Wall Mounted Bathroom Magazine Rack

If you love to read books or magazines in the bathroom, then you know how important it is to have somewhere safe to store them. On the floor does not work because they could get wet and the same thing applies to the countertop. Why not a wall mounted bathroom magazine rack. We have plenty available in this collection.

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Choose your color magazine rack with

Choose your color magazine rack with
Solid and stylish magazine rack for bathroom use. Its wooden frame finished in white color includes a toilet paper tissue holder in its lower area. This neutral-colored magazine rack features a wall mounting construction.

White magazine literature holder wall

White magazine literature holder wall
Remember those times when there were no smartphones and we took to the bathroom the magazine or read labels from shampoo. Then there were such wall mounted bathroom magazine racks, traditionally made of wood.

Satin Nickel Wall Mount Bathroom Magazine Rack Bathroom Accessory

Satin Nickel Wall Mount Bathroom Magazine Rack Bathroom Accessory
Solid wall mounted bathroom magazine rack. Its metal-nickel construction is simple, solid and looks very attractive in any bathroom design. This rack provide space for many magazines, newspapers or books.

Covington magazine rack

Covington magazine rack
Destined to resemble the beautiful antique fittings found on turn-of-the-century trains, this wall mounted bathroom magazine rack delights with solid brass and stainless steel finish, covered with antique pewter.

Classico Wallmount Magazine Rack

Classico Wallmount Magazine Rack
Elegant useful bathroom zine rack. It's constructed of gauge-varied steel wires with a vertical design and a black coating. It's space-saving and intended to wall-mount. It has 2 small handles on shorter sides.

Wall Mounted Magazine Rack

Wall Mounted Magazine Rack
If into your bathroom matches dark wood elements - such a wooden, wall mounted bathroom magazine rack will be perfect. Extensive, with four wooden panels - with a unique yellow star on the top.The black color on the inside highlights its uniqueness.

7 Pocket Wall Mount Magazine Rack

7 Pocket Wall Mount Magazine Rack
This spacious wall rack was designed to accomodate all magazines you'd like to keep at hand. Its clean, unadorned look is pretty versatile. It will decently complement modern interior space. The rack has been crafted of wood.

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A wall mounted bathroom magazine rack clears floors and counters, and ensure reading materials are organized and within easy reach. As magazine racks for wall mounting come in different designs, here are tips on how you can choose the right one for your space:

What are wall mounted bathroom magazine racks crafted from?

A bathroom magazine rack is primarily made of wood, but there are now models with metal and plastic construction. There are even those that use all three materials!

  • Wood - Wood is still the most common material used in making wall mounted bathroom magazine racks. Each unit comes with a different wood stain to make it a decorative bathroom addition. More often than not, wood is paired with plastic, which makes up a rack’s front portion to offer an inkling of what’s stored inside. Wood is popular as it complements almost all types of bathroom fixtures.
  • Plastic or Acrylic - Magazine racks made of plastic are starting to gain popularity as their durability has improved. Before, they had a bad rap as they used to be cheap models that will break and crack easily. There's also the risk of getting cut from broken plastic. Fortunately, magazine racks are now made of Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol plastic. It’s a type of plastic that’s new, safe, easy to mount, and shatterproof.
  • Metal - Metal, on the other hand, is lower in demand in comparison to the aforementioned materials as it often makes use of wires in forming shelves and pockets. That was before; now, metal is one of the strongest and long-lasting materials used in making bathroom magazine racks, most especially decorative ones! If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then you definitely have to check out new models made of metal as you’ll be astonished by the choices available!

When we say magazine racks are available in all styles or designs, we mean there are literally tens of thousands of different racks to choose from!

How to coordinate styles when choosing a bathroom magazine rack?

So, take into consideration the common texture, material, size, and color of your bathroom accessories. Then, match them to your new bathroom addition to achieve a cohesive look. If you have a vase and it’ll be close to where you’ll add the rack, try to match or complement the styles of the two.

A wall-mounted magazine rack is just one of the accessories that can make a bathroom look more luxurious and be more convenient. As it’s likely that you also have toothbrush holders, toilet roll holders, shower curtains, soap dishes, etc., don’t try to pick a magazine rack randomly. Why? It's because its style, even when a rack is not the highlight of a bathroom, has an impact on a bathroom’s overall décor.

A wall mount magazine rack isn’t just decorative, but it’s incredibly useful especially in the bathroom. Your periodicals, newspapers, and magazines are kept in one place and in a stylish, organized manner. If you’re ready to make a selection, go ahead and do some browsing! You'll love what the online market has in store for you.


Wall mounted bathroom magazine rack 1

If you want to save space in your modern bathroom and, at the same time, raise its level of practicality; you can always try this wall-mounted rack. It has a hardwood base with grayish finish, that holds a square glass rack attached to the stainless steel bolsters.

Wall mounted magazine rack

Bring functionality and space-saving benefits to your small bathroom by using this fine combo of magazine rack and toilet paper holder. Designed of stainless steel, the combo is wall-mounted and easy to clean, able to accommodate 2 roles of toilet paper at the same time.

Magazine wall holder

Invisible magazine rack. Stores magazines in a clear acrylic holder, mounted to a wall with understated chrome mounts. A rack that fulfills its function while giving absolutely no visual distraction in your well-appointed contemporary interior.

Picture of bathroom with magazine holder in wall wall mount

picture of bathroom with magazine holder in wall | wall mount magazine rack in Magazine Racks | eBay

Magazine book rack wall mount

Magazine/Book Rack Wall Mount

Wall mount magazine rack 4

Wall-mounted and space-saving, this magazine rack is designed of stainless steel wire and equipped with 2 slightly curved handles. It's very stylish and durable, and can be easily cleaned with dry or damp cloth.

Wall mount magazine holder

Traditional Magazine Rack * (in Burnished Bronze)

Responses bathroom diy

Responses Bathroom Diy...

Inno wall mounted magazine rack

Inno Wall Mounted Magazine Rack

Gatco 1551 Latitude II Magazine Rack, Chrome

Wall hanging magazine rack

This sleek, chromed wall mounted magazine rack constitutes a perfect addition for your bathroom. Stylish and convenient, it will be at your fingertips, beguiling your time in the bathroom.

Magazine holder bathroom

Wall Mounted Toilet Roll Holder With Magazine Rack

Wooden mallet 4 pocket wall mount magazine rack

Wooden Mallet 4 Pocket Wall Mount Magazine Rack

Plew Plew stainless steel BATHROOM MAGAZINE HOLDER, wall mounted

Magazine and toilet paper holder

Taymor Satin Nickel Wall Mount Magazine Rack $26.00/ from

The magazine rack not the toilet

the magazine rack, not the toilet ;-)

Original_wall mounted magazine storage rack jpg


Bathtub magazine holder

3d Wall Mount Magazine Rack | Fazai38

Toilet paper magazine holder

Designer Double Wall Mounted Magazine Newspaper Rack Red in Magazine Racks | eBay

Wall mounted newspaper and magazine rack

Wall Mounted Newspaper And Magazine Rack

Love that the magazine rack is mounted to the wall

love that the magazine rack is mounted to the wall. I think it makes ...

Wall magazine rack

Are you looking for a product, that will spruce up your ambiance? Well, here's something interesting for you. It's a wall mounted bathroom magazine rack, with the simple shape, which fits to any style and decor.

Bathroom magazine holder

  • Color: Steel
  • Type: Wall-mount magazine rack
  • Materials: Tubular steel
  • Bathroom belmont wall mount magazine rack brushed gray frontgate

    Bathroom Belmont Wall-mount Magazine Rack - Brushed Gray - Frontgate

    Magazine rack bathroom

    Oak Wall Mount Toilet Tissue Paper Roll TP Holder Magazine Rack Bathroom

    Wall mount bathroom magazine rack

    Objectify Wall Mounted Magazine Rack by Vanilla Design Ltd

    Magazine rack in bathroom

    Towel rack (or tie or belt rack?) as magazine rack

    Toilet paper holder with magazine rack

    Repurposed/Pallet Wood Wall Mount Magazine Rack by kensimms, $145.00

    Toilet paper holder and magazine rack

    Magazine Wall Store - magazine racks

    Magazine rack wall mounted

    InterDesign Classico Wall Mount Magazine Rack, Bronze InterDesign

    Wall mount magazine rack

    Your favorite magazines are best kept in one place. Maybe this place could be wall mounted wire magazine rack. Perfect for any kind of room - an alternative for free standing ones.Constructed out of steel, in black color.

    Bathroom bathroom accessories chrome wall mount magazine rack

    ... > Bathroom > Bathroom Accessories > CHROME WALL MOUNT MAGAZINE RACK

    Bathroom wall rack

    it's worth having a log cabin for @Tom Marriage

    Small magazine rack for bathroom

    Look what I found on #zulily! Silver Classico Magazine Rack by InterDesign #zulilyfinds

    Magazine rack toilet paper holder

    use as a mail holder instead of kitchen table!!!

    Toilet paper holder magazine rack

    office supplies in the living room

    Green metal antiqued wall mounted magazine rack holder stand newspaper

    Green Metal Antiqued WALL MOUNTED MAGAZINE RACK holder stand newspaper ...

    Magazine wall rack

    Simple and functional magazine rack designed for wall mounting. It is suitable for bathroom use and provides a space for some magazines, newspapers and it is also equipped with a lower rack for a toilet paper.

    Toilet paper magazine rack

    TOPSELLER! Spectrum 38910 Double Wire Wall-Mount Magazine Rack, Black $15.99

    Diy magazine holder for bathroom

    LOVe this idea for mags, catalogs. easier to see what cha got, trash than stacking in a basket

    Industrial wall mount steel rack magazine book by bazukavintage 49

    Industrial Wall Mount Steel Rack Magazine / Book by BazukAVintagE, $49.00

    Bathroom belmont wall mount magazine rack

    - Bathroom Belmont Wall-mount Magazine Rack ...

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