Rattan Storage Chests

Storage chests that you can see below, are quite interesting visually and also quite functional. Feel free to check the designs, shapes and sizes that you can see here. Do you know which of them would satisfy you best or do you want to take some more time to do this?

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Wicker storage chest

A capacious chest for indoors, perfect for using as both a capacious storage and stylish decoration. Crafted of neatly-woven rattan, the chest comes with a moveable lid and a pair of metal ring handles.

Wicker chest

The sturdy construction of this rattan storage chest makes this furniture perfect for any interior and has a broad range of applications. The beautiful gray finish is ideal for the modern interior design.

Wicker chest of drawers

Incredibly beautiful and very functional rattan storage chest is an excellent design element for the bedroom, hallway or living room, the whole made of wicker is durable and permanent, and an ample storage space allows the use of furniture for many interiors.

Large rattan storage chest

Practical and fashionable, this sturdy trunk is characterized by rattan craftsmanship and cappuccino finish, adorned with rustic metal accents. The basket has a lift-up lid, a capacious storage compartment and a pair of wicker handles.

Wicker storage trunk

Traditional ottoman mounted on rattan base. Includes removable pillow covered with fabric. Perfect as additional seating or footstool in all kinds of interiors. Neutral design for each home.

Rattan chest trunk

If you're a fan of stylish and intriguing solutions this furnishing are gonna perfectly match your needs. An E Rivièra Maison rattan storage cabinet, divine lamp and rustic mirror looks excellent.

Metal storage trunk

Looking for a storage trunk that would spruce up your ambiance? Well, you need to consider this piece of furniture. It features the wicker structure, long seat and it can be used as a storage and bench in exterior and interior.

Our advice Buying Guide

A Rattan storage chest is an a practical and attractive alternative to pesky plastic boxes that look more ungainly than the clutter they store. Available in a gamut of sizes and dyed to match any color that you prefer working with, these baskets can be the dumpster for all the things that don’t have a dedicated ‘home’ at home.

Have shoes piling up in the hallway? Tuck it into the rattan storage chest. Magazines on the dining table? In it goes. If not anything else, the durability of rattan makes these chests a great place to store your valuable family heirlooms.

When not gobbling clutter, these can also double up as side tables or coffee tables because they have incredibly sturdy tops that are resistant to moisture.

First time rattan shoppers might find the terrain a little too confusing to navigate as there are tons of factors to consider. Here’s a little guide that will help you all the details you need.

The type of rattan

The term ‘Rattan’ is used to describe a natural fiber sourced from more than 500 types of climbers, that are found mainly in Southeast Asia. When it is dried, it hardens and attains almost a wood-like texture that can be stained and dyed.

Synthetic Rattan or Resin Rattan is a synthetic alternative made of polyethylene that resembles natural rattan but is a lot harder. Synthetic Rattan is UV resistant and does not fade even when exposed to sunlight and hence is mainly used for manufacturing outdoor furniture. If the storage chest will be stored outdoors, in the patio or near a window with direct sunlight, then go for one made of synthetic rattan.

Storage capacity

Rattan storage chests can be compact enough to store a few toys or capacious enough to accommodate half the things that you store in a wardrobe. Check the available space in the room that it will be kept in and narrow down on the right size. If there’s limited space, you have the option of buying multiple chests of varying sizes which can be placed in different rooms.

The best part about Rattan is that it will never look out of place in any room irrespective of the décor. It has a distinct, rustic charm that will add to the aesthetics.

The hardware

Most Rattan storage chests come with handles on the sides and top as well as some sort of a locking mechanism. Always check the quality of the hardware, the frame and the locking mechanism, especially if you intend to store your valuables in it.

Does it lock securely? Is the lock integrated or do you need to buy a separate padlock?Modern ones usually have concealed locking mechanisms which are less obvious. Vintage pirate chest inspired designs have multiple decorative fixtures made of metal or leather.

What about the quality of the hinges? Are the handles sturdy enough to sustain the weight of a fully packed chest? How easy is it to lift the chest up using the handles?

If it’s a large chest and you plan to move it around home frequently, then you might want to consider a chest with casters. If the chest doesn’t come with casters, then you can always retrofit them after you buy or you can request the manufacturer to attach them for you.




Large wicker trunks

A very interesting console that features a construction based on rattan materials. It looks very natural and nice in any room. This console also offers a storage compartment and it is paired with a square mirror.

Ibolili rattan chest 1

Ibolili Rattan Chest
An Ibolili chest made of rattan will be excellent in bedroom, recreation room, family zone and other. Accomplished for storing clothes, blankets, towels, toys and much much more.

Wicker occasional tables

This item is great thanks to its multi-functional character. This trunk includes storage space with plenty of room for different items. Its rectangular shape makes it a perfect coffee table and its natural look matches any decor.

Wicker storage trunks

Versatile accents like this woven chest are a fantastic addition to your nautical room.

Wicker basket trunk

OKA Rattan Indochine Storage Chest, Large found on Polyvore

Large wicker chest


Rattan storage chest 1

Rattan Storage 2 Drawers with Natural Baskets

Wicker trunks 1

With its rustic looks and charming design this wicker trunk will become one of the finest choices for your household, letting you spruce up the decor, while at the same time providing the perfect place to hide your covers or duvet.

Set of 2 rectangle rattan chests kooboo gray

Set of 2 Rectangle Rattan Chests - Kooboo Gray

Wicker trunks 2

Trunk table with a durable wicker construction that looks very natural in the house. It features a practical, rectangular top and a storage compartment that provides some space for many important items and accessories.

Wicker trunks

An attractive vintage trunk having a wooden frame and walls woven of wicker in natural shades. It has a rectilinear body, robust brown leather handles on shorter walls, a hinged lid reinforced with wooden slats, hardware of grey coated metal.

Rattan chest of drawers

Grey & Buff Rattan Storage Trunk | Chest

Rattan storage trunk

This product joins decorative and storage function in one piece of furniture. The ottoman is made of natural materials that look very attractive. The storage space is quite large and allows for storing many different items.

Wicker trunks 11

Made from wicker, this trunk smoothly withstood the test of time, being a small vintage masterpiece. It can be used for storing various items, depending on the room you'll place it. Fits well into original living rooms or home offices.

Grey wicker chest


Vintage wicker trunk

Durable and attractive wicker trunks that bring natural accents into the house. These elements of equipment are resistant to wear and damage. They provide plenty of storage space in different indoors.

Basket trunks

Original multi-functional wicker basket in a shape of cube with lock made of old leather belt. This box can be used as a little coffee table, seat for three people or to storage bedding, clothes or frippery.

Rattan storage trunks chests

Vintage Rattan storage chest trunk 110 x 50 x 50cm - Lifestyle Home and Living

Wicker trunks 9

This high quality trunk is a product that provides some space for the storage of different items. It includes attractive painted stripes that assure a personal and unique appearance, so they also play a decorative role.

Wicker storage chest 1

Wicker Storage Chest

This basket seems to work as well as about anything

Do you like decorations? I love them! They help to create an unique style. I ordered the Jacquelyne Wood Handled Basket, which brings the artistic atmosphere.

Wicker storage chest of drawers

Shore Woven Rattan Coffee Table, Grey (Love this trunk for storage in your sunroom if you go with a coffee table)

Rattan chests

Storage bench mounted on wooden frame and covered with rattan. Includes capacious compartment for storing pillows and others needed stuff. Neutral design for each room according to taste and need.

Rush and rose seagrass rattan storage chest

Rush And Rose Seagrass Rattan Storage Chest
Capacious, durable, and stylish; this fine storage chest is designed of 3 beautifully-woven seagrass baskets with movable lids and cutout handles. Each basket is supported with a slender tubular steel frame that also holds a seagrass top.

Monrovia rattan chest of drawers

Monrovia Rattan Chest of Drawers

Hidden treasures woven rattan storage trunk 1

Hidden Treasures Woven Rattan Storage Trunk

Antique silverware chest

Antique styled case for silverware storage. Of course it is also suitable for other accessories and items. This wooden chest in maple finish also includes metal hardware, hey lock and handle for enhanced transportation.

Furniture storage 230l wicker storage box trunk chest photo 1

... Furniture - Storage - 230L Wicker Storage Box Trunk Chest photo 1

Silver storage chests 11

Original storage chest with rectangular shape. It includes two handles on its side walls for enhanced transportation. This durable construction is made of solid rosewood. Its storage compartment provides plenty of practical space.

Silver storage chests

Impressive 7 drawer lingerie chest with mirror front. If you are a fan of glamorous solutions, this chest is gonna perfectly match your needs. Looks great with classic design.

Rattan chest

Practical and decorative storage chest. Its rattan construction looks very natural and attractive in any room. The chest features a very spacious and useful storage compartment. It is also very durable and resistant to damage.

Grey wicker storage trunk

28" Accented Natural Rectangular Rattan Storage Trunk

Vintage silverware chest

Stylish chest made of wood and covered with mirror. It consists of 7 drawers in various sizes. Ideal for storing underwear, jewelry and others personal items. Tasteful accent for the living room, bedroom and others interiors as needed.

Borghese lingerie chest

A classy traditional wooden drawer chest featuring 3 drawers with mirrored panels. Its rectangular top with stepped edges, drawer frames, walls, grooved posts, curved legs are finished in grey. Ornate mushroom pulls are of silvery coated metal.

Chest with wicker basket drawers

Storage chest with rattan baskets

Lifoam 24205 Polar Wrap Ice Blanket, 9.5 x 15.5 x .375

It is a fantastic polar wrap ice blanket that is a perfect addition for picnics, coolers, first aid and other. This product measures 15 inches by 9.5 inches. It is a pretty good choice.

Cane storage chest

faux bamboo storage chest

Wooden blanket box 1

Wooden Blanket Box
Classic trunk for storing beddings, pillows and others needed items. It is made of wood with antique finish and fitted with metal hinges. Received a lot of very good recommendations from customers for neutral design and functionality.

Newport Storage Chest

Newport Storage Chest
A stylish chest for storage. It includes cabinet, 3 drawers made from rattan and 1 with metal handle. The construction is made of solid wood. Neutral accent to any type of interior.

Garden storage chests

Keep your garden supplies and tools well hidden and safe, while creating a nice upgrade of style and color for your patio as well with this storage chest that has some extra space for flowers on the top.

Garden storage chests 12

An aesthetic contemporary energy-efficient chest freezer having a rectilinear body of stainless steel with a white finish. It has a thick insulation, sealed edges and a hinged lid with a robust handle.

Bee hive style garden storage chest

Bee Hive Style Garden Storage Chest
Original storage chest for garden use. This element of outdoor architecture looks like a bee hive. Its solid wooden frame provides protection for stored items. It is resistant to negative weather factors and looks stylish thanks to its white finish.

Wicker trunks and chests

Oriental Furniture 38-Inch Rattan Style Natural Fiber 4 Drawer Chest with Swivel Casters -