Rattan Coffee Tables


If you love wicker, than you will definitely love rattan. And for this, we offer some fun and interesting rattan coffee tables. Give your home a very Florida aesthetic with rattan furniture. They are light, durable, and easy to move if needed. Take a long walk down the aisles of this collection and see if a rattan coffee table is right for your home decor.

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Our Picks

Living Room Four

Living Room Four

If you are looking for some living room inspirations, this rattan round coffee table may appeal to you. Bringing in a soft, light climate to the interior, it adds also a functional storage space hidden under the countertop's surface.

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Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm

The production of rattan furniture is the domain of the peoples of Southeast Asia. However, their idea has been adapted in a modern way, creating a crazy base of a round coffee table,with thick stiff branches of rattan that resemble overlapping bubbles in red.

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Rattan coffee tables 1

Don't miss the oportunity to set a lightweight alternative to standard coffee tables by your couch. Round tray top invites to serve snacks and drinks, and due to openwork construction the cocktail table shifts its location with ease.

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Outdoor rattan coffee table

Oval shape and solid bamboo, openwork construction, constituting the base for a rattan countertop, stand behind the awesomeness of this coffee table. Its unique form will fit well into both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Round rattan side table

Compact and lightweight coffee table crafted out of rattan, characterized by round form. The top has raised edges. Easy to move around. Decorative in an unpretentious, natural way. A nice gift idea for sure.

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Rattan round coffee table 1

A cool modern coffee table which can also be used as a bench. It has a round wooden frame entirely covered with natural woven rattan. It features a rounded convex side and is suitable both for indoor and outdoor.

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Round rattan coffee table 1

On such rattan ottoman coffee table with strong weave and plump round figure sit and drink "robusta" coffee all Indonesians. The dark color of natural materials adds light elegance. Adds the convenience of a kingdom, we like to sit close to the ground.

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Hospitality Rattan St. Lucia Rattan & Wicker Coffee Table with Glass - Antique

Coffee table featuring glass top and construction made of rattan. It's original design is a perfect addition to every living room which requires some freshness. Additionally, it's strong and durable construction.

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Grass coffee table

An interesting solution is also the choice of a table that will break the style of the whole interior, adding an artistic touch to it. No doubt this is allowed by this rattan coffee table, with a thick, dried weave, with a round glass top.

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Round wicker coffee table

This rattan coffee table is an exotic proposition, coming from Indonesia. Incorporate a bit of the tropics into your living room with this round coffee table, a great focal point for the whole family.

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Rattan Coffee Tables

Buying Guide

Ideal for your dining room, conservatory, kitchen and in some cases living room too, a rattan coffee table is a light and easy way to add some charm and create a warm and cozy feel. Let's consider further some of the various styles of rattan coffee tables which you can buy.

Circular rattan coffee table

Rounded rattan coffee tables come in a variety of styles within themselves. Here are some of the designs you will see:

  • Solid circular rattan coffee table: This design is slightly chunkier than the average coffee table, but because it is made from rattan, it doesn't increase the weight of the table too much. It is almost like a cushion in appearance, although much larger and made from the harder rattan material. Four wooden legs hold the table up and allow for easy movement of the table, although is some cases the table will not even have legs.
  • Rattan circular coffee table with bamboo frame: Adding to the natural charm even further, a rattan coffee table which is supported by bamboo stalks could be a great option for you. The bamboo is either vertical or shaped into circles which are then positioned around the outer frame of the table. There is normally a circular bamboo cane which forms the base of the table, while the table top is made from carefully weaved rattan.

Glass coffee table with rattan frame

A coffee table which is completely made from rattan isn't always everybody's favorite style. Thankfully, there are many varieties that you can consider too. One such design is the glass coffee table, which is supported by a rattan frame. The frame has curved bamboo and rattan beams, which hold up the heavier glass table top. Mid-way down the table you will find a shelf made from rattan, which allows you to store small books, magazines and other paperwork.

Rectangular rattan coffee tables

For a table which fits along the length of your sofa and is more spacious, consider a rectangular rattan coffee table. This often has a rectangular frame which is hollow in the middle, while the table top is made from either rattan or glass. The thick beams which are used for the frame are dark is color, although maintain their natural effect very well too. Towards the center of the side of your coffee table, there may be a feature design such as leaves or birds.

Rattan storage coffee tables

You might feel like you can never have enough storage in your home. If this is the case, it could be a good solution to buy the storage coffee table. This is very much like the circular rattan coffee table styles which we looked at earlier. The large rounded table is almost shaped like a drum, or another popular shape resembles a flattened sphere. A nifty lid can be lifted up to reveal the storage space within the table. The table can also be used as a small seat for children.

Best Ideas

Hospitality Rattan Cancun Palm Rattan & Wicker Coffee Table with Glass Top - TC Antique

Coffee table with glass top and construction made of rattan. It's tropical style is a great addition to all interiors which require addition of originality. Additionally, there's a bottom shelf, which provides additional storage space.

Awesome tommy bahama style rattan coffee table trunk w tray

Awesome Tommy Bahama Style Rattan Coffee Table Trunk w/Tray

Pelangi Rattan Wicker 3 Pieces Set of 2 Chairs W/cushions and Round Coffee Table W/glass Colonial (Light Brown) Color

This is a special coffee table that features a round top made of durable and stylish glass. It features a solid frame made of natural rattan. The product is resistant to negative outdoor conditions. Its frame includes a lower round shelf.

Pelangi Rattan Wicker 3 Pieces Set of 2 Chairs W/cushions and Round Coffee Table W/glass White Wash

It is an outdoor 3-piece set that includes two chairs and round table. They have got a rattan construction, glass top and white wash finish. The chairs have got cushioned seats for enhanced comfort of use.

Rattan side table

Designed in India, this Kerala coffee table is crafted from rattan, providing a solid, yet smooth, fresh accent to one's living room decor. It comprises also a considerable storage space inside.

South sea rattan havana wicker coffee table

South Sea Rattan Havana Wicker Coffee Table

Oggetti showtime coffee table actually made of inlaid rattan strips

Oggetti Showtime Coffee Table--actually made of inlaid rattan strips

Rattan scroll coffee table

Rattan Scroll Coffee Table

Round rattan coffee table

A great marriage of rustic style bricks on the fireplace panel and the modern construction of this place. Even if the fireplace is the main element of this interior, it perfectly compose with the modern armchairs.

Cozy living room with rattan coffee table and colorful pillows

Cozy living room with rattan coffee table and colorful pillows

Rattan coffee tables 2

When we fill the whole room with rattan furniture - it will become rurally stylized, traditional. However, when a rattan appears in the form of accented 2 rattan cube ottomans, which can also function as coffee tables - it has a very gusto tone.

Capri Rattan Wicker Handmade Round Coffee Table with Glass (White Wash)

A very original piece of furniture that plays a decorative and functional role in the house. It is a round coffee table that has got a lower shelf and a round top made of glass. The whole construction is strong, but not very heavy.

Rattan round coffee table 3

Coffee table fitted with 4 ottomans. Frame is made of rattan. Round top is finished with interesting pattern. Simple form and functional design. Perfect solution for small spaces.

Bamboo base rattan coffee table shuttle stuff

Bamboo Base Rattan Coffee Table – Shuttle Stuff