Wall Magazine Holder


Wall magazine holders are factastic! They keep easy reading material close at hand without cluttering up the coffee table. Place one near your coziest chair in the living room and another in the bathroom, and you'll never be stuck being bored again. Grab one out of the holder, read an article or two and put it back to ward off later boredom.

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Magazine rack wall hung wooden magazine

Magazine rack wall hung wooden magazine

An elegant though simple wall-mounted holder for from 5 to 10 paper magazines. It has a rectangular body with rounded vertical corner edges and a slot from the top. It's manufactured of wooden materials in warm browns.

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Wall magazine holder 17

Industrial and very practical element of home design. This wall mounted magazine rack features three metal holders that are able to support quite large amounts of magazines and newspapers. These holders are finished in black color.

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Small magazine holder

The wall magazine holder is a very practical device that keeps the press in good order and in one place. In such a beautiful, simple form - made up of two oak shelves - may also be a nice decoration for the black wall.

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Wall magazine holder 2

You don't know what to do with all the documents or magazines that clutter on your kitchen countertop? Go for this creative idea of organizers made of fabric. You can mount them to the wall or door. There are pockets for documents and pens.

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Wall magazine holder 19

A hand-constructed white lathe magazine rack fits neatly between the commode and a close-fitting wall. Painted to match the wall, the rack is nearly unnoticeable. Your bathroom reading has never before been so handy or so organized as this.

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Excellent Metal Wall Magazine Rack

Excellent Metal Wall Magazine Rack

It is an excellent metal wall magazine rack that is made of quality metal and has got a solid, durable construction. It has got a contemporary style and is great for your office space, living room and other.

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Diy magazine rack for bathroom

Magazine holder made of fabric and fitted with hook holes for easy mounting on the wall. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

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8.5"x11" Acrylic Wall Mount Brochure Holder; Gibson Holders GHPP1084E

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0966x magazine rack wall file ideal for any office waiting

0966X - Magazine Rack & Wall File - Ideal for any office waiting room ...

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On the Wall Magazine Rack

On the Wall Magazine Rack

Classy traditional zine rack of wood with a blue-finished outside frame and an unfinished interior. It has an open face with 3 safety rails across and a raised bottom edge. It's rectangular and designed for vertical mounting with 2 concealed screws.

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How to make wall magazine

Keep your bathroom reading organized with a two-tier black metal mesh magazine rack. Just one magazine wide, it can easily fit in the narrow spaces likely to be found in small sanitation facilities. A neat contrast with white walls.

Iheart organizing reader space a working wow factor

IHeart Organizing: Reader Space: A Working Wow Factor!

Display bookshelf so smart and stylish hmm got to make

Display bookshelf. So smart and stylish. Hmm.. Got to make one or two for myself...

Wall magazine holder 1

Mod podge and dollar store magazine holder. Simple and creative storage tutorial (you can store anything in these & are so simple and very cheap to make ). I truly adore this blue one with white polka dot pattern.



Wall mounted wine rack for kitchen, dining room and more. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Wall magazine organizer

Wooden lathe pieces provide the materials for this simple but effective magazine rack. Painted white, it is perfect for displaying the current issues of any subscription. Hang from a wall or the end of a table or set of shelves.

Diy magazine holder

Better homes and gardens organize your important papers, bills, receipts, and more. I really like these wall mounted magazine holders. Made from thin metal whitish wire looking very modern and futuristic.

How to make magazine holder with waste material


Diy magazine holder for bathroom

Ikea napkin holders are not only to use in cafeteria or bar. With this unique ornaments can be perfectly used as a stylish magazine rack. Mount them to the wall in your hall or bathroom to create a stylish storage space.

Magazine organizers wall magazine racks wall mount magazine rack

... Magazine Organizers > Wall Magazine Racks > Wall Mount Magazine Rack

Wall magazine holder 12

Hanging file folder or magazine Organizer - Very easy DIY project with step by step tutorial

Fabric wall mount magazine organizer 1

Galvanized iron can be a fantastic element in your home office. Everything will be well organized - thanks to a wall magazine holder - rack with modern pockets, but still referring to the tradition thanks to the metalwork. They also have a place for a label.

Wall magazine holder 7

Just saw a post on an organization blog about her Pottery Barn system that cost over $150! Make it yourself for under $20? Yes, please.

Wire magazine racks wall mount

This metal vintage vent sported such a lovable design that it would be a sin to throw it away. Instead, its owner made a wall mounted magazine racok out of it. A cool idea that boosts the space decorativeness.