Natural Wood Floating Shelves

For the mystical and magical look of floating shelves, perhaps natural wood floating shelves is the right speed for your home decor. Take a look and see what we have to offer in these interesting choices of shelving design. They are always a crowd-pleaser, and a conversation starter. And you will love looking at them, almost as much as looking at the items you put on top of them.

Best Products

Reclaimed chunky floating shelf shelves wooden

Reclaimed chunky floating shelf shelves wooden
Made from natural wood floating shelves is an original and very simple way to create functional and beautiful interior finish. The delicate artistry is reliable and very versatile for the various styles of interior design.

Cottage Chic 3 Piece Wood Wall Cornice Shelf

Cottage Chic 3 Piece Wood Wall Cornice Shelf
This wooden accent shelf makes a good collection particularly in cottage themed ambiance. It boasts traditional style and subtle cream finish. It is quite versatile thanks to its unpretentious design.

Trio2 Shelf

Trio2 Shelf
A simple, but attractive and functional item designed for wall mounting. This type of shelf includes three small areas for plants, decorations, etc. It is made of wood that is durable and long-lasting.

Natural wood floating shelves

Transform your home decor with those uniquely shaped shelves, crafted of sturdy wood pieces. Each shelf boasts of an intricate design with a well-polished top, giving you a splendid piece for displaying decorations or holding candles.

Natural wood floating shelves 4

Beautifully constructed wall mounted wooden floating shelves with a stunning natural wood grain finish. The shelves also come with a neat curve at the front and offer plenty of space for storage and displaying all your antiques and collectibles.

Natural floating shelves

A beautiful idea to decorate your kitchen by displaying cups, glasses and china on those three wall-mount floating shelves. They are crafted of hardwood in an oak finish, and present themselves very lovely on a white tile background.

Natural wood shelving

If there was a paradise land with wooden furniture - this natural wood floating shelf would be their princess because of the unlikely natural character, undulating wood, without machining on the geometric straight shelves.

Our advice Buying Guide

The function of shelves are fantastic, you can store what you want on them; from books to plants, to ornaments and photos. However, it's not the function of a shelf that’s the problem, it’s installing them! The typical shelf has brackets, and unless you are an expert (which I am assuming that the majority of you reading this are not), no matter how much you try, the brackets always find a way to mess things up! The good news is that there is a way around this, no you don’t need to call in a carpenter, because all you need are some natural wood floating shelves! If you are not sure how to shop for them, here is a buying guide to get you started.

Can your walls hold natural wood floating shelves?

The assumption is that all walls are sturdy enough to be able to hold a shelf, but the truth is that some of them are not, so you want to make sure that yours is. What you don’t want is for your shelf to sag and collapse, so you are either going to need blocking behind the drywall, or studs where you want to attach them.

You also want to make sure that you have enough space on your walls for the floating shelves. If you want longer shelves, you want to make sure that you have a big enough wall space to accommodate them. Making sure there is enough space will prevent a cramped look.

What's the recommended floating shelf width?

The type of natural wood floating shelves you choose to buy will depend on what you are going to put on them. Will it be large or small items, and how do you intend on arranging them on the shelves? These are typically things people think about once the shelves have been fastened to the wall; however, get one step ahead of the game and think about it before you make your purchase.

What are the most common designs of natural wood floating shelves?

The assumption is that you are going to want shelves that are compliant with the décor in your home. The good news is that floating shelves come in a variety of designs to suit your needs, here are some of them:

  • Cube floating shelves: Are you going for that isometric look? If so, cubed floating shelves will give you exactly what you want. You can pair them with straight shelves so that the cube design is not too overwhelming.
  • Zigzag floating corner shelves: This design takes up a minimum amount of space on the wall, you can tuck it neatly away in a corner but still make a stylish display of your favorite ornaments.
  • Vintage: If you are going for a unique vintage look, the natural wood floating shelves come in this style too!
  • Corner display shelf: You might want to prop lone items such as a photo, a plant or an ornament on a small shelf, a small corner display shelf is perfect for highlighting your much loved single items.

So there you have it, a helpful buying guide to get your creative juices flowing! Now you can go shopping for your natural wood floating shelves in confidence.


Natural wood floating shelves

A floating unit for indoor use, that hangs on powder-coated metal fastenings. It is consisted of 4 thick shelves with intricate edges, made of sturdy hardwood in a natural finish; excellent for displaying your beautiful knick-knacks.

Natural wood floating shelves 5

Go close to nature with a floating shelf that escapes today's minimalism through using natural draft wood. Its unique texture adds hints of nature theme to a décor, and also delivers a nice point of interest to an otherwise blank wall.

The rustic wood shelves by roost made from colonial era

The Rustic Wood Shelves by Roost Made from colonial-era railroad ties procured from Northern India, Roost's recycled teak or other hardwood shelves have been waxed and polished to a deep sheen. No two pieces are alike. The depth of each shelf will vary

Natural wood floating shelves 3

This beauty is a floating cabinet made from natural wood (plywood). It’s rectangular in shape and is about 4 inches thick which makes it very durable. It also comes with mounting hardware.

Natural wood floating shelves 2

This beauty is a floating cabinet made from natural wood (mahogany). It’s rectangular in shape and looks like a mantle. It’s about 3 to 4 inches thick and can support a lot of weight.

Floating wooden shelves

Simple but pretty-looking wall-mounted floating kitchen shelves. A quite long rectangular shelf is made of a thick wooden plank with a natural finish. Shelves match well kitchens with walls and furniture in light colour schemes and darker floors.

Natural wood shelf

A giant contemporary wall-mounted floating shelf made of 1 long and thick fissured rough log with a glossy brown finish. It matches well walls in white tones decorated with large framed wall arts in brownish and greyish hues with purple accents.

Chunky wooden floating shelves

An eye-catching wall-mounted floating mantelpiece of natural solid wood with a glossy lacquered finish. It has flat and smooth top and bottom surfaces but features a live front edge with natural roughness and unevenness.

Live edge shelf

Bring natural intonations to your sleek contemporary bathroom: a floating shelf constructed from natural wood - of course it's finished and conserved in a way to resist moisture and rigors of everyday use.

Rustic wood floating shelves

Set of 2 shelves designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood and fitted with screw holes for easy assembly. Neutral and functional design for each room as needed.

Natural wood shelves floating

It's a fantastic clean, rustic look - white walls and natural stark wood floating shelves. Shelves are often more inspirational than paintings. You can bet everything on them. Build your wall in a natural, effective way.

Natural wood floating shelves

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Natural wooden shelves

As seen on HGTV's "Fixer Upper," Thursdays 11/10c-->

Natural wood floating shelves 1

floating shelves + marble backsplash + counter in kitchen of Coastal Living Showhouse 2012

Live edge wood shelves

This kitchen decor includes solid shelves with black metal frames designed for wall mounting. These solid shelves are based on natural wood. They are able to hold different kitchen items, plants or decorations.

Natural wood floating shelves

Jessica de Ruiter's rustic and simple kitchen

Dark wood floating shelves

Floating shelves made of wood with antique finish. Includes screw holes for easy assembly. Ideal for storing books, display decorations and more. Provides space saving in any interior.

Wooden shelf installation is a quick and easy way to

Wooden shelf installation is a quick and easy way to add more storage space to a room. A firm wooden shelf can hold books, photographs, decorative antiques or just about anything you desire. But you ...

Dark wood floating shelves

A clever and creative way to make your own shelving in the living room in the form of floating shelves around the fireplace – gives the room a contemporary, modern look and is a very space-efficient solution.

Corner shelf floating 1

Set of two floating corner shelves. Due to its simplicity, they play its role ideal in every type of room - they will be fit everywhere. These shelves are made of wood and intended to storage frippery.

Raw wood shelves

Simple wall-mounted floating shelves for bathrooms. They're made of very thick rectangular logs finished in browns. They can be mounted in tiers and match well walls in whites and creams with decorative small square tiles in beiges and browns.

Natural wood wall shelves 10

Natural looking wall mounted shelf for plants or decorations. Its driftwood stylization provides a natural accent to any interior design. This shelf is also resistant to wear and many other negative factors.

Natural wood floating shelves 1


Reclaimed wood shelf floating 17 decorating ideas

reclaimed wood shelf floating 17 decorating ideas

Natural wood floating shelves 4

This item sold on August 15, 2012.

Awesome wall shelf created of book matched raw edge boards

awesome wall shelf created of book matched raw edge boards Hank Azaria New York City Home - Hank Azaria Apartment - ELLE DECOR

Nice space love the vertical line created on the shelving

nice space. love the vertical line created on the shelving wall.

Natural wood floating shelves

Bamboo Shelving from We Do Wood

Natural wood floating shelves

Wooden Floating Log Shelf. natural wood original driftwood shelf ...

Dark wood floating shelf

B would never go for this, but I love the river rock wall!!

Hannah browns cozy collection love the simplicity and contrast of

Hannah Brown's Cozy Collection - love the simplicity and contrast of barn wood or scrap wood and clean plain white walls. Lovely <3

Natural wood floating shelves 2

Aesop Bibliotekstan by In Praise of Shadows

Floating shelf set reclaimed wood modern book shelf dark finish

Floating Shelf Set Reclaimed Wood - Modern Book Shelf Dark Finish - Rustic Modern Home - 37 Inches - Reclaimed Wood

Raw wood floating shelves

Wooden shelves in a niche made of acacia wood are a scandinavian blend and attractive solution for great shelves wall. Nice bright shade and not many shelves, allow you to place books there and decoration without losing space.

35 5 big boy wooden floating shelf natural finish

35.5" BIG BOY Wooden Floating Shelf Natural Finish

Natural wood wall shelves 21

Apparantly a rustic interior can make a good case for unpretentious elegance. A bounty of natural dark wood cabinetry, wooden shelves plus a stone accent wall contribute to countrystyle vibe, while a white marble top finishing off the kitchen island just dazzles.

Corner shelf floating 15

You can turn any corner into display space or useful storage with these corner shelf floating. Simply wooden panels, made of oak light wood - are very robust and solid. They guarantee durability and stability for long years.

Natural wood bookshelf

If you have no idea - there is always one good idea for the interior. Lots of white combined with natural wood. Here natural wood floating shelves are mixed with shining kitchen pantry cabinet. Simplicity hides the taste and chic.

Natural wood floating shelves

Small Office Space - go up instead of out and have good lighting so it doesn't feel dark & small

Natural wood shelves

This is an example of simple tiny but very convenient shelving design perfect for your bathroom or any other interior. Provides pretty lot of storage for your stuff and match well in almost any room design.

Shaker cabinets 7

There is no other kitchen style that has stood the test of time quite like Shaker. Here white shaker cabinet has 6 individual spaces. They are combined with high-gloss white countertops. Home atmosphere add hanging, made of natural wood floating shelves.

Wood slab shelf

Birch branches as supports for shelves. (I should really probably start to worry about how many times I pin lovely bookshelves, right?)