Storage Tower With Baskets


Here is a fun way to store things that is not only functional but also decorative. storage towers with baskets are great for putting away certain items in a medium that is creative but also especially useful. Great for fruit or anything that needs to have air touching it from all sides. Also terrific for knitting as it can store plenty of yarn and accessories. see collection for more.

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Storage tower with baskets 4

This microwave storage shelf is made of strong metal tubes and high-quality plastic. It has thick bars which make the microwave storage shelf durable, stable and sturdy.

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Stylish solutions davies cabinet

Stylish solutions davies cabinet

Torie storage tower with 6 baskets is made of manhgony wood, with a cherry finish. Little baskets are created of wicker, together with delicate white decorative fabric, and bows. Retcangular shape makes easy to find a place for this rack, eg. in the bathroom.

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Storage tower with baskets

Elegantly designed storage tower. The tower is made from wood and has four compartments. Each compartment contains a storage basket which is brilliantly handwoven and lined with white linen.

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Storage tower with baskets 6

This is an elegant storage tower. It has a white color and two drawer units. It has five shelves and each has a well-designed rattan basket. These baskets are hand braided from rattan palm.

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Bamboo Storage Tower

Bamboo Storage Tower

It is a bamboo storage tower that is a great addition to your bedroom, bathroom and other. It has got three removable drawers for storing your clothes, cosmetics, towels and more. It is a very good choice.

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Storage tower with baskets 4

Compact storage tower sitting on four legs and constructed from wood. The tower is finished in a stained walnut shade and offers four white baskets, each neatly fitted into the large open shelves. It’s a great choice for the kitchen and the kid’s room too.

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Wicker basket storage tower

Practical storage tower featuring a strong metal frame and three-tiered wire mesh baskets. The tower is great for the kitchen and comes fitted with rubber stops below for safety and stability. It’s also finished in matte black, giving it a minimalist, modern, and industrial look.

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Storage tower with baskets 3

Elegantly designed expresso storage tower. The tower is made from wood and has four compartments. Each compartment contains a storage basket that’s brilliantly hand braided and lined with white linen. These baskets are removable.

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Wicker tower storage

Well-constructed storage tower offering four open shelves, each fitted with plastic baskets for impeccable storage capabilities. The tower is made from wood and comes with a stunning natural grain that can be finished with any shade. Its compact design also makes it a great choice for small spaces.

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Tower basket

Web three-storey shelf. It is made of solid metal. On every storey, there is basket. Each basket has plate with information. It can be used to storage shoes on corridor or to spices and crockery in the kitchen.

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Two of these side by side one with doors this

two of these, side by side, one with doors... this is exactly what I've been looking for for storage in the office

Wooden cd storage

Solid wooden storage tower that features brown wooden frame and white walls with decorative pattern. It provides four shelves that are suitable for holding four wooden storage baskets finished in blue, yellow, green and red colors.

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Basket tower

An aesthetic traditional bathroom shelving tower of wooden materials finished in white. It has a rectilinear frame, quite tall angular canted legs, an arched apron, a moulding top. Each of 5 open front shelves can accommodate e.g. a woven basket.

Storage cabinets with baskets

If you need to redo your kitchen cabinets then these slide-out storage baskets will be the way to go. They are ideal for storing vegetables that you don't need to keep refrigerated like onions or potatoes.

Storage tower with baskets 1


Nantucket 6 Drawer and 6 Basket Storage Cabinet

Nantucket 6 Drawer and 6 Basket Storage Cabinet

Storage tower with baskets 21

Kitchen Storage Tower with Espresso Baskets,

Espresso Storage Shelf And Baskets

Espresso Storage Shelf And Baskets

Wicker basket tower

Classy, simple and at the same time incredibly charming with its design - this 3-drawer tower will allow you to easily organize your cosmetics and ensure that your bathroom is always styled to perfection.

Storage tower with baskets 11

Beautifully designed wooden storage tower featuring a stunning white finish for contemporary class. The tower also delivers stunning crown moldings and comes with four large wicker baskets that should easily provide more storage in your house. The piece is also very compact so it won’t take any floor space.

Seagrass bow front tower storage basket unit cabinet wicker basket

... seagrass bow front tower storage basket unit cabinet wicker basket

Basket storage tower

Almost finished with my laundry basket dressers for my utility room. I built two towers that will hold a total of 12 laundry baskets, based on the instructions at, except I added some trimwork to create a more finished look. Just need to p

Cupboard baskets

A functional cabinet with plastic, storage baskets, which make the unit a perfect option for a laundry room or corner. You can segregate the linen in the baskets plus there is an open shelf for a washing powder or other chemicals.