Modern Wall Mounted Magazine Rack


The magazine rack mounted to a wall in the bathroom or near your reading area just makes sense if for no other reason than the freeing up of floor space. But more than that, it allows you to reach out versus reaching down. And if you love to read magazines in your modern home then you will appreciate our collection of modern wall mount and magazine racks. They are handsome and very well constructed.

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Modern wall mounted magazine rack 1

This wall mounted magazine rack makes constitutes an ingenuine idea of how to enhance bathroom space. Made of curving laminated plywood and veneer, will be a great wall storage system for your favorite books or magazines.

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Metal wall mount magazine rack 5

An extraordinary magazine rack in an ultra-modern design and a bright, yellow color. It features a geometrical, but asymmetrical structure, which will not only store your magazines, but will also be an unusual wall decoration.

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Wall mounted metal magazine rack 7

Minimalist Magazine Holder for Walls Made of Metal – Guidelines by Frederik Roije

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Modern wall mounted magazine rack 15

This modern wall mounted magazine rack constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who want to save precious floor space. Its ingenuine design will work out well i.e. tiny bathrooms.

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Modern magazine rack wall

Deliver urban chic and some functionality with this designer rich red magazine rack. The fashionable magazine organizer is wall mounted, made of powder coated steel, characterized by trendy flowing design.

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Modern magazine rack

This modern wall mounted magazine rack constitutes a perfect inspiration for all, who want to save space and arrange their living room or bedroom with contemporary chic.

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Modern wall mounted magazine rack 16

City Sunday Wall Mounted magazine holder

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Modern wall mounted magazine rack 20

For entry organization or in "mini office" areas? file file in wall mounted storage | CB2

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Wall mounted magazine rack

Simple and highly efficient wall mounted metal magazine rack is a perfect combination of solid construction and beautiful details. The whole is stylistically universal, which makes it ideal for any decor.

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Modern magazine holder

To keep the magazines in order...

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Modern Wall Mounted Magazine Rack

Buying Guide

Finding a beautiful modern wall mounted magazine rack that you are proud to call your own can be a challenge. You know what you want in your mind, but you can't seem to find the right items when you go shopping. If you're struggling to think of the type of design you're looking for, let's consider some of the various styles and some other things that you should consider before buying.

Simplistic metal wall mounted rack

This is normally black in color and therefore neutral enough to fit in with most surroundings. It can also be seen in metal and white, however, and some rare items may be in brighter colors. Around 8-10 inches in width, it is the ideal size for magazines or A4 sized books. However, it also means that you can put other books in there, making it ideal for most homes. You should be most aware of the flexibility of the wall mounted magazine rack and whether you can move it up and down on your wall. When it is installed, you should affix it at a height that everybody in the household will be able to reach comfortably.

Wooden wall mounted rack

Like the above design, this is also neutral with the ability to fit in with the décor of most homes. However, if you have a home consisting of lots of metal objects or very dark colors, you might find that this clashes badly with a wooden design. This style can be found slightly wavy or curved in shape, which is ideal if you want a softer look. An alternative to this is the more defined racks, which have straight edges and no movement in them. Often, these racks are created using natural wood or beautiful teak wood.

Modern uneven mounted magazine rack design

A design that is uneven and often available in a variety of bright colors, this modern look suits your living room just as well as it suits the office. Rather than horizontal and vertical beams that are aligned, this magazine rack has uneven beams which vary in height and width, creating a modern and interesting look. You should ensure that the width space you have available has been correctly measured since it is wider than most magazine racks and therefore more likely to be the wrong fit when you get home.

Wall-mounted glass magazine rack

This design takes the form of a rectangular piece of glass that is affixed to the wall. There is either a metal beam along the bottom or a wooden beam which is then attached with screws or, in some cases, strong adhesives. One of the benefits of this rack is that the glass allows you to easily view the magazines which you have stored on it. Although some of the ultra-modern designs will have defined edges, many of the racks in this style will have softer rounded edges.

Best Ideas

Modern wall mounted magazine rack 7

Two Level Copper Magazine Rack, Industrial Design Copper Pipes Rack, Man Cave Decor, Modern Design, Gift for Him, Wall Rack Steampunk Design

Magazine rack wall mounted

magazine rack, wall-mounted

Wire magazine rack wall mount

This simple wall mounted magazine rack can fit well in modern or even minimalist interior. It's black and constructed with avoidance of unnecessary elements. Also the finish is plain, with subtle gloss. Viva le organization.

Modern magazine racks

Modern Wall-Mounted Magazine Racks

Wallpaper magazine rack by rosendahl

Wallpaper Magazine Rack by Rosendahl

Modern magazine racks jpg


3d model of wall mounted magazine rack 01 03

3D Model of Wall mounted magazine rack 01 03

Modern wall mounted magazine rack 14

Wall-mounted magazine rack at

Stainless steel magazine rack wall mounted

Modern clear wall mounted magazine rack

Slim magazine rack

Wave Wall mount Magazine Rack, 9"Wx30"H, ANTIQUE BRONZE by Home Decorators Collection. $89.00. 30"H x 9"W x 5.5"D.. Always keep your magazines close at hand without taking up valuable floor space. The Wave Wall-Mount Magazine Rack features a distressed, a

Magazine racks ive found in quite a while the guidelines

magazine racks I've found in quite a while, the Guidelines magazine ...

Modern wall mounted magazine rack 19

RARE Danish Modern Magazine Rack Wall Mount Teak Linen Vtg Mid Century Modern - How easy would this be to make

Buddy Products Wire Ware 5 Pocket Literature Holder, 3.5 x 56 x 9.5 Inches, Black (6317-4)

For storing sheet music above the piano decorative wall mount

*For storing sheet music above the piano* Decorative Wall Mount Magazine Rack Holder Stylish Modern Design by Sky Enterprise USA,