Wooden Wall Mounted Shelves


If you have been looking for the perfect shelving unit for your walls, then look no further than the high quality, handmade, wooden wall mounted shelves. They are very lovely, will stand with perfection, and come in plenty of sizes and wood styles to suit short desires. Look at our extensive collection and find just the right wooden wall mounted shelves for you.

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Chapo bookshelves c 1950s

Chapo bookshelves c 1950s

A simple, yet unique idea for a wall-mounted shelving unit. It features four, basic shelves supported on two wooden brackets. It's a multi-functional unit as it can be used as a bookcase, a kitchen shelf, or a place for tools.

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Wood Wall Shelf I

Wood Wall Shelf I

This simple, basic wooden wall is a perfect way to provide more storage space in stylish way. It is made of raw wood so can be customize and finished in any style. This shelf is easy to install and remove.

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Seth Decorative Wood Ledge

Seth Decorative Wood Ledge

A wood ledge that will surely accentuate your setting perfectly and ensure its functionality with the strong and sturdy structure and the most amazing delicate carvings that just make this piece truly stand out.

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Wall mounted wood shelves 1

Properly brushed and sanded, this wall mounted set of shelves enchants with its cool and clean design, fitting well into contemporary interiors. Every angle is supported by a cantilever.

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Wooden wall mounted shelves 29

Wall mounted shelves made of durable wood finished in black color. Their frames are based on supportive, but unique construction. These rectangular shelves provides quite large space for books, decorations and other items.

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Wooden wall mounted shelves

You may think - these are freestanding shelves, but no - these are wooden wall mounted, folding shelves in very traditional style. Dark manghony wooden shelve of different sizes, are based on metal strong black tubes, fixed to the wall.

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Wall mounted decorative shelves 1

Do-it-yourself idea is nice! Especially when you wanna create your new wall shelves! This fantastic wall mounted decorative shelves are super easy to do it yourself! It can be either used as your new display spot, or as a place for books.

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Wooden wall mounted shelves

Feel like your interior organization opportunities are dangerously insufficient? A few pieces of wood, plus some wall mounting brackets, are enough to obtain a brand new wall mounted shelving unit in nicely versatile style.

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Wooden wall mounted shelving units

Extra strong and practical wall mounted shelves designed to help you reclaim all that vertical space on your walls. Constructed from wood, this shelf delivers up to sixteen storage cabinets for all your stuff. The piece also comes in a natural wood grain to ensure it fits into your décor easily.

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Wooden wall mounted bookshelves

Expand storage in your home office massively with these well-built wall mounted wooden shelves. Supported by strong metal tubes, the shelves deliver impeccable load-bearing capacity, making them a great choice for heavy items. They are great as a display platform for your collectibles as well.

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Wooden wall mounted shelves

Expand storage in your home office or kitchen using this incredible wall mounted shelf. The shelf offers four adjustable shelves and is supported by a strong metal frame to deliver impeccable load-bearing capabilities. The wood, on the other hand, is completely distressed, giving you that vintage appeal that will add character to any space.

Wooden wall mounted shelves 18

Sturdy wall mounted wooden shelves designed for your home office. The shelves come in three rows and they deliver a superb elongated design that should offer you a lot of storage capacity. They are also supported by sturdy metal mounts for excellent load bearing.

Wooden wall mounted shelves 4

Super compact wall mounted shelves constructed from wood and finished in a beautifully natural wood stain. The shelf is a great wall accent too but should be used in the kitchen for utensils and other stuff. You also get the hanging hardware you need to mount it.

Wooden wall mounted shelves 1

The open kitchenshelf constructed of the raw planks and little pipes made of the wrought iron. If you decide to have a classic kitchen with the visible natural ring of tree on the countertops - it definitely fits to this set.

Wooden wall mounted shelves 1

These practical shelves have been made out of a pallet. All you need to do is maybe cut it to the right dimensions and mount it on the wall.

Wooden wall mounted shelves 23

Creative Wall Mounted Shelving Units Decorating Room Concept : Furniture Trendy Wooden Wall Mounted Shelving Ideas For Books Wall Mounted Sh...

Wooden wall mount

Stack Your Stamps Floor-to-ceiling shelves give Tracy room to display nearly all her wood-mounted stamps. The shelves are spaced at just the right distance for the stamps to stand up, and the width of the shelves allows for storing more than one row of s

Display shelves wall

This fantastic display shelves wall is a good solution for all tiny spaces, where every meter counts. It takes considerably less space than a traditional bookcase, offering wide storage area for your favorite books or albums.

Wooden wall mounted shelves 12

Shelves to put on the wall surrounding a mounted tv, tv hung in a clearing in the middle. Books and family pictures scattered

Furniture curvilinear furniture shelves wall mounted shelf

... Furniture » CurviLinear Furniture » Shelves » Wall Mounted Shelf

Wooden wall mounted shelves 19

Love the wall mounted boxes. This would be a great DIY.

Rustic wood wall shelves wood rustic wall mount shelves furniture


Living room wall shelves

If you simply can't help but want to decorate your interior to the maximum then this stunning wall shelves for your living room will help you do just that with the high and various shaped shelves for your multiple purposes.

Floating shelf floating shelves 24 inches long by thisoldwoodshop 40

Floating Shelf Floating Shelves 24 Inches Long by ThisOldWoodShop, $40.00 I think I may be purchasing quite a few to fill up an entire wall mount the tv and have an "entertainment wall!