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Having memories you can treasure is one of the most significant reasons why people take pictures. That and to share in the fun. But having a place to display those pictures, can often be a struggle if you don't have a lot of flat surfaces. For this issue we offer photo display shelves that are perfect to hold your portraits, family photos, and collages. See collection for details.

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Photo display shelves 3

DIY $10 ledges - great for gallery wall in next apt, less holes in wall than with my current gallery wall :)

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Photo shelf display ideas

Wall shelf in neutral style. It is completely made of wood. Includes screw holes for easy mounting on the wall. Perfect for display photo frames or display decorations.

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Take Flight Bird Cage Metal and Wood Display Shelf

Take Flight Bird Cage Metal and Wood Display Shelf

Metal display shelves are appreciated mostly for their durability, but this bird cage stylized piece takes it further to the realm of romance. It can serve as a nice complement for a retro interior, or provide a retro vibe to a contemporary one.

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Picture display shelves

DIY photo gallery: white-framed photos run the full wall width, propped on white shelves with classic crown molding. This way of photo display requires no nails, so the wall surface remains clean and even.

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Photo display shelves

Display all of your favorite family photographs with style and ease thanks to those simple shelves that sport the white finish of the wooden structure and would make for one of the finest and least overwhelming additions to your living room.

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Photo display shelves 1

I like the color and contrast even though that's more the photography. White bedspread... Not so much

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Kingston Floating Shelf

Kingston Floating Shelf

It is a long, elegant, brown wall shelf. Special mounting allow them to hide and shelf looks like a stick. It is also worth noting gouging, which is its delicate decoration. The shelf is pretty and elegant.

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Photo display ledges

If you have modern, minimalistic flat and you dream about simple decoration, you must buy this set. It is composed of two shelves made of blanched wood and a few frames with pictures and printed valuable sentences and quotes.

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Posted by sandra at 3 42 am

Posted by Sandra at 3:42 AM

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Photo display shelves 20

Turn bookshelves into a family photo zone by lining them with framed photographs. Place small photos on stacks of books if there's room for both. If your shelves are deep, try pushing the books to the back and placing photos in front

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Photo Display Shelves

Buying Guide

You can arrange your photo display shelves with beautiful photos by grouping them in small clusters of 3-5. Odd numbers tend to be the best bet for photo clusters; this allows you to have one central photograph, a larger one, surrounded by littler ones to complete the overall picture.

If you opt for collage frames, this can make your job easy. If not, the mix-and-match vintage look is always in style! Just stick to odd numbers of photographs for your display shelves; this tends to feel more complete.

The number of photo display shelves you choose to hang in your living room should complement the entire look and add to its interior design elements. If your walls are looking too crowded or you're faced with photos in every direction, then you really need to limit the number of display shelves you have hanging around.

One or two photo display shelves will work well if you have other wall accents or wall art hanging around.

Alternatively, if you have an entire blank wall and want to use it as a canvas, then by all means place display shelves on the complete wall to turn it into a feature.

Although it looks aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, it’s best to avoid hanging your photo display shelves right above your bed if you live in an area with frequent earthquakes and other natural disasters. You can, however, mount them on either or both sides of your bed. To give the wall some visual interest and texture, consider staggering the floating shelves.

Alternatively, placing picture ledges above your dresser also provides a good spot to show off your favorite photos of your family and friends. Not only that, but they also make an inviting and eye-catching focal point that is sure to jazz up a bare wall.

Another option would be to decorate the wall opposite your bed with framed quotes that inspire you. You don’t necessarily have to only display souvenirs on these shelves! A combination of positive quotes, potted plants, along with art prints can easily transform your room into a unique and inspiring sanctuary.

That being said, you can install your display shelves practically anywhere in your bedroom, as long as there’s enough wall space for it.

Best Ideas

Ashland 16" Display Shelf

Ashland 16" Display Shelf

This item is a special shelf that has got a functional and decorative character. It is a wall mounted shelf that offers plenty of compartments for storage and display of decorations. Its white color matches any stylization.

EWEI'S HomeWares 3 Floating U Shelves

Corner shelf picture frame

Small wall mounted shelves for pictures and other small decorations. These simple shelves feature durable wooden frames with straight, simple lines. They are white, so they match any wall regardless of its color.

Photo display shelves 23

cute bathroom decor ledg for a kids bathroom

Photo display shelves 22

21 Coastal Gallery Walls -Inspiration and Ideas to Create a Compelling Display

Photo display shelves 27

// Lovely #home #interiors #living room

Photo display shelves 13

pallet pallet pallet

Photo Ledge Floating Shelf

Photo Ledge Floating Shelf

Photo display shelves 12

WANT to make these, have to wait until "spring". aka I will make them myself while the cars are at the race track and the devil of sawdust can't "contaminate".

Photo display shelves 21

DIY: Gallery Ledges - these ledges cost $10 to make & are awesome! Instead of hanging pictures on the wall (& putting holes in the wall!), display pics on the ledges. DIY plans on the link.

Photo display shelves 9

Photo ledge - A giant collage of favourite memories linked together by a colour scheme. Love this idea!

Display Shelf

Display Shelf

Photo display shelves

... Storage Media Storage Media Shelves Collins Display Shelf 24"-Espresso

Photo display shelves 8

the perfect family home with open plan kitchen diner and living