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If you aren't overly invested with watching TV every time you sit on the couch, then you are probably more a reader, and whether you love an informative magazine, or a trashy soap opera digest, you will love these end tables with magazine racks. They come in many styles and colors to fit you, and your decor, and can hold plenty of reading material.

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Updated 13/04/2023
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Mid century modern magazine end table

Mid century modern magazine end table

If the depth of your couch allows it, consider looking for an end table that emphasizes the long horizontal shapes that are still so popular in mid-century modern interiors.

Other iconic elements for a vintage end table with magazine holder are outward-pointing legs and warmer or darker wood finishes. 

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Contemporary magazine table racks

Contemporary magazine table racks

Red Barrel Studio®

In contemporary living rooms, functionality should come first.

That’s not to say that the right end table with magazine rack can’t be stylish or aesthetically pleasing (relax!) but rather that it should focus on simple and clean lines, avoiding excessive decorative elements.

Monochrome finishes or glass surfaces are also extremely popular with this style. 

$104.99 $123.99

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Art deco side table with magazine rack

Art deco side table with magazine rack

Ready to glitz up your living room with the right art deco end table? Then get creative with symmetrical lines or shapes like circular, trapezoidal, triangular, or zigzagged designs.

As for colors, eye-catching yellow, red, blue, pink, or green are some of the most characteristic art deco hues, but so are metallic or golden finishes.

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Bohemian magazine rack side table

Bohemian magazine rack side table

Have you opted for bohemian or eclectic interiors? Then every piece of furniture should look as if it were one of a kind, and your new end table is no exception.

That’s why the safest choice is a wood side table with magazine rack that’s either handmade… or made to look like it.

Scout for interesting wood carvings, ornate shapes, and decorative elements that can give it a unique vibe, too.

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Traditional magazine rack table

Traditional magazine rack table

The two most logical options for contemporary rooms consist of an end table with magazine rack in a natural wood finish or a neutral color like black, white, or gray.

As for designs, look for simple lines with one more ornate element, such as curved legs, an x-shaped pattern, or smoother edges. 

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Scandinavian end table with magazine rack

Scandinavian end table with magazine rack

Most minimalist designs work for Scandinavian end tables with magazine rack too, but try adding a cozier and more natural touch.

The trick is to prioritize a light wood finish, a color from a nature-inspired palette (such as white, cream, yellow, blue, forest green, gray, or brown), or a combination of the two.

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Transitional magazine table

Transitional magazine table

Ivy Bronx

Did you draw inspiration from both contemporary and traditional or modern interiors when decorating your stunning home?

Then your new end table with magazine rack can either reinforce one of the two or be a balanced blend of both styles.

For example, how about an eye-catching surface in a glass, chrome, or marble finish?

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Rustic magazine rack side table

Rustic magazine rack side table

Williston Forge

From farmhouse to cottage styles, did you embrace the rustic inspiration of the countryside?

In that case, stick to wooden magazine rack tables in a natural finish that showcases the uniqueness of their veins (or, if budget is your main concern, a manufactured option made to look just like this material). 

$69.99 $83.99

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Industrial, narrow side table with magazine rack

Industrial, narrow side table with magazine rack

17 Stories

Industrial end tables with magazine racks are getting more and more popular, so you won’t struggle to find a model that matches your vision and needs.

The most important thing from a decorative point of view is to stick to a combination of metal and wood in a simple, streamlined design that’s free from ornate elements. 

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Minimalist magazine rack table

Minimalist magazine rack table

A minimalist end table with magazine rack should help you cut down on clutter and minimize the disruption of your visual flow.

Try looking for simple designs with symmetrical lines and either a monochrome or balanced bi-color finish.

However, if you want to take your minimalism to the next level, you can’t go wrong with a see-through design. It really doesn’t get more minimal than that!

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End Tables With Magazine Rack

Buying Guide

If the question “Where can I store magazines?” has been swirling around your mind, you probably have a notable print collection that deserves its own space: a magazine rack. This useful piece of furniture is versatile and can be placed in a multitude of locations, whether you desire one for the home or office. Below, we provide a list of magazine rack styles, including materials and placements, so you can be on your way to discovering the best magazine rack design for your space.

  • Bathroom: try a wall mounted magazine rack

When selecting a magazine rack for bathrooms, consider optimal use of space. A magazine wall rack will not take up precious floor space. Be mindful of your existing décor; for example, if you have opted for a minimalist style that’s functional, a metal wall mounted magazine rack that allows you to hang extra rolls of toilet paper may just be the perfect style!

  • Living room: try a magazine rack side table

A magazine rack side table can be neatly tucked beside your favorite couch, offering a place for your beloved magazines and a spot to hold your coffee, phone, and keys as well.

  • Office: try a floor magazine rack

The perfect magazine rack for your office may include a magazine rack tower for informational literature or an eye-catching metal rack that offers design and functionality while displaying some of your favorite and relevant print items.

  • Modern décor

If you have opted for a modern interior design, choose a magazine rack made of metal to keep with the simple and sleek vibe of your environment.

  • Contemporary décor

A contemporary décor allows just a bit more freedom than its modern counterpart and could be well complemented by a curved molded plywood design.

  • Industrial décor

For industrial décor, look for magazine racks with a brass finish. This will complement the overall feel of an unfinished, cool environment.

  • Scandinavian décor

With Scandinavian décor, you can have a little fun with bright plastics and unusual designs that are art pieces within themselves. You can also try using metal magazine racks, like those made of enameled aluminum to fit your existing interior design style.

  • Bohemian décor

If you’ve opted for bohemian décor, you already know that anything goes, so long as it brings you joy! You can use any of the design styles, materials, and colors to keep with making the space unique to you.

Ideally, the end table with magazine rack should either be 2 inches taller than your sofa’s armrest or 2 inches shorter. With that in mind, shorter end tables with magazine racks are much more convenient to reach. The typical height of an end table can measure anywhere between 22” to 30” tall. Therefore, if your sofa’s arm height happens to be 24” tall, a 22” to 26” end table will be most fitting for you.

End tables with magazine rack come in many different forms and styles, including more sculptural pieces to vintage farmhouse versions with transparent glass doors!

Take inspiration from the pieces that already make up your home to see what would work best. For example, if you already have a farmhouse-chic vibe in your home, it might be best to concentrate on light pastel or neutral painted wood with traditional drawer pulls.

If you have more of a modern, minimalist home, consider a mid-century piece that’s a bit more stark. The main thing to remember is that it should be functional, and easy to grab magazines from: Make sure that the table is about two inches shorter than your sofa’s arm rest.

End tables with a magazine rack are compact and attractive. They require enough surface space to accommodate beverages, lamps, phones, and other decorative items. If you need extra storage space, you can purchase models with drawers or cabinets that are perfect for keeping books and other miscellaneous items that you don’t need on display.

The magazine rack is a perfect addition to end tables because it provides you with an organized and attractive-looking area to store your favorite magazines, newspapers, and comic books. You can choose models that present a more rustic and traditional feel, which usually have more storage space due to their size, or contemporary designs that look more streamlined.

  • Always consider the size and décor of the room before purchasing the perfect magazine rack!
  • Wall magazine racks help you save space.
  • Metals and molded plywood are great for modern and contemporary styles.
  • Side table and floor tower magazine racks are ideal for living and office spaces.
  • Bright plastics and unusual metals will fit perfectly into Scandinavian décor.

With just a little guidance, you are now ready to explore the web and find the best magazine rack for housing your favorite publications!

Best Ideas

End tables with magazine rack

End table with magazine rack on the side. Includes cabinet for storing needed stuff. It is completely made of wood. Neutral and functional addition for the living room, bedroom and others interiors as needed.

Magazine table classic cherry view now auston magazine end table

... magazine table classic cherry view now auston magazine end table black

End table with magazine rack 2

An elegant traditional end table of wood in warm browns. It has a rectangular top, a base with tiny feet and subtly arched aprons, 2 open front niches. An undertop sliding out tray has a knob, 3 drawers - dangling C-handles of black metal.

End tables with magazine rack 1

Stafford Magazine Table: Overall: 14-3/4"W x 23"D x 26"H Width with magazine rack attached: 16-3/4"

End tables with magazine rack 24

Crafted from solid, traditional oak, this end table with a magazine rack constitutes a perfect accent in your refined, classic bedroom. Placed next to the bed, will help you organize your space.

Heath End Table

Heath End Table

End table null furniture 1800 magazine end tables magazine end

... End Table > Null Furniture 1800 Magazine End Tables Magazine End Table

End tables with magazine rack 3

wood end table with magazine rack plans

End tables with magazine rack 18

Lisa espresso finish wood and faux marble top chair end table with magazine rack on the side

End tables with magazine rack 4

Amish Hardwood Spindle End Table with Storage Under Lid and Magazine Rack

Small space solutions 6

Small Space Solutions

Magazine rack with lamp

End table made of wood. Includes magazine rack and 3 drawers in various sizes for storing personal items. Classic form and elegant design for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

End tables with magazine rack 1

Avery espresso finish wood and chair side end table with magazine rack on the side

Coaster Black Accent Table with Storage

It is a solid, elegant and contemporary accent table with storage that has got a black finish and wood construction. If you looking for a pretty accent table, you need to choose this one.

End tables with magazine rack 2

Enfield contemporary style antique oak finish wood chair side end table with magazine rack

End tables with magazine rack

End table in Vintage style. It is fitted with compartment for storing books, magazines and others needed items. It is made of wood and finished with interesting pattern. Great addition to the living room, dining room and more.

Side table cabinet with magazine rack 2

Side Table Cabinet with Magazine Rack

Lauren co tables harvard side table with magazine rack

Lauren & Co Tables Harvard Side Table With Magazine Rack

End table with magazine rack 1

End Table with Magazine Rack

Room entertaining furniture amish accent tables amish end tables

... Room & Entertaining Furniture / Amish Accent Tables / Amish End Tables

Chairsides Adams End Table

Chairsides Adams End Table

Magazine rack end table

small end table with magazine rack

Homesullivan black finish end table with magazine rack 40858a061w 3a

HomeSullivan Black Finish End Table with Magazine Rack-40858A061W(3A)

Black Glass End Table With Magazine Rack and Wheels

Black Glass End Table With Magazine Rack and Wheels

This Glass End Table with Magazine Rack & Wheels in Black Finish is an excellent choice for modern and contemporary interiors. Striking design provides good durability and functionality, and thanks to caster wheels also easy mobility.