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Maybe it is movie night and you have all your snacks, but nowhere to put them. A folding butlers tray table is the answer. As handsome as they are functional, these are great for dinner and a movie, breakfast in bed, or maybe just a simple way to have a computer table in a small area. Take a look and see if you might need a butler tray table in your home.

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Updated 08/02/2023
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Butler’s Table with Turned Leg

Butler’s Table with Turned Leg


What we like: Traditional appeal

What we don’t like: Above-average price point when not on sale

Not so good for: Modern interiors

Perfect for: Elegant living rooms and can double as an end table

This multifunctional butler’s tray table adds a classy touch that enhances a space. Following its traditional silhouette, it comes with an olive ash burl finish to add to its rectangular shape. Its tabletop provides enough space to hold some essentials like snacks, drinks or electronics. It easily moves to wherever you want it to go through nylon casters at the base. A solid manufactured wood stand holds the tabletop in place. 

The table features a cherry veneer top and matching base for continuity throughout the composition. It can serve multiple uses based on your needs while being easily transported from your living room to the bedroom or other area in your house. 

$227.27 $609

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Simple Foldable Table

Simple Foldable Table

Ebern Designs

What we like: Portable design and comes in two

What we don’t like: Hinge connectors need to be adjusted or replaced

Not so good for: Placing wet items directly, will need coaster for beverages

Perfect for: Casual interiors

Designed to make lounging easier while you’re in front of the TV. This butlers tray is made from eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo in a natural finish. Its light exterior and weight makes it easy to move around plus it folds for easy storage. This piece will blend well with your current decor and avoid making your space look cluttered. 

This tray rests on an x-shaped base and features raised sides to keep your snacks and items inside. The piece brings coastal and airy vibes and matches well with bright and even patterned aesthetics. It makes watching so much easier since you can have everything you need at arm's length.  

$86.73 $89.99

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Colonial Style Butler’s Table

Colonial Style Butler’s Table

Latitude Run®

What we like: Folding legs and removable tray feature

What we don’t like: A bit shorter than standard height

Not so good for: A dining/ TV table

Perfect for: Coastal, modern farmhouse, shabby chic, and transitional interiors

Always be prepared when you have guests over if you have this butlers table. It is a handy space to keep your snacks and or drinks when you’re watching a movie or serving light snacks. It features two handles on both ends for easy lifting. Beautifully crafted from rubberwood, this ensemble is a versatile piece that can be used on many occasions and rooms around the house. 

The tray rests on x-shaped legs that keep the composition looking chic and stylish so it doesn’t distract you or your guests. This same base allows the table to fold thinly which makes storage not a problem. 

$59.99 $73.99

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Tropical Butler’s Table

Tropical Butler’s Table

Fleur De Lis Living

What we like: Airy and unique look

What we don’t like: Corner welds are a bit fragile for some

Not so good for: Formal interiors

Perfect for: Casual, resort-style interiors

If you need something that can serve both as decor while still functional, this butler tray table doesn’t disappoint. The tray is beautifully made from marble and is enclosed by an iron frame along the sides. It rests on crossed legs for added stability and height to easily put items you want in close reach. 

You won’t have to worry about scratched floors since this piece comes with felt or rubber stoppers that also keep it in place. It is a charming piece with a traditional appeal, but its contrasting colors add a modern touch. It is designed for indoor use, but you get to decide which room would best benefit from this item. A great piece to add to you resort-style living room.

$103.99 $184.5

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Oriental Inspired Tray Table

Oriental Inspired Tray Table

World Menagerie

What we like: Global-inspired design, glass top is easy to clean

What we don’t like: Needs to disassemble tray from legs when folding

Not so good for: Those who prefer a neutral design

Perfect for: Modern Asian, contemporary, maximalist, and eclectic interiors

This small butler tray table gives any space a new aesthetic. Its tabletop is beautifully hand painted to depict intricate red florals and delicate scrollwork. The paintwork is protected in the reverse side of a glass pane which highlights the artwork even more. 

The tray comes with two side handles and rests on a sturdy pinewood stand that folds easily. You have the option to remove the tray from its stand if you want it on a different surface or if you are bringing the tray elsewhere. This rectangular piece may be small in size, but it makes a big difference to the overall vibe of the room. 

$248 $242.99

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Butlers Tray Table

Buying Guide

A folding butler’s tray table can be a handy thing. You can use the sort with legs to present a meal to someone who is watching television. Another type has smaller legs that resemble those on a lap desk and can be used to serve a meal to someone while they are in bed. The best part about a butler’s tray table is that it has a lip around the edge which prevents food or other items from skating off the surface onto the floor, either during transit or while it is in use as a table.

Scissor Leg Table

This butler tray table has a simple scissor leg that can fold flat, and a wooden tray that can be placed on it when it is open. The lip of the tray includes two carved handles that can be used for carrying the tray. It can be used as a television tray table or as an added sideboard in your dining room. It is especially nice for those quiet evenings when it’s just too much bother to set the kitchen table.

The variation on the scissor leg table has all the attributes of the simple table. The primary difference is that the handles on this table are created using stiff, heavy wires that support round, wooden handholds. It gives a more rustic look to the table, making it a shoo-in for country or estate kitchens.

Round Tray on Wire Stand

A variation on the folding table theme is a round tray that will rest on a wire stand. The heavy metal wires fold flat for storage but provide a stable resting place for a round tray. This is ideal for serving cookies or drinks, or even to hold small game parts until they are needed.

Oval Tray on Side-Folding Stand

The oval tray sets on a side-scissor folding frame made of sturdy metal. It is a lovely place to display a miniature outdoor scene or to keep a craft in progress. Of course, it can also be used to serve a meal or keep track of remotes or game controllers.

Breakfast in Bed Tray

This butler tray has the classic wooden lip and the carved in handles. Unlike its table counterparts, it also has two short legs that fold up beneath it when they are not in use but can support the tray above the lap of a person who is enjoying a special breakfast in bed or who has been confined to bed rest. The legs support the tray above the lap so that it is not uncomfortable during use. It can also be used as a craft desk.

Rolling Side Arm Tray ``

This table is flat, unlike the others, and does not come with the lip or handles. However, it can easily work as a bedside table or beside a couch or chair. The L shaped leg slides under the furniture, allowing the table to extend across it for easy access.

Best Ideas

Butler trays stands west elm side tables and accent tables

Butler trays stands west elm side tables and accent tables

Make an impact in terms of style with this high gloss chrome finish accent table, and serve drinks to your guests conveniently with its removable tray top having practical cutout handles. Fold the table anytime you want to retrieve some free floor space.

William sheppee pub butlers tray table

William sheppee pub butlers tray table

With this portable and lightweight tray, you can now watch your favorite flicks with style. The tray is crafted of wood, has metal handles, and rests on a quality metal frame with criss-crossed legs. You can fold it down for easy storage.

Butler tray bar table

A gorgeous oval tray table for a narrow entryway. Its cool and clean design with slim legs will add refinement to any interior. Black finishing with silver accents only add glamour.

Folding tray tables

With this butler's tray you are getting a fashionable piece that you can easily move and store. Crafted of wood, the tray rests on a criss-crossed frame, and has conveniently cut out holes for handles.

Folding butlers tray table

This wonderfully made wooden tray table is a perfect piece of furniture for many applications. It can be a lovely night table, coffee or tea maker as well as a side table. The whole solidly constructed in a climate of vintage.

Contemporary Accent Tray

Contemporary Accent Tray

A very useful, solid and attractive table with a tray top. It has got a durable metal frame that provides stability and support for snacks, drinks, etc. This is a folding construction, so the storage doesn't require plenty of space.

Folding serving tray tables

Portable folding butler tray table. The tray table folding part is made from metal and is impervious to rust. The bolts are well fixed and it cannot dismantle on its own. The wood is made from hardwood and will last the test of time.

Large butler tray

I'd LOVE one of these: Butler's Tray Table - NEW You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. A handsome rustic wooden table with a detachable tray top. So useful for ferrying and serving food if dining alfresco, and as an occasional table indo

Metal butler tray table

Sporting the art deco look with the modern twist to it, this butler tray table will make for the best addition for your living room, serving perfectly as the side or console table, while the combination of gold and white make it stand out.

Foldable Wooden Serving Tray / Butlers Tray w/ Stand and Bottom Shelf Product SKU: HD221914

White wooden folding butler breakfast laptop tray side table

White wooden folding butler breakfast laptop tray side table

A convenient way of making your TV watching time much more pleasant. The tray is lightweight, portable and easy to clean. Its wooden frame has criss-crossed legs, allowing you to quickly fold the whole thing down for easy storage.

Devon Butler Beach Style Folding Tray Table Turquoise 36h Transitional Tv Trays

Devon Butler Beach Style Folding Tray Table Turquoise 36h Transitional Tv Trays

Perfect use of a tray project as a fold-out table. This folding butler tray table was made of wood, it has been finished with a turquoise-blue shade of paint. Its tray is 36, "x 19" and can be used separately, the legs are slightly ribbed.

Mahogany 3 Piece Tray Table Set

Mahogany 3 Piece Tray Table Set

This simple three-piece set of tray tables are perfect for parties and everyday. Made of mahogany furniture are durable and has foldable design that makes them easy to store.Perfect for many occasions, they will fit in with any interior design.

Butlers tray side table

A corner for wine lovers - a metal chromed bottle stand, based on a stylized vintage, spacious folding butler tray table also made of metal, with nickel-plated color on a folded metal base. A place for storing alcohol. Perfect for a party.

Vintage butler tray table

This Rectangular Venetian Butler Tray sets up where you want it, and easily stores away when you're done, being an attractive proposition for smaller spaces. Crafted of metal and antiqued glass, measures 4"W x 13.73"D x 31.1"H.

Butlers table

Folding tray table covered with rattan. It is fitted with comfortable handles for easy carrying. Perfect for serving drinks, snacks and more. Functional accent for each place as needed.

Devon butler beach style folding tray table ivory kathy

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Rattan butlers tray table white humble home

Rattan Butlers Tray Table - White - Humble Home

Leather butlers tray tray table folding butlers tray

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Large butlers tray table at 1stdibs

Large Butler's Tray Table at 1stdibs

Antique english victorian butlers tray table in mahogany

Antique English Victorian Butler's Tray Table in Mahogany ...

Hartleys folding butlers side table portable wooden

Hartleys Folding Butlers Side Table Portable Wooden ...

Antique english butlers tray with folding stand mahogany

Antique English Butler's Tray with folding stand. Mahogany ...