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If one of your guilty pleasures is to collect magazines, you may find they're not the easiest of things to keep organized. Our design team has found six beautiful holders and racks that all feature real leather on part or the whole of the unit. The luxury of a little leather in your living or family room is an excellent investment and won't cost nearly as much as an entire sofa or armchair. Plus, it's one of the most durable and versatile of all upholstery materials.

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Updated 07/09/2022
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One Handle Leather Magazine Holder

One Handle Leather Magazine Holder

This leather magazine holder comes in a rich copper brown or cognac color. The leather is thick enough the holder can stand up and hold its shape. Comes with an attractive buckled handle, and no assembly is required. It measures 14" high by 16" wide and 8" deep.

Designer Advice:

Perfect for traditional and contemporary decor styles, this sturdy leather magaziner holder holds approximately 30 magazines. You can use it to collect the mail before you open your letters and browse through the magazines. Or place it on the stairs landing as a holder for items that need to go upstairs or downstairs. It can be placed on the floor or a tabletop.

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Wood and Leather Magazine Rack

Wood and Leather Magazine Rack


A simple leather sling on a wood frame is used for this leather stand. It measures 17.8" tall by 16.8" wide, and the sling is 12" deep. The wood on the frame is finished with furniture oil. Comes fully assembled. 

Designer Advice:

Perfect for a mid-century modern home, this leather magazine rack combines a natural wood frame with a slingback holder. Brass rods keep the frame together and add just a hint of glamor. While it's perfect for keeping your magazine collection organized, it can also replace a small filing cabinet by holding your files and folders.

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Vintage Leather Magazine Holder

Vintage Leather Magazine Holder

Joss & Main

This vintage leather magazine holder is made with an MDF frame that is fully covered with real leather. It measures 15" long by 8" wide and 16" high. Two leather handles with stainless steel fasteners let you easily carry it from place to place.

$86 $156

Designer Advice:

We love the design style of this leather magazine holder. It looks like a piece of expensive furniture and is finished in a rich caramel color. The color and style go really well with other leather and natural wood items. The holder keeps its box shape and can be used for newspapers, journals, knitting projects as well as magazines.

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Brown Leather Magazine Holder

Brown Leather Magazine Holder

Crafted from leather over a durable powder-coated black metal frame, this brown leather magazine rack is freestanding. The finished size is 18" high by 15.7" wide by 14" deep. It requires partial assembly. Attractive, pared-back, Y-shaped silhouette and industrial design.

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Faux Leather Magazine Holder and Table

Faux Leather Magazine Holder and Table

At 22" wide by 14.5" deep, this leather magazine holder and table is 20" tall. Its white marble top contrasts with the black iron frame and faux leather magazine holder. Limited assembly is required, and the finished product weighs 13 lbs. 

Designer Advice:

Multifunctional and stylish, this combination of faux leather magazine holder and table does double duty. The tabletop can hold a cup of coffee or glass of wine while keeping your collection of magazines, newspapers, or books within reach. You can position the holder/table in either direction, depending on how much room you have next to your sofa or armchair. 

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Leather Newspaper Holder

Leather Newspaper Holder


Handcrafted from beautiful cognac leather, this magazine holder has a solid box shape. Brushed brass accents on each corner and double stitching on all sides. Two oval cut-out handles make it easy to pick up and move.

$449 $585

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Leather Magazine Holder

Buying Guide

Half the world seems to be in a hurry to transition to digital magazines. But the other half still dotes on the good old, non-digital ones. Be it the glossy pages, the amazing photos or the warmth of cuddling up with your favorite one in your chaise lounge, magazines are eternal.

There’s only one problem. They can make your home look cluttered. And there’s no worse form of clutter than a bunch of old magazines strewn around.

Leather Magazine racks are an easy solution to this seemingly common problem. They allow you to curb the chaos and organize your magazines so that you can reach out to the latest ones with ease and keep the rest away from public view. Here are some tips for first-time shoppers.

The two basic types of magazine racks are wall-mounted and freestanding, each with a different set of features:

A wall mounted leather magazine stand is perfect for homes and small commercial establishments with limited room to spare. It doesn’t eat up valuable floor space. Instead, it utilizes unused wall space. And it can be a great alternative to mundane wooden shelving.

A wall mounted stand will rarely have a skeletal frame and looks more like a leather saddle bag without a cover. A couple of screws or a metal bracket is typically used to affix it on the wall.

Floor standing racks typically have lightweight metallic frames and are available in a variety of sizes. These may occupy more room, but are more capacious and can store a lot more magazines without looking bloated.

There can be great variation in the quality of leather used in manufacturing the racks. And depending on the type of leather used, the pricing can be all over the map.

If money is no object, then go for top grain leather. Zero surface alterations retains the natural toughness and ages beautifully. A full grain leather magazine rack can last for years with minimum care even in a busy household.

But if you are pinching pennies, then even top grain leather will do just fine. Bonded leather gives you the aesthetics without the durability of full grain or top grain. But it’s a lot cheaper. The same holds true for faux leather or synthetic leather.

Most free-standing magazine racks have aluminum frames due to the lightweight. You won’t break your back moving these around and these can even be used for desk applications.

Powder-coated steel frames are as durable as aluminum, if not better and are frequently used in commercial settings due to the color options. You can match the finish of the frame with existing décor pieces or opt for a metal frame with a chrome finish in a contemporary décor theme.

There are hundreds of magazine rack designs to choose from. It all boils down to the availability of space, the aesthetics and the number of magazines that you are looking to store in it.

  • If you are diligent about weeding out older editions or the ones that you have read, then you can pick a compact and petite one.
  • If you like to organize your magazines, look for multiple racks in a single frame.
  • But if you just dump your mags in the rack, then look for the most capacious one that can fit into the space. You’d rather have the extra room and not need it than being stuck with tons of books that don’t fit into the rack.

Best Ideas

Leather magazine rack 3

Free standing magazine rack for desk applications. It features a very practical storage area made of attractive and durable leather finished in light brown color. Magazine areas are supported by metal frame.

Ldc home iron leather magazine rack

LDC Home - Iron & Leather Magazine Rack

Leather magazine rack 12

An elegant though simple modern standing magazine rack. It has an inverted U-shaped frame of thin black-coated metal tubes. It's hanging 'shelf' with rod pockets is made of quality leather in a warm light brown shade.

Carl Aubock Magazine Holder Contemporary Magazine Racks

Carl Aubock Magazine Holder Contemporary Magazine Racks

Old-fashioned look for a classical magazine rack with a frame made out of rusted, distressed metal with an antique brass finish. The compartment which holds the magazines is made out of real leather, providing the piece with a stylish touch.

Leather magazine rack

This leather magazine rack constitutes a great way to store your magazines. The brilliance of this project lays in its simplicity. Simple, plain form amazes with its elegance and functionality.

Leather magazine rack 4

Classy and elegant looking leather magazine rack will be perfect addition to your living room or waiting room in your office. it's universal style makes it fit to most room decors: from classic till modern.

How to make a mid century inspired magazine rack curbly

How To: Make a Mid-Century Inspired Magazine Rack » Curbly | DIY Design Community

Leather magazines

Carl Auböck; Brass and Leather Magazine Holder, 1940s.

Monarch Magazine Rack - Dark Brown Leather-look & Chrome

Magazine holder leather

This leather magazine rack constitutes a smooth accent in your living room decor, combining elegance and functionality. It allows you to have your favourite newspapers and magazines.

Wood Real Leather Magazine Holder

Wood Real Leather Magazine Holder

Elegant contemporary freestanding magazine holder crafted of wood and brown-reddish real letaher with strong decorative stitching. It's flared at the top, has a wooden bottom and a handle of a belt with a buckle.

Brown leather magazine holder

1950's Carl Aubock leather sling and brass large magazine rack

Chesterton leather magazine basket leather magazine rack free shipping


Faux leather magazine rack

With its cool vintage vibe, this leather and chrome magazine holder will be a stylish accent in any living room decor. Its solid aluminum framing will ensure durability and stableness.

Black leather magazine holder

Modern, but with traditions - a magazine rack, made of leather. Complicated seams and accents in a warm shade of leather in a brick color, together with black frame - makes this leather magazine rack a beautiful decoration for any interior.

Leather magazine storage

magazine rack Hmmm....maybe instead of wood or wire I can do metal rods with leather slings to make my paper tray niche...wheels are turning. I think I like this idea best...Lord knows I'm a sucker for leather.

Leather magazine holder 1

Carl Auböck; Brass and Leather Magazine Rack, 1950s.

Leather magazine rack by za za homes

Leather Magazine Rack By Za Za Homes |

Dutchbone scholar leather magazine rack in brown 2

Dutchbone Scholar Leather Magazine Rack In Brown ...

Woven leather magazine rack gumps

Woven Leather Magazine Rack | Gump's

Currently coveting leather magazine racks kaitlin 1

Currently Coveting: Leather Magazine Racks - Kaitlin ...

Dutchbone scholar leather magazine rack in brown 1

Dutchbone Scholar Leather Magazine Rack In Brown ...

Vintage scandinavian magazine rack in teak and black

Vintage scandinavian magazine rack in teak and black ...

Classic brown bonded leather a4 magazine rack luxury

Classic Brown Bonded Leather A4 Magazine Rack -Luxury ...