Table Small Wood Tv Tray Sofa Couch Side Living Room Furniture
The slim design of this phenomenal tray/tv tray makes the whole thing stylish and very glamorous. Modern design with small countertop is handy and fascinating to present in the decor of the living room.

Framed side table

Framed side table
This type of table is a stylish product that matches different interior stylizations. Its size (16"w x 16"d x 24"h) is perfect for small indoors. The base is made of metal, but the top is made of solid and attractive wood.


Cool functional portable tray intended to put on arms of most sofas. Such a thick round tray with a beveled edge is made of wood having a light brown finish. It can be set on arms thanks to a 2-part semi-oval base.

Set 4 Mid Century Metal Folding Tv Tray Tables Aqua Birds In Cage

Set 4 Mid Century Metal Folding Tv Tray Tables Aqua Birds In Cage
These made of metal folded TV tray tables are the perfect solution for everyone. Beautiful decorative themes depicting birds and attractive colors come into view and beautifully present. Ideal for any decor.

Clear acrylic lucite plexiglass folding

Clear acrylic lucite plexiglass folding
Trying to find the modern and interesting piece of furniture to your living zone? This folding snack table with stand will be the best choice. It features the clear color and acrylic, lucite and plexiglass construction.

Eames Industrial Loft Metal Concrete Square End Table Modern Nightstands And Bedside Tables

Eames Industrial Loft Metal Concrete Square End Table Modern Nightstands And Bedside Tables
Are you inspired by mid-century style? It's great - to make up your vision, you can find such a stylish modern end table. Geometric interweaving, which is a metal frame, is crowned with a stone square, small top.

Modern tv tray tables 1

A great combination of functionality and style, this lovely tray table has powder-coated flat legs, allowing you to slide them under a couch to have a nice table on its seat. Features a natural wood top, 2 built-in cup metal holders, and phone-storing cut-outs with holes for cable management.

Our advice Buying Guide

It may seem incredibly easy to select a modern TV tray table, but you would be surprised as to the number of the considerations that have to be accounted for. Although it may take quite a process, making an informed decision will ensure you invest your money into a table that enhances your home’s modern style and serve you a few good years as well.

How to make sure your TV tray table is durable?

A quality TV tray table has gone through rigorous testing protocols to ensure durability and a much lower cost of owning the unit over time. One that’s made of particleboard may be cheap, but it will only last a single year. As for a quality table, yes, it costs three times as much. However, it will last 15 times longer! What do you think makes for the better investment?

If you want the most durable TV tray table for your home, check a unit’s corner and edge construction. A heavy-duty edge will allow you to have a table that’s impact resistant and capable of resisting damage even when it’s constantly knocked over.

You would also want to make sure that your new modern TV tray table offers ease of maintenance. You may find a table that’s so pretty but if it needs refinishing or sanding, you might as well forget about it. So, your table must be able to withstand rigorous use, be easy to clean, and resist staining.

Are standard TV tray tables easily portable?

Portability may seem unnecessary for the table, but you’ll soon realize how convenient it is to have a surface that you can use whenever and wherever for various tasks and rooms in your home. If you want your TV tray to be portable but you’re not very strong, consider getting the unit with casters so you can easily wheel it wherever you need a surface for mounting and snacking. Take into account your strength in moving a TV tray table around your home. You wouldn’t want the table to strain your back or become injured just by moving the unit from your living room to your bedroom.

Modern TV tray tables can be foldable units. If you get a folding tray table, you would need a sturdy and stable leg mechanism that’s bolted to the table’s underside and not attached by screws for easy folding and unfolding.

What extra features to look for in modern TV tray tables?

There are modern TV tray tables that have special features, which either make the units stand out or be a turn-off or a deal breaker. One of your many options includes a storage bag with a number of small pockets that allow you to store items like iPads, books, and remote controls. This feature helps declutter your living space or bedroom, as well as ensure that important items are kept close at hand.

Another feature is an ergonomic handle, tasked to provide balance for easy standing and sitting. Some tables also have tray surfaces that swivel for a more convenient use.


Modern tv trays

Modern and practical element of home furniture. This C-table serves as a tray near the sofa or armchair and it can also have many other applications. It features a durable construction that doesn't require plenty of free space.

Modern tray tables

Modern Tray Tables

Modern tv tray tables

The beautiful combination of wood and solid steel base makes this modern tray table delight. Nice finish and attention to detail delight, bringing a unique atmosphere to the design. Tray table in this form is an excellent choice for the living room.

Steel folding tables

Folding table in contemporary style. It is made of wood and metal. Round top has large usable surface. Handy accent for each home. Neutral and functional design for any interior.

Modern tv table

Space-saving and practical, this tray table will make your TV watching time more pleasurable, keeping your drinks and snacks on the square wood top, within the reach of your hand. The frame is made of metal pipes and has flat legs, so you can easily slide it underneath your sofa.

Modern tv tray tables 8

Copenhagen TV Tray Table - modern - side tables and accent tables - Masins Furniture

Modern tv tray

This small, but very functional table made from steel and reclaimed wood, can be a great solution to provide eating space in tiny interiors. Its eclectism will enchant both modern and rustic styles enthusiasts.

Contemporary tv trays

Handy tray table to keep your glass of wine or a cup of coffee always in reach of your hand. This tray will help you to chill after long day on your favourite armchair with your newspaper or book. Easy to assemble on every armchair.

Table student dorm bed sofa car workstation bed tv tray

... Table-student-dorm-Bed-Sofa-Car-WorkStation-Bed-TV-Tray-/260862302172

Modern c table

A pretty modern coffee table featuring a top composed of 2 lift up parts (they hide a storage space) and 1 fixed indelibly. A top frame is made of wooden materials with a brown finish. Two frame-like legs are of thin metal rods.

Tv snack tray tables 1

What is small is beautiful - and what is portable makes life easier. Portable tv snack tray tables, for the laptop, or even to put a book and coffee on it while resting on your favorite couch. Delicate metal construction in black, and wooden dark brown tops.

Snack tray tables

An elegant traditional tray table with a base of black-coated metal. It has sturdy edges, bowed supports and decorative scrolls. It has only 3 walls so its foot can be tucked under e.g. a sofa. A rectangular wooden top in brown hues has raised edges.

Tv snack tray tables

Space saving tray table suitable for TV rooms. It provides space for snacks, TV remote and other items near the sofa or armchair. Its lower part includes a stable rectangular base and a practical magazine rack.

Modern tv tray tables

Adjustable Laptop Table with Cooler Laidback Laptop Desk Portable

Brown wheeled laptop work table tv tray tilt control adjustable


Modern tray tables 1

10 Stylish C Tables: The Modern TV Tray Table Takes Over | Apartment Therapy

Tv tray ideas

Some 1960s indoor accessories - vintage TV tray tables, hey, they used to be extremely popular the other day. Someone could still enjoy such a snack serving tray when you choose it for a gift. Awakes good memories!

Modern tv tray tables 1

CS: This is a C Table. These would be great buy. I've seen nicer/less shiny ones. Will look sharp with sofa or next to chair. Furniture for a Compact Living Space - Decoist

Modern tv tray tables 3

10 Stylish C Tables: The Modern TV Tray Table Takes Over | Apartment Therapy

Modern tv tray tables 1

coffee table lift top tv tray

C table w black walnut top

C-Table w/ black walnut top

Modern tv tray tables

Wood Veneer TV Dinner Tray Tables contemporary serveware

Laptop tv tray

The combination of steel construction in copper tones, with functionality, creates this sensational tray table for your laptop. Simple constellation is excellent at work. Ideal for home. The solid wooden top is fascinating in combination with a copper finish.

Modern tv tray tables

A modern tv tray table with an attractive chrome base and beautiful granite countertop create a unique connection that is perfect for the modern interior. Beautiful geometric design captivates every detail.

Retro danish modern vintage tv tray tables w stand wood

Retro danish modern vintage TV tray tables w/ stand wood blocks ...

Modern tv tray tables

... / Living / Coffee and Accent Tables / Side Tables and Accent Tables

Modern tv tray tables

Some such tables have designs that are meant to make your TV and sofa ...

Urban Shelf - Green

Designs 2 Go Folding Tray Table

Designs 2 Go Folding Tray Table

Eames end table

Easy and inexpensive to make, enchants with its final appeal. This DIY black end table knows how to fit well into contemporary decors, comprising some cheap stand, picture frames, chain and eye hooks, all combined to create a wonderful appeal.

Tv tray tables

An enchanting example of a TV tray table. A DIY project, which actually converted the tv tray into an end table for the living room. Lovely mint green finishing, featuring a sweet little bird on a twig, makes it a really distinguishable item.

Modern tv tray tables 12

Tray Table

Metal and Wood Red Nested Stools

This set includes a pair of nested stools. The construction of each stool has been made of metal and is painted red. The top has been made of wood and features a natural light finish. A very retro set.

Couch snack tables

Something lightweight, portable and foldable. Something that can stand by the couch - hold a pile of books or laptop and coffee. Laser-cut butterfly-shaped wooden tv snack tray deep brown table. Diagonal edges, top resembling a tray, finished in ebony.

Mid century modern lucite folding tv tray tables


Modern stools

Simple but cool DIY-made side table and 2 stools for kids. They're of wooden materials finished in mid browns. All pieces feature rectangular full panel supports, a table has a rectangular top, stools - rectangular seats.

Mirror bedside table

Small end tables with durable construction. Mirrored surface looks aesthetic in any bedroom design. Different types of end tables presented on this picture include some small compartments and storage drawers.

Atlantic 2-Pack TV Tray, Lava Shades of Gray

Love the modern design of the tray tables on the

Love the modern design of the tray tables!!! on the christmas wish list!

5Pc TV Table Set, Rectangular Includes 4 Tables with One Stand

It is a five-set tables for TV. It is very practical and extremely useful. It was made in black. Perfect for many different way, because it can also be a portable kit. Check in different situations. Be sure to have it in your home.

Metal and Glass Side Table

Pretty to the eye vintage style table with an unique frame consisting of 4 circles joined in a form of an side-upturned letter 'M'. They're made of metal with a golden finish. This table has a round transparent glass top.

The past is new again with the retro styling of

This useful piece of equipment is also a very interesting decoration that represents a retro style. This side table is made of MDF composite and it features a spacious storage drawer. It stands on solid wooden legs.

This small space saving table is a combination of a

This small, space saving table is a combination of a rustic and modern style. It features a top and lower shelf made of pine wood. These elements are supported by a frame made of metal. The stool measures 23" H x 24" W x 22" D.