Sturdy Tv Trays

If you love to watch TV while enjoying a meal, and you are sick of wobbly TV trays, then it is time to upgrade to a sturdy TV tray. We have quite a few to choose from, and each is designed to be steadfast. No wobbling here. Made of firm, heavy materials, you never have to worry about your TV stray again. Take a look at what we have for you in this collection.

Best Products

Indoor expanding tray table with rubbed walnut finish 399096

Indoor expanding tray table with rubbed walnut finish 399096
With its flip-open top, providing extra possibilities, this TV tray combines simplicity and solidness, being a smooth combination of wooden counter and metal base. Ideal for a laptop or a meal in front of the TV.

Expandable Living Room Tray Table Accent Side End Table Furniture New

Expandable Living Room Tray Table Accent Side End Table Furniture New
Simplistic, yet very solid and functional, this living room tray table will add a practical value to your living room decor. It combines sturdy metal base with a dark brown wooden countertop.

1960s tv tray set with original box

1960s tv tray set with original box
This practical tv tray set made of the original metal box is an eye-catching and functional solution. Beautiful floral motifs on the black background look amazing and the foldable form makes it easy to store.

Portable Folding Couch Tray Table

Portable Folding Couch Tray Table
Finished in mahogany, this Portable Tray Table provides foldable legs for easy transport and space-saving storage. Crafted from sturdy wood, the table features functional locking hinges, and some elements plated with zinc and nickel.

TV Tray Set with Stand

TV Tray Set with Stand
Interesting traditional Oriental style folding tray-table. It's made of solid rosewood with an elegant reddish-stained finish. This practical table has an 8-leg stand with a handle and 4 oval fixed serving trays.

Kiara TV Tray Table with Stand (Set of 4)

Kiara TV Tray Table with Stand (Set of 4)
It is a set that includes four TV tray tables with stand. It is available in two colors: natural and espresso. This set is perfect for small spaces and made of 100-percent wood. It can be used everywhere.

Masterpiece Mobile Tray Table

Masterpiece Mobile Tray Table
This tray table is very mobile and portable thanks to its caster wheels. It has been made of manufactured wood and is finished in cherry. There is a one year warranty on this piece. It will require some assembly.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you’ve been thinking of getting a sturdy TV tray and you’re already getting excited about the fact that you’d finally have the best TV-watching experience, then you’re in the right place! We have a buying guide below that will help you pick a sturdy TV tray to make your lounging time even more relaxing and enjoyable!

How to select the best shape of the TV tray?

The shape that’s right for you will depend on the way you will use the tray. What's the average size of the meals or snacks that you eat in front of the TV? Maybe you like grabbing a bowl of cereal or soup. If so, then a small square or round TV tray will suit you. A smaller tray will allow you to have more freedom in moving around your couch as it takes less space.

However, you may need a large tabletop surface to fit snacks, drinks, your laptop and other devices. If so, then choose the biggest TV tray size that your space can accommodate. The shape that’s ideal for you is either rectangular or oval.

What are TV trays typically crafted from?

  • Plastic TV Trays - Trays made of plastic often come with a metal framework to provide a sturdy base. The biggest advantage of having a plastic TV tray is its affordability. But, it’s also lightweight in design so it can be moved around your living room with ease. It's a great idea if you will be transporting the TV tray from one room to another frequently. A high-quality plastic TV tray features resistance to impacts and staining, which means it’s a good option as it will last for a very long time – even up to 10 years.
  • Laminate - A laminate TV tray is stronger than one that’s made of plastic. It also typically lasts longer. Of course, it can be a little bit expensive. It's also heavier than plastic. If you compare the two materials, laminate offers a more expensive and professional look compared to plastic. We recommend that you choose a laminate wood TV tray if you’ll be using the table in a family room only.
  • Wood - A wooden TV tray is your sturdiest option. It's best in all-around durability, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Think of a wooden TV tray as an investment as it can last long compared to all its other counterparts. If you are on the lookout for a round TV tray, we suggest you get a wooden table as laminate chips over time.

How to pick a good quality, sturdy TV tray?

More often than not, the lowest priced TV trays are of lower quality. This means they break faster. You would have to replace your TV tray much sooner. If the table you’ve chosen is lesser in price from one dealer compared to all other online sellers of the same TV tray, be extra careful. The seller that’s selling the tray at a lower price may have a unit that’s been returned.


Lap TV Tray

Lap TV Tray
This is made of bamboo fold-out tray is a great way to give breakfast in bed. The robust design and convenient design makes it easily can be moved and given its excellent meals even while watching TV.

Lipper International Bamboo Folding Tv Tray Table With Lip

Lipper International Bamboo Folding Tv Tray Table With Lip
This kind of product is a tray table that is ideal for use in a TV room. It has got a solid frame that provides support and stability. This frame has got a folding construction, so the table can be stored without taking too much space.

Smash Tray Table

Smash Tray Table
Simple rectilineal table with a polished steel frame. A flat U-shaped foot enables to slide it e.g. under a bed. Two straight legs are placed in 2 corners but 2 other ones in the middle of the frame. A rectangular top is of brown-finished fibreboard.

Sturdy tv trays

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this tray table with drawer for their home. It's not only very useful (especially for snacks, or laptop) but it looks stylish too.

Glass tv tray

The robust steel construction of these spectacularly designed tv trays makes them an exceptionally original and functional interior design element. Beautiful contemporary styling captivates and brings to the decor a cozy atmosphere.

Under sofa table tray

Taller version of a TV tray - to make eating, working with laptop etc. easy without leaving the couch. Constructed entirely of solid blocks of wood. But I kinda miss wheels here - the flat base isn't the most practical design.

Extra large tv tray tables

Older people have completely different needs due to traffic restrictions. Hence the standard armchair turns into a helpful friend thanks to the support and the mechanism with the sturdy tv tray. Where the final form is a strong black handle helping to get up.

Shop couchdesk tm folding tray table by spiderlegs

... › Shop › CouchDesk™ Folding Tray Table by Spiderlegs

Tv trays that slide under furniture

This simple TV tray, thanks to ingenious bracket design can be set in a way so that the brown wood top floats over the couch or armchair seat. Besides, the metal base piece doubles as end table or laptop desk.

Tv tables for eating

Thanks to this small table, you are getting a portable, compact, durable and functional addition for indoor use. The table stands on a tubular white-finished metal frame that supports a matching top with 1 built-in cup holder.

Tv tray with cup holder

Although they look like colorful stools for children, it is the latest design of the basics sturdy flat TV trays. The top is shaped like tears, as well as asymmetrical bottom. They come in many pastel colors.

Tv tables to eat on

Cool practical side tray tables. A rectilinear frame is of black-finished metal. It features a rectangular wheeled base with a wire shelf and a single-ended suppport with vertical and diamond metalwork. A rectangular top is of brown-finished wood.

Prontoship many sizes amp easy to choose from custom sturdy

... prontoShip many sizes amp easy to choose from custom Sturdy TV Trays

Monarch Specialties Snack Table, Grey

This lovely little table for snacks to great addition to any living room or bedroom. Based on a solid steel base is finished with laminated top. Beautiful details and stable design make it easy to use.

Sturdy tv trays 2

A functional and mobile caddy desk that is height-adjustable, and equipped with 4 caster wheels. The frame is made of silver powder coated metal, supporting a matte black carb compliant wood top.

Set of four vintage tv trays florentine pattern in white

Set of Four Vintage TV Trays - Florentine Pattern in White and Gold ...

Oval Folding TV Tray Table Set of 4

It is a set that includes four tray tables for your living room and family room area. They have got a golden oak finish, solid ash hardwood construction and great quality. You need to have this set.

Folding tv tray dinner tables

Folding TV Tray Dinner Tables

Manchester Wood Rectangular Folding TV Tray Table Set of 2 - Golden Oak

Large tv tray

Atlantic Folding Snack Trays (Set Of 2) | Shopping - The Best Deals on Coffee, Sofa & End Tables

Furnishings living room accent tables copenhagen tv tray table

... Furnishings > Living Room > Accent Tables > Copenhagen TV Tray Table

Sturdy tv trays 1

Made of solid material, the lightweight tv tray is a great combination of beautiful design and interesting details. The foldable form makes it easy to fit, easy to store and can be used as a snack or laptop.

Rustic tv trays

Tell me what house doesn't need a sturdy tv tray. This Winsome piece of furniture has a dark walnut wood finish and classic folding construction. In general, it was made of on-warping MDF wood. Features a stand with a handle for easy storage and movement

Oversized tv trays

Crafted from solid wood in a natural finish, this handy little tray can be a great companion for watching TV. It has criss-crossed legs for stability, and it can be easily folded for storage or transport. Measurements: 26"H x 19"W x 14.5"D.

Adjustable tv dinner table

Practical & good-looking over-the-armrest wooden sofa tray. Folds away when not needed, adjusts to all the sofa curves and flats when on duty. Comes in natural finish & a couple more. A smart alternative for end table.

Cute tv trays

TV tray mounted on crossed legs and reinforced with solid supports. It is made of metal and finished with floral theme. Perfect for serving snacks, drinks or as laptop table. Elegant accent for all kinds of interiors.

Tablemate II White with Cup Holder - Sturdy Portable Table

It is a simple and solid portable folding table that can be used as a desk and as a place to rest your laptop. It has got a cream and white finish that fits perfectly to any style and décor.

Office furniture desks and hutches adjustable wooden laptop tray

... Office Furniture > Desks and Hutches > Adjustable Wooden Laptop Tray

Tables for eating in front of the tv

Folding laptop table made of wood. It is mounted on crossed legs and fitted with hole on the top for carrying. It folds flat for easy storage. Handy gadget for each home. It is very well appreciated by customers.

Laptop tv tray

Add a functionality into your living zone and choose the laptop table with modern design. It features the metal and sheesham wood construction. It can be used as an end table or nightstand. It brings the simplicity and durability into any home.

Tv tray holder

FoundFeatures: Four TV tables with wooden tops and sturdy legs Upright foldable storage stand Walnut finish Regalia collection it at Wayfair - Regalia TV Table Set with Stand 82- and free shipping

Nice tv trays

Crafted of espresso-finished wood, this TV tray with criss-crossed legs brings functionality to any decor. It's lightweight, durable, and beautiful; and you can easily fold it for storage or transport.

Lapdawgs x 4 laptop table is unique and useful

LapDawg’s X-4 Laptop Table is Unique And Useful

Wooden folding tv dinner tables

Go for this foldable laptop trolley that comes constructed of durable, powder coated steel frame and comes with swivel wheels for easier transportation, making it a must-have for any respecting interior.

Simple laptop table

This kind of product is a tray table with a magazine holder. Its size is not very large, so it fits perfectly into small rooms. It is a table that has got a solid wooden construction that is resistant to wear and damage.

Folding snack tables

Lightweight, functional and portable - those TV dinner trays fold easily for transport and storage. Made of sturdy wood, each tray offers a stylishly-shaped top, and criss-crossed legs with stretcher for stability.

Oversized tv tray tables

A folding table tray can be an essential item at home. Perfect for playing cards, eating dinner, doing work, or providing more table space for big family gatherings. The Oval Folding TV Tray Tables bring style with a sturdy solid wood construction. Produc

Couch tv trays

Kitchen: Country Style Wood TV Tables in Natural - Set of 4

Sturdy tv trays 2

Sometimes we have the most comfortable armchair in the world, where we work or learn, but we do not have space for a desk anymore. Then a white, slim sturdy tv tray comes in relief, which can be added without any obstacles, with adjustable metal white legs.

Large tv trays

A compact TV tray that will, surely, come in handy around a house. It's made of durable steel, with a square flat base that easily slides under sofa, and a reversible top that is decorated with a beautiful mosaic.

Adjustable tv tray table mate large

Adjustable Tray Table for TV, Couch, Bed, Porch or Garden. Adjusts & Folds Easily, Excellent Space Saver. For all Ages & Environments, Senior Friendly. Very Popular with Assisted Living, Elderly or Disabled. White. by EV. $25.00. Great size of 28.5 x 20.2

Winsome Wood Kira Bed Tray, Dark Espresso Finish

Bed tray with dark espresso finish, folding legs and handles. Thanks to use of folding legs storage of the tray is very easy. Additionally, it features nice classic design which should appeal to majority of people.

Top 10 best tv trays in 2020 the double check

Top 10 Best TV Trays in 2020 - The Double Check