Luggage Racks For Bedroom

Whether it is before a trip, or after, you will eventually need to unload those suitcases, but sometimes, doing that on your bed delays much needed sleep. Maybe you should get a luggage rack for your bedroom. A more stylish and aesthetically pleasing version of the ones commonly found in hotels, luggage racks for bedrooms are clever and useful, and you will appreciate them more and more whenever you need them.

Best Products

Luggage Rack

Luggage Rack
It is a folding luggage rack. The stand has two legs mounted X-shaped pattern on top has a special shelf for luggage. It is made of dark wood. It is practical and elegant. Just check it out by yourself.

Winsome reese luggage rack

Winsome reese luggage rack
Add more storage space into your bedroom with this Winsome Reese luggage rack with black color and modern, simple shape. You will be impressed how cool this product is.

Sophisticated shades bexley luggage rack

Sophisticated shades bexley luggage rack
Luggage rack simple form. It is mounted on crossed legs made of wood. Top is braided with leather belts. Folds flat for easy storage. Handy gadget for each home.

Deluxe Straight Leg Luggage Rack

Deluxe Straight Leg Luggage Rack
Wooden luggage rack. This functional luggage rack is a great addition to any house or guests room. The rack has been made solid oak and finished in beautiful color. The furniture can be folded easily and used whenever you need it.

The overnight escape reese luggage rack

The overnight escape reese luggage rack
Go for this luggage rack for your bedroom for when you simply can't help but provide some extra functionality and convenience to your guests for when they come over. It is foldable and comes with the nylon straps for easier storage.

Winsome Reese Luggage Rack

Winsome Reese Luggage Rack
Wooden luggage rack. This luggage rack is a great way to store many items and will be very helpful in hosting guests. The rack has been made of wood and features a spacious bottom shelf. Can be folded for easy transporting or storage.

Gate house furniture 1000 series straight leg luggage rack

Gate house furniture 1000 series straight leg luggage rack
An aesthetic practical traditional foldable luggage rack. It has a frame of wood finished in black. It's built of 2 X-crossed legs, a roundish turned stretcher and 2 rectangular top rails joined by 3 robust white webbing straps.

Our advice Buying Guide

Extra storage for your bedroom is a very common need, and if you find that you haven't got enough space for your things, it could be time to invest in some more storage space. While this can take the form of many different furniture items, such as wardrobes and drawers, a great way to increase the amount of storage you have is to add some luggage racks.

Who can benefit from a luggage rack in the bedroom?

People who travel regularly with their jobs find that these racks are invaluable for saving time and staying organized in between trips. You can easily prepare for the next trip and pack as you go along. You'll just need to ensure that you have the right-sized luggage rack which is sturdy enough to handle the items that you plan to stack on top. For those worried about making the bedroom look untidy, luggage racks can be stored away in a wardrobe or closet too.

How to match the style of luggage racks with bedroom decor?

Wooden luggage racks normally work well in bedrooms which have a vintage look, while metal and chrome are good choices for a modern and minimal bedroom. You should consider whether luggage racks will be a suitable fit for your bedroom. They may not match up with your décor depending on the layout and style of your bedroom.

Is a luggage rack a suitable choice for your bedroom?

Luggage racks aren't always the best choice of storage, so it's important that you think first about what exactly you need to store in your bedroom. You may find that another alternative is better, or you could discover that luggage racks are exactly what you need. If you need to store large and heavy items, a luggage rack is probably not ideal. If you just want somewhere to put your clothes or other bits and pieces in your bedroom, such as shoes, it's a great option to consider.

How to customize luggage racks?

Before you buy a luggage rack, think about whether you could get creative and either make your own or enhance and add to an existing one. For example, you can buy a small luggage rack and add an extra shelf – you'll just need to make sure that you have the correct materials which match the item you have bought. This is also a great idea if you have a luggage rack already and are thinking about upgrading to a larger one.


Plantation Luggage Rack

Plantation Luggage Rack
Wooden luggage rack. Simple and functional furniture, worthy addition to any home. The rack has been crafted from selected hardwoods and has three heavy-duty cloth scraps. The rack can be folded for easy transport for storage.

Luggage racks for bedroom

Luggage rack? Don't buy it - check out a DIY step-by-step guide. Your guests will for sure be grateful for such a convenience in their bedroom! Of course the actual size is a matter of personal needs: a bigger rack can be built for bigger suitcases.

Luggage racks for bedroom

Add this classy and beautiful piece to your guest room to enjoy a significant boost of style and visual appeal and a nice way of organizing your shelf space. It is the perfect place for towels or knick knacks.

Luggage Pros WallSaver Luggage Rack with Tan Webbing

For lovers of travel, or people in constant work. This wooden stand - luggage rack for a bedroom or as you wish a modern blanket rack -replaces the traditional console table - with its simplicity, cherry wood and strong brown straps supporting the luggage.

Luggage stand

A simple but practical contemporary luggage rack with a sturdy folding frame of welded steel. It has X-legs joined by 1 stretcher longwise and a handle at the top end. Its top is of 4 wide straps of durable fabric fixed to 2 round top rails.

Luggage racks for bedrooms

Getting Guest Ready With a DIY Luggage Rack. :: Hometalk. Great for a guest bedroom

Luggage rack for bedroom 4

This luggage rack will be a practical addition to any bedroom, designed in the traditional style. Made from solid, high-quality wood, it enchants with the ornate, annular-shaped legs.

Bedroom luggage rack 1

Folding luggage rack mounted on crossed legs. It is made of wood and thick stripes. It folds flat for easy storage. Handy gadget for each home. It is very well appreciated by the customers.

Suitcase holder

This luggage rack is a little bit vintage, and has support straps and medium oak with black webbing finish. It's a useful piece of furniture for your bedroom.

Bedroom luggage rack 2

This DIY project features a luggage rack refurbishing. A distressed construction at first, now enchants with its greek Key trim and a fresh coat of white gloss paint, being a great cottage style piece of furniture.

Luggage rack for bedroom 3

luggage rack for bedroom (3)

White luggage rack

An amazing folding luggage rack that will surely become a true must-have for all those who often have guests to go along perfectly with the decor of the guest room and add that bit of convenience and functionality to it.

On bedroom nov rather winsome furniture info luggage rack bedroom

on bedroom nov rather winsome furniture info luggage rack bedroom

White luggage rack 6

A simplistic approach to a handy luggage rack made out of white painted wood with a traditional appearance. The luggage rack provides a handy place to store a suitcase or a trunk, or even to hang wet laundry.

Luggage rack in coloured metal luggage rack in coloured metal

luggage rack in coloured metal luggage rack in coloured metal colours ...

Luggage racks for bedroom

This tasteful stool/ottoman is a beautiful combination of functional and comfortable bench and beautiful decorative details. Robust wood construction and beautiful seat upholstery decorated with studs create a beautiful piece of furniture.

Bedroom luggage rack 7

An aesthetic traditional portable luggage rack with a frame of black coated metal. It has 2 curved X-crossed supports joined by a simple horizontal stretcher in the middle. A top is made of 4 robust straps of light brown fabric.

Luggage racks for home

Cabin Accessories - Beautiful Luggage Rack for Guests

Bedroom luggage rack design pictures remodel decor and ideas photo

Bedroom Luggage Rack Design Pictures Remodel Decor and Ideas Photo via

White luggage rack 4

A must have in a guest room - a luggage rack is just a simple accessory that makes a whole world difference when it comes to comfort issues. This rack is white; a luggage can be put on white nylon straps.

Portable luggage rack

Preparing for holiday guests? This Wall Protector Luggage Rack makes it easier for guests to live out of their suitcase. #Holidays #Travel #Guests

Luggage racks for guest rooms

Very attractive luggage rack, which is create especially for bedroom use. It is made of bamboo, and it's enough hooks for coats, scarfs, towels and more. Fits to oriental style and decor.

Modern Expressions Luggage Rack

Modern Expressions Luggage Rack

Luggage racks bedroom furniture and trolleys metal luggage rack

Luggage Racks, Bedroom Furniture and Trolleys - Metal luggage rack ...

Been on the lookout for a luggage rack for our

Been on the lookout for a luggage rack for our guest bedroom. Maybe iron isn't the way to go, but nevertheless ...

Suitcase stands

want to find a cheap one for the guest room -- replace the straps w/ cute ribbon maybe?

Luggage stands

The small folding stool is a great solution for many different occasions. This leather and steel brass molded stool for vanity is an elegant and tasteful design element in every bedroom and wardrobe.

Luggage holder

If you need a durable luggage rack for your home, you can always use this stylish thing. Made of wood and covered in black, the rack is foldable, portable, and stable enough not to tip over even in case of heavier loads.

Connery Luggage Rack

Connery Luggage Rack

Suitcase holder rack

This luggage rack constitutes a stylish and functional addition to a modern bedroom. With its X-cross, white contoured leg, it brings in a smooth, minimalistic appeal to the space.

Stainless steel luggage rack available in brushed or polished for

Stainless Steel Luggage Rack - Available in brushed or polished for the bedroom environment.

Antique luggage rack

This luggage rack constitutes a good solution for all kind of guest rooms. High-quality, chrome finish and high back distinguish this project from the others, creating a high-quality, interesting proposition.

Hotel style luggage stand

Frenchy Luggage Rack - For my violin students to put their violins on. And I think I will take two!

How to prepare for overnight guests

How to Prepare for Overnight Guests

When an extra surface is needed stow luggage on this

When an extra surface is needed. Stow luggage on this handy fold out rack or place trays on top for extra entertaining.

Wooden suitcase stand

Love this for the guest room. Can use it to hold blankets when not in use.

Bedroom luggage rack

Industrial take on a bedroom accent side table with a rustic touch. The table is made to resemble a tray holder for a luggage bag with a handy shelf on the bottom for additional display space and a rusted, metal frame.

Folding Luggage Rack - Improvements

Bedroom luggage rack 8

A cool folding luggage rack with a frame finished in black. It's built of 2 X-crossed gently curved supports joined by a straight drill-like stretcher and 2 straight slats at the top. Slats are joined by 3 stripes of robust fabric in white-grey hues.

Luggage racks 1

Luggage Racks

Description this striking luggage rack is ideal for guest bedrooms

description this striking luggage rack is ideal for guest bedrooms is ...

Suitcase stand

This beautifully made, solid steel luggage rack is a perfect combination of functionality and original style. The showcase is extremely impressive and allows you to put away your luggage conveniently.

Bedroom racks

Vintage Luggage Rack/Mid Century Mod