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Corbel wall shelves or as functionally attractive as they are practical. And for your home if you are looking for a different style of wall shelf unit, taking a look in our collection all the Corbel wall shelves we have to offer might be the first step to finding exactly what you're looking for. Take a look here and see if we have the right Corbel wall shelf for you.

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Updated 16/11/2022
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Wood Corbel Shelf

Wood Corbel Shelf

Rustic Arrow

This wooden corbel measures 20” high by 11” wide by 5” deep. It weighs 7.7 lbs and projects 5 mm from the wall. Each corbel is sold separately, so you’ll want to purchase two if using them as a shelf bracket. 

$53.62 $59.74

Designer Advice:

This corbel for shelves comes in a natural brown finish or with white overpainting that still allows the brown wood to peek through. We love using corbels in unexpected ways, and this one would be perfect to use as a bookend for a stack of books or magazines. Or, place the corbel on its short side, drill a hole in front of the decorative portion of the corbel and use it as a candle holder.

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Turquoise Corbel Shelf

Turquoise Corbel Shelf

Fleur De Lis Living

Handcast in poly-resin, this corbel shelf’s top measures 10” wide by 5” deep. The body of the corbel is painted turquoise, while the shelf top and decorative details are painted pewter. Also available in Brandywine, gold leaf, antiqued gold, or Venetian pink.

Designer Advice:

Corbels can be used in various ways, and one of our favorites is in combination with hanging artwork. If your framed picture looks a little lost on the wall due to its small size, you can elongate the area by placing one of these corbels under the bottom of the artwork. Leave a 2” space between the two and the overall presentation to create a more scale-appropriate piece.

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Extra Large Corbel Shelf

Extra Large Corbel Shelf

Available in two sizes, this extra-large corbel comes in 27.5” or 36” long. Each one is made from solid Douglas fir wood and finished with a high-quality stain in eight color options. You can also buy the corbel unfinished and finish it yourself or request a custom color. 

Designer Advice:

These castle corbels for shelves are so large you can use them as a side table or buy two and use them as desk supports. Each corbel has a built-in French cleat for mounting to the wall. Top a single corbel with a piece of tempered glass with swiped edges for safety to create a small table. Or attach one on each end of a long sheet of wood and use it as a desk. 

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White Hardwood Corbel Shelf

White Hardwood Corbel Shelf

Triple sanded, this shelf corbel is ready for staining, painting or finishing. It’s hand carved from solid wood and measures 12” high by 10” wide by 7.75” deep. Designed to look like a Grecian urn, the corbel can hold a vase of flowers or other small decorative items. 

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Architectural Corbel Shelves

Architectural Corbel Shelves

Ekena Millwork

Available in 42 sizes, this architectural corbel for shelves is made from durable PVC and can be used on interior or exterior projects. The corbel is primed white and is ready for painting. It can be easily screwed, nailed or glued to the wall as a shelf.

$20.78 $40.42

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Corbel Shelves

Buying Guide

Corbels and brackets are very similar architectural features, with the main difference being that corbels are made of wood, whereas brackets are made of metal. Another distinction within these groups is whether your corbels are load bearing or if they are merely decorative.

People use weight bearing corbels to hold up heavy items in their homes, like granite countertops or fireplace mantels. If you need a load bearing implement for a corbel wall shelf, you want to make sure you have the proper hardware.

Load bearing corbels are generally reinforced with steel, even if they have a wooden exterior. They will feel heavier than a regular, decorative corbel and should be mounted into a stud or another fortified section of the wall. If you’re relying on your corbels to bear a lot of weight, use screws instead of nails.  

Corbels are architectural elements that are both beautiful to look at and functional. Historically, corbels were carved stone or wooden additions that held up entire buildings. Today you can use them to support a new wall shelf.  

Corbel wall shelves come in a variety of different sizes, and are sturdy and durable, meaning you can store almost any decorative or functional item on them, including ornaments, books, candle holders, crockery, and many other adorning pieces.

What you store on your corbel wall shelf is up to you, with these ornate and intricately designed units presenting as a majestic decorative piece in themselves. For an aesthetically pleasing display, feature ornamental items on your corbel wall shelf that coordinate with the style of the corbel. Try a large statement mirror, or clock hanging above. This will not only emphasize your attractive shelf and the items on it, but provide for a bold, statement style in any room.

Best Ideas

Architectural bracket shelf

Architectural bracket shelf

A good way to add a bit of the traditional charm and warmth to your living or dining room decor. This set of corbel wall shelves enchants with the gently adorned silhouettes and high-quality wood.

Corbel style wall shelves

Corbel-Style Wall Shelves

Corbel wall shelf 2

Possible DIY project - painted wall shelves. From:

Corbel wall shelf 19

This large wall-mounted corbel shelf will add a cool, rustic vibe to your living space. Ideal for those, who love boho chic, this sturdy construction shall provide a solid, stable display for your belongings.

Corbel shelf

This white panels wall was enlivened with a wooden shelf mounted on shabby chic corbels. The decorating accessories include white vases and seashells, so that the general style is kind of nautical, alluding to beach theme.

Deep Brown Wood Metal Corbel S/3 by Benzara

Ballard designs la maison corbel shelf

Ballard Designs La Maison Corbel Shelf.

Corbel wall shelf 20


Wall corbels

A truly beautiful repurposed little cabinet made from an old, salvaged door. A handy little shelf for your souvenirs, with a nicely-looking little mirror. Could double as a makeup cabinet with some work and a tiny stool!

Gothic corbel glass shelf and aris corbel glass shelf restoration

Gothic Corbel & Glass Shelf and Aris Corbel & Glass Shelf | Restoration Hardware | 99.00-179.00 ea.

Large orleans corbel wall shelf natural limed

Large Orleans Corbel Wall Shelf Natural Limed

Corbel wall shelf 1

Beautiful lace from a Victorian mansion - and a stylized wooden window, decorate the wall with corbel wall shelf. Stylized shelf supporters make an interesting corner at home. Although the window does not go out any view - shows the sea of opportunities.

Benzara Wood Wall Corbel, 18 by 13-Inch

Corbel wall shelf

You can simply put two of those stunning wall shelves on both sides of your fireplace and enjoy a boost of space for your decorative items and books and a nice visual appeal that they offer to any possible setting.

Shelves with corbels

Do you think that the only way to decorate flowers - is a flowerpot? Yes, this ceramic, embossed white pot is a beautiful decoration, but unity is only with a wooden carved wall plant pedestal stand. The corner sconce consists of triple wings.

Shelf corbel

Easy-To-Make Corbel Bedside Tables : How-To : DIY Network Needs to be bigger!

Corbel Shelf

Corbel Shelf

Corbel wall shelf

Handsome--and affordable--bedside table made of wood corbels topped by a slate roof shingle. | Photo: Cressida Payavis |

Diy make your own shelf from corbels and maybe a

DIY - Make your own shelf from corbels and maybe a piece of wood on top.

Distressed ornate wall shelf wall corbel by ginnysearlyattic

Distressed Ornate Wall Shelf Wall Corbel by ginnysEarlyAttic

37 best corbel decoration ideas and designs for 2021 1

37 Best Corbel Decoration Ideas and Designs for 2021

10 clever uses for corbels

10 Clever Uses for Corbels

Floating black mantle shelf wall shelf with corbels cedar

Floating Black MANTLE SHELF, Wall shelf with corbels CEDAR ...

Wooden corbel shelf decorative wall shelf antique farmhouse

Wooden Corbel Shelf | Decorative Wall Shelf Antique Farmhouse